The Meeting Ch. 01


Jade was looking forward to seeing Anthony, wondering exactly how things might develop after his arrival, a few worst case scenarios went through her mind, what if someone walked in on them? Do any of the staff know exactly what was going on behind closed doors, she hoped not, but cared little, they would not get to know how exciting it was, how good it felt, she most certainly would.

She remembered vividly their last meeting, how good his cock felt, sliding into her pussy, slow at first, then fucking her, hard and deep. He had strength and stamina which he used to very good effect, pushing his cock as deep into Jade’s pussy as he could, she loved wrapping her legs around his ass and holding him deep inside her as he emptied his cum into her, feeling it filling her. She also remembered how nice his lovely cock tasted in her mouth, she had immensely enjoyed sucking it, using her hand to fondle his balls, knowing she could empty them at will. She had liked the feel of his hands on her head, pulling her mouth onto his cock, his reassurance that he was controlling the situation. His cum had tasted lovely, she wanted more.

Anthony arrived, Jade had admired how handsome he was and how smartly he was dressed, watching him move from his Aston Martin towards the door. The car was beautiful, but it was its contents that interested Jade more, more precisely his cock which would become the centre of her attention at some stage.

As he walked in Jade met him by the door, she tried to make their initial greeting seem like a normal formal meeting, she could feel the gazes of staff, most of whom admired Anthony’s good looks, some of whom wished they could have a few moments alone with him. The opportunity to touch, perhaps feel his touch seemed like nice way to spend an hour, in their eyes Jade was very fortunate to have the pleasure of an hour or so in his company.

What was merely interest on their part seemed like close scrutiny to Jade, but it somehow made what she was planning more exciting.

She had removed her thong, and the dress she was wearing hugged her figure, accentuating her curves and somehow making her breasts more appealing than usual. Her black holdup stockings felt good on her legs, and accentuated their shape, she was longing to feel him stroking them knowing he couldn’t resist the lure of such lovely lingerie, what man could?

She could now feel air against her pussy, excitingly, her thoughts instantly drifted to Pete, he would certainly have approved of how she looked, perhaps stockings güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri may have given him a clearer message when he visited. She knew his fetish for such attire was strong, and perhaps would have lured his touch to her legs. Once there he would have been a slave to his desires, who knows where his tongue might have ended up, her pussy dampened at the thought of his head between her legs.

He was back home 257 miles away, but she wouldn’t have minded if he had been in a cupboard watching, the thought of being watched with another man was an exciting prospect, which made her pussy dampen even more. The possibilities of such a situation were endless, should he allow him to wank, or perhaps restrict his activity to watching.

Her mind snapped back to Anthony, he was handsome, pleasing to look at and she knew the attraction was mutual. She was was longing for his touch down there, his cock against her pussy. She would make this seem easy for Anthony, knowing his ego and sense of control would aid his excitement, and intensify the experience for him. Give him an illusion of being in charge of this situation.

Formalities over, discussion had now ended with regard to work, they looked at each other. They were alone in an office, next door was a small conference facility, Anthony took her hand and beckoned her in there.

They kissed hard, lips meeting firmly, tongues exploring. It was quite a feverish exchange, it had been some time since their last meeting. Anthony’s excitement was fast becoming obvious as his cock hardened, and grew significantly in size. Jade remembered its form, how her hand had grasped it, stroked it, how it had tasted, she knew she was about to be reminded of how much she enjoyed cock, and this one was no different.

Their bodies were now close, his arms were around Jade, his fingers caressing and exploring. He moved his arms down her back and started exploring Jades lower back, moving to her ass, his cock grew suddenly as he discovered the lack of underwear, this would be easy.

He moved one of his hands up to her beautiful tits, feeling them through the dress initially, squeezing them remembering how full and lovely they felt. His hands made their way deftly inside her dress, and before long had his hand on her naked breast and was touching, feeling a nipple. He suddenly longed to kiss both her nipples, and taste her lovely breasts.

His hard cock was straining the front of his trousers, Jade’s hand moved down there, she didn’t have to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ascertain whether he was excited or not, she had felt his cock rubbing against her and knew it was ready for her attention.

She lowered herself to her knees, looking up at Anthony. He was looking down at her, expectantly. She held that moment, confidently knowing that it was her that was in control, but not for too long, she didn’t want to shatter his illusions, importantly she longed to see his cock.

She touched his cock through his trousers, felt it jerk. It felt amazing to her, she moved her fingers to his trousers, undid them, slowly and carefully unzipping and peeling them from his firm waist. She kissed his stomach just above his cock, feeling his hard member against her chin.

Anthony was watching this beautiful woman on his knees in front of her, he felt masterful and when she looked up at him he swore he had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Jade pulled his trunks down, his hard cock sprung out and hit her in the face, she marveled at its firmness, and grasped it, using her thumb to stimulate the sensitive underside. She could smell the unmistakable masculine odor, pleasant and very much to her liking, she heard him gasp. She then started to stroke it, watching it for a while, remembering how much she loved cock.

She could feel him becoming tense, and wanted to slow this part of the procedure a little, intensify his pleasure, make him hers. She eased her stroking, but gently moved her lips to the head of his cock, placing her lips around its form, kissing it, tasting the precum on its head, she loved that taste.

Anthony was enjoying Jade’s touch on his cock, he knew her beauty, sexuality and sensuousness would make it difficult for him to cum anything other than quickly, but the pleasure he was feeling meant that he wasn’t overly bothered, he suddenly was desperate for satisfaction.

He suddenly felt Jade’s soft lips on his cock, she licked at the tip; he loved how her tongue felt. Her mouth moved over the head of his cock, he pushed his hips forward, placing his hands on her head and watched as she started to take more and more of his cock into her mouth after each thrust.

He was surprised how much of his long cock could disappear before he felt the head of his cock against the back of Jade’s throat. The pressure she was applying was gradually increasing, she was masterfully using her tongue to add stimulation to the process.

Jade was loving the taste güvenilir bahis şirketleri of his cock, she momentarily thought of Pete, wondering how his cock would taste and how it might measure against this lovely member. She wondered how thick it would be, how long it would be, and how it would feel. She also wondered how he might respond to being present, either hidden, or better still restrained, close by, watching her worship this mans cock. She welcomed these thoughts, certain he would enjoy watching, perhaps jealous, but that would add to the excitement. Would Anthony enjoy such a situation, she was unsure.

She returned her thoughts to the cock in her mouth, she was gently playing with his balls, squeezing them, she could feel him getting close. She wanted to taste his cum, so she tightened her grasp with her hands and mouth and increased the intensity of her head against his thrusts.

Anthony was in heaven, he pulled Jade’s head as far onto his cock as he could, sensing she was struggling slightly to breathe. Her beauty and the intensity and expert application of her mouth on his cock was too much. He knew he wanted to fuck Jade, as hard as he could, but more importantly he was desperate to cum.

Jade felt Anthony was getting close to orgasm, her serious dilemma was that she wanted his cock in her pussy, but she also wanted to taste his cum, and feel him cumming in her mouth. She was hatching a plan she was sure would work, she was going to get both.

Anthony realized he was going to cum, he felt it wise to warn Jade, thought his cock was telling Jade everything she needed to know. He started to moan loudly, suddenly his cock jerked, an intense feeling of pleasure suddenly hit him, he could feel Jades lips and mouth firmly on his cock, they were going nowhere, she wanted to taste his cum.

Jade knew Anthony was cumming, she would not allow any other outcome. As his cock jerked she sucked hard, feeling an explosion of cum spray from the end of his cock, she knew this was going to taste fabulous and didn’t want to waste a drop. The taste was unusual, but there was something dirty, sexual and male about it which made it special. She kept his cock in her mouth, sucking it as it softened. She would allow him a very period of recovery before she would stimulate him.

Anthony loved how her mouth had consumed all of his cum, how it had felt as she sucked him, he stroked her hair, and face. He knew the pleasure he had been granted meant he had a duty to regain hardness. Jade’s lure and beauty would ensure that that would not take long.

Jade moved up and looked at Anthony, partially satisfied that she had given him such intense pleasure, she was swallowing the last of his cum, they would caress, she knew that his hands on her stockings, between her legs, playing with her pussy would excite him.

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