The Man with Magic Hands Ch. 05


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Chapter 5


Jenny messaged me one Monday morning.

‘Husband out of town. You owe me some compensation for all those ladies I’ve sent your way.’

‘LOL. Payment in kind?’ I replied, and headed over to her place. She ushered me into her home and guided me towards the living room.

“This is Ruth,” she said as I entered the room, slighty surprised to find a tall, silver haired woman sitting upright on the sofa. She was a striking lady. Slender, with finely chiselled features and deep blue eyes that sparkled as she smiled.

“So you’re the man with magic hands,” she purred deeply. It was an incredibly sexy voice, deep and resonant.

I said hello and we exchanged pleasantries. It looked like I was going to be asked to give Ruth my special treatment. So Jenny’s pimping me out to her more of her friends, I chuckled in my head, with a sly smile.

There was short pause then Jenny simply said, “Would you be willing to do a double massage today?” It took me a moment to process the idea. Why not, I thought. No rush to get anywhere.

“Sure!” I said. “Who’s first?”

Jenny sat next to Ruth and took her hands, gazing at her. Ruth smiled and they both turned towards me.

“We were thinking: together,” purred Ruth in her sexy, deep voice.

“Maybe güvenilir bahis on the bed upstairs?” added Jenny. “Bit more space.”

Yes, I’m pretty thick and I’m a lifelong straight male with absolutely zero ‘gay-dar’ recognition skills. But it eventually hit me.

“Oh,” I stuttered. “So you two are…?”

Jenny giggled. “Isn’t it obvious?” I blushed.

They led the way to the master bedroom. I’d fantasised about an FFM three-way all my life (what red-blooded male hasn’t?) but I was suddenly as nervous as hell. Massaging and pleasing a straight lady is one thing but two women together? This was new territory.

“Don’t worry,” murmured Jenny as we entered the bedroom. “We’ll look after you.”

Ruth was unbuttoning her blouse. Jenny gyrated sexily and unzipped her skirt. They danced around each other sensually, teasing each other as they stripped. I, on the other hand, just stood there, jaw on the floor, cock hardening in my jeans.

“Are you going to join us, sweetie,” cooed Ruth. “Or just watch.” They were both down to bra and knickers. Ruth put her arms around Jenny and they hugged and kissed deeply. I’ll be honest, I almost came in my pants!

I ripped off my clothes and joined them on the bed as they lay back side by side.

“Why don’t you start with feet and legs,” said Jenny. “Then Ruth will understand what I’ve been telling her for weeks!”

I swallowed. Two beautiful woman, clearly gagging for action. I was going to have to take this slow and steady. I massaged türkçe bahis their feet, gently pinching the toes and kneading the ball of each foot. Ruth sighed as I moved my hands up and over the calves. Jenny turned towards her and they started kissing.

They ignored me, tongues entwined, but they were both moaning at my touch. In a bizarre way I felt more comfortable. Less focus on me I guess. I worked on their legs and thighs, switching from woman to woman.

Jenny sat up and pushed Ruth back on the bed. “She loves being eaten out,” she said. “Fancy some hot pussy?”

I didn’t need any further encouragement and slid up between Ruth’s legs and buried my face in her crotch. She gasped as my tongue found her pussy and I dragged my tongue up her slit and over her clit.

“Oh my!” She squealed, wrapping her legs around my shoulders.

Jenny was crouching near her head and leaned across her, cupping and squeezing her breasts. I pushed my tongue deeper and Ruth moaned loudly.

As I continued to work her snatch with my mouth, I peeked up. They were kissing again, in that awkward upside-down position. I’d tried it a couple of times over the years and felt it totally odd, but they made it look unbelievably sexy.

“Please fuck me, Rick,” moaned Ruth. That was an invitation I wasn’t going to refuse so I kneeled between her thighs and pulled her legs up around my body. As I entered her, she shuddered. I started gently rocking into her lovely wet snatch.

Jenny climbed over and planted güvenilir bahis siteleri her pussy on to Ruth’s face, which disappeared. All I could see was her chin poking out from Jenny’s shaved crotch.

“Yes, darling, use your tongue,” cried Jenny. Ruth mumbled something incomprehensible and went to work.

I was thrusting steadily, and Jenny rocked backwards and forwards across Ruth’s face. She leaned towards me and we kissed, sucking each other’s mouths. I guess she tasted Ruth’s juice on my tongue because she murmured and licked her lips.

“You are just delicious,” she cooed and clamped her mouth over mine.

I was getting close and worrying about how I was going to satisfy both of these voracious females. I slowed a little trying to control myself.

“It’s OK,” whispered Jenny. “You can let go. Fill her up.” I could see Ruth nodding and grunting from under Jenny’s legs, still lapping at her pussy. I wondered if that really qualified as consent to give her my cream pie, but by the time I’d finished the thought it was too late and I pumped her one last time and grunted, emptying my balls into her hot pussy. Fuck me, what a shag! I thought, elated.

I collapsed on to the bed, but they weren’t finished. Jenny rode Ruth’s face for a few more seconds then cried out and shuddered as she came. She clambered off, leaving Ruth’s face glistening with sticky cum and clamped her mouth around her pussy. She must have enjoyed the taste of my fresh cream in Ruth’s hole because she licked and sucked hard, bring Ruth to a shuddering orgasm. Then they both collapsed onto the bed next to me, breathing hard, but giggling with joy.

I wondered whether I might actually have died in my sleep, and this was my private heaven!

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