The Little Brother Alternative Part 2

Bi Male

Sophia moaned underneath him, her pussy grinding against his hard cock. Bryce Callahan wanted more though, always more. His finger traced a line from the cleft of her crotch around her hips and came to rest against the rosebud of her asshole. He pushed, applying pressure to the tight entrance while his body never ceased its rhythmic movements into and out of her twenty-one-year-old body. Sophia’s eyes widened, and she made a groan of dismay. Bryce ignored that protest and continued to move his finger deeper into his girlfriend’s ass. Sophia liked to whine, he knew, but she pretty much always went along with what he liked. He was surprised when a few moments later her own movements stopped and her high-pitched but hushed voice rang out in the silence.“Fuck Bryce, not again, not tonight.”Bryce responded nonverbally, capturing her mouth with his own in a deep kiss while doubling down on his assault on her ass.“God Bryce, seriously, you’ve done me there two nights in a row. It’s sore. Not. Tonight,” she insisted firmly.Bryce abandoned his attempt for the moment, and began fucking into her in earnest, his thick rod driving into her tight wet snatch.Sophie mewled in response to the intensity of eight inches of hard flesh being driven into her. She really did like this. In the years since she’d lost her virginity, she’d learned that when it came to sex she lacked restraint. She heard the warnings from sex-ed class, from counselors and TV and her mom, but somehow all that went right out of her head when it came down to the moment, the urgent touching and the sight and feel of dick in front of her.Bryce took advantage of that, she knew, and she normally appreciated the way his casual dominance cut through the bullshit and let her give in to her deep urges without too much thought. Tonight though she was sore and tired, and the pain in her ass had translated to her being limited during her cheerleading practice at the university earlier that day. She had even noticed a group of her teammates laughing at her, and had distinctly made out something along the lines of ‘slut can’t even walk straight.’ That rankled bahis şirketleri her: jealous slut-shaming bitches, the whole lot of them. She remembered the person most prominent in that group and smiled to herself.She continued to enjoy the feeling of the cock sawing into and out of her. His thick meat was absolutely filling her and she brought her hand to her clit and with a light touch kicked off a massive orgasm. All restraint abandoned, she screamed out her pleasure as her hips bucked wildly under the beefy mass of her well-endowed lover. Bryce smiled the smile of a job well done and moved to push his advantage once again. He withdrew from his tight young girlfriend and swiftly moved to reenter at a different spot, his still hard dick pushing against her ass. She reacted quickly and furiously, pushing herself forward and slapping him away.“Jesus fuck, Bryce! I said no!” she exclaimed, crossing her arms in front of her and glaring at her boyfriend.“I know baby, I know, but usually you’re willing to go along with it,” he responded, some mostly insincere regret tinging his voice.“Well, not tonight. Like I said, I’m sore. You’ve fucked me so hard back there the past couple of nights I could barely move today. Even Tyler was calling me a slut during cheerleader practice, the jealous little bitch.”“Ah, I’m sorry, baby. You’re right, that little queer is just jealous. You’re my slut though, and I love you for it.” He moved to wrap her in an embrace and re-engage in making out, but Sophie put out her hand to prevent him making contact. “Don’t call me a slut right now. JEEZ you just can’t read the room tonight, can you?“ Bryce started to protest but was quickly silenced by another glare, his face settling into a downcast set. Sophie sighed.“Why is it so hard for me to stay mad at you?” she asked.“It’s because I’m soo cute,” he replied“Mmm, yeah, I guess that might be it.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.“The fact that you have a really nice dick is part of it too.” She moved her hand down and patted his member, still mostly erect. “Well, I’m going to bed. You’re welcome to stay bahis firmaları the night though.” She turned on to her side and reached over to turn out the light.“What, you’re going to bed right now, just like that? What am I supposed to do with this?” He motioned down to his crotch.  “You should have thought of that before you pushed so aggressively. You could have finished in my tight little pussy by now.” She looked up and flashed him an evil little grin. “But if it’s anal that you want, maybe you should be trying someone like Tyler Lloyd.” Bryce snickered at that.“Ha yeah, I guess you’re right. Sorry again, babe. And I can’t stay tonight, got practice at the crack of dawn tomorrow.” He leaned down and brushed his lips against his girlfriend’s smooth skin. “I might grab a snack on my way out. See you tomorrow.” “Mmhmm,” came the soft reply from Sophie, already drifting off to sleep. Bryce drew himself up and off the bed, gathered his clothes and made to leave. As he left the room though, one thing his girlfriend had just said continued to ring in his head… *** As a college freshman, Michael Nichols sat on his bed listening to his sister and her boyfriend fuck in the next room, his mind was a jumble of conflicting thoughts and feelings. The sounds of the lovemaking were distinct coming through the thin walls that separated his room from his sister, and the images he conjured to accompany them were vivid. Bryce, the top jock at their university, a thick muscular specimen of young adulthood and his sister, a spitting image of feminine perfection: all curves and softness and sultry appeal. As he lay there in bed stroking his slender cock he could picture himself in Bryce’s place, mounting his sister, pinning her down as he thrust eagerly into her tight wet snatch. He could also picture the other side, though he usually tried to suppress that part of his psyche. He could imagine being Sophie, lying open and vulnerable, while Bryce with what he was sure was a large and perfectly shaped dick took his liberty on him.In his eighteen years, Mike had never actually done anything with a guy before, had kaçak bahis siteleri only dreamed about it in fleeting moments where peak arousal broke down the walls of fear in his mind, but right now he imagined that perfect dick at the entrance of his virgin asshole, pushing insistently. Mike brought a finger down to that spot and pushed. A soft moan escaped his lips, matching ones coming from the next room as his finger invaded the tight sphincter creating a sense of fullness that only left him wanting more. As he stroked his dick with more intensity he noticed that there had been a break in the sounds coming from the next room. The show must be over for tonight, he thought, but he still had plenty of mental scenes to play out in his head as he continued to stroke himself.After a few moments though, he heard Sophie’s door close and loud footsteps in the hallway, and then suddenly, before Mike even had a chance to react, the door opened and Bryce, Bryce fucking Callahan, stood there in all his glory. He was naked, and Mike in his lust devoured the sight. Bryce was..a man… there was no other way for him to process it. Six foot three of timeless good looks and pure unadulterated masculinity. His dick was…Mike shuddered involuntarily, it was perfect, nine inches of glistening veiny flesh that was jutting out, semi-erect. Bryce noticed Mike’s entranced gaze, and a predatory grin swept across his face.“Evening Mikey, what you up to?” His voice was light, casual.“Uh, you know, uh just-” Mikey started to stutter, but Bryce cut him off immediately“Just sitting in your bed, jacking off to the sound of me fucking your sister.” He cast a glance down to Mikey’s crotch. Mike belatedly realized that he was still sitting on top of his covers, with no pants on, his own semi-erect dick exposed to the unimpressed view of the adonis in front of him. Bryce stepped further into the room, and quietly closed the door behind him.“What I’m really wondering, Mikey, is what exactly you were thinking about. Did you want to be me? Hm? Your sister is goddamn hot, were you wishing you could hit that?”His voice was soft, but intense. Alluring. Bryce stepped further forward, he was now just a few feet away from where Mike sat on his bed.“Or did you want to be her?” His hand went down to grasp his dangling member, and he started to slowly stroke it. 

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