The Manic Paramedic


Mira Corvino embarked on a physical regimen that would tone her physique and at the same time give her a wonderful time as against the gym workout. She had chosen biking the 19 mile ride along the South Bay Bicycle Trail from Santa Monica Beach to Torrance Beach.

By the third week, her biking had become smooth, faster and gone to the distance she aimed for. No more muscle pains. She had gotten used to it and the bike trail itself had always been a great pleasure. It showcased the soul of L.A.’s beach towns. On any given day she would see a guy juggling on chain saws, would-be starlets skating in thongs, street musicians, gang members and other colorful cast. This is a street theater, or sand theater, a collision of New York and Hollywood. She was happy and fit as a fiddle.

One Spring Wednesday morning, when Mira was chopping on her Topanga racing bike along Marina del Rey, a volleyball hit her on the butt and she was thrown off. Four guys came up to her, as she lay sprawled on the ground. It was good that the leader of them was a licensed paramedic. He took off the helmet and her eyes were closed.

There wasn’t any gush of wound, bruise on her face or back of her skull. She was wearing a white tank top, and a jersey black shorts. There was no trace of injury whatsoever.

Carefully the paramedic whose name was Frank Porter did a ‘fireman’s lift’ on her. He carried her by his shoulder, put his right between Mira’s legs and grasped her right hand, leaving his left hand free and placed it on her luscious butt as he asked Slam the Spam, one of his volleyball buddies, to get his Cherokee jeep.

“Is she hurt?’ asked Sneaky Dick.

“She’s in a state of shock, I gotta bring her to the hospital and see if there’s some damage that caused her to pass out,” Frank said.

The jeep arrived and they put her body into the passenger seat and fastened her the safety belt. “Is she gonna be all right?” asked Doodle Bug.

“All you guys stay here and I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry she’ll be all right,” Frank said and drove the jeep toward his beach house and not to the clinic.

“Where are you bringing me?” asked the now conscious Mira.

“My safe house, don’t worry I’m a paramedic. I have all the facilities there. Don’t move too much, you have a slight pelvic injury”

Mira frowned because she was feeling ok and her body wasn’t hurting. She had a good fall as far she’s concerned. She just saw that the guys coming towards her were hunks and she pretended that she was unconscious. Before she could speak again Frank had swung his jeep into the gentle sloped drive way of a nice pad with a terrace looking out to the beach.

“Careful now,” said Frank and he carried her again on his shoulder and walked toward his pad, opened the door and laid her gently on a massage table. Frank had an athletic physique clad in white Adidas shorts and blue tank top, and he’s got the look girls would swoon for.

“Hey, what are you planning to do with me? ” Mira asked.

“Shhh!” he said and he attached a stethoscope to his ears and with the diaphragm in between his thumb and the Pendik Escort rest of his four fingers he began placing his palm over her cleavage. As he moved his palm her nipples stood through her tank top. One of his fingers lay on top of one as he ordered her to take a deep breath.

Her breath caught every move of his hand. “Wow, you got a strong heart beat,” said Frank. Then he took an opthalmoscope and examined her eyes. His face hovered above hers. She could almost smell his mint breath and she felt as though she was going to be kissed. “Alright, eyes cleared” he said.

Then he removed the knee pads and bike shoes and began examining her legs. He touched her golden tanned legs and her skin began to have goose bumps. His touch arrested her, for it was like a warm glove, soothing and sensual as it passed on her legs and thighs. Finally, he found little scratches and put antiseptic on them.

“I have to remove your tank top and examine your breasts” ordered Frank.

“Is that necessary?” asked Mira.

“It is,” said Frank.

“Ok, you’re the doctor” she said and let him removed her top.

Then gently he hitched up the sports bra and her nice tits jumped up to his view. They weren’t exactly large after all. Only moderate. But they were absolutely gorgeous. His hands ran on the swell of the sides, his fingers walking like spider legs around ignoring the erect nipples. Despite the seemingly ridiculous examination, Mira was getting turned on. She wanted to rub her hardening nipples but she restrained herself.

“No lumps, no bruise, your tits are perfect,” said Frank.

“Did you say I have a pelvic injury?”

“Yes, and I have to examine that too.”

“You mean I’m going to have to take off my shorts?”

“Yeah, you had an accident. But let me do it. Don’t move till I tell you.”

“Ok,” she said for that was all she could say. However, she felt there’s wetness creeping inside the juncture of her thighs.

Frank eased down the shorts all the way to her feet revealing a white high cut bikini. The high mound at the juncture of her killer legs showed an impressive outline of her womanhood. The triangular dark patch was faintly visible beneath the white cotton fabric of her underwear.

Then Frank runs his hands along her hourglass figure.

“I’m a careful examiner. I’m afraid I have to remove the panties also.”


“You heard me.”

Frank grasped the waistband and tugged down. She raised her hips. He put the bikini in his pocket. She was greatly embarrassed and yet amused.

“You didn’t shave. You’ve got a healthy growth of bush.” He observed.

Then Frank touched her hips and squeezed it a little bit. His four fingers from each hand started pressing like they were stamping fingerprints on documents. From the hipbone they inched their way to the groin area until they paused at the vulva catching some moisture there.

“I have to put a skin glove”

“Wow! Are you a gynecologist now?” Mira’s eyes grew like saucers.

“I have to be thorough,”

He applied KY Jelly on his middle finger. Then slowly Kurtköy Escort he entered the finger to the knuckle. He moved it in and out three times.

“How does it feel?”

“I find this hard to believe but I’m getting turned on,” Mira said.

“That’s because you have a healthy sexual appetite.”

Frank removed the glove and threw it away.

“How is it Doc?”

“Looks normal to me. Now sit up please” he ordered and she obliged.

He motioned her to sit in such a way that her legs dangle off by the edge of the examining table. Then he took a percussion hammer and tested her reflexes by hammering her knees. They responded normally.

“Looks like there’s really nothing wrong with me, ain’t it doc?”

“Nope, I found nothing wrong with you and I’m glad. I’m sorry about the ball”

“It’s alright it was an accident. But honestly, tell me why did you do this kind of examination to me, doc?”

“Call me Frank, I’m a paramedic, not yet a doctor but I’m taking up surgery”

“Ok Frank, be frank with me, you really haven’t answered my question. Why did you bring me here and why are you doing this to me?”

Frank sat beside her and looked into her eyes. His face got an inch closer to hers.

“Because you’re Mira Sorvino, sweetie. I have a collection of the films you’ve done and watched them so many times. Yesterday when I was walking on the beach, I saw a lamp almost buried in the sand. I picked it up and like a child I brushed it. Though there was no smoke and genie that came out, I sensed that the genie was invisible so I wished that I would meet you and make love to you. So when I saw you there sprawled, I instantly recognized you and true enough the wish was granted. However I don’t want my libidinous friends to leer at you or even touch you so I brought you here, spiriting you away from them. I want you all by myself.” he explained.

“But I’m Mirabella Cor…” Her voice trailed as she about to say that she wasn’t the exactly the girl he wished for although they seemed alike in the looks and their names differed only in the single letter.

“Now, I have to kiss you” he said and planted his kiss and laid her on the examination table before she could speak. Mira couldn’t believe how fast she was drawn to him. Frank was a good kisser and instantly Mira was carried away. Her hand clasped his face and their lips tangled in a frenzy of passion. Then he turned her nipple like he would do on a radio dial when trying to locate a station from a hilly area.

“Frank, be gentle there”

“How’s this?” He cranked down the degree of his touch several notches lower.

“That’s more like it.”

“Just tell me how I would touch. You want Beethoven’s touch, Mozart’s, Chopin’s, the master’s touch you name it.”

“Oh my god. Let me see. You’re silly. What about Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte?”

“Aw, c’mom Mira, he’s not a fucker, he’s an emperor.

“You mean to say only the musicians are good?”

“I didn’t say that. I mentioned only a few.”

“Alright how about your namesake Frank Sinatra?”

“Ok, the ole blue eyes Ümraniye Escort it is.”

“Alright lady, from now on it’s MY WAY,” he said mimicking Sinatra and his voice.

Mira laughed aloud: “You’re incredible.”

“Frank, although this is kinda weird, I must admit you turned me on.”

“Lady, you’re talkin to Sinatra, I only turn on specific ladies that give me this kind of erection. He dropped his shorts and showed Mira a huge perfectly straight dick measuring about 8 inches.”

Mira was mesmerized.

“Can I touch it?” she asked.

“Be my guest,” he said.

Mira’s slender fingers wrapped around the thick shaft. The skin was hot to her touch, and velvety soft, but when she squeeze slightly—making him gasp—she found it was hard as a bone underneath. She gripped firmly to push down, then ease her grasp for the upward stroke. Now flushed with desire she longed to please Frank.

Frank Porter is not really a student of medicine but he could be anybody. He’s full of talents. Actually he is the son of a billionaire and was diagnosed as a manic depressive. Twelve doctors are looking after him and he’s better than any of them. He would prefer to always go to school, play any sport, paint, draw cartoons and fuck women. He doesn’t want to work. If ever, he just want to be a think tank, gift lighters to waiters and pick up the tabs of his friends. Sometimes he’s egoistic and even narcissistic, but when it comes to sex, he is an exquisite lover.

For one reason or another, Mira was impelled to suck him. She rolled on her tummy and gave him a blowjob. Frank moaned.

“My LADY you’re a CHAMP! You sure know how to come and BLOW MY HORN and make a man happy.” She had forgotten that she loved doing this and now she’s enjoying every second of it.

“Hey lady, you certainly have the gift of the gab but I think you’re overdoing it. I don’t want to come in your mouth. That’s for the TRAMP, lady. START SPREADING your legs and I’m gonna sing to you ‘ALL THE WAY'” said Frank still aping Sinatra.

Mira giggled and watched Frank went pow-wow all the way between her legs.

“Omigod,” she gasped. “You’re a voracious eater, Mr. Sinatra.”

“It’s because you’re a pasta delight, lady and your carbonara sauce is downright delicious.”

“Oh! OH! OH! OH! I’m coming Mr. Sinatra. OH YES!”


“Mr. Sinatra I want you to get on top of me and fuck me”

“Sure lady, I certainly would like to be always on the top, unlike my pal Dino he can’t do it because he’s got back pain.”

“Oh Mr. Sinatra your getting to be so irresistible,” Mira said as he lay on top of her giving her delightful kisses.

“CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE or IRRESPONSIBLE, but I’m also known as MACK THE KNIFE,” he said as he stabbed into her warm muffin. She gasped.

Frank steadily chugged along until Mira was tossed into the ocean of bliss. Mira couldn’t believe that she’d become multi-orgasmic, coming out 11 times as in OCEAN 11.

“Oh Frank, that was so good,” she said showering him with kisses. I know. I know OUR DAY WILL COME. “And you just made my day,” Mira said smiling blissfully.

After 20 minutes, Frank said: “LET ME TRY AGAIN.”

* * *

note: All the highlighted words in blue are actually Frank Sinatra’s songs with the exception of Ocean 11, it’s a movie which Sinatra starred in..

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