The Lodge Pt. 12


Riding out with Terry, our driver/security, we stopped by Nancy’s house and picked her up along with her four kids, Jill, Amber, Rolly, and Bill. We rode out to the Lodge. We had offices and our suites removed for more room rentals. Brian and I maintained a suite on the third floor, where we headed to change and walk the grounds. Jill’s family disrobed and came out nude. We put on our signature red jockstraps and joined them in the lobby.

“Glad we can have some time today. You have all done a great job overseeing the restaurant business for the company.” I said to them, taking Nancy’s hand and walking into the gift shop. “We want you all to pick out a new outfit when we return to our place.”

“What’s happening at your house?” asked Rolly.

“We are celebrating our 25th anniversary with our family. Yesterday Ashley and her family, today you all.” Brian said. “We know that we have at least two virgins here, and Mark and I had a dream all of our kids this year will have twins, so if Jill and Amber are looking to give up their virginity and become pregnant, this is the day. We also have new wristbands for the four of you to your new home, a townhouse the next street over.”

“We were worried you would never ask,” commented Jill, going through the rack of nightwear. “This is going to be an awesome day.”

“Let’s get some breakfast at the buffet,” I said to them after they had selected their new clothing. “We can talk, then walk the grounds before heading back. We plan to be home by lunchtime. We want to enjoy quality time with you before meeting with some virgin clan members this evening.”

“You guys have a tough job,” Rolly said laughing, “having to fuck all these girls so they can have kids.”

“It is a tough job,” I laughed back. “We did not anticipate it when we began this project 25 years ago; who would have known? Now you are part of the richest family in the world, and our interests are world-wide. We head to Australia and New Zealand, where we found many clans without an Alpha; busy schedule there.”

We had the chef make some omelets, then sat down to eat. Someone set a corner table with dividers so we could eat comfortably. People always came up to chat, seeking autographs when we ate in the main section. Today we wanted our privacy. Brian and I always enjoyed being around our sisters and kids. It seems everyone was one of our kids as time passed, but these were special to us.

One of the things we had heard was Jill and Amber, being bi-sexual, had been enjoying each other’s company at home after they had both turned 18. We wanted them to enjoy that experience before we took them to our house and deflowered them. We had Nancy take her sons out to enjoy The Lodge, and we invited Jill and Amber to join us upstairs in our suite.

“Girls, we heard you both enjoy each other’s company. We want you to enjoy that again before we head to our house. Brian and I will play together, and we want to watch you do the same. We will be doing more watching than playing.” I told them.

They smiled at each other, and Jill began to massage Amber’s breasts, then they started to French kiss while squeezing each other’s tits.

“You are so fucking sexy,” Amber told Jill as she sucked on her tits, teasing them with her teeth.

Jill was sitting on the bed; Amber had straddled her legs as Jill leaned forward and suckled on Amber’s tits.

“You have such a badass,” Amber said, standing Jill on the bed. “I fucking love it.”

Amber squeezed her butt cheeks, then began to kiss each side, running her tongue down her butt crack. Jill turned around, exposing her shaved cunt. Amber pushes her face into it, running her tongue inside Jill’s folds. She lifted her leg on the shortened headboard, and we could see Amber’s tongue licking and sucking as she pressed in, saliva funning down Jill’s leg.

“Ah,” Jill moaned as Amber continued to lick her slit. “Ugh, God, yes,” Jill continued. Amber was nipping at her folds, reaching up with one hand and massaging her breasts.

“You are so fucking sexy,” Amber said as they both moaned in pleasure. Jill laid back on the bed, and Amber continued to suck and fuck her cunt with her tongue.

“I hope you boys are enjoying this,” Amber told us. Turning back to Jill, Amber told her, “Your pussy is so tight,”

Pulling back, Jill rubbed the folds of her vagina, and Amber inserted to finger and began to finger fuck her.

Brian and I were leaking pre-cum. We sucked each other sahibe escort off while we continued to watch.

“Ah, ah, oh,” Jill was full throttle with her sexual noises as she began to squirm. Her legs wrapped around Amber’s head, her hands pushing her into her cunt. “Oh, that feels so good, fuck me with your hot tongue.”

Getting her up on all fours, Amber began to rim her ass. Spitting saliva into her ass hole, she pushed her fingers back into Jill’s cunt.

“Don’t stop,” Jill moaned, “I want to come again. Oh, ah, please don’t stop. I want to come again.” Amber moved from her ass back to her cunt and began to tongue fuck her in that hole again.

“Oh, I like that, please…please…fuck me…” Jill continued. “Yes, yes, I want to cum again.”

After a few minutes, Jill said, “Comer back up here. I want to kiss some more.”

Ashley then straddled her as they moved into the 69 positions, Jill sucking on Ashley’s cunt while Ashley went back to finger fucking and slapping on Jill’s mound.

“You have me so fucking wet,” Ashley said. “Ewe, yeah, keep licking me, Jill. Oh God, yeah, ah.”

Jill was licking and rocking her head while Amber rose up and down fucking into her tongue.

“Fuck,” Amber said, “You know how to eat pussy. Oh fuck, yeah, jam those fingers in me, wow, yeah.”

Amber was now cumming. Jill was lapping at her juices flowing from Amber’s cunt into her mouth.

They interlocked their bodies, cunt to cunt, staring to ride each other. Their voices were getting louder as they enjoyed fucking each other’s pussy.

This was so hot. When the girls climaxed again from riding each other’s pussy, they stood, came over to us, sucked the cum off our cocks, and Amber said, “Can’t wait till later to see what you guys can do to bring us off.”

We got up from the bed, headed to the shower, then went downstairs to find Nancy and the boys. We spoke to several guests as we walked the grounds, then came upon Kelly and her sons.

“What have you guys been up to?” Nancy asked, locking her arms with Brian and me as we walked back toward the reception area.

“We enjoyed Jill and Amber as they warmed up for our afternoon romp. What have you discovered?” Brian asked.

“We took Mom into the steam room. Rolly and I then had fun playing, I took her ass, and Rob fucked her cunt. Just a normal day,” Rick laughed.

“Let’s get our clothes, Terry went to get the limo, and we will head back to our house. We can drop you, Nancy, at your house, or you can join us.” I told them as we entered the main entrance of The Lodge, walking toward the elevators.

“I would enjoy coming, but I need a nap. The boys exhausted me.” Nancy said.

After dressing, we went down to the entrance, Terry was standing by the door, letting us into the limo, and we headed back to town, dropping Nancy off before proceeding to our house.

In the car, we asked Rick to massage Jill and Bill to do the same for Amber. There would be oil and lotions on the stand next to our bed. Jill and Amber massaged the boys when they finished, then showered off. We would be up in a couple of hours we had to run over to the office.

We let them know they would have twins, Alphas, like their cousins’ children. Ashley’s twins would be the overall Alpha for the entire clan, and their kids would be Alpha over the restaurants as the whole organization we continued to build, now a world-wide venture. Nancy continues to be our head of restaurants and development, but the project needs to be bigger. The whole family was involved, but it has come time for an Alpha to rise up and meet the needs of all the clans worldwide who worked in the food industry.

We hope Jill, Rolly, Amber, and Bill will wed each other and make us a stronger prime family, but that was their choice. We wish the same for Pam and Rick and Penny and Rob. Instead of four townhouses, Ashley’s kids moved into two yesterday, and if they wed, they will receive a house like their moms.

After we break your cherries, we have guest rooms ready for the day and evening. Jill and Rolly have one, and Amber and Bill have the other. Our playroom is also open for use and can make a nice foursome.

Once in the garage, Terry let everyone out. We led them to our bedroom and told them to have a good time. Then we left, Terry driving us across town to our offices.

“Hey Brian,” I yelled from my office.

“What’s Up?” Brian asked, walking sahibe escort bayan into my office.

“Have you seen this news about a pandemic coming out of North Korea?”

“Yeah, it happened a week ago, a lab accident. Such a closed country and there has been little information coming out. I called our science division, and they looked at it. They said it was slow moving, but the two cities they knew of the populations had all died. They were working on trying to have a vaccine to counteract this. They had gotten a sample from someone, and I’m unsure how or where. Let me check my email to see if I have a new update.”

“Not got news,” I said as he left the office. We had canceled our trip to Australia and New Zealand as the clans there wanted to avoid signing on to our fee for helping them organize and have us impregnate the women to develop an Alpha for the various clans lacking. Several had met us here, so we did have Alphas in both countries. Next week was now accessible on our Calander.

“Got an email,” Brian said, walking back into our office. “They have a vaccine, and it will take them a week to get it into a distribution chain. They also found in both cities some families that survived with immunity to the virus. Each city has five related families, with parents and four kids. They are clans we have not discovered. Our labs indicate the clans have natural immunity. The vaccine works to save the lives of those who take it. They had someone go in and test it on a group of people. The men, after the shot, live but are sterile. The women survive and become immediately fertile, believing only an Alpha can impregnate them. It looks like the virus was semi-contained until people crossed the border to escape infection, still dying but spreading it. They project within two weeks, with people traveling away from the area, half the world will become infected and die.”

“Get back with the lab, have them produce as many vaccines as possible, and ship them here. Next Monday, we will gather all the Alphas from around the world and have them come here so we can get it out to the communities where they reside. I will have our assistants get the invitation out, clear housing for the night, and arrange flights or charter planes, and we will get this done fast and efficiently. I’m sure there are other clans we have not identified, and then there will be those who are not part of the clans, but with the vaccine becoming fertile, we want them here while we organize this rescue effort.”

“Sounds good. This will open up the clans for new members through marriage, and any children resulting from pregnancy between our Alpha and the women survivors will automatically be members of their Alpha’s clan. We will have more information for the Alphas as they get here.” Brian commented.

We hope the transmission will remain semi-contained until we can organize this lift. It’s Thursday, and we need to get other labs working on producing the vaccinations and fly a plane to gather all they have ready for a Tuesday distribution.

In making the arrangements, the staff also contacted most of the world leaders to give them a heads-up and the plan we were implementing to save all we could from this disaster.

We headed back to our house after a couple of hours. We had four people waiting for us. That evening, as part of our 25th-year celebration, we had additional people looking to become pregnant, from Brian and me.

They had just finished showering when we got back. Brian took Amber and Bill into our playroom, where we had a large king-size bed, I had Jill and Rolly stay with me. I explained how I wanted Rolly to be part of this, our hope they married, and when they went home tomorrow, they would be in the same townhouse sharing the primary bedroom. I said we knew they would have twin boys, new Alpha, and their second pregnancy would be twin boys and Alpha.

I positioned Jill in the center of the bed, having her sit up. I kneeled in front of her and presented my cock for her to suck, Rolly next to me, massaging my balls and her breasts.

She moved to the end of the bed and took Rolly’s cock in her mouth. Rolly leaned up and began to suck on mine. This was from an earlier conversation, Jill’s first time having oral sex, or sex in any matter, with guys. Rolly has experienced both ways at The Lodge and with his brother. Jill was enjoying her brother’s cock.

I enjoyed his mouth as he sucked escort sahibe my head and down my shaft. I would see Jill working his cock, sucking on his balls. She licked his shaft, sucked his head, then ran her tongue over his slit, sucking off his precum.

Rolly laid flat on the bed, his mouth under my cock and balls. Jill was lying down, bringing her breasts to his cock, titty fucking him.

I changed positions and lay on the bed, and Rolly kneeled next to my head. I took his cock into my mouth; his pre-cum tasted excellent and salty. Jill slid up to my hardened cock and brought her cunt down to meet my cock, slowly lowering herself until I could feel her virgin pussy, my cock now at her membrane. She dropped her total weight down on my shaft, breaking her cherry, some blood sliding down my cock as I continued to suck on Rolly’s cock.

Leaning forward, continuing to grind away on my cock, she took Rolly’s cock into her mouth, and he started to face fuck her. It wasn’t long until I was shooting my load deep inside her.

We were hot and horny, I got on my knees, and she began to rim my ass. Rolly moved around and pulled her back from me, lubing his cock and ramming it into my asshole. Something I hadn’t expected. Jill moved under me and sucked off my cock.

Making another switch of positions, Rolly lay on the bed, and I lay on top, having his cock back in my ass. How sweet. Then Jill laid atop me, taking my cock in her lubed ass.

Just as Brian, Amber, and Bill walked into the room, we switched again, Jill had turned around, and my cock was now in her cum filled cunt. Rolly shot his load inside me, and I had another load for Jill.

Amber and Bill got on the bed, and Brian, Jill, and Rolly left for the game room.

I lay in the center of the bed. Jill and I began to kiss, and Bill had gone down on my cum coated cock. After a few minutes, they switched. Amber had my cock, and Bill and I had our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Changing places with Bill, I had his cock in my ass, and Amber was sucking my cock as I fucked her face. She then laid backward on my chest, her cunt lowered down on my cock, taking me into her cum filled pussy. The three of us bounced on the bed, pleasured by the moment.

“This is awesome,” Bill said as he let loose his sperm in my ass, breeding me. Jill increased her tempo as I pulled her up and down.

“Oh fuck, you are something,” she said to me. She let out a tiny scream as she climaxed, and I came adding to my brother’s cum which was already filling her.

I stood on the floor, and Bill sucked on my cock to clean it off. She was atop Bill, sucking off his cock. I had started to cum again, and they both started to exchange sucking my cock. I came on her face, Bill licked off my cum, and they began trading my load, French kissing.

Bill turned to his sister, stroked his cock and pulled her face onto his cock, and shot a load in her mouth.

I have to admit that this was a first for me. Usually, with a virgin, it was just a missionary-style fuck. Brian later said the same to me.

We thanked them for the experience and took them to their rooms. Jill and Rolly had the first guest room, and Amber and Bill had the next. Our chef would have dinner ready at six, so they had a couple of hours to either rest or fuck. We knew from their expressions; fuck would be their choice. The night was theirs until breakfast tomorrow.

After we showered and dressed, we went back to our offices to follow up with our staff on the arrangements for Monday. They had an update from our labs, and we worked on plans to transport the vaccine back to the Alpha’s homes.

We went back to our house; we had ten Alphas meeting us with a virgin from their clans, a part of our 25th-anniversary celebration. I would take 5, Brian 5, and they would stay in guest rooms with their Alpha for the night. Because of the time after dinner, these would not be extended times for us. The Alphas had all night. They will be joining us for dinner. Afterward, we would each take one virgin and their Alpha to our room and the game room, then to their guest room for the night.

We let everyone know what happened at dinner due to the North Koreans and the lab there. The Alphas would stay over until Monday, and their clan member would fly out. We have plans like this through Sunday. Initially, we were flying out for the week. Plans changed. Fortunately for Alpha’s, we recovered quickly and had a steady flow of baby-makers in our balls, which looked like a real plus with the surviving women of the pandemic.

Our staff was working on what the world would look like. It was going to be a significant change in how it was structured and how it would be run. At our 50th celebration, we would have 12 Alphas here besides Brian and me.

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