The Mansion


To the reader: This is a long read, styled more for the female reader. I hope you enjoy. I give all my thanks to Sarah, the editor. Thank you for your very valuable input, suggestions and patience (which I accept that I may have pushed to the limits at times). To “Pixie,” thanks hun.

The Mansion

Part 1

Walking into doors

Chapter 1

Walking down the aisle of the supermarket, Don stopped and bent down to reach for meal replacement shake on the very bottom shelf. He started to read the contents; it had to be one without egg protein, cause of her allergy to eggs. He brushed his dark wavy hair from his forehead.

“Damn, I wish these kids would tell me what we need all at once,” said the female voice above and behind him. He felt like laughing, she was speaking out aloud without even realizing. He looked at her and had to catch his breath, she was gorgeous; her long, flaming red, soft curled hair cascaded down well below the shoulders. The natural curls and body were absolutely breath taking. Don stood up and carried on down the aisle, his deep blue eyes settling on the items he had come to purchase, whilst his mind was a million miles away. He turned his concentration to the task at hand.

These bloody lines at the tellers frustrated him. The three people in front of him are going ever so slowly he thought. Suddenly there she was again, standing in front of the managers’ kiosk. He noticed her body was close to perfect, it had all the right curves, slim and lovely, small but nicely rounded breasts that looked nice and firm under that body hugging T-shirt. Shit, they must have molded it on to her. She threw her arms open in a gesture of “what?” and he realized, he had been staring at her.

Quickly Don pointed to the kiosk behind her, hoping to get himself out of this embarrassing situation. The teller was ready for him and he started un-packing his groceries from the trolley. Looking up, his heart sank; she was gone. He paid for the purchases and thought to himself, time is running out, you need to start getting ready for the party tonight.


Arriving home, he dashed inside to take a shower and get ready. These Saturday night parties were always eventful; especially the theme ones. Don left the house and drove on to the mansion that he had bought for the parties, it was a good investment that needed little changing to be converted into his dream home. The parties paid the bond but unfortunately also made it un-livable as a family home.

He found himself day dreaming about her when he pulled in through the large steel gates. The ten feet high, walls ensured privacy of the two-hectare property with its immaculate gardens and eight-bedroom double story house. Don switched off the car in front of the entrance and walked in; he heard Lindsey’s voice in the ballroom telling the helpers what to do.

When Don entered, she put her arms round his neck, pushing her breasts against his well-defined muscular abs; she brought her mouth up to his, her hot tongue darted into his mouth. She dropped her hands to feel his cock through his pants. “There better be some of that for me,” she whispered invitingly, letting her lips softly brush his earlobe, her grey-blue eyes twinkling mischievously as she ducked out from under his arms.

“Ok, get ready now. The party starts in about two hours and we are getting about seventy-five couples tonight,” he told her as she walked towards the stairs, her curvaceous body teasing him as she walked off with a sway of her hips. The tables were laid out, the DJ booth was already set up and the smell of chicken a-la-king wafted in from the kitchen. He strode out to the pool, good the martini tables in the pool had been prepared, the entertainment area, which walled the pool in on the left, right, and back, was set up.

Once upstairs he looked in on the bedrooms, they were beautifully decorated; the main bedroom resembled an Arabian harem with plenty of huge, fluffy pillows for anybody to make themselves comfortable in. Others like Bedouin tents, all were fully prepared for whatever exotic scenarios the guests may choose. Oils, creams, anesthetizing creams specifically made for the part of human anatomy, that would want to be pleased in a hurry, were all strategically placed. Even some strawberries and cream were set out on small tables in silver dishes, for those who fancied some desert. Tonight was not really a theme night and no special games were planned, that was normally for the last weekend of the month. He called out to Lindsey in the bathroom, “Babe; I’m just going to put my car in the garage”.

“OK, honey, listen, if I put on a pair of panties, will you give me enough time to wear them or will they be coming off faster than I can get them on?”.

“Don’t know Babes, I believe Gerald and Katy are coming tonight” he answered her with a smirk. Lindsey had the hots for Katy and Gerald was always trying to get in on the girl — girl action.

“OK, no undies then” she chuckled; “I giresun escort wouldn’t want to make Katy’s life difficult.”

Don parked the car in the ten-car basement garage and walked back into the house through the hidden door of the ‘dungeon’. He had the builders build the entire inside walls out of rock and build three separate cells complete with heavy wooden doors to resemble a medieval dungeon. The dungeon was fully equipped with a wheel, stocks, stretch racks and every other piece of equipment you could think of. This took up a quarter of the basement and another quarter was for the gym, which currently served as a jail, there was even a padded room for those who enjoyed the fantasies.

Don took the stairs two at a time and exited through the door in the ballroom, just in time to hear a car pull up in the drive. Shit, hope everything is OK in the kitchen, too late now.

“Hi, good evening, I’m Don” he greeted the couple walking into the entrance hall.

“Hi Don, I’m Jeff and this is Beverley.”

“Great to meet you guys. Would you come through to the library? All our new members are required to fill out a questionnaire detailing their likes and dislikes and any other information that may be relevant.

“Sure, no hassle Don,” Bev walked in the library first and Don found it hard to take his eyes off her beautiful butt with a sassy little swish. She was a beautiful brunette, nice body, cute arse, lovely smile, his eyes shifted to her feet, ah nice small feet means a nice small tight … he thought to himself.

Jeff interrupted his thoughts, “we would appreciate a couple of pointers, it’s a first time for us.”

“No problem, it’s really simple actually, everybody respects everybody and his or her right to say no. A no is a no and that is it. Everything that happens only happens with the other parties consent.”

“Here is my better half, Lindsey,” said Don as she walked into the room her wavy auburn hair bouncing with each step as it caught the light, “Lindsey this is Jeff and Beverley,”

“Hi guys, you joining us tonight?” Lindsey inquired shaking hands.

“Yep, we thought it may be fun to live out our fantasies before we get too old to do so,” replied Jeff his eyes fixated on Lindsey’s large cleavage.

“Ok well, if you would just fill out these forms and then Lindsey can give you a receipt for your subs, whilst I go and check if everything is OK with the DJ, I see he has also just arrived, then we will give you the grand tour”.

“Sure Don, see you in a short while?” He thought that it sounded more like an invitation and question rather than a statement.

“For sure Bev, if there is anything we can do just shout.”

Don finished with Mark, the DJ, just in time to see three other couples enter the entrance hall. He walked over to greet them … straight into the door. Behind them climbing out of a car, was the reason for his distraction. Shit, she was even more beautiful than when he had seen her earlier this afternoon. Her red hair was in stark contrast to the shiny black and white latex perfectly fitting jacket and short skirt although not quite a mini.

Don reeled back holding his forehead. “Are you OK sweetie?” Someone asked.

“Yes, thank you, please excuse me; I didn’t notice the door was not completely open.”

“Hey, you’re bleeding come let me help you”, she took his arm and led him upstairs to the bathroom. She wiped his forehead gently with a wet cloth to clear away the blood, took a plaster from the cabinet and patched him. “Thanks Jo,” Don said,

“OK sweetie, come lie down I can see you are swaying on your feet,” Jo led him to the bed and he lay down whilst she went to call Lindsey.


Don awoke later, the music was blaring and he was covered with a blanket. He stood up slowly and made his way to the door. Walking down the passage he could hear people enjoying themselves in the rooms, he didn’t look in although the usual signs such as “PRIVATE”, “DO NOT DISTURB”, “COUPLES ONLY”, “GUYS” WELCOME and “GIRLS WELCOME” were on the doors of some of the rooms. He went down stairs and Lindsey saw him from the landing. “Hey lovey, you Ok?” she asked.

“Yea,” Don replied, “seems like tonight is fairly quiet.”

“What?” Lindsey, looked at him astonished, tonight was the busiest it’s ever been!” She started laughing realizing that he had no idea. “Lovey, its 4AM, 80% of the guests has already left, you’ve missed all the action and my, what a lot of action there was!” She looked at him and licked her lips.

He smiled “Oh? So tell me what I missed then?”

“Well for starters, I was in the ballroom checking that everyone was happy when Katy beckoned me to come closer so that she could say something to me over the music. I leant over the table and she placed her hand on the back of my neck and gave me an exquisitely soft deep kiss, whilst she was kissing me someone put their hand up my skirt and started moving upwards towards my pussy. The next gümüşhane escort thing I knew people started clearing the table and I was lifted onto the table with Katy hardly breaking the kiss. Some people started taking my clothes off whilst two fingers were inserted slowly into me. It was Fu… awesome. One of the guys decided I should be the desert table and by they I do mean THEY, cause there were so many of them I’m not even sure who all it was, ate the mouse, jelly and apple tart off me. The chancer who put her hands up my skirt turned out to be the new girl Bev; she got lots of desert, although it was not what the others had; she drank up as much of my juices as my body could give. Anyway, the three of us put on an all girl show for the others, after they cleaned me up with their tongues.”

Don laughed, “Babe you girls always seem to get up to mischief when I’m not around. How many new people were there tonight?”

“Only three couples, Jeff and Bev, Nick and Jackie, you know that hunk and blond and then Mike and Louise, the pilot and his wife, we met them last week”.

“Oh, I thought I saw a red haired girl somewhere around” he tried to enquire casually.

“You mean the tart that caused you to lose all concentration and walk into a door” Lindsey retorted angrily.

“Hey, cool down, what’s got into you suddenly?

“Don, it’s obviously more than physical, that you are feeling for her and I’m damned if I’m going to let anything or anybody get in our way,” she said as she stormed off.

Whoops, I am going to have to be careful about this he thought to himself. Don went down the stairs and looked around the place, “oh well, we’ve got lots of cleaning up to do later” he said to no one in particular. Going back to the library, he looked at the new members forms, only those that Lindsey had mentioned were there. He poured himself a whiskey and water and sat down on the couch. About fifteen minutes later, Lindsey walked in, “are we going home, or sleeping here lovey?” She asked, “Listen, sorry I got so jealous earlier, but you’ve never walked into doors when you look at me!”

Chapter 2

Don and Lindsey awoke at around eleven. He started a decent stretch, when Lindsey let her hand wonder up his stomach to his chest, her eyes and mischievous smile letting him know that getting out of bed was definitely not what she had in mind. She crawled up to him, nibbled his ear, kissed him lightly and allowed her moist lips to settle on his, her hot tongue met his briefly before entering his mouth; she withdrew her tongue and softly took his bottom lips between hers. She could feel her own wetness seeping out of her, the butterflies in her lower region running amok and out of control.

Her hand snaked down to his briefs and after a little kneading, which was completely un-necessary, she worked her way into his briefs and gently took hold of his erect member. Don tried the same tactics to get to her vagina but her left hand quickly pulled his hand away. Don did not even get the time to protest against the unfairness, she had already started to kiss her way down his neck towards his chest; he started to smile; now he knew where she was going.

Her hand left his groin and came up to help her get down lower by undoing the buttons on his shirt which he hadn’t taken off the night before. Slowly she kissed lower and lower knowing exactly what she was doing to him, his breathing was becoming panting and had already given away all his expectations.

Suddenly Lindsey’s head came up quickly, “fuck you, you bastard!” she shouted at him and swung herself off the bed. He tried to catch her arm, but as quick as a panther she was storming out of the room.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he called out to her; she was gone with a loud slam of the bedroom door behind her. He swung off the bed to go after her, when his reflection in the mirror forced him to look again.

Drawn on his stomach and going down to his groin were many lip shapes in a bright red lipstick. Written just above the elastic of his briefs were two words: ‘he’s cute’ and an arrow pointing down. Don pulled down his briefs and saw indistinguishable lipstick marks all over his member.

Don swore and made his way to the bathroom, he battled to clean up the lipstick, which just seemed to smudge, once he had it all off, he went to look for Lindsey. He found her on the top of the stairs crying; slowly he approached her and put his arm round her pulling her to him.

“Lovey why do you have to lie to me?” asked Lindsey.

“Babe, I didn’t lie to you,” he replied.

“Not telling me is the same thing as lying” she retorted. “All you had to do was tell me about it and not try to hide it. I told you all about Katy, Bev and myself, but you didn’t even have the decency to tell me about whom you were with and we had agreed that nothing happens without the other being present.”

“Well babe, I wasn’t present when you and the girls gave the show last night and besides, hakkari escort I know this is going to sound bad, but I honestly don’t know whose lipstick marks those are, I fell into a deep sleep as you know and the rest is history.”

After a shower, Don dressed and went down stairs to help clean-up. He called Denise, the babysitter, and told her they would be home in a couple of hours and she should take some money from his cupboard and buy the kids some ice cream or something. Lindsey was in the library sending out e-mails to everyone thanking them for making the party such a success and reminding them all, that the following weekend promised more fun. We will need to take a vote on the ten loveliest ladies and ten best hunks at the party.

The twenty picked people and their usual partners, will have to be ok with a bit of fun in the line of slavery and exhibitionism and not be choosy about the partners that they have some fun with. If anybody has any problems with this, please let us know by e-mail, so that we can ensure that their names do not appear on the ballot list. She re-read the e-mail and left it for Don to go over.

Don read the draft e-mail and chuckled, next weekend promised to be one hell of a party.

They left and made their way home. Don arrived home first and sat chatting to Denise in the lounge. She was a pretty, seventeen year-old, a neighbor’s daughter who enjoyed babysitting on Saturday nights.

Her parents were struggling financially and her father had approached Don for help with her. “Don, we don’t know what to do anymore, she’s a complete rebel, we have no control over her anymore. If babysitting for you guys gives her a sense of responsibility, then we would appreciate it”.

“Looks like she got rough with you last night,” enquired Denise.

“What do you mean?” he asked,

“The plaster” she replied pointing to his forehead.

“Oh this, I walked into a door”.

“Yea right, and I suppose the Pope was a witness, right?”

“Denise, it’s true, ask Lindsey if you don’t believe me.”

“Oh c’mon Don and I suppose it’s not sex parties that you are going to on Saturday nights either?”

“Denise, I don’t think we should be discussing this” Don replied a little too harshly.

“Why are you afraid of being honest with me?” she asked.

“Cause, I don’t think it is appropriate,” replied Don.

“Don, all I want is for you to be honest with me, but you and Lindsey keep ducking-and-diving the subject.”

“Ok yes, you are right replied Don”

“See now that wasn’t so bad was it?” Denise chuckled.

“It’s not right to discuss this with you, Denise,” said Don.

“Look Don, all I want is for you and Lindsey to teach me about sex so that my boyfriend isn’t my first and that I’m not so inexperienced when I decide to do it with him.”

Don was shocked,” Ok Denise, thank you for babysitting last night but I really think you should go now.”

Lindsey walked in as Denise ran out starting to sob.

“What’s that all about?” asked Lindsey. Don quickly explained before she had a chance to accuse him of something again. “Damn it all Don, when are you going to get it and start being more understanding?” She was not really cross, more irritated that he did not get it, the girl had a crush on him and he was the object of her young fantasies. “Alright, I will smooth it over tomorrow and sit her down and explain,” Lindsey told him. Don felt as if he could not do anything right in the eyes of a woman.

Denise got home and lay on her bed thinking about what had happened. She was adamant that she was going to get her way, but everything seemed to be going against her. How was she going to get Don to take her virginity and how is she going to get into a threesome with them? She had experimented once with a school friend about three months ago, but they were inexperienced and she was sure that it could be much nicer than the experience she had with her friend, she just needed someone to teach her.


“Michael, its Denise” she said to the guy who picked up on the other side.

“Hi Denny, what’s up?”

“I really need to see you” she replied.

“Ok, I have squash after work tomorrow, but can drop by after that!”

“What if I meet you at the squash court and then you can give me a lift home?” she asked.

“Yea that can work” he replied.

“Ok, see you then, cheers.”

“Ok, bye”. Michael was a friend who was busy doing his legal articles, at twenty-two, he had graduated top of his class studying law at university, a bit of an over achiever and perfectionist, who didn’t know how to tell or show Denise that she was the object of his thoughts when he thought about women.


Denise’s plan was now under way and she was sure that this was going to give her the upper hand in her quest to get into a threesome with Don and Lindsey. She was going to show them that she was ready to play rough; if that is the way, they wanted it. Later that afternoon after school, she did her homework and then took a walk to the squash courts. Michael’s game was just finishing. The senior attorney he was playing against looked like he was going to collapse he was so tired. The players finished their game and made off to the showers while Denise waited in the spectators seats.

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