The Master and the Ring Ch. 03


The guards had come from the room where the willing woman was being violated over and over by the other guards. They had had their turn before they went to check on Henri. This was another reason they didn’t feel the need to take Yvonne and Serena. They returned to the room to watch the last few men climax inside the woman’s sex. Below her on the table and floor was a copious amount of semen from each man. They were amazed the woman still lived but they saw nothing in her dim cloudy eyes. Her mind was gone. As the last man called out his climax and spewed his load forth, the woman fell lifeless on the table.


The Master had pleased the ring. The willing woman’s essence pacified its hunger and had infused the ring with power. The Master stood before the mirror and viewed his massive body vibrate with energy. Slowly his considerable shaft fell flaccid after the climax and he removed the ring, shrinking down to his normal weak form. The ring pulsed in his hand with life and felt cool to the touch as it was appeased for the time being. Placing it on a chain around his neck, the Master dressed as a guard and left his chambers to walk unnoticed around his conquest. He saw hate and anger in the faces of the people he had conquered. They all wanted him and the rest of the guards dead it was obvious. It was the fear of the Master that kept them in check.

He had a copy of the orders he had given Henri, the same list of women he was to prepare before the Master called upon them. There weren’t enough ‘willing’ women to supply the Master and the ring. The only reason he had Henri ‘prepare’ the women from Mentula was because without the preparation they would undoubtedly perish under the width and length of the Master’s cock. This gave the guards nothing. He prepared the women so they would possible survive and appease his men along with the ring.

As he viewed the list, he tried to recall the first two women. Sisters he remembered. Both very lovely he was sure… an Yvonne and Serena. He remembered them both vaguely as he had seen so many of the countries women during the classifications. He found their room on the map and decided to pay them a visit in his human form… to jog his memory of the two sisters and to see how Henri was preparing them.

He recalled Henri easily; he had been the most endowed of all the men during the classifications and was why he had chosen Henri to prepare the woman worthy of Mentula. If Henri had followed orders, he should be with the sisters that very moment. The Master strolled among the halls in no particular hurry toward the sister’s chamber.


“I did not think I could feel greater pleasure than I had yesterday. But I was mistaken,” Serena began. “My climax surpassed that of the candle. With your penis in my forbidden orifice, I climaxed to the extent I never knew existed.”

“I admit I myself felt great pleasure as we peaked together. I apologize for falling forward onto you and embracing you in my desire.”

“Do not, kind sir… I will not hear your apology for making my pleasure greater.”

“Are you two finished?” Yvonne cut in.

Henri and Serena looked at her. “We don’t have time for your ramblings. We all know the forbidden act has caused great pleasure for each of us. We cannot deny it nor can we afford to. We must embrace the pleasure now and prepare for the coming of the Master.”

“Very well, sister.”

“I see your wisdom in this as well,” Henri said.

“Now, are you able to continue yet?” Yvonne asked him.

“I do not know,” he replied.

Yvonne came around the lounge and sat on the other side, reaching out to Henri. With her hands, she pulled him by the hips toward her, lifting his soft, wet cock to her mouth. Henri sighed aloud as her warm, velvety mouth encapsulated his flaccid shaft and she took his sagging member deep inside. She did not seem to care of the semen he still had on his member. She seemed determined only to have him erect again. Life returned quickly to Henri’s cock as Yvonne began to suck the limp shaft until it was hard enough to begin to stroke with her hand. Soon Henri’s manhood was fully erect once again and throbbing from Yvonne’s expert talents. She stroked and sucked him for a few moments more for good measure before releasing him to speak.

“There, now you are ready.”

“Madam, you are very skilled in this art.”

“I was taught by the best, sir.”

“Mother?” Serena asked.

“Yes and you were taught by me.”

“And where is your mother now?” Henri asked as his cock throbbed and pulsed in the cool air. He wanted to meet such a woman that could teach her children this skill. He couldn’t help but wonder what the master could do.

“She passed two years before the war began,” Yvonne said, lying down on the lounge chair.

“I’m sorry.”

“Enough talk. You must prepare me,” Yvonne said, starting to play with herself.”

Before Henri could get into position, Yvonne rolled over onto her stomach and lifted her backside into the air with her legs spread wide. The new view of her body caused Henri’s hard cock to spasm with a jolt of pleasure. She had her hands under her sex, fingering her vagina and grinding on her clitoris. He was so taken aback that he froze in place and watched her. Her large breasts were smashed against the red velvet lounge, her incredible back arched to her shapely behind and her tight rosebud stared directly at him. She turned her head and looked at him; he was mesmerized and did not hear her the first time.

“Are you going to just stare at me or prepare me with your mouth as you did my sister?” Yvonne asked, louder.

“My apologies, Yvonne,” Henri said, blinking and moving forward.

He opened his mouth as she turned back to face forward. His tongue found her tight hole above her moving fingers. He licked around the snugly puckered skin, adding saliva to her body before pressing the tip of his warm tongue into her forbidden hole. She moaned softly as more of Henri’s tongue descended into her hot bowels. He was not aware of her soreness from yesterday, and her quite moans gave no clue to any discomfort from his tongue. Suddenly, as his head was buried in her backside, he felt a hot, wet mouth on his cock. Serena was sucking him and keeping him not only hard but lubricated for the time he would penetrate Yvonne. The sensation on his cock from the younger sister was very similar to Yvonne and he knew she had taught the younger well.

Henri prepared Yvonne’s ass for a few more minutes as Serena constantly sucked and licked his cock. He never swallowed and had deposited a plentiful amount of saliva on and in her tight orifice. Not really wanting to change what he was doing, Henri sat up anyway before Yvonne said something again. Serena was forced to stop sucking him and Henri positioned himself behind Yvonne. His cock was straining with blood and excitement once again. It was difficult to get the correct angle as hard as his shaft had become. With a little effort, he bent his member down and placed the head at the wet entrance to Yvonne’s pulsing hole. He reminded himself to not rush into her this time, feeling that was the major difference between Yvonne and her sister from yesterday to today.

Gently he moved forward and watched her tight ring open up around his red wet head. Slowly he moved, expecting the resistance to give way again unexpectedly but was surprised when he eased in without a noticeable release. Once his head was in he stopped, seeing the sides and back of Yvonne rising quicker. She had not uttered a word and had her face pressed in the back of the lounge. Serena stood next to them and watched, ready to assist if needs be.

Henri could feel Yvonne’s ass pulsing on his shaft. The tight ring of her outer anus palpitated around his wide shaft, just below the head of his cock. The sensation felt wonderful and continued for several seconds before the stress began to ease on his cock. He knew she was adapting to his intrusion and was okay to move forward once again. This was a new position they had not tried and the stimulation was slightly different on his cock with the woman on her stomach instead of her back. The view was spectacular, her large breasts smashing out the sides of her body and her sexy curved spine visually stimulating his senses. Henri’s cock eased slowly forward into Yvonne’s body, inch by inch. This caused her to moan into the lounge and began to play more vigorously with her sex under Henri’s slowly moving cock.

As he neared totality, he felt her fingers jostle his testicles as she played and fingered her moist sex. He was fully buried inside her hot bowels once again, remaining that way from several minutes as she once again adjusted to his width and length.

Before he could pull out the door to the chamber opened and a guard Henri did not recognize entered the chamber. He was shorter and scrawny compared to Henri. The first thing Henri thought was how easy he could kill the man with his bare hands and how foolish the guard was for being alone. Henri watched the man immediately walk up to them like he was the Master himself and look upon Serena and Yvonne with hungry eyes.

“Can we help you?” Henri said with his cock still buried deep inside Yvonne’s ass.

“Carry on. The Master sent me to check on your progress with these two. I see you’re preparing their rectums well.”

Henry saw the weasel of man adjust himself and lick his lips, rubbing his hands together. He was directly next to Henri and Yvonne, his face actually bending toward the connection of their bodies. Henri almost reached up and rung the man’s neck like a chicken but stopped because disposing the body would prove difficult. Serena had backed away, covering her nakedness with her discarded clothing and keeping her distance from the man. Yvonne had lifted her head to view the disgusting man and glare at him but Henri saw the guard did not care, standing there waiting for Henri to proceed.

“Must you watch us, sir?” Henri asked.

“Yes, I must. I have to report back to the Master you are doing your duty. Now proceed and pound the wench properly.”

This caused Henri’s face to flush red with anger. He wanted nothing more than to dispatch this whelp right then and there. He was about to when Yvonne spoke up, stopping him.

“Do as he asks, Henri… give him the show he desires.”

“Yes, yes… give me my show!” the man cackled in a high pitch screech.

Henri was fuming but he suddenly felt Yvonne clench her muscles around the shaft of his penis, urging him on with her body so he wouldn’t do something foolish. Henri turned to her and looking down saw the pleading in her eyes for him to continue for all of their sakes. Trying to ignore the disgusting, greasy haired man, Henri withdrew his long shaft from Yvonne’s body, her tight ring gripping him strongly each and every inch. She had him so snug her body had scraped off all of Serena’s saliva upon withdrawal. His cock dried quickly in the open air. When Henri proceeded to reenter her, he felt the binding dryness and saw Yvonne flinch with discomfort.

“Serena, your sister needs you,” Henri said.

Serena reluctantly walked to the other side of Henri and Yvonne, across the chair from the man and bent over to begin licking Henri’s shaft, using her hand to smear the needed lubrication around his extensive girth.

“Oh how nice… the younger sister eases the pain!” the Master’s shrill voice called out.

Henri clenched his jaw, focused on Yvonne’s body and descended into her again with a noticeable difference. Even with the evil guard watching, Henri could not deny the exquisite pleasure that gripped his cock as he descended once again into Yvonne’s body. She also had turned back to the lounge, placing her face into the soft velvet. Henri pulled out slowly again and Serena licked his shaft. Pleasure surged through Henri’s cock as it withdrew and was bathed in Serena’s saliva. He tried to weigh which sister’s body gave him more pleasure. It was difficult to determine but he felt Yvonne pleasured him more.

“Faster! You can go faster than that!” the Master disguised as the guard screamed.

Henri ignored the man, but descended again a little faster and his pleasure spiked considerably as the new speed sent a rush of pleasure through his cock and body. He pulled out equally quick and heard a moan from Yvonne. It was muffled and he knew not whether it was pleasure or discomfort. Serena did her best to lick the shaft as he withdrew and again Henri drove his cock deep into Yvonne’s bowels. His balls actually making a slapping noise as they hit her body from the speed of his descent. Hot, tight bliss enveloped Henri’s large cock as he repeatedly drove it home while Serena licked and spit on his fast moving shaft.

“That’s it… give it to her… prepare her for Mentula!” the man screamed, watching Henri thrust over and over. Henri was lasting longer because of the intense climax with Serena but nothing would keep him from another climax as fast as he was thrusting and withdrawing in and out of Yvonne. He could hear Yvonne panting, her chest rising rapidly as Henri looked down upon her. Serena had her head constantly down close to her sister’s tight hole, licking letting her saliva dribble out of her mouth onto his moving shaft as it sawed in and out of Yvonne’s body.

“I’m going to climax!” Henri said, nearing his ultimate pleasure.

“Deposit your load into the sister’s mouth!” the guard yelled over Yvonne’s panting.

Henri was shocked at what he had heard and turned to look at the guard in disgust. Serena, having heard the guard, lifted her head in shock and confusion giving the guard an equal stunned glance.

“Do it! Or the Master will hear of your disobedient. I can tell him anything I want.”

Henri want this man dead more than any man before, glaring at him with fire in his eyes. He couldn’t stop his climax now, decided it better not to disobey this man for the moment. Letting his cock come completely free of Yvonne’s body, Henri took hold of it as the man screamed again and turned it toward Serena.

“Open your mouth, wench! Get down closer!”

She jumped with fright but obeyed and opened her mouth wide just as Henri sprayed his first large burst of semen forth. It sprayed into her mouth and she reacted in surprise, gagging on the thick salty effluent as it found the back of her throat, forcing her to close her mouth on instinct. Henri, overcome with pleasure, stroked his cock until the next burst hit Serena in the face, curling up to her forehead.

“Open! Open!” the Master screamed.

Serena sobbed at his yells but opened her mouth and kept it open as Henri finished his climax in and around her mouth until he was spent. Her face was a mess, her mouth full of white ejaculate and she sobbed with her mouth open, breathing through her nose. She was afraid to close it.

“Very good, wench… now swallow it!”

Henri was so taken aback by pleasure and shock of what this guard was doing he was frozen in place. He stared down at the beautiful woman covered in his sticky semen. A strange sense of pleasure gripped his body as he view what he had done to her. With shock he watch Serena close her mouth and swallow the plentiful semen filling her mouth.

“Excellent! The Master will be very pleased with your efforts… all of you!”

With that, the man abruptly turned and left the chamber, leaving Henri and the two sisters stunned and speechless.


The Master’s little penis was throbbing his guard pants. What he had just witnessed and forced the three prisoners to do, had excited him beyond anything he could remember as a normal man. Watching the large cock of Henri driving in and out of that beautiful woman, and making him spill his seed into her equally luscious sister’s mouth was glorious. The Master knew he had chosen Henri well. He would prepare all the women the Master had chosen and many would survive Mentula after Henri was finished with them.

The Master quickly went back to his chamber, hoping for a new willing follower to be waiting him. As he looked around the divider, he was not disappointed. A beautiful raven-haired woman lay naked on the newly covered bed. Her hands were exploring her own body and he could see her fingers glistening with her juices from across the large room. Turning back, he quickly removed the guard garb and the ring from the chain. His little penis throbbed between his scrawny legs and he dropped the ring in his rush to place it over his tiny head. As it fell, it began glowing blue as it neared his member. Its descent abruptly ended, hovering in the air near the Master’s small cock. He watched in amazement as the ring pulled his shaft to the side by itself, moving his entire body until the ring was fully around the base of his cock. The ring had not moved, the man had. The change took effect quickly and the Master smiled at his enlarged and strong body. Turning the corner, he went quickly to the black haired beauty with Mentula already fully erect.


Serena was sobbing. Yvonne was seething with anger. Henri did not know which to console first. Another loud sob came from Serena and he went to her.

“I apologize, Serena I had… no… choic…”

“Do not apologize for that monster,” she cut him off. “I do not cry because of what you did but because of what he did. Do you not remember I told you I have pleased men with my mouth before? I’ve had them ejaculate without warning and have tasted and swallowed their seed on more than a few occasions. It does not bother me. But the evil man yelling frightened me.”

“She is quite innocent, Henri… she’ll be fine,” Yvonne spoke up.

Henri was again surprised. He thought for sure she was crying because of the semen he had ejaculated into her face and mouth. To learn it was not, relieved him but also made his curious. Serena had stopped sobbing and had walked over to the washbasin to cleaning her face off.

“And what of you, are you well?” Henri asked, Yvonne.

“As well as expected, you lasted longer and went much faster into me. It was good preparation.”

“You act so hardened, Yvonne… can’t you tell me the truth and your true feelings?”

“What benefit will this have? You were sent to prepare us and nothing more.”

“So you feel nothing for me?” Henri asked.

“Sir, I’ve only known you for less than a full day. What would you have me say?”

“The truth!” Henri blurted.

This caught Serena’s attention and she returned to them. Yvonne did not respond when Serena joined them. Henri, frustrated with everything, departed and walked to an alcove across the room to think. He could hear the sisters whispering but could not understand what they said. He was in an impossible situation; ordered to essentially stretch the sister’s anal cavities in preparation for them to be violated by a monster. He kept thinking about that new guard and how much he wanted to kill him for what he had just done. The image of him ejaculating into Serena’s face came back into Henri’s mind. Her mouth wide open, is long ropes of white semen spraying out and falling onto her tongue and face. It was something he couldn’t stop thinking about. The forbidden act, the sensations it caused, all of these new experiences confused and frightened Henri. He found himself craving them, wanting anal sex over the proper way, wanting to spray Yvonne’s face with his semen the next time he took Serena.

Shaking his head and the images from his mind he returned to the women.


“Yes! I wish to merge with Mentula! I’ve prepared my entire life for this,” the new women with the raven hair said.

The Master smiled down at the maiden. She was well endowed once again; her heavy breasts plump on her chest with dark areolas the size of her large eyes. Deep brown eyes that looked up at him adoringly.

“And how have you prepared for Mentula?” he asked, taking his time with this one.

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