The McLarens Ch. 02


The characters within this story are all over the age of 18.

The * sign signifies a narrator NOT dialogue.


Chapter 2: wet, wet, wet

“Fuck,fuck,fuck” I muttered.

*I was cleaning up the cum that had spilt onto the floor in the aftermath of my mother & i’s incestuous coupling. Turns out that she REALLY hadn’t had sex in while, hell she hadn’t even been masturbating, so when she finally came, her pussy squirted like a soda can that had just been shot. Still there are worse things to be cleaning off the floor and in worse places, the kitchen has floor of a large modernist house is probably the best.*

“And that was ‘in the city” by the jam’ said Steve Wright’s voice on the radio.

*I idly mopped up the spillage on the floor until… THUD.*

“AH FUCK ME” I shouted in frustration.

*I walked over to the radio that had fallen on the floor and bent down to check if any damage had been done, when I noticed an excruciatingly faint sound that seemed to be coming from upstairs.*

“What on earth” i said to myself.

*Before I go any further I should give you a little information on the house where I live, because trust me some of it is fucking unbelievable. I come from an extremely wealthy and powerful family that have been involved in all sorts of things since the days of Henry the 8th. This genealogy means that I get to live in the kind of house that are only occupied by villains in high budget movies.*

*I headed upstairs and made my way to the double doors güvenilir bahis that led to the bathroom, well i say bathroom but that word barely holds a candle to the scale and quality of the room. My father had specially commissioned and designed the bathroom personally; the room was decorated to look like an ancient roman bathhouse but with modern furnishings, a series of shower chambers were encased seamlessly in the walls, at least 16 of them to cope with the large number of guests that would visit when my father lived here.*

*For those who wanted a bath, a series of them were placed opposite decorative pillars that had televisions built into them for entertainment purposes. The jewel of the room was in the centre, a large communal bath about the size of a swimming pool with a series of showers at the far end, installed for those who felt ‘freeer’ when washing.*

“Sweet mother of” i muttered on entering the room.

*At the other end of the room underneath one of the communal showers was my naked sister Lucy, her golden tan skin and killer legs glistening from the water. I stripped off and waded towards my forbidden lover as fast as I possibly could.*

“Hello big boy” my sister purred.

*I pulled Lucy towards me and started kissing her, when I felt her hands begin rubbing my dick.*

“Mmmm this looks so tasty, and I’m so hungry” Lucy growled.

*She dropped to her knees, put my cock in her mouth and began a slow, deep and sensual blowjob.*

“Aaahh yeah” I exhaled.

*I leant back onto türkçe bahis the shower button and accidentally restarted the shower, soaking us both with water.*

“JESUS” I exclaimed when I looked down at my sister.

*Lucy was going to town on my dick, pumping her head back and forth while speeding up as she did so.*

“Mmmfh, mmmm, ummm” my sister moaned amidst the repeated squelching sounds from my cock entering her warm, wet mouth.

“Cum for me baby I want it” she cooed, turning her blowjob into a handjob.

“Well honey i don’t know how much you want it” I teased.

“I wanna drink all of your cum up big brother,” she flirted.

“Still not hearing what I wanna hear,” I replied.


“And that’s what I wanted to hear,” I said.

*I snaked my hands down the back of her head, running my fingers through her golden locks as i did so. I slammed my pelvis forward as hard as i could, shoving my cock down her throat as i began to aggressively fuck her face.*

“UUUUGGGGHHH” my sister screamed as the tip of her nose began reaching my pubes.

*I pistoned my cock in and out of her throat as hard as I possibly could, letting up as little as possible.*

“SHIT WHAT IF SHE CAN’T BREATHE?” I thought to myself.

*I snapped my head back down in a panic but was immediately calmed by what I saw. Instead of being in a panic from getting suffocated, Lucy had her eyes closed in ecstasy and was desperately rubbing her pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri to get as much pleasure as she possibly could.*

“Thank fuck for that” I thought.

*Calmed, I carried on my assault on my sisters mouth, keeping one hand on the back of her throat but feeling up and groping whatever i could reach.*

*A small amount of time later, i felt that ever familiar feeling brewing in my balls.*

“Fucking hell, here we go sis where’d you want it: throat, face or tits” I grunted.

*I felt two taps on my side.*

“Tits it is, okay get ready” I instructed.

*I threw my back and some of my knees into my pumping, giving me as much force as I was physically able to give.*

“OKAY 3, 2, 1 AND NOW” i shouted.

*The moment I finished speaking my sister threw herself back on her knees while rubbing her clit.*

*I pointed my cock at her and started furiously wanking until cum started shooting from my cock, spraying my sister in a thick coat of my jism*.

“FUCK” I barked as my knees buckled and I fell on my arse.

*I looked at my sister as she lent back on her arms and opened her mouth, letting a small amount of cum dribble down onto her chin.*

“Well i guess it was all three, eh” punctuating myself with laugh.

“Hehe yeah, still would’ve been nice if I’d got to cum though” my sister pointed out.

“Ah sorry babe” I said.

“Oh don’t worry, time we’re done we’ll have taken care of that” a voice said to the side of me.

*Lucy and I turned to face our mother, I felt my jaw drop and I saw Lucy’s eyes go wide.*

“Oh god” I said wondering what the hell was about to come next.


There’s chapter 2 and as always any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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