The Look Ch. 06


When she entered his bedroom for the first time she noticed something long, thin and black with a dark rectangular piece of material at one end lying on his white duvet. On closer inspection she could see it was a riding crop. She smiled, bit her lip in anticipation and felt her juices starting to flow again.

‘After our evening together on Monday, I thought you might like this. It arrived this morning, just in time,’ he said, winking at her.

‘I love it!’ she exclaimed.

‘I thought you might. I need to test it out to see if it works. But I’d also like you to wear this, which I also bought today,’ he said as he handed her a blindfold, ‘and these,’ he added holding the 4 way cuffs aloft from earlier.

Now she really could feel her pussy beginning to flutter. She wanted him to take control, she wanted to give herself completely to him and she wanted him to do with her as he pleased.

He placed three pillows, width ways, halfway down the bed, one on top of the other. ‘Lie on your front and put these under your waist,’ he instructed. ‘When you’ve put the blindfold on, put your wrists together behind your back.’

She did as she was told and he used the cuffs to bind her wrists together. After the strain of being tied to her ankles earlier, this was a welcome relief.

He smiled, pleased with the result. Her arse was now elevated and more accessible to him. He picked up the riding crop and began to torment her.

The rubber material at the end of the crop moved easily over her soft sensitive skin as he brushed it over her neck and then along the ridge of her shoulders.

Looking down he could see she was enjoying it. She pushed her head down and craned her neck forwards, her hips squirmed and her legs parted, revealing her wet labia.

He continued to run the crop over her shoulders, down her spine and over her back. She pushed her arse up, willing him to run it over her most sensitive and intimate areas. But instead he took it away. She sighed in frustration.

Not being able to see what was going on, she expected him to thrash her bare arse. Instead, she felt the crop on her foot. He ran it slowly up and along her leg, edging close to her arse. Then he took it away again, this time starting on the opposite foot. As he moved it up her leg, she parted them both wider, exposing her sodden pussy and cute little arse hole.

He ran the crop over both cheeks and she whimpered, ‘Hurt me, whip me, take my arse, I need you to take it.’ She was so aroused she didn’t really know what she was saying. He slid the crop down the crack of her arse and let it linger over her sphincter. ‘Fuck, I need you. Whip me, I need it’, she called out.

He pushed the crop further Kurtköy Escort down and grazed it over her wet slippery pussy lips. ‘Please touch me, pleeeease,’ she almost begged.

He now tapped the riding crop on her lips three or four times. They were so wet they made a smacking sound. ‘Yes, do it!’ He pressed the crop against her lips firmly and then tapped them again, but this time harder. She moaned in sheer pleasure.

He brought the crop back up along her arse crack. ‘I’m going to whip you with this 10 times for coming too quickly downstairs,’ he announced.

She was so horny and turned on that her wrists worked against the cuffs. He offered her his fingers to suck as she obviously needed something. As he whipped her arse cheeks with the crop, she hungrily sucked hard on his fingers. If she sucked his cock like this later he was in for a real treat he thought!

Each thrash of the crop resulted in a little ‘ahhh,’ and a sharp intake of breath. Finally her arse was getting the attention she craved. The only thing she wanted more now was him.

The crop had left several red marks on her cheeks but she didn’t seem to mind. He rubbed them for her, slipping his fingers into her soaking quim in between each rub. He swore he’d never felt a pussy as wet as this, she was literally drenched.

‘I need to suck you. I need to suck your cock, please let me,’ she said in-between little rasps of pleasure from his fingering.

‘Because you haven’t come yet, I’m going to let you. As a reward,’ he stressed.

He removed the restraints from her wrists and led down alongside her. She moved closer to him with her head just above his chest and looked into his eyes as she took his stiff cock in her hand and began to wank him off, each time slowly pulling down on his foreskin. His cock soon became fully erect, his helmet swollen and hard.

‘You like this?’ she asked teasingly, as she began to move her head down his chest.

‘God, yes! I love it!’ he stammered. Now it was his turn to be tormented. She kissed and sucked his chest and stomach, making her way down to his now throbbing cock.

When she reached it, she gently licked the tip of his helmet, running her tongue over his slit.

‘Fuck!’ She was good at this.

‘Is there a problem?’ she asked playfully. ‘Just don’t come yet. I need you to fuck me first.’

She began to lick his shaft from his balls up to his shining pink helmet, following the contour of his protruding veins, which seemed about to burst.

She cupped his balls and gently squeezed them, then she took his head in her mouth and began suck.

‘Fucking hell, you’re amazing! I love you,’ he moaned.

She sucked harder Pendik Escort and swirled her tongue around his helmet, paying particular attention to the tip of his cock. He was rock solid and she could feel his balls tightening.

She took more of him and bobbed her head up and down, sucking him to a state of pure heaven. It was the best blow job he’d experienced ever!

As he groaned and whimpered, she continued to pleasure him. Sucking, licking and wanking him, looking greedily into his eyes whenever she could. He was so turned on, he wanted desperately to please her and would do anything she wished.

‘I’ll do anything for you, what do you want? I’m all yours,’ he whispered in between waves of arousal.


‘Anything. Please tell me. I just want to please you,’ he pleaded.

‘Put the blindfold on and then do what I tell you,’ she instructed him.

He did as he was told. The blindfold was good and blocked out most of his surroundings.

The next thing he knew she was sat on his face. Her hot soaking sex directly above him. She smelled divine and he instantly shot his tongue into her love hole, greedily lapping up her cream.

She continued to suck his cock, taking it deep into her throat. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck!’ he called out, ‘that feels so goooood!!’

She massaged his balls, working him up into a frenzy. She briefly paused her relentless assault on his cock and lifted her head to say, ‘Soon I want you to take me, but before that I want you to make me come again with your tongue.’

‘You may lick me anywhere your tongue can reach but you’re not allowed to use your hands. You’ll have to work hard and concentrate because I’ll be sucking you and I’ll need distracting.’

He couldn’t help but thrust his cock towards her mouth, the thought of eating her out to orgasm again was causing him to spasm involuntarily.

She gripped his shaft again, wanking him and using her tongue to tease him.

He lifted his head and buried his face into her dripping vagina. His tongue snaked along the folds of her lips and he licked her up and down.

She took her mouth away from his cock and gasped with pleasure. ‘Fuck, yes!’ and she pushed her pussy down onto his face. He was making progress with his challenge.

He licked her harder and deeper, fucking her with his tongue while she sucked the underside of his purple helmet.

He raised his head so that he could lick up to her arse. Again she took her head away from his cock, her moans of approval only made his cock jerk upwards again and again.

‘For fucks sake, I’m going to come again, ahhhhh! she growled.

He was almost drowning in her delectable, creamy, love juices. Mutlukent Escort He was surprised she was so close to coming. Obviously she was enjoying sucking him off almost as much as he was in receiving it.

‘Suck my clit, suck it! Aaahhh, suck it! she commanded.

Her wish was his command. He noticed she said suck it and not lick it. Lowering his head, he found it easily. It was so engorged, he couldn’t fail.

Then he sucked on it – hard!

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, yes, yes!!’ she squealed. ‘I’m coming you horny bastard, fucking hell!!’ And she collapsed onto his face, almost smothering him, taking delight from the sensations that the contours of his smooth face brought her as it pushed against her sex.

He could feel her pussy clenching and convulsing around his mouth, almost sucking him in. Eagerly, he continued to lap up her come juices until she recovered.

‘Now you can have me,’ she said, smiling and red faced. ‘You’re certainly ready,’ and she stroked his stonking erection. She felt a little sorry for him, he had been hard all this time and his cock looked ready to explode; he was already leaking a little.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. ‘No cuffs, no toys and no crop. I just want you!’

He didn’t need a second invitation. Her gorgeous pussy was gaping open for him. He climbed on top of her and guided his cock to the entrance of her love canal. With ease, he slipped silently into her.

‘Ahhhh,’ they both groaned in unison. At last she had his manhood inside her. Already he could feel her muscles gripping his cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load inside her.

He pushed her legs back so he could bury his cock inside her, balls deep.

‘Fuck me, fuck me! Come for me you horny bastard!’ she cried out.

He thrust his shaft deep inside her, again and again and again, each time a little faster and harder.

‘I’m going to come,’ he stammered.

‘Me too. Just do it! Take me harder,’ she panted.

He was pumping his cock inside her as fast as he could, still pushing her legs back to reach the depths of her pussy.

They looked one another in the eye and without any prompting, they both whispered, ‘I love you.’ Kissing each other passionately and holding each other tight, their bodies exploded in orgasmic ecstasy together.

‘Aaaaahhhhhhh, fucccckkkkk,’ he cried, burying his face into her neck. ‘I love you, l love you, l love you,’ he whispered into her ear, breathless and panting.

Her pussy gripped his cock as he shot jets of hot come inside her, milking him dry until he came to rest inside her.

‘I love you too,’ she whispered back, ‘especially when you entertain me like that.’

They both laughed together and he rolled to one side just to get his breath back.

‘Be careful old man. Don’t over do it,’ she said, snuggling up to him.

They talked for hours afterwards and fell asleep together, spooning each other close.

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