The Mile High Club


The Mile High ClubThe Mile High ClubBy Desired Pleasures ©2018Tiffany came to Las Vegas to tie up some affairs. She had left the k**s with her sister down in Hawaii. She was sitting all alone at the airport. As she looked around she caught a guy looking at her and she quickly turned away smiling. Tiffany comes from a small country town in on the Big Island of Hawaii so needless to say she was very shy. The announcement called for the boarding of her plane. As they boarded the plane, she noticed he was sitting across from her smiling. As the plane was taking off, the guy noticed Tiffany was nervous and reached for her hand. He held her hand smiling at her. He had a soft hand with a gentle grip. She could tell he was strong though from his physique. The guy held her hand until the plane was up in the air.Tiffany had turned to the guy smiled and said, “Mahalo. I really appreciate that.”. The guy was just smiling at her and replied, “Not a problem. You a local girl?” Tiffany blushed as she replied, “Yea. How do you know?” He giggled at her while saying, “The Mahalo was a clue. My name is Carlos.” They made small talk over a drink or two. They instantly clicked and got comfortable with each other. Carlos had randomly brought up the Mile High Club during their conversation. Tiffany had admitted that she had never joined that club. Carlos suggested that she try. Tiffany had shown her interest and agreed to give it a shot.As Carlos got up first Tiffany couldn’t but help noticing the size of his cock through his pants. She got turned on and had chills of excitement hit her causing goose bumps. Tiffany then got up next to follow Carlos. She followed slowly and watched as Carlos entered the restroom. He had told her that the door would be unlock and to just walk in. As Tiffany walked güvenilir bahis towards the restroom she knew her pussy was very wet and getting wetter with every step approaching that door. She gets to the door and paused. Thought about Carlos body and personality, then smiled and walked in. Carlos grabbed her and pulled her close to him. He started to slowly and softly kiss her neck. She moaned as she melted and gave in. She reached for his pants and felt that his cock was hard already. She unzipped his pants, knelt down, and saw his big hard cock. She grabs his cock and started to lick it slowly with passion from the base to the head. He moaned in sincere pleasures. As she got to the head of his cock she took it into her mouth and started to suck it. Her mouth was watering so much from his cock she started making sucking and slurping noises has she sucked it. She was also stroking it with one hand and massaging his big balls with her other hand. He moaned louder as her saliva ran down his cock and dripped off his balls. She pulled her head back looking up at him as she opened her mouth wide and started to deep throating his cock. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. She started gagging a little. As she pulls back she’s telling him, “Mmmmm….your cock tastes so good.” He leaked a little pre cum so she started to suck on just the head to get all the juices out. As she stood up she continued to stroke it. He suddenly undid the buttons on her blouse and exposed her bra-less breasts. He started to suck on her erected nipples and she squeezed his cock firmly while stroking it. She grabs his hair to move him to the other breast. He was making sucking and slurping noises as he passionately sucked on her nipples and worked his hand down her body and up her skirt between türkçe bahis her thighs. He could feel her wetness from her juices through her panties. He gives her a passionate kiss then turns her around and bends her over the sink. He grabs her hair with one hand and pulls while lifting it up, leans over and started kissing on the back of her neck while grabbing her breast with his other hand. He kisses slowly down her backside as he knelt down, lifted up her skirt and started to kiss up her legs. He then pulls off her panties and guided one of her legs up onto the toilet. He started to eat her out and slurping as he gently sucked on her clit. She moans in pleasures as her pussy is getting wetter. He can taste her juices as she leaks more with every lick. Carlos started to slowly and gently run his hands up her soft thighs as he stands up kissing her backside passionately up to her neck again. He grabs her hair again with one hand and wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close as he whispers in her ear, “God that pussy tastes so sweet.” She could feel his hard cock against her wet pussy pulsing in excitement. He guided his hard cock into her wet pussy lubing it up with her juices with a few slow and deep trusts before he pulls it out and guides it into her tight ass. He goes slowly at first stretching her ass. She moans and bit her lips as she whispered, “Deeper” to him. He followed her wish and steadily pushed his cock in deeper…..all the way to the base and their bodies made contact. She moans as she pushes her ass into him and whisper, “Harder” Again he grants her wish and began to fuck her harder with deep thrusts as he pulls her hair and grabs her hips pulling her onto his thick cock.He was fucking her hard and deep causing her to moan louder and louder with güvenilir bahis siteleri every deep thrust. As he gave her a deep trust and pushed it all the way in as deep as he can go firmly squeezing her hip pulling her close she suddenly squirts all over his balls. He turns her around and starts to kiss her passionately. He grabs her by her waist and lifts her up on the sink. She grabbed him and pulled him closer between her legs. He starts to kiss on her neck and whispers, “I want that pussy too” She moans and replies, “It’s all yours baby” as she reaches down and guides his bulging cock into her dripping wet pussy. Her pussy was tighter than he had anticipated and with excitement he thrusts his cock hard and deep into her pussy causing her to squirt again. He fucked her harder and faster. With every thrust she could hear her juices splashing between their bodies. He started to suck on her nipples and pulling his cock out rubbing the head on her clit. She screamed as she came all over his hard cock and juices were dripping from his balls. She got down from the sink, dropped to her knees, and started to suck his hard cock. She loved to taste her juices all over his cock and balls as she sucked them. He moaned with extreme pleasure as he climaxed. She deep throated him and then pulls back to tell him, “God I love the taste of my juices on your cock.” She deep throated it again as he came in her mouth. She looked up, showed him the load of his hot cum in her mouth, and then swallowed it. She stands up with her body to his looking deep into his eyes and then they kissed a long passionate kiss. They got dressed to head back to their seats. Tiffany’s legs were weak and shaking. She could still feel her juices running down her legs So Carlos went down and licked her juices off her leg up to her pussy where he kissed it and said, “The fucking best.” He kisses her one more time long and passionately before he heads out the door. They both made it back to their seats and fell asleep holding each other’s hands.

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