The Lust of the Cerberus Woman Pt. 02


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


He stayed with her and took on no more tasks for other temples, finding his true place at long last. Everyone in the village knew that he was there with the Cerberus-woman, Jacinta, but Cyril did not care. They cared less for him and his condition too, considering that he kept Jacinta busy and earned his keep there by doing odd jobs around town, fixing roofs and even some labour in the fields. All he cared about was that he had enough money to live with Jacinta and feed them both, ensuring that the woman that he was swiftly falling for, more and more so, never had to want for anything again, not even once in her life.

It was a simple life, but it was one that suited him just fine, lusting for her, making a little bedroom for them in the back of the temple with sleeping mats, piled high with blankets. They experimented, trying to do everything that they could, including him thrusting between her three pairs of breasts.

“Oh, yesss!” Jacinta hissed, her tongues hanging out, sometimes talking from one of her heads and sometimes talking from all three at once. “Yes… Harder… Mmm… Mmmph!”

She lapped at his cocks when they emerged between her breasts, pointing towards her muzzle, though he thrust so wildly that to do that repeatedly would have been a tall order indeed. The softness of Jacinta’s breasts, folded around his cocks, was too seductive, too sensual, need rising and flooding him fully. He grasped one of his knots, head falling back, losing himself in the moment as he panted heavily, orgasm tearing through him.

It was not something that they had done before, but he couldn’t help himself as he painted her with cum, seed dripping off her muzzle, splashing over her breasts, her nipples poking through her fur in a flicker of pink skin that he longed, even then, to wrap his tongue around. She was too hot, at least to him, seductive, grunting, only wanting her. It was all that he longed for, the rest of the world no longer existing for him even as someone else moved through the temple at the same time. With the spill of cum pouring from his dicks, coating her body as she rubbed it sensually into her fur, Cyril would not have known where they were, much less who was near them.

Jacinta moaned.

“Ohhhh… Cyril… I need your dicks inside me, please… Please, fuck me, cover me!”

Even after climaxing so swiftly already, it was a plea to be stuffed and filled, to be given the slickest, messiest cream-pie possible.

“Fill me… I want to feel your cum oozing out of me! Oh, I don’t want my pussies to contain it all, fur all slick and soaked with your cream!”

She talked dirtier than he could have imagined as he fucked her on their sides, cocks plunging deep, driving in while the knots were a little on the soft side. That time, they locked all three of her pussies to him, thrusting deeply, only pulling back a couple of inches before ramming in all over again. It was all that he wanted, losing his mind in the heat of her pussies, how she climaxed repeatedly on his cocks, massaging his thick lengths with rampant, uncontrollable need.

And when his knots finally softened, allowing the deluge of her squirt and his seed to pour from her sexes, the messy cream-pie that she had longed for marked every pussy, dripping and drooling, bubbling up with the combined cocktail of their sexual fluids. Dipping his fingers into it, Cyril moaned and kissed her deeply, fingering her pussy until she climaxed again, learning the tune of her body so that he could play it like an instrument that he had known and held close for many years.

Not many came by the temple anymore, though those that did had to deal with them fucking out in the open even while they tried to pay their respects. Some prayed and gave worship even while he was taking Jacinta’s tail hole up against the wall for the very first time, stuffing two of her pussies with his cocks while the third teased into her forbidden entrance. Yet if there was one thing that they knew, as the Cerberus-woman arched her back, palms flat on the wall, it was that the time to take everything that they’d longed for and more had finally come.

“Yes, Cyril… Mmm… Oh, that feels…so thick…so deep…”

She could barely get the words out, her fur matted with sweat, both needing a trip to the baths, though that was another problem entirely for them. The temple may have been their home, though there were not adequate bathing facilities there, most being held in a communal location when it came to deeper bodily cleansing. It was tricky to get Jacinta into those.

However, one thing that they realised, Bostancı Escort talking while his knots locked them together, both her pussies and her anal passage, was that they didn’t have to stake there anymore. So, they did just that: escaping into the rest of Greece to travel, to go exactly where they wanted. The world was their oyster and they visited bustling markets, harbours, even going to tournaments in stadiums to see the sights of the world that had never been afforded to them before. There was no need, not anymore, for Jacinta to ever wait again for a lover when she was already with the one that she had been waiting for.

Well, it was difficult to get Jacinta into some places, that was fair, but he did his best, working along the way, accepting some easier missions, things that he had done so many times over that the nature of the work came naturally to him. Still, their lust was unparalleled, two incredibly sexual beings that fucked in vineyards, olive groves, the middle of the markets, even down on the side of the harbour.

Everyone gave them a wide berth, though there was no reason for Jacinta to hold back as she moaned and rolled her hips up to meet him as they took their liberties with each other over a market stall, the wood creaking dangerously below them. It was not going to hold out for very much longer, though they would still fuck in the wreckage, as he crammed two dicks into one pussy at once, haphazardly filling her with the third, his knots popping in and out with a lewd squelch. That was something that Cyril had not thought could be done, but it was possible with her pussy, her muscular control developing more and more as they fucked, more like long-time, experienced lovers than anything else with how much time they had spent fucking.

He growled deeply in the back of his throat as he spent himself inside her, cream filling her pussies, though the knot in her tail hole had not quite wedged itself in fully as the mess of their coming together drooled around his dicks. He heaved and panted, though felt more alive than he ever had before, all eyes on him even as other people at the market shrank back from them.

Grunting, Cyril popped his knots from her pussies too in a messy deluge of sloppy cum, diving down into the mess to give her oral, longing for her squirt. That was something too that he had not thought was possible for a woman to do, but maybe Jacinta was just so much more than he could ever have imagined. He wanted her, longed for her, that was all that he needed, as he found her clit and swirled his tongue around and around it, bringing her off in a roaring flush of heat.

Her squirt painted his face as he gulped and lapped at it, holding his mouth open for as long as he could bear before locking his lips back around her clit. His fingers crammed into another pussy, not caring which, curling his fingers up inside her to bring her off that way too, sending the Cerberus-woman into orgasm after orgasm as passion overwhelmed them. Her squirted arousal dripped down his chin, the thickly tart taste of it clinging to the inside of his mouth, though there was nowhere else at all that he would rather have been than with her. In all the mess, her almost frothing, bubbling cream-pies oozing from her holes, showing where he had deposited his seed. As much as he had fucked her, his stamina grew increasingly, allowing him to please her as many times in public and in private as they both longed for.

“Come on now, move along… There’s no reason for you to hang around here, you’re disturbing the market.”

The guards, helmeted with spears in hand, could not do anything against them, however, Cyril’s grin telling them all they needed to know about what he considered to be his new position in the world.

“I don’t think that’s wise…” Cyril said, nodding to their spears. “But I can show you a better stick than those puny things!”

In answer, he ground back into her pussies, taking all three at once, as the market stall collapsed beneath them, Jacinta bellowing at them to leave. Only a hero could send them on their way and Cyril was more than confident that no heroes in Greece would bother taking them on when there were far greater monsters with higher rewards on their heads for them to risk their lives with.

As Jacinta screamed out another messy orgasm, his knots swelling inside her, holding their bodies lustfully together, Cyril’s heart ached and lifted.

No one could stop them from taking their lust with one another.


They moved on to another town, enjoying the sites, buying new clothes with the money he earned, though their reputation began preceding them. Jacinta’s hair was combed and oiled, though she was still a beast, still a monster, no one ever quite able to tame its ragged mess, though her fur and the rest of her body was kept healthier and in better condition for all that Cyril spent on her. She was wild and there was no semblance of human beauty in her strong, muscular form, yet the gazes of Ümraniye Escort some men who were more daring than others lingered longer than was polite on her chest, her multiple rows of breasts. For that, she was lusted for, though no one dared as Cyril had.

It was their loss as they made love over a fountain, fucking as if it was the last time their bodies would ever come together. He grunted, ignoring the eyes on them, the stares, the curses, the words shared when they thought that the lustful duo was too caught up in their passion to see or care.

“What do they think they’re doing?”

“It’s not right…”

“How does he even have…three? It’s… No, that must be a curse.”

“Is he a demon?”

“To be with her, he must be.”

That was true, however: Cyril did not care what they said about him, only that everyone treated his love, his Jacinta, with adoration and respect. At the bare minimum, he wanted everyone to keep their distance from them as he bent her legs back as she lay on the plinth of the fountain, water pouring into the pool behind her head. Her legs spread for him in a V-shape while Cyril held onto them for leverage, grinding his cocks into her deeper than ever, fucking her pussies while her anal ring drooled the evidence of their last round together.

Everyone stared and they could stare if they wanted with the statue of Zeus looking down over them from the centre of the fountain, the god’s disapproval evident even in his stone eyes. Yet the god of thunder and the king of all gods was not to strike Cyril down as Jacinta twisted back and forth like a creature possessed and roared out her climax, squirting on his dicks while their lust rolled on and on.

When they came back to reality after that round, her anal ring pleasantly sore after he had squeezed two cocks into her at once, breasts shifting with the heft of her body, free of her dress, there was a pile of clean rags beside them and a bucket of water. Cyril could not help but smile. In their way, people were coming to accept Jacinta when the Cerberus-woman had never thought that that would ever come to fruition. They probably wished they would not cause such a disturbance with their fucking, but what was he going to do about that?

The penultimate moment of their lust, however, came on the steps of a temple dedicated to Zeus. For all the harm the god had done in Cyril’s life, all when he had had absolutely no hand in the mockery of Zeus in the first place, it only seemed fitting that he show the king of the gods that he was out and proud, that he had found someone to love. There was not a trial in the world that could stop him from pleasing Jacinta, from fucking her mouth rampantly, balls slapping and wobbling off the chin of her right head with every thrust.

“See this, Zeus…” He panted, barely able to get the words out through his lust. “This… This is what your curse has done! It has not bested me, despite all that you’ve done!”

Maybe it was bad form to mock any god, let alone one that could rain down as much wrath as Zeus, though Cyril could no longer find it in himself to care as he fucked her on all fours, her breasts swinging back and forth as he rammed in. Her maws hung open to take all three of his cocks at once, letting him grind over her tongues, though she was an equal and active partner, lusting for him as much as he longed for her. She sucked on his cocks, wet, lewd sounds rolling from her lips, though her eyes were closed, allowing her to better lose herself in the moment. She didn’t want to be anywhere else.

“This is for her, Zeus, not…unff…you,” Cyril grunted, ejaculating, his head thrown back, though he did not stop thrusting as he knotted her maws. “Only…her… You don’t…deserve any part…of me as your grandson!”

And that was a power that he could take back for himself, the Cerberus-woman’s throat working noisily as she gulped down every drop of his cum, load after load travelling down each throat. She took his cocks more easily than the first time they had spent together, though her tongues played around the lengths of his cocks where they rested, teasing and swirling around the tip. He grunted, not softening, thrusting again, groaning and huffing for breath while he fucked her muzzles, letting her relax in the prickling heat of pleasing her partner.

Thunder rolled, ominously grumbling in the distance, yet they did not stop, not as Cyril lost control and spent himself into her muzzles yet again, cum splashing over her tongues, dripping down over her lips, her chins, splattering her tits. It was messy and it was crude and it was everything they wanted it to be and more as they realised, after it had happened, that his knots had popped free, though neither cared about that, not when rampant lust took them.

Lightning split the sky and, for a moment, Cyril feared that he had gone too far in his defiance of Zeus, the wind picking up, a storm raging and snuffing out the lantern hung at the steps of the temple. Yet Kartal Escort no smiting came as he broke from her lips, cum dripping down her entire body where she’d been painted with his seed, and he fucked her arsehole furiously instead, on his back with Jacinta riding him, taking control while she rammed her hips down onto his cocks.

“Yes… Oh… Fuck… Yes, such a big cock!”

She howled, cum dripping from her muzzle, head thrown back in the lure of orgasm, luxuriating where she was, for there was nothing else for the Cerberus-woman than the moment. She only wanted it, more, everything that her lover had to offer, his meat filling her, the need to be filed and stretched out nearly overpowering when he was not inside her. Jacinta didn’t know when the desire to be fucked and cream-pied had arisen in her, but it was now something that the Cerberus-woman could not live without, rolling her hips back into him as a cock crammed into her tail hole and the others found her pussies.

It was there, on the steps of the temple with rain pattering sensually down around them, that he filled her again, giving the slutty monster everything she desired, whimpering her passion to the gods who were no longer listening. For they had been allowed to be as they were, a tentative blessing laid over their copulation, the storm thundering in the backdrop to their lust.

For them, there could not have been a moment more perfect than that as, once again, Cyril fucked her bare of anything covering any of his cocks.

They’d never thought of it.


They moved a little further afield after that, to a fishing village that was set near the coast, though there was no harbour, only a beach where they pulled up their boats at the end of the day. Lying back in the smooth, white sand as the sun set, he fucked her passionately, slower than usual. Something in the moment, her head pointed back towards the ocean, her legs wrapped around his waist, bid Cyril do so, his hand on one of her cheeks, though there were far more erotic places for him to touch. Of course, the swell of her belly, pregnant and rising increasingly as the weeks passed, bore testament to their lust, how perfectly they fit together, though there was still a little there to be grappled with in impending parenthood.

“Oh, Jacinta…”

He moaned out her name as he sank deep with every thrust, whimpering, moaning, pressing his face down into her uppermost pair of breasts, nuzzling, kissing, lapping and licking. It was the perfect place for his head to rest while his heart was so full, plunging deep into her pussies with every long, slow strokes. It was as if he was trying to caress every inch of her passages with each stroke, to give her as much pleasure as was physically possible in a moment like that. Her breasts, as her pregnancy developed, had grown even larger and fuller, weighty with milk inside, and he suckled on a nipple as a slow, rich flow of cream filled his mouth.

“Unff… Yes, Cyril… That feels good… Mmm… Take more from me, my lover, yes… More…”

He suckled as if his life depended on it, taking all the nipples into his mouth that he could, though only one at a time, considering his position, was possible. It was a shame, but not so much of a shame that he was not about to let the milky dribble fade from his lips and chin, smirking softly, pressing in deeper.

A little kink and a little warmth… Was there anything more that he could have possibly wanted?

It was right, the sand shifting under her, the Cerberus-woman’s legs tightening around his waist, holding him close as Jacinta swept her hands, wondrously, down his back. To think that she had found a man like that, someone who cared for her, someone who wanted her… All was right with the world she had found, slow and long and loving.


She would be the one to say it, the bolder of the two, though Jacinta would always admire Cyril too for being brave enough to take the leap with her. Especially when she had been trying to tear out his throat, to be fair to him.

“I love you, Cyril.”

His head shot up, lower jaw slack, though all that came out was a groan as he filled her, ejaculating gently while her own orgasm took her, the rippling passages of her pussies caressing him softly. He could not find the words to reply while his orgasm spent itself, the Cerberus-woman softer and gentler, though no one would ever truly tame that edge of the wild from her. Her hair still framed her head, against the sand, in a messy halo, only a little shorter (trimmed) than it had been before.

“You…” He gasped, struggling for words, his cheeks flaring with heat. “You…love me? I love you too! Oh, I’ve been waiting for so long to say it, but I didn’t know you felt the same!”

He held her to him, rolling in the sand, the pressure on her breasts as they moved squirting milk from her, though most of it soaked into her fur, dampening and darkening the fur with the fluid. He kissed her fervently, dragging her head down to meet him, though the others clamoured for attention too and Cyril ended up kissing all three of them over and over again, lavishing attention while her rounded belly pressed up against his body, cocks buried inside her. There was no better place for them to be.

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