The Meeting


I sat at the bar, looking around me. He had promised to meet me here. I stirred my straw in my drink, watching the water that had beaded up on the glass slide down the side. Whatever this was, it tasted really good. And it had a hell of a kick to it. I had had two already, and this third one had loosened me right up. I crossed my legs on my stool, looking up at the clock, and then looked back down at my legs, loving how they looked in the little dark denim skirt I had decided to wear. I had a wife beater on, and my Nike© Air Force all whites. My hair was relaxed, hanging down to my bra strap in back, and my skin’s usually pale caramel color was darkened a little due to the “after winter welcome the warm weather” tanning I had been doing.

I stuck my shades on, hiding my face from the people walking past. They, contrary to what I thought would happen, stared more, as if they could tell I was a tourist. I licked my lips slowly, dropped my head to look at the clock once more.

“Fuck it.” I said to myself, and then stood up, gripping my purse from the table. I steadied myself on the table, and then looped my purse over my arm, walking to the door. I pushed it open, and then stepped through, smacking my forehead on someone. I stopped and, gasping, slid my hand up and cupped it. “Oh god, I’m sorry!”

“You could have looked first before stepping out the door. And I’m not God.” I looked up, I knew that accent.

“Clarke?” I said, looking at the guy in front of me.

“You must be Alize`.” He said. I nodded stupidly. I had known from his pictures Clarke was sexy, but adding in his accent and the fact that it was all together was making me lose it. He was about 6’0, a touch taller than my 5’11. His skin was pretty brown, and he was well built, his face… God I wanted him right there on the street. I shook it off quickly.

“Yeah, I’m Alize`. Nice to meet you, finally.” I said. He nodded.

“Same here.” He reached out as if to hug me, but I took a step back, hiding the grin that wanted to break across my face. He looked like he was going to say something, then shook his head and laughed. Just then, somebody tapped his shoulder.

“You going in or staying out here?” Clarke looked behind him. Some man was looking up at him, serious as anything, which made him laugh again.

“I’m going in.” He said, then, taking me by my shoulders, pushed me back into the bar. We sat down at a different table than the one I had been at, and ordered drinks, myself going for the same fruity thing I had had before.

“What took you so long?” I asked, pulling my legs out from under the table so they were next to him, and then crossed them where he was sure to see.

“I had something to take care of.” He said. I nodded, and then took the drink from the waitress as she walked over. She stood there for a moment, and I started to wave her off until I looked up and saw she was staring at Clarke. I rolled my eyes. Some girls were too much. I wasn’t Clarke’s girl, only his random online friend, but still. She and nerve, and that nerve made me flirtatious and brave. I slide my hand underneath the table and ran my finger along his legs, and then rested my palm on his knee, smiling at him the entire time.

She finally left, and I caught myself staring at him. I had met him online, us being the only two people from the Caribbean on the site in question, at least the only two with profiles. He had messaged me one day out of the blue over a series I had been writing, and from then on, we were cool. We had been talking for a long while, and had seen each other through some severe writer’s blocks. This, however, was truly the first we’d met face to face. He looked back at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I said, and then leaned forwards, licking my lips before taking the straw into my mouth and closing them around it. I looked up at him through my hair, and then lowered my eyes.

We talked for a while longer, his hand even resting on my knee and sliding a little lower before returning. He took the glass my drink had come in from me, and then looked at the lone ice cube remaining. Then, in one smooth motion, as he talked he dropped the ice cube on my legs, in the crease where they were crossed. The angle I was sitting at guaranteed that the ice slide quickly towards my crotch, hitting my panties and the wet spot down there before I even realized what happened. I gasped and sat up, while he sat there laughing. I looked at him, and then, as he stood up himself, reached out and gripped his ass.

“Told you I would…” I said, and then squeezed it. He looked at me before sliding his own hands down onto my ass. He squeezed it slightly before pulling me up to him closer, until I could feel his cock between us where it was pressed against my crotch. He began to grind against me slowly. I paused, and instead of going in for the kiss I wanted, licked my lips.

“I believe I owe you a game…” I said, before letting his ass go. He nodded.

“What altyazılı porno game is it?”

“Need for Speed Underground(c).” I said, sitting on the floor in front of the TV in my hotel room. I had, of course, brought along my PS2(c) setup. I didn’t go too far without it.

“So what happens when I win?” He sat down beside me. I laughed.

“There’s a catch,” I said, holding up a finger. “It’s strip. You win a race, I strip. I win a race; it’s your turn to drop something.” I tucked my legs beneath me, then rose up and kneeled on them, then finally set my ass between my ankles, so that I was sitting in an “M” position.

“So what happens when you lose all your clothes?” He repeated again, this time with a grin on his face. I laughed at him.

“What makes you think you’ll win,” I said, looking at him. He grinned back, a sexy grin that made me bounce in place a little, so that my pussy and my clit were being rubbed against my thighs through the front of my thong.

A few races later, I was sitting on the floor in my wife beater and thong, having forsaken my skirt, shoes, socks, and bra. He sat there with only his shirt missing.

“I think I’m winning. Only two more to go.” He said.

“I still have a chance.” I said, then leaned close in to the TV on my elbows so that my ass was cocked out into the air and facing him. I was going on the hope that he would get distracted by it and I could make him lose something. But it didn’t work. I lost again.

“Take it off girl.” He said. I shook my head, looking for an excuse not to.

“Can’t, the last race doesn’t count.” I said.

“Why not?”

“Because I said it doesn’t.” I said, and then leaned across his lap as if reaching for the purse lying past him. My ass was looking up at him, and I half expected him to grab it. His hands slid over it, and I paused for a moment, flexing my ass in his hands, and then rolled out of his lap.

“Fine… it doesn’t…” He said. I sat back in place, and then we started the next race, which I lost again. I groaned and looked at him. I wouldn’t be able to get out of it again. I closed my eyes, deciding on the wife beater, which would leave my pussy covered. I gripped the hem and pulled it over my head, pretending not to notice Clarke’s reaction, or his little comments. Now I definitely had to win.

I won the next race, which only yielded in him losing his shoes. I still had to win 3 more to get his socks, pants, and boxers. I held him neck to neck for the entire race, until I took a turn too wide and clipped the wall, dragging the side of the car and flipping it when I hit a rail. I started cursing, and sure enough he pulled over the line a few seconds before me.

“Damn it!” I yelled, flinging the control from me. I hit the edge of the Playstation, and it skipped, then the screen went off, and the game restarted. “Oh, see, it doesn’t count. It restarted.” I could feel him look at me. He rolled his eyes.

“Alize`, you lost.” He said as I shook my head. Sad to say, but I’m a seriously bad sore loser. “Fuck it.” He stood and pulled down his jeans, then dropped his boxers. My mouth dropped open, and before I could do anything else, he was on me, his hands roaming over my ass, his lips on mine. I moaned against him and, sliding my arms under his then up his back, allowed him to pull my thong down off my ass, and then let it drop to my ankles. I kicked it off, and then he lowered me onto the bed. Once we hit, he kissed me and stood up. My fingers slid down to my pussy as he stood before me, and I began to squeeze my lips and rub my clit. He watched me for a minute, and then kneeled down.

He pulled me down towards him, and then pulled my fingers away from my pussy. He stuck his tongue out and trailed it down my slit, tonguing my lips slowly. I gasped and he pulled me in closer, his tongue flicking over my clit.

“Oh Clarke.” I moaned. He pulled his tongue out, then climbed on the bed and straddled me, then rolled us over. He turned me around so that he was facing my pussy, and his dick was in my face. He slid his tongue into my pussy once more, and as I moaned, I took his dick into my mouth, licking the head and kissing it slowly. I trailed my tongue along it, tracing a line top to bottom while my right hand moved to cup and squeeze his balls. I stroked his cock slowly along its length with my fingers, and then let my tongue spell his name out along the head.

He flicked his tongue along my clit, and then slid two fingers inside of me. I moaned on his dick as he spread his fingers, and then pushed against my g-spot, sending rivers out of my already soaking wet pussy. I gasped as I tightened my mouth around his dick, sucking my cheeks in and out as I began to move up and down on it. I pushed my tongue against the tip and held it there as I sucked, tasting his precum on it. Usually, I didn’t swallow, but for some reason I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted him to blow his load down my throat.

He tongued my pussy mobil porno raw, his thumb flicking slowly over my clit. He slapped my ass with his other hand, and gripped me closer to his mouth. I could feel myself on the edge of cumming, and as he stuck his other hand deep into my cunt, my body spasmed, and I came hard. He began to thrust his cock into my mouth, and then he filled my mouth with his hot sperm, and for the first time in my sexual life, I swallowed some, loving its thick feel as it slid down my throat. I had taken him by surprise by swallowing as well, because he froze for a minute before continuing.

He lifted me, and then turned me over again, positioning my hips above him as I leaned down and kissed him hard. He kissed me back, and in one motion lowered my hips and thrust his dick into me. I moaned into his mouth, then arched my back and lifted myself onto my hands so I could look down at him. He pulled me back down to his chest, and then flipped us over once more so that I was on my back and he was above me, drilling my cunt. My back arched off the bed as he took my hand in his and slid it between us.

“Play with yourself while I’m in you…” He whispered to me. I slid my fingers across my clit, matching his thrusts into my pussy. He leaned in and cupped my breasts, then flattened his hands on them. His lips trailed across my ears, sucking the lobes slightly before dropping lower and nibbling my neck.

“Oh god Clarke… Fuck me…” I said as he pounded into my pussy. “Oh fuck… harder. Fuck me harder!” I moaned. He held me for a minute.

“You want it? You asked for it.” He said, and then pulled out of me. He flipped me back onto my stomach and spread my legs, then cocked my ass upwards. He lined his dick up, and then thrust into my pussy from behind. I gasped as the head of his dick rolled over my G, and as he gripped my hips, one of his hands slid over and found my clit.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned, rising up on my elbows. He gripped my ass, squeezing it as he thrust into me, then let his hand steal up to pull my hair, holding my head in place as he let the hand that had been flicking my clit slide up to pinch my nipples. I moaned and he pushed into me harder. “Oh god… Clarke… you…” I trailed off as I felt my orgasm take over. At the same time he pulled me close to his hips, thrusting harder and harder until he held me there. As I moaned because of my own orgasm, he filled me with his sperm, coating my walls with his cum. I trembled beneath him as me held he to him, and as he finished, he lay himself down on top of me, and kissed my neck. He pulled out, and as he went, the mixture of our juices dribbled out of my pussy a little.

“Come on, I want to show you something.” He said, and then climbed off of me. He threw my skirt and wife beater. “That’s all you’ll need.” I pulled them on and fixed my hair as best as I could as he pulled on his shirt and jeans. He took my hand and dragged me out of my room

I stood in the entryway for the door of his hotel room, tucking my hair behind my ear. He pulled me into the room, and then pushed the door shut behind me. He moved down towards the bed, where his bag stood open next to it, then motioned me towards him. I grinned and nodded at him, then moved over. I could feel where our cum had started to drip down my leg, making my thighs first slippery, then a bit sticky, which had made for an interesting walk to his hotel.

Clarke pulled me towards the bed, and then stood me in front of it. He leaned in as if for a kiss, then pushed me back onto the bed, grinning as I fell back. I giggled a little; sure of what was to come next. But then, he confused me. He rolled me over so I was ass up, and then before I could protest, he cuffed first my left, then my right ankle to the bedposts. I gasped.

“Clarke… you wouldn’t…” I said, he laughed, and a slow sexy laugh that made my cunt twitch.

“Wouldn’t what?” He asked, walking around to the head of the bed. I twisted myself to look at him.

“You bastard! Don’t you fucking dare!” He laughed at me again, then reached over, pulling me by my shoulders back into my stomach, then cuffed my right arm to the bed. He walked along the other side, pulling my left arm away from my side. I pulled and fought against him as best I could, but he got it in the end, and slowly cuffed me.

“You’ve been teasing me all afternoon.” He said, climbing up onto the bed behind me. He leaned down and brought his hand against my ass softly and smoothly. “And now…” he lifted his hand. I braced myself as his hand came stinging down at my ass, smacking it hard. I winced as he then gripped my ass, before raising his hand and slapping it once more.

“Why the hell”

“All I want to know…” He said, leaning in close to my ear so that I could feel him close on my back, but not yet touching me fully. “Is why my bitch keeps asking so many questions…” I tried to turn my head to look at him, but he held it in place with one hand sex izle as he got up, then trailed the other hand slowly down my back, letting his fingers tickle his way down my spine.

“Clarke!” I yelled, twitching. He had hit the bottom of my back, where I was extremely ticklish. “You know how I feel about that! Don’t even fucking try it.” He laughed again, then slid his fingers beneath me, palming my pussy before sliding one in, to where his cum still filled me. He slowly slid his finger in and out, pumping it while I moaned between yells. He slid the finger out and rubbed our combined juices around my lips and on my ass. “Don’t be such an asshole!”

“Funny you should say that…” He said, before trailing his finger along my slit, then across my asshole.

“Fuck you Clarke.” I yelled.

“You already did… and I think we both enjoyed it.” He leaned down so his mouth was just above my ear again. “And now… for your teasing…” He squeezed my ass. “I’m going to punish you…”

“Clarke, stop it!” I whined.

“I won’t because you already know what’s going to happen. I’m going to fuck you in your ass.” He squeezed my ass on every word of his next sentence. “Your nice tight ass. And shoot my sperm in it!”

“You’re such a bastard!”

“And you love it.” He pushed my hair to the side and kissed the back of my neck, then slid his hands underneath me to cup my breasts, pushing my wife beater up.. He slid his hands lower, to the hem of my skirt, then pushed it up so my ass was looking at him.

“You suck!” I yelled, running out of things to scream at him.

“No, you suck.” He said, moving along the bed until he was in front of me. He pulled down his pants and boxers, then forced his dick into my face. “You know you want to Alize`… cover my dick with your saliva.” I looked up at him, figuring if I can suck him off enough, then he’d have no energy left for my ass, especially after all we did earlier. I took his dick into my mouth for the second time, running my tongue along the head in slow strokes. I trailed it down the underside of his dick, licking and kissing the area at the base between his dick and his balls before licking his balls themselves. I took first one, then the other into my mouth, letting my tongue trail slowly across the both of them.

I spent a little while longer on his balls before licking back up to his dick. I took the head into my mouth, and, remembering I couldn’t use my hands, took his dick as far into my mouth as it could go. I moved my head slowly on it, sucking my cheeks in and out and tightening my lips. He gave a moan, and I began to hope that he was forgetting about the fucking my ass. I bobbed my head slowly, letting my tongue trail along the underside and push at it. As I brought my head almost all the way off his dick I let my tongue play at the head, running it along the V at the base.

“That’s enough.” He said suddenly, pulling his dick away from my mouth. I groaned, partially because he had pulled it away from me, but mostly because I knew what was going to happen next. He turned his body so that he was hovering above me, and kissed my shoulders before trailing his lips down my spine, kissing the small of my back before positioning himself between my legs. He spread my ass cheeks and pulled himself closer. A thrill of anticipation and a foreboding of dread filled me as I felt the head rub against my asshole. I gripped the sheets and bit the pillow.

“Ready?” He asked.

“What the fuck do you think?” I said between clenched teeth. He laughed, then pulled me back. I screamed into the pillow as he started to push his dick into virgin territory. I flexed my ass and tried to relax it as much as possible, but it was like he was tearing me apart. “I fucking hate you and your sexy accent.” I groaned into the pillow. He gave a laugh and grunt and from that I figured that he had gotten as far as his head inside. Tears sprung to my eyes as he paused, and I prayed my ass would relax a little more.

“I’m gonna give it a bit more…” he said, warning me I thought. He then pushed an inch further. I gasped and bit my lip.

“Clarke, you…” I gave a moan as his hand reached under me and rubbed at my clit in an attempt to distract me from the pain. I cocked my ass back at him and flexed my ass around his dick more. “You’d better rub that a little harder… because fuck!” I heard his laugh and rubbed my face into the pillow. He forced his dick further into me slowly, pushing two fingers into my pussy at the same speed. My eyes rolled back into my head. “Just push it the rest of the way in. Fucking do it.” He used his free hand to grip my hip, his fingertips brushing my butterfly tattoo on my right hip, and then forced himself the rest of the way in while I cursed into the pillow.

“Don’t you fucking move yet.” I said as he started to pull back. “Let me… ugh… get used to it…” I bit my lip again, first trying to force thoughts of killing him out of my mind, then trying to forget the taboo of his dick buried to the hilt in my ass. He slowly stroked my clit as he sat there. I gave a sigh. “Alright… I’m ready.” I wiggled my ass against him, preparing myself for it, but one thing happened I didn’t expect.

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