The Librarian Ch. 03


Part Three – Return of the Ice Princess

They stayed two days in the motel while Sarah got well. In between her bouts of nausea they developed a strategy. Randy fed her Chinese food and Coke; two staples that she seemed to be able to keep down.

“We need a back story. Tina isn’t going to believe that I just turned up out of the blue and want to work in the pornography business. Usually the best lies are just fabrications of the truth,” Sarah said.

“What about this. You tracked me down and exposed me for who and what I am. I lost my job and got evicted and got run out of town and as I have no family I’ve come back to LA in the hope that Tina can help me.”

“You wanted revenge for what happened to Drew because you knew I was to blame,” she looked at him expectantly.

They were sitting outside the motel under a tree and the sun was shining.

“Are you really to blame?” Randy looked at her and tipped up his Coke.

“I’m trouble. I always have been. Trouble for Amanda, trouble for Sloane, and trouble for Drew,” Sarah said wistfully.

“Seems like everyone I’ve loved has come to grief, so yeah I guess I am.”

“I had a second chance with Drew and we were so in love. I didn’t know what Tina had done to those boys, but she did it for me, so when Bing Holthouse and Bobby Fillay came looking for revenge I guess it was because of me.”

“If Drew hadn’t come back into my life he’d still be alive. I didn’t pull the trigger but I’m as much to blame as Bing Holthouse.”

Sarah flicked ash off her cigarette and looked up at the cloudy blue sky.

“He never talked about you much. Just said that his mom and pop had disowned him because of me; because he came back to me even after the Prom disaster. Because of what I am. They said it was unnatural.”

“But he did say he had a brother who he loved very much. But that you just didn’t understand how he could love me. That you told him to choose his family or choose me, but he couldn’t have both.”

“But I suppose when you said it, it was choose family or choose the freak,” she said.

“He chose you, so I guess he chose the consequences of doing so. It doesn’t make things any easier for mom and dad or me though. Sometimes I just wish you had never come into his life,” Randy said.

“He did love you though. Said he had a nickname for you. The Ice Princess,” Randy said.

A single tear rolled down her cheek.

“I haven’t heard that name for many years.”

They had the basis of a plan and had done as much scheming and plotting as they could, trying to figure out the ‘what ifs and maybes’.

“I got a present for you,” Randy said.

He tossed her a pre-paid cell phone.

“There are only two numbers in that phone, both on speed-dial. One is mine and the other is 911. You take it with you everywhere,” Randy instructed.

She toyed with the phone and Randy came and sat down beside her on the bed. Neither of them was really comfortable being this close.

“I mean it Sarah! That phone is your lifeline. You can text me if you need to be discrete and keep it set to vibrate so I can call you too if need be. Even if you’re…well you know what I mean,” he looked down at the bedspread.

“Yeah. Even if I’m being ‘you-knowed’,” she smiled facetiously.

“You can use the record function as well if you think you need to and it has a good camera. But be careful Sarah; they are dangerous people,” he put his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes.

“Yeah ok. I get it,” Sarah said.

“So lets recap one more time,” she said.

They drove north to Berkeley. Even though Tina lived in LA now, Sarah and Tina had got together while Sarah was at college in Berkeley so they figured that’s where Sarah would go because she knew people there. Sarah had contacted Tina and arranged to meet her at one of their old haunts.

She and Randy got a cheap motel room not far from Sarah’s old apartment.

“How do I look?” Sarah came out of the ensuite bathroom feeling a little shy.

She hadn’t dressed like this in years.

She was wearing a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and a hem that barely came to the top her thighs, slinky tan pantyhose, four-inch black high-heeled pumps and heavy makeup. Her newly coloured shoulder length bob with the bangs had a sheen to it and she had accessorised with gold costume jewellery; she even wore an ankle chain.

She pirouetted in front of him, her hem rose up slightly and her hair flew seductively around her face.

He put his hands around her slim waist and stopped her. They were standing toe to toe and she was breathing a little heavy from spinning around. His steel blue eyes looked into her green eyes.

“Behave,” he said a little dry-mouthed.

“Am I ok?” she looked at him questioningly.

“You’ll do,” he grunted.

“Well thanks for the encouragement,” she pouted but he could see that she was joking.

“You look great,” he gave her a half smile.

“Remember; I’ll be following you wherever you go. Leave sex izle that phone on because I’m tracking it. Be careful; they’re going to want you to drink and if you do its up to you but stay sober. Don’t say anything dangerous; you know, don’t appear too eager. And don’t…” Sarah put a hand over his mouth.

“I get it. I need to be careful. I almost think you are worried about me,” she smiled.

“I need you to get Stacy back,” he huffed.

“Sure. I get it,” she said.

“Let’s go; I want to be at Bendy Wendy’s before Tina,” Sarah said.

Little was said on the way to the nightclub. They had rehearsed this meeting as much as they could and there was little to be gained by rehashing it.

Sarah was about to open the car door, when Randy reached across and took her wrist. He gave her a serious look.

“Good luck,” he said and she got out the car and closed the door.

“And be careful Ice Princess,” Randy said to the empty car.

Sarah coughed up the two dollars admission and got stamped on the wrist. The stamp was a cartoon figure of a vamp lady, think Betty Boop, sitting cross-legged on a barstool displaying her stocking tops with ‘Bendy Wendy’s’ lettered underneath.

The place hadn’t changed at all after all those years. It was still a magnet for the gay, lesbian, transvestite, bohemian and eclectic crowd.

The place was dark, with booths running along the walls, a long bar and a small dance floor and it smelt of stale beer and cigarette smoke. An androgynous eighties cover band was on the small stage cranking out a pretty good rendition of ‘Our Lips Are sealed’, the Fun Boy Three version, not The Bangles.

Sarah sidled up to the bar and ordered a cherry coke and lit a cigarette.

“Well look what the cat dragged in!” Wendy threw her arms around Sarah and planted sloppy red-lipstick kisses on both cheeks.

Wendy had to be in her sixties now but she was still doing the Betty Boop thing. She wore a lot of makeup, her eyes outlined with kohl and her lashes heavily mascaraed, her cheeks were rouged and her lustrous black hair was curled and framed her face. She was wearing a sequined flapper dress which showed off her legs and did little to contain her mountainous breasts. She was hiding a few wrinkles under all that makeup and the place being dark helped but she was showing her age and she had put on about twenty pounds.

“Well hello yourself,” Sarah kissed Wendy back.

They chatted for a bit; talking about old times but steering clear of Drew’s murder and any detail as to where Sarah had been and what she had been doing.

“Are you and Lucy still an item?” Sarah asked about her old workmate from Bruno’s Bar Grill.

Waitressing at Bruno’s was Sarah’s first job when she first came to Berkeley.

“Nah; the fire went out on that just after you left Babe,” Wendy said.

They shot the shit for a while but the old acquaintances thing soon ran out of puff and ‘the good old days’ stories dried up and Wendy excused herself. It was her bar and she had a business to run.

Sarah took a fresh cherry cola over to a booth and sat waiting for Tina. So many memories came flooding back sitting in that booth that she almost didn’t see Tina when she came into the bar.

But the reality is you can never miss Tina; she always makes an entrance.

After twenty years, Tina had hardly changed and when she strode across the room all heads turned her way.

She was wearing a blue satin Cheongsam with a Mandarin collar; the hem rested at the top of her thighs showing off her long elegant legs sheathed in sleek flesh-toned hosiery. Her waist was tiny but her bosom was quite ample.

Her face was elfin; heart-shaped with blue eyes, tiny nose and cupid’s-bow lips. Her jet black hair was short, emphasising her long elegant neck and alabaster skin. Her makeup was perfectly applied and when she slid into the booth opposite Sarah her bright-red lips broke into smile revealing perfect white teeth that could only be obtained through expensive professional dental care. When she smiled, small wrinkles appeared around her mouth and at the corners of her eyes, but it was obvious that she’d had some work done.

Sarah smiled back.

“The déjà vu is so thick I could be dreaming. Except that your dress is blue instead of green; this could be a enactment of out first meeting.”

“Bullshit! I’m getting old and things are sagging; if wasn’t for my cosmetologist I’d be a hag. Lucky these things are implants,” Tina grinned, pushing up her ample breasts.

“Now stand up you bitch and let me see you!”

The two stood and embraced. They air-kissed each other’s cheeks. Tina pushed Sarah out to arms length and surveyed her old friend.

“I fucking hate you! You still look stunning…You fucking Ice Princess,” Tina laughed and pulled Sarah into her arms.

This time there was nothing contrived about their embrace. They moulded their bodies to each other and kissed passionately. Sarah inhaled Tina’s perfume and a thousand memories sikiş izle flooded her consciousness.

Tina used the tip of her tongue to explore Sarah’s mouth, she knew that this used to drive Sarah crazy and its effect had not diminished. Sarah moaned and pulled Tina closer. They kissed for a while until Sarah became light headed and broke the embrace.

A cheer went up from the patrons, who raised their glasses to the two stunning creatures.

Sarah blushed. It was been a very long time since she had been the centre of attention and she was embarrassed.

“Come over here lover,” Tina grinned and led her to a dark corner where there was a small high table and two stools.

“Well that was some welcome after all these years,” Tina smiled and waved at a waitress to get her attention.

Sarah smiled back meekly.

“These were brand new the last time I saw you,” Tina playfully squeezed Sarah’s breasts.

“What about this? Is it still there; does it still work, or did you trade it in for a vag jay-jay?”

Tina slipped her hand under Sarah’s dress and went exploring.

Sarah slapped Tina’s had away.

“Stop it! You haven’t changed one bit! And in that regard neither have I. I still have it, it’s still functional, not that I ever get to use it, and it’s safely gaffed away to stop someone like you trying to touch it,” Sarah grinned.

The waitress came over and Tina ordered two JD and coke. Sarah didn’t object but she asked for a cherry coke as well.

Tina suddenly became serious.

“I was shocked when you contacted me. You just totally disappeared after Drew’s funeral and then the trial. I’m sorry Sarah, I just couldn’t go to either one. I feel that I might be somehow to blame after what I did to Bing and his cronies,” Tina looked distraught.

Sarah lifted Tina’s face and looked into her eyes.

“Tina, I’ve spent the last twenty years blaming myself for what happened to Drew and it did me no good. I went into hiding but Drew’s family eventually found me and outed me to the shitty little town council where I was working in a shitty librarian’s job.”

“Well fuck it! I’m over being a dowdy librarian in a shitty little burg! I’m over being broke, ugly and unhappy. I don’t know how long I have left in this world but I’m not going to live my life in hiding,” Sarah said quite vehemently.

“Babe, when you called me out of the blue I was so happy but I can’t believe you want a job. You were the smartest person I ever met and I was sure you would be some high flying businesswoman professional by now. Can’t you use your degree to get decent employment?” Tina sipped her newly arrived bourbon and coke.

“Nah. I’ve left it too late; no one is going to start me at my age and I’ve been out of commerce for so long I’d need go back to school. Besides I will always be ‘that woman’,” Sarah stirred her bourbon and coke with a straw but didn’t take a sip.

“The tranny whose husband was murdered in a revenge killing.”

“That’s shitty,” Tina shrugged.

“Anyway babe. Fuck the past. Tell me all about you. You look great still and I hear you and Lyle are living together,” Sarah changed the subject.

“Yeah we hooked up permanently after I’d been working for him for about five years. We’re living as husband and wife, except that I’m the boss and my dick is bigger,” Tina sniggered.

“Our production company is Xavier Productions. We’re still in the porn game bust mostly streaming online now. We make a decent living and have a condo in LA and a holiday cabin in Tahoe; not bad for a middle-aged tranny and a smut king,” she laughed.

“So what do you think. Can you get me a job?” Sarah asked.

“Babe. I’ll be honest with you, we are mainly into specialty porn now, that’s where the money is. Heavy BDSM, pseudo kiddie shit, young girls who are legal but look a lot younger, some scat, it’s all pretty freaky,” Tina lit two cigarettes and handed one to Sarah.

“So you don’t work in front of camera any more?” Sarah asked.

“Oh yeah I do. Tranny shit sells well too; but it has to be edgy, if you know what I mean. The last movie I was in was ‘Tranny Forced To Fuck’ so you can guess what I mean. Are you really up for that?” Tina sipped her drink.

“Honey I’m so broke and destitute I’d do a movie with nuns and donkeys,” Sarah grinned.

Tina coughed up her drink and broke into peals of laughter.

“You’ve still got that wicked sense of humour Sarah.”

Tina suddenly became serious and reached across the table and took Sarah’s hand in hers.

“I still have my little shitbox apartment here in Berkeley you know. I renovated it when Lyle and I started making money and he doesn’t know I still have it. I use it when I just wanna get away from everything,” she smiled.

“Let me go to the ladies room and we’re out here,” Sarah smiled back.

Sarah checked to make sure the ladies rest room was empty and when she was inside the stall she punched up Randy’s number and he answered on the first ring.

“So türk porno far, so good. I’m going back to Tina’s apartment,” she said into the phone.

“Is that wise?” she sensed concern in Randy’s voice.

“I have to gain her confidence Randy; you know that,” Sarah hissed.

“By what? Fucking her?” Randy sounded angry.

“You told me that I had to do whatever was necessary to get Stacy back, remember?”

“Yeah; ok. I’ll follow in my car,” Randy said resignedly.

“Randy. I might have to stay the night,” Sarah replied.

“Yeah; whatever.” Randy hung up.

Their lovemaking was tentative to begin with. Sarah had not had sex since her marriage to Drew and Tina and Sarah’s history was volatile, there were periods of serenity interspersed with brief spells when they argued and fought furiously with each other which usually ended with them having frenzied make-up sex.

They lay on the coverlet side by side, fully clothed. They kissed; at first softly, their lips just touching. Tina’s fingers gently slid along Sarah’s thigh, her nails rasping on the nylon. When her fingers slid under Sarah’s skirt, she gasped and pressed her lips hard against Tina’s. Tina’s fingers slipped lightly across Sarah’s panties, eliciting a growl from deep within Sarah’s throat.

Sarah slid her tongue into Tina’s mouth and explored. Tina smiled and continued to tease Sarah through the silky layers of her pantyhose and panties. She rolled over so that she was astride her lover.

Sarah began to buck; raising her buttocks off the bed, entreating Tina to find her penis but Tina was not to be rushed. She kept Sarah pinned to the bed and Tina removed her hand from under Sarah’s dress. She teased Sarah with her tongue, slipping it along her lips and darting it in and out of her mouth.

Sarah was writhing on the bed, pushing up with her groin, begging for Tina to find her sex. When Tina had Sarah totally in her control she lifted herself off Sarah and hiked up her own dress and then scrunched up Sarah’s. Tina pushed her hand inside Sarah’s pantyhose and panties and freed her erect penis from its gaff and then she freed her own.

She pushed her groin against Sarah’s. Their penises encased in silky satin and nylon rubbed together igniting sparks of pleasure.

“Ohh my god!” Sarah moaned.

She hadn’t had sex for so long that the stimulation was too much for her. Sarah ejaculated into her panties as she thrust up against Tina, locking her legs around her waist and crushing her lips.

Tina grinned. She hadn’t lost her touch when it came to making love to Sarah.

Tina allowed Sarah to finish her orgasm and as soon as she sensed that Sarah was sated she reached down and viciously ripped out the crotch of Sarah’s pantyhose, she smeared her erect penis with Sarah’s semen and slid her cock into Sarah’s anus.

Sarah squealed and writhed on the bed; impaled on Tina’s long thin cock. It had been so long since she’d been penetrated she had forgotten what it was like.

“Oh Jesus!” Sarah pushed back against Tina, wriggling under her, trying to expel her cock.

Tina pinned Sarah to the bed, pushing down on her shoulders and pressing her groin into Sarah’s.

“Shh darling. Relax,” Tina lowered her face to Sarah’s and kissed her tenderly.

She kept her penis buried in Sarah’s anus but didn’t move it. She stroked Sarah’s face and kissed her softly. She kept kissing Sarah; not moving at all until she felt Sarah begin to rouse.

At first it was almost imperceptible but Tina sensed Sarah push back against her. Tina smiled and began to slowly fuck Sarah. Sarah smiled up at Tina and nodded.

“Fuck me babe,” Sarah whispered.

Tina complied and moved her cock slowly in out of Sarah, drawing it all the way out and then driving it all the way in, ensuring she pushed her glans against Sarah’s prostate so she was super-stimulated.

The two gorgeous transsexuals fucked each other, Tina’s hands under Sarah’s shoulders so she could drive her erect penis deep and hard into Sarah and Sarah wrapped her legs around Tina, pulling her lover close as they kissed passionately.

Tina felt her climax approaching and she gripped Sarah’s ankles and lifted her legs up over her shoulders so she gained maximum penetration. Sarah assisted by lifting her bottom up off the bed and wrapping her arms around her lover.

They kissed and writhed and wriggled against each other; their passion building.

“Oh Yesss!” Tina screamed and ground her groin into Sarah’s buttocks.

She ejaculated. Tina’s phallus erupted deep in Sarah’s anus, her semen surged from her cock, flooding Sarah’s back passage. Sarah sighed as she felt her bowels fill with her lover’s seed, Tina’s cock pushing against her prostate and her belly against Sarah’s penis.

Sarah orgasmed again; the intensity even stronger. She pushed up against Tina and drove her tongue into her mouth and drummed her fists on Tina’s back so extreme was her release.

The two lovers kissed and caressed as their climaxes slowly subsided. Tina unlocked Sarah’s calves from around her neck but kept her semi-tumescent penis inside her. Sarah smiled up at her lover.

“I had forgotten how good this was.”

“Yeah, me too lover. We really had something back then didn’t we?” Tina smiled down at her.

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