The Meeting (part 2)


The Meeting (part 2)The Meeting (part 2)After my contact dropped me off at the hotel, I felt really restless. I flipped on the tv, threw the files on the table and took off my heels. Checking the mini fridge for some alcohol i throw a couple little bottles together and sip it a little. Sighing I put the glass down and undo my bra, my nipples still sensitive where your beard and moustache rubbed them. Mmmm just thinking about your hands and mouth… i start to feel a warmth and wetness in my pussy. Mmmm my fingers rub and tease my nipples. I start to moan I sit in my chair, sipping my drink, my free hand strumming and squeezing my nipple. One foot on the table, my legs open. I am sooo wet that I can smell my sex… looking towards adiosbet yeni giriş the files, i see a crumpled piece of paper with your number on it. Imagining your fingers on my body my pussy starts to ache and I shiver as i feel a gush of juice wet the chair. I instantly feel a sharp pain coming from my nipple. I let go to see a faint bruise and a hard throbbing nipple. My hand reaching under my skirt I come into contact with my soaking pussy. Remembering where my panties are.. I wonder what your doing with them.I start to imagine that you, after sniffing and sucking my wetness off them, you wrap them around your cock. You start to tease your cock wanting this to last. You oil your hand and cock imagining adiosbet giriş that it’s my hot wet pussy…. My eyes shut as my fingers play in my wetness, making my pussy and chair all messy and sticky. My pussy lips all slick and wet. I cup my pussy feeling the heat comming from it. My finger starts to circle my clit… not quite touching it yet. I can feel it getting hard and start to throb. I whimper as I continue to tease myself. An idea forms in my head as i reach for the crumpled paper and my iphone. I click my camera app then clicking two pictures. One of my bruised nipple and the other of my soaking pussy. I punch in your number and text you my pictures. Smiling as it goes through. I continue to adiosbet güvenilirmi play with my pussy, turned on even more. I close my eyes as i insert a finger into my pussy, i can feel it sucking on my finger and it’s not satisfied… it needs more. My phone buzzes, startling me a little. Your number comes up, mmmmmm most amazing picture of your cock, precum at the tip. My mouth starts watering looking at your pic. My clit is screaming for attention. I down my drink, and really feeling it, before i stop myself, I text you the name of where I am staying and my room number. Hitting send, i feel butterflies as i squeeze my clit. I walk over and make myself another drink, laying down on the couch. My skirt hiked to my waist my blouse unbuttoned with my tits hanging out. Rubbing my pussy hard, dying to cum… I didnt hear the knock over my moans, and you come in just as i cum hard whimpering and sighing. I open my eyes and see you, your hard cock in your hand. “Mmmmmm” I purr, “you got my message!”

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