The Loving Husband Ch. 17


The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I had thought that Ann’s cousin was coming over for me to take a more regular lover, but instead Ann had invited the still fairly newly married Sandra. Sandra let me fuck her on her wedding day both before and after the wedding. She and her husband had both played around, but Sandra was the real instigator. She and I had fun and Ann joined a little. She didn’t seem really bisexual, but loved sitting on the face of another woman while that woman cleaned her pussy of my cum. Ann just loved being in control.

In the last chapter, I had a poker game and invited Barb, Sandra’s friend to serve us. She served us drinks, stripped slowly, and was to give a blow job to the winner of certain hands. Unbeknownst to one of them, Bob, his wife knew of his fetishes about seeing her getting fucked and also being fucked in the ass by a woman with a strap-on. We fulfilled both those wishes. When they left Barb stayed and spent the night with specific instructions to wake me with a blowjob. My wife had positioned cameras to capture the event for her to keep on DVD.


I woke to the feeling that I was just losing grasp of a great dream. You know the kind you can remember as you wake, but dissipates quickly? Then I realized that my dream was true. Somebody was sucking my cock. I looked down and could only see the hump of a head over my crotch as whoever it was bobbed up and down making my cock as hard as a rock.

I lifted the sheets and Barb grinned around my cock when she saw me. I dropped the sheet and took a deep breath as I remembered what my wife had said about this. I looked around and saw that she had put three of the little remote cameras that we had bought in the room. One was on my nightstand pointed down the bed, one was on the chest past the end of the bed pointing up toward the head, and one was on the windowsill halfway down the bed pointing across it. Ann definitely had the views well covered. And then I decided that I was going to make her join us at some point.

I slowly pulled the covers back to reveal Barb sucking my cock. She rose up and grinned at me. She whispered as quietly as she could, “I’ve always wanted to suck and fuck somebody next to their sleeping wife.”

I pushed her head back onto my cock. I turned toward Ann and she didn’t let on like she was even awake. I wasn’t sure at this point if she was.

I then pushed Barb off my cock and rolled out of bed. I took in the sight of this sexy, naked bitch kneeling on the floor and figured out what I was going to do. This was going to be fun.

I motioned Barb to stand up and she did. I turned her toward and pushed her face first over the bed. She put her torso on the bed with her ass sticking out at me. Perfect. I ran my hands over that great ass, feeling the firmness and smoothness of the cheeks. Then I ran my right index finger over her asshole. She moaned into the bunched up bedding where her face was. I continued to tease it for a few seconds and then ran my fingers down and over her pussy. She was so wet that it was starting to appear on her outer lips. I ran two fingers directly into her pussy and again she moaned into the bedding.

I moved around behind her and got ready for the full assault on the two of them. I grabbed my cock and ran it up and down her slit, getting it nice and wet. Then I aimed for that nice, wet pussy and pushed. It slid in easily, so I ran it in to the hilt.

When I was buried in her nice cunt, I decided to put my plan into action. I leaned over her and spoke in a whisper that was just a little too loud not to be heard by my wife. “Did you know that my wife loves to watch me fuck young sluts like you?”

Barb shook her head and looked up at my wife’s supposedly sleeping body that was facing away from us on her side.

“She really loves to watch my cock slide in and out of another woman’s hot, wet pussy.” I enunciated the last three words slowly. I figured if I kept up the dirty talk, she’d have to respond at some point. “She really gets turned on by it and I bet her pussy is wet right now.”

I noticed a little movement from porno izle my wife and I knew she was trying to resist turning over. I leaned over, my cock still buried in Barb, and reached out to grab her. I put my hand on her hip and pulled. She didn’t resist and actually turned over almost on her own. She looked up at me and sighed.

“Fuck, you knew I was awake, didn’t you?”

“I wasn’t sure, but I figured you wanted to see this.” I pulled back and thrust hard into Barb, eliciting a grunt and a moan as my hips slapped up against her ass. “Now get up and come around this side of the bed.”

Ann rolled out the other side and walked around to the side where I was fucking Barb. She was wearing her normal loose t-shirt and panties. I wanted her naked. “Lose the clothes.” Ann stripped them off. I was holding still with Barb as I paid attention to Ann and she started getting restless. I could feel her start to try to move back and forth to keep the fucking going. Unfortunately, I had her pushed up against the bed and she could barely move.

Finally, Barb pulled her head up from the covers. “Keep fucking me.”

I slapped her on the ass. “In a second, slut.”

I turned toward Ann. “Get the lube.” She went to the nightstand and pulled out a nice bottle of lube. “Now stand here on my right and put some on Barb’s asshole.”

Barb moaned at that and tried more thrusting to fuck herself on my cock.

Ann drizzled some lube onto Barb’s asshole and Barb twitched a little and moaned. “I like that.”

I grinned at Ann. “Now rub it in.”

Ann rolled her eyes as she knew I liked pushing her to interact with some women when I was fucking them. In any case, she took her index finger from her left hand and rubbed the lube around Barb’s little pink star. Barb just moved her ass from side to side, indicating that she was enjoying it.

“Now stick a finger her this little slut’s ass.”

Ann didn’t roll her eyes this time, she just slowly worked the same index finger into Barb. Barb moaned and I enjoyed the feeling of her finger against my cock through the layer of flesh separating Barb’s ass from her pussy.

Since Ann was using her left hand and she was on my right, her body was turned toward the bed. This was perfect and I was going to take advantage of that. I took my right hand and moved it down to caress and play with her ass. It was a work of art. I don’t think she really knew how delicious looking her ass was. I worked my hand down her ass and through her ass crack. I ran my fingers over her asshole and she bent over a little and spread her legs while keeping her finger in Barb’s hole. I worked my way down to her pussy and started slowly working all around the lips. At the same time I started slowly fucking Barb.

Barb lifted her head up. “Finally.”

I slapped her on the ass again and laughed. “Shut up, slut.”

Barb just groaned and my fingers were starting to make Ann squirm and rock against them.

I turned to Ann and gave her a quick slap on the ass before returning to rubbing her pussy. “Do you like me fingering your wet pussy while you have your finger buried in the ass of a slut that I’m fucking?”

Ann groaned. “Yes!” She continued to look over at where my cock was penetrating the nice, young pussy of our friend Barb. She seemed enraptured by it, but her view couldn’t be that good.

Barb had her head turned to the side. “I like it, too.”

I slapped Barb on the ass again and she moaned. “Shut up, slut. You are just a pretty sheath for my cock right now.”

I then felt Barb reach under herself with one of her hands so that she could reach her clit. She was looking to get off. I let her. I just kept pumping my cock in and out of Barb and my fingers in and out of Ann. I could see the muscles in her ass working as she enjoyed her double penetration. She was tensing up and I knew she would cum soon. Together, with my cock in her pussy, Ann’s finger in her ass, and Barb rubbing her clit, she got off.

“Ooohhhhh. I’m cumming.” Barb just got that out before her body jerked a few times and went still. I could feel her pussy flex and I’m sure Ann could feel her ass flex as she came.

When Barb was finished cumming I stopped thrusting and turned to Ann. “Get out the vibrator and lay down. I want to see you get yourself off.”

Ann quickly got the vibrator out. She lay down next to Barb and buried two fingers into her pussy while she applied the vibrator to her clit. She was almost panting before she even started. She pulled her legs up higher toward her chest and started really going after her cunt.

I just held Barb in place for a few seconds and then started slowly fucking her again. I wanted to cum in this young woman’s delicious pussy.

Ann was working herself into a frenzy now and with her legs up high in the air, I could see how her fingers were plunging into her pussy and I could just make out her asshole. I decided to play with it as I continued to fuck Barb. I reached over and ran my finger porno over her nether hole and she groaned. But it must have been enjoyable because she pulled her legs up as far as she could to give me complete access to her ass. I rubbed my finger around her little hole and watched her. She was close.

“Fuuucccckkkk!” Ann drew it out as she started thrashing and having a major orgasm. She took several deep breaths as she rocked around and kept shoving her fingers into her pussy. I knew she was done when she removed the vibrator. Then she removed her fingers and lowered her legs.

I continued to fuck Barb slowly, but wanted to finish now. Seeing my beautiful wife get off like that had gotten to me.

I waited until Ann seemed relaxed before issuing my next command. “Ann, get up and get on the floor between my legs. I want you to see me pump this slut full of cum. I want you watch my balls and cock twitch as I shoot my load into her.”

Ann scrambled to the floor and looked up between my legs. I’m sure she had a great view of my balls and my cock penetrating Barb. I started thrusting hard and Barb started helping by thrusting back.

“What do you want to see, Ann?”

“I am looking at you fucking this little slut up against our bed and I want to see you fill her with cum. I want to see my husband cum deep in her slutty little pussy.”

I started pounding Barb now. Ann continued.

“Cum in her, honey. Bury your big cock in this worthless cunt and use her as your cum dump. I want to see it.” Ann reached up and grabbed my balls. “Empty these balls in the fucking whore. She deserves to have her cunt made a mess with all that tasty cum you serve up. She’s just a depository for you.”

And with that I came. “Now!”

I thrust and came, thrust and came, several times. I had not cum that hard for a while and Ann had helped with her potty mouth. When I was done I pulled out, slapped Barb on the ass, and told her to stay there.

I lay down on the bed next to Barb, my cock a complete mess of her juices and my cum. I looked down at Ann. “Well, don’t you have some cleaning up to do?”

Barb rose up on her arms and watched as Ann bent over and started cleaning my cock and balls. She licked around the bottom of my balls first. Then she moved all around them. Everything had gotten soaked. Ann then licked up and down on my rapidly softening cock, trying to get all the juices off before it was totally soft. She took my entire cock into her mouth and sucked it clean of everything she could.

When she sat back, she smiled at me. “Your cum tastes so good, honey. Even when it’s mixed with the cunt juices of a slutty bitch like Barb.” She finished by grinning at Barb as she said that.

“Bitch!” Barb said good-naturedly.

“Okay, we need to get up and get going.” It was back to business and the life of a mother for Ann. “We need to pick up the kids this morning from your parents by about 11.”

Barb stood up. “I’ll get cleaned up and get out of here, too.”

“Wait!” Ann went over to Barb. “One of the coming weekends our friends have invited us to a pool party and they asked me to bring a friend. Do you want to go? Are you free that weekend?”

Barb thought for a moment. “Yes, I’m free. I’d love to. The weather is getting nice again and I could really use some time in the sun.”

Ann grinned. “Don’t worry. At these pool parties, ALL of you will get sun.”

Barb laughed. “Fantastic. You guys have some of the coolest parties. I’m going to have to hang out here more often.”

Ann raised her eyebrows and glanced at me. “You just want to fuck my husband again.”

Barb hesitated a moment until she could see the mischief in Ann’s eyes. “Well, he is a pretty good fucker. And he eats pussy better than most of my other fuck buddies. So, yes, I do want to fuck him again.”

Ann put her hand on Barb’s shoulder. “Okay, but there are two rules if you are going to do that. First, you can’t completely drain him. I need some fucking, too. Secondly, if at all possible, I get to watch or you have to tape it.”

Barb laughed and shook her head. “You guys are amazing. How could I not agree to both rules?”

“Good, now get going.” And with that Ann slapped Barb on the ass. Barb just laughed and bolted out the door.

When Ann turned back to me, I had to know more. “So Maria invited us back for another party, eh? They’ve been out of town for a while, haven’t they?”

“Yes, they’ve been gone for a while, but they are back and I think Maria would love Barb and her slutty ways.”

“Says the woman who set up cameras to capture me fucking her.”

“To each his own.” Ann turned and went into the bathroom.

I sat on the bed and wondered if everything was going well or if things were spiraling out of control with me having fucked so many women. I was starting to get afraid that someone would slip and the word would get to the wrong person. I was going to have to discuss this with some of them to ensure there were no loose lips. rokettube At least when it came to leaking information.

The next week was busy. We had plenty to do with work and the kids. We had homework, baseball practice, soccer practice, and amongst it all, trying to keep up with the house. It had become very busy and I needed to catch up on our personal finances and tax recordkeeping.

Ann knew that I was going to do this while she did our turn with the kids for their soccer practice. At about 9am, we loaded the kids up and she kissed me goodbye. Then she grinned and gave me a parting shot. “Mary will be here at 9:30. She hates her new job and heard that your assistant was moving up. She wants to come back to you.”

My eyebrows went up and I started to ask a question, but Ann quickly got in the car.

I went to our room that we had turned into an office and set to work, wondering what was up with Mary. At 9:30 precisely, the doorbell rang. I went to the door and there was Mary. She was always a pretty girl and she looked very good this morning. She obviously got ready for this meeting.

“Hey, Mary. How are you?”

She grinned. “I’m fine John. How are you?”

“Great. Come on in.” I stepped aside and held the door open. When she went by me, I checked her out. She was in a polo shirt and a casual skirt. Nothing too revealing, but definitely a little more than just Saturday wear. I guess Ann was serious when she said that Mary was looking to come back.

I stepped up beside her as she stopped and held out my arm pointing the way. “Just follow me back here.” I led the way to our office.

When we got there, Mary stopped and looked around. “Nice home office.”

“Thanks.” I drug another chair over next to mine at the desk. “Have a seat.” Mary sat and demurely crossed her legs. “So how have you been?”

“Pretty good. I was telling Ann that I heard that your admin assistant is moving to a new position and I hate the company where I work, so I was going to apply for that position.”

“Great! You were always excellent at all your duties and you know all the company’s internal systems. I would love to have you back.”

Mary looked at the floor for a second. She seemed a little subdued considering that I practically offered her the job.

“John, I got a 5k raise when I went to this new company and I’ve made some commitments that mean I can’t afford a pay cut. With my new apartment and car, I need to keep my current salary.”

I smiled at her. “Mary, I can assure you that that is not necessary. You know it’s my division and I control the salaries as long as I maintain my profit margin. In fact, I’ll send you a letter on Monday offering you the position with another 2k raise. How’s that?”

Mary smiled but almost looked like she was going to cry. “Thank you so much, John. That means a lot to me.”

I studied her for a few seconds. “Mary, are you okay?”

She looked at the floor. “Yes, I just hate all the people I work with over there and I started looking around and nothing appealed to me like the position as your assistant. I loved that job, all the people were nice, and you are a great boss. It just makes me very happy.”

“No problem. Good people are always hard to find and I should have counter-offered before you left.”

“No, I needed to figure this out. I found out a lot about how good it is to have friends and a good boss.”

“Well, you have nothing to worry about. You will be more qualified than anyone else, so there’s no problem with me hiring you.”

“There is one more thing I was thinking about.”

“What’s that Mary?”

“I was wondering about what happened in the hotel room when we last saw each other.”

I wondered if this was going to be a problem. “What about it?”

“What did you think about it?”

Where was this going? Might as well be honest. “It was the highlight of that evening.”

Mary stared hard at me. “Better than when you had sex with Sandra and Carrie?”

“You mean when I fucked them both; had a threesome?” I had to say it in a dirty manner and got a nod from Mary. “Yes, of course. I didn’t know them at all so it was a meaningless fuck. You, however, I had known for 2 years and really liked as a person before that, so the fact that you wanted to do something with me was very flattering and exciting.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you, Mary.” I paused and waited for her to say something else, but she didn’t. I was hoping this would not come between us. “Now why would you bring that up?”

Mary looked at the ground and then back up at me with the hint of a smile. “I was hoping that maybe we could, you know, do that sometime again, after I go back to work for you. Whenever I’m between boyfriends I find myself day-dreaming about that.” She hesitated and then, looking back at the floor, spoke very softly. “That’s not true, I think about it all the time.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Whew! I was glad there wasn’t going to be a problem and doubly glad that she might want to do it again. “Mary, I would love to do something like that whenever you like.”

“Uh, no. That’s not what I meant.”

I looked at her quizzically. “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

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