The Mall

The MallSara was walking out of the mall. She had just bought new sexy lingerie. She was just s*******n and had been a very wild c***d for her parents. Pete was siting in his car watching girls as he loved young pussy. He was sixty five but very sexual. He had his car door open watching when Sara walked by with her packages. He said “Hey cutie. Want to see my cock?” Sara stopped and walked to him and replied “So are you an old dirty man?” Pete told her “I can be as dirty as I need to be. You like dirty old men? Want to see my cock?” As Sara stood looking at Pete he was staring at her nice firm tits and very short shorts. She finally said “So show me that cock. It better not be old and shriveled up.” Pete said “I guarantee it is not shriveled up. It is a dandy. You are going to like it and want to touch it.” Then Pete unzipped his pants and pulled out a ten inch long thick dong. Sara stared and said “Now you was not k**ding. You are so hung. That cock is amazing.” Pete then took her hand and said “Go ahead. Touch it. Touch my balls too.” He put her hand on his cock and she wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke the monster. She instantly felt wetness in her panties.Pete then said to her “Now why don’t you show me those tits or your pussy? That is only fair don’t you think?” Sara then stepped closer to Pete and lifted her top and showed two nice big tits with nice hard nipples. Pete began to rub them and finger the nipples. Pete then said “Get in the car and let’s go some where private and play look and feel.” Sara walked around and got in the passenger side. Pete left his huge cock out as he drove and told Sara “Take your shorts off and show off that pussy. You are going to show it to me soon as we get parked any way so do it now.” Sara quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and Pete ran his fingers through her slit and found her quite wet. He told her “You like Pete’s big cock. Your pussy is very wet. Now pull that top up over those tits and spread your legs and old Pete is going to make that pussy feel so nice. I am going to get you very wet before we even stop this car.” Sara pulled her top up over her tits and as she spread her legs Pete shoved a finger deep in her cunt and fucked her as he drove. He was right. He had her quite wet. He then put her hand on his cock and she stroked him and felt how huge he was.Pete then added a second finger to her cunt and then told her “You are going to love my big meat in that wet cunt. My cock loves young tight pussy and the girls love this big thick cock. I also güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri can fuck like a teenager too. I stay hard for hours. I do love pussy and ass. I have a great tongue too. I can lick and tongue a cunt till she is begging me to fuck her hard. I fucked a thirteen year old four times yesterday and she begged for more. This big meat loves the young cunt. I can cum like a water fountain.” Just then he pulled up to a cabin and told Sara “Here we are. Our own private fuck place. Take that top off and leave all your clothes in the car. You won’t need them in the love shack. I want to see you walk naked for me too.” She pulled her top off and left it as he said to her “You have great tits. I can’t wait to suck those nipples. Now lets go fuck. I am going to fuck you till you can’t walk but don’t worry. I am going to carry your naked ass back out to the car.” He then gave her ass a swat as they walked into the cabin. In the cabin Pete stripped his clothes off and his big monster cock popped straight out. He was hard and ready. He told her as she stared at the huge fucking rod “Welcome to my love shack. I have fucked more young pussy here then you could even count. Those young girls love my big cock and you will too. I promise you will leave well fucked in all holes. I love to fuck and fill you full of buckets of cum. You are going to love it too.” He then picked her up and put one foot on one stool and the other foot on another keeping her spread wide open. Then he began rubbing her tits and fondling them and soon sucked them going back and forth between each big mound. His hand went down to her pussy and he grabbed her clit and rubbed it but then went right to her hole and shoved two fingers in her deep and fucked her so hard he lifted her off the stools. Sara was moaning and cumming hard over his fingers as he sucked the tits and fucked her cunt. Pete said to her “Yes, baby. Cum hard for me. You are ready to be fucked. You like that cunt fingered don’t you and you are going to love feeling my hard cock in it.” He used his teeth and pulled on her nipples as he fingered her to multi orgasms. Then with his cum soaked fingers he then shoved them in her asshole and fucked her hard. Sara was moaning and cumming so fast that he then took her off the stools and bent her over the table and spread her legs and pushed his cock into her cunt. Sara had never felt such a big dick and she loved how it spread her and turned her on. She did want him to fuck her all day and hard as he could. She tipobet güvenilir mi just wanted that cock in her deep pounding her and that is just what Pete did. He knew what these horny girls loved and he was happy to give it to them. He soon had his cock buried in her wet dripping cunt fucking her hard and really pounding that hole. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back to look at him and said “I told you that you would love my cock. You just want more don’t you. That young horny cunt craves cock. I just may set a record today fucking you. I do like those big tits and that cum dripping fuck hole. You also have a great ass too. I can’t wait to shove my meat in that tight asshole.” Pete was fucking Sara hard as he rammed his cock all the way in her listening to her scream. She had cum running down her legs as he fucked her and then he added two fingers to her ass and fucked it as she let out a blood curling scream. Pete said “That’s it baby. Scream. We are far from any one and you can scream as loud as you need too. You have never been so fucked and turned on have you little girl? We are just getting started. Old Pete can fuck for hours. He never gets soft.He fucked her for over an hour then filled her cunt with a huge load of cum and it gushed down her legs. He then stood her up from the table and put her on her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth. “Now it is time to do some cock sucking. You will gag but soon get used to the long monster. I love a good suck and I am going to make you the very best cock sucker around. He then grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in deep as she did gag. He would pull out and let her get her breath then shove it back in deep. He kept gagging her till she finally got a little better and soon he could get most of his cock down down her throat. He then told her “Now suck me hard. Run your tongue over that cock as you suck. I do like that a lot.” He kept shoving the cock in and out gagging her as the tears ran down her face and slobber down her chest. Sometimes he would hold her head tight to him as his cock was deep in her throat and she gagged hard. Then he would let her up and the spit would pour out of her mouth. He fucked her mouth for ninety minutes and her tits were covered in her slobber. He kept working his cock deep then holding it till she gagged hard then bringing it out and then back down her throat. He loved the feel of her gagging against his cock. Then he finally held her tight with his cock deep and filled her throat with cum and made her swallow tipobet giriş the big load.He took her to the shower and washed the cum and slobber off her then laid her on the day bed. He had her legs spread wide and he was kneading her tits as he looked at the sexy young body. He let her rest a few minutes and then he was going to fuck that tight ass. As she laid there he put two fingers in her cunt and two in her ass and fucked her hard. Then he sat on the day bed and got between her legs and pulled her ass to his cock and began to enter her. She was tight and he had to go slow. She was going to feel so good when he could get that cock in her and fuck that ass. He just loved fucking her young sexy body. Most of the young pussy he fucked the girls were not sexy like this one. The others were not developed yet and they had the tight cunts he loved but no tits. He had a thing for young girls ever since he saw his dad fuck his young sisters. Then he began fucking them and he never wanted an older cunt. He had fucked a few whores but he always went back to the young pussy. He lived with a woman and fucked her and the c***d daughter for a few years till the daughter moved away and then he moved out. He slid his cock in her ass deeper and deeper as she was so tight. She felt amazing and his cock was so hard and wanted to just fuck her so hard. He went slow but then he got the big cock into her and he did fuck her hard. As his cock pounded her ass he finger fucked her cunt with three fingers. Sara was screaming and sometimes crying as the big cock fucked her tight little ass. He finally got balls deep in her ass and was fucking like a wild man. He had never felt anything this good before. He just wanted to fuck her for days or months. He never wanted to pull his cock out of her. As he fucked her cunt and ass he would sometimes rub her tits. It took him two hours before he gave her a big load of his warm cum. He knew he had a couple more good hard fucks before his pills wore off so he shoved his cock deep in her cunt and fucked her another time. When it was finally time to end his day he bathed Sara. Her body was so abused but he cleaned her and kissed her making her feel better. He then carried her naked body to the car and dressed her and laid her on the seat. She could rest while he drove her back to his car. Half way back she unzipped his pants and began to suck his limp cock. As abused as she was she still wanted more. When they got to her car before she got out she said “How about next Saturday. I am ready for more.” He told her “Yes, I will pick you up here and we will go back to my love shack and fuck all day.I do love how sexy you are. And I know you love my big cock.” He tongue kissed her good bye and she got in her car and drove home. It was going to be a long week waiting for that hot pussy again.

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