The Milkman


Chestnut Falls, 1949

Scotty Stephens sat up straight and cleared his throat as he turned the corner onto Maple Street. The little milk truck trundled along quietly down the little shady street and came to a gentle stop in front of the first house. Scotty sat there for a moment gripping the steering wheel. He had been looking forward to this day for weeks.

The wives of Maple Street were notorious for their hospitality to the delivery men who were fortunate enough to get this route, and when Scotty heard of the availability of the position he jumped at the chance. It was only his second job; at only eighteen years old, Scotty had already been working the counter at Hadley’s Burger Palace for two years and he was eager for a change. He knew the good fortune that awaited on the morning route of a milkman in Chestnut Falls and, despite being awkwardly inexperienced, Scotty was determined to get out of the burger shop and onto more satisfying prospects.

Scotty looked into the rearview mirror; he adjusted his bow tie and straightened his cap. He took pride in his new uniform, fresh and brilliantly white. He grabbed his bottle carrier and loaded it with Mrs. Anderson’s order: two bottles of milk, one of heavy cream, and, to Scotty’s confusion, a single carafe left empty. It was an odd request, an empty milk bottle, but what was doubly confusing was that every house on Maple Street had the same puzzling request. Taking a breath, he stepped out of his truck and onto the sidewalk.

He was a good looking young man, tall, boyish face, brown hair, and he had a solid, muscular build that filled out his new uniform perfectly. He was a delightful young man who always seemed to wear a smile, a smile that back in his high school days made all the young girls melt. But Scotty was oblivious to it. Shy, naive and innocent, Scotty had busied himself so thoroughly with school, his buddies, and the burger palace, that he never gave much of a chance to date girls. He was embarrassed to admit that he had only kissed one girl all throughout his four years at Madison. But all that would soon change, he thought to himself as he walked up the driveway to the Anderson house.

He walked around the house to the backdoor and knocked. He checked his breath as he waited quietly. The door opened and there stood Mrs. Anderson; she was tall, slender and radiantly beautiful. Scotty gulped. To him she looked like Lana Turner with her shiny, blonde hair and her fair, smooth complexion. His voice nearly squeaked as he spoke.

“G-G-Good morning, Mrs. Anderson,” he stuttered. “I have your milk delivery for you.”

“Well, my word,” Mrs. Anderson exclaimed. “If it isn’t little Scotty Stephens! When did you become my milkman?”

Scotty smiled. “Just this morning, mam. It’s-It’s my first day.”

Mrs. Anderson beamed. “Well, how do you like that? Look how big you’ve grown? Why I remember like it was just yesterday I was watching you ride your bicycle down the street with your friends. You boys were forever getting into all sorts of mischief.”

Scotty smiled sheepishly and dropped his head. “Yes, mam; but a lot has changed since then.”

“I’ll say,” Mrs. Anderson replied. “Well, do please come inside; bring in my order and I’ll get my purse.”

Scotty entered into Mrs. Anderson’s kitchen. It smelled of cinnamon and cream. Scotty looked over and saw a small pot cooking on the stove. “Smells delicious, Mrs. Anderson.”

“Oh, thank you,” she replied from the hallway. “I’m just warming up some oatmeal. My husband left for work early this morning and I was so busy with getting my children ready for school, I nearly forgot to eat something myself.”

Scotty placed his milk carrier down on the kitchen table. “I have your order here, Mrs. Anderson: two bottles of milk, one bottle of heavy cream, and one bottle left empty. If you don’t mind me asking Mrs. Anderson, what do you plan to do with the empty bottle?”

Mrs. Anderson returned to the kitchen. She paused and made a face. “Why, didn’t they tell you?”

Scotty was puzzled. “Who didn’t tell me?”

“Why, your predecessor. Or your boss? Surely they mentioned it.”

Scotty shook his head. “No, mam. No one told me anything.”

Mrs. Anderson placed her hands on her hips. “Well how do you like that? You poor boy have no idea.”

Scotty stood there quietly. He was completely confused. Why hadn’t someone told him? There was no time, he supposed; everyone had been so busy and had been running around trying to find a replacement for the Maple Street route, and he hadn’t even thought to ask. All Scotty knew, what he heard about the Maple Street route was that the women he brought deliveries to always paid their milkman in kisses.

Scotty’s eyes widened and his ears had perked up the day he overheard Mr. Davis telling this to old man Hadley at the burger counter one afternoon. Mr. Davis had been the previous milkman with the Maple Street route. He had been whispering about his affairs to Hadley but güvenilir bahis Scotty couldn’t hear everything he had said. But he had heard about the kissing. A kiss from each lady. From that moment on, Scotty was determined to get the milkman job when it became available.

“Oh, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty,” Mrs. Anderson said, shaking her head. “So young and naive. Tell me, what did you hear about your new job? What did they tell you about being a milkman?”

Scotty gulped. He stood there for a moment, not knowing what to say. He decided there was no point in skirting the truth. “I had heard that I would be rewarded with a kiss from each lady on Maple Street.”

“Rewarded?” Mrs. Anderson laughed. “With a kiss? Oh Scotty, you’re too much.” She walked over to where Scotty was standing.

Scotty licked his lips. “Mrs. Anderson?” he squeaked.

“Yes, Scotty?”

“Um, you don’t have to kiss me,” he said. “Not if you don’t want to.”

Mrs. Anderson pierced him with her eyes. She placed her hands on his chest. Scotty swallowed hard and pumped out his chest. He didn’t want beautiful Mrs. Anderson to think he was a weakling. He knew he was a strapping young man with a solid chest and he wanted to make sure Mrs. Anderson knew it.

“Scotty,” she said. “There’s so much more that I want to do than to kiss you.” She leaned in and gave him a soft, tender kiss. Scotty melted. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He couldn’t believe it was happening to him, with Mrs. Anderson. Suddenly, there was an urging in his groin. Scotty tried to keep the kiss going but he could feel his penis beginning to grow inside his pants. Scotty tried to think of baseball. He thought of his old leather mitt lying in the drawer of his dresser back at home. He tried to think of his baseball bat, the Saturday afternoon sun, the baseball diamond. Anything to take his mind off what was happening.

He moved his hands over the front of his pants. This couldn’t be happening, he thought, not now! What would Mrs, Anderson say? There was no way she wouldn’t see it. For years Scotty had struggled with it, been ashamed about it, tried desperately to hide it. But it was growing, bigger and bigger, the secret he tried to hide all his life. The real reason why he didn’t make time for girls in high school. Would she make fun of him? Would she be afraid? There was no way he could hide it now; it was too late. Mrs. Anderson would know. Scotty Stephens had a thick, 13-inch penis.

It was enormous. A mighty python of flesh, hefty and firm. He had had it all his life. Everyday it hung low and heavy between his thighs. Back in high school he would find any excuse to avoid showering with the other boys in gym class. He’d seen the other boys’ penises and when he realized how much larger he was than all the other guys around him he labeled himself a freak and avoided getting naked in front of anyone. He did everything he could think of to hide it, but it was no easy feat. Whenever the mood caught him, when it pulsed with warm blood, ready to be put to use, it became a monster to be reckoned with, a massive cannon of manhood loaded with masculine nectar.

Scotty’s dick was pushing through his pants. Mrs. Anderson looked down and gasped. “Scotty Stephens! What have you got down there?”

Scotty’s palms began to sweat, the bowtie around his neck seemed to tighten. What would she say? What would she do? Scotty was surprised to see the glimmer in Mrs. Anderson’s eyes as she looked at him as she lowered herself down before him.

“Mrs. Anderson, what are you doing?”

Mrs. Anderson giggled. “Oh, Scotty, don’t tell me you’ve never done this before?”

Scotty stood there bewildered. What was happening? Surely Mrs. Anderson could see the growing appendage pressing against his pants. She began to unfasten Scotty’s belt buckle.

“Mrs. Anderson,” Scotty pleaded. “I don’t think you should do that. I don’t want you to…”

Mrs. Anderson shushed him, looking into his eyes. Scotty watched as she pulled his shirt up and undid his pants. Finally, she pulled his boxer shorts down and Scotty’s incredible, 13-incher blasted out of his pants.

Mrs. Anderson’s jaw dropped and she gazed at his enormous member with incredulous admiration. “Scotty Stephens…”

Scotty swallowed. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Ander—”

“It’s beautiful!” Mrs. Anderson exhaled.

Scotty stopped, stunned. “Excuse me?”

Mrs. Anderson licked her lips. “It’s the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, Scotty.” She was truly awestruck. She looked up at him and gazed into his eyes.

Scotty stood there before her, his dick unbridled and ready, hard and hot. Mrs. Anderson began to salivate at the thought of tasting his penis, of having his manhood inside her, of tasting the seed that would surely gush forth from his dick like a tsunami. She placed her hand on his thighs and looked up at him.

Scotty gave her an adorable, crooked smile. “Thank you, Mrs. Anderson.”

Mrs. Anderson’s eyes bore through him. türkçe bahis “I’m going to give you that kiss now, Scotty.”

Scotty smiled at Mrs. Anderson. Then he quickly closed his eyes and pursed his lips, waiting for her kiss. He waited for a moment, his lips pursed in the air. But no kiss came. Suddenly he felt something soft and wet run gently along the side of his penis. He opened his eyes and looked down. Mrs. Anderson’s tongue was running along the length of his shaft lovingly.

Scotty’s eyes bulged at the sight. What was she doing? Was she really doing this? Was Mrs. Anderson licking his penis?

She placed her mouth on his dick, her lips wrapping themselves delicately around the head of his cock. Scotty’s body stiffened when he felt her warm, soft tongue against the pulsing head. He swallowed hard; never in a million years did he think he would ever have his penis inside of a girl’s mouth. It seemed unnatural, dirty and bizarre, but as soon as Mrs. Anderson began to move her head back and forth, he dropped his head back and enjoyed the intense pleasure of suction, of having a beautiful woman suck on his penis.

“Oh, Mrs. Anderson…” he sighed.

She looked up at him, her eyes peering up at him over his massive hard-on. She pulled away from his dick. “Does this feel good, Scotty?” she asked sweetly.

Scotty swallowed and nodded. “Yes, Mrs. Anderson, it does.”

She smiled. “Do you want me to keep doing it?”

“Yes, please, Mrs. Anderson.” he replied.

Mrs. Anderson gave a tiny laugh and opened her mouth for Scotty’s enormous cock once more. She gobbled up as much as she could and satiated herself on his thick, delicious meat stick. It was plump and juicy, a feast for which she could have all that she wanted.

Scotty couldn’t believe what was happening. His thoughts were racing around his head. What good luck had befallen him on this beautiful Monday morning? After all the years of shame, the years of hiding his penis, afraid of what people would say, and now here was Mrs. Anderson, wonderful Mrs. Anderson, being so nice to him. She wasn’t afraid, she wasn’t making fun of him. Instead she was kissing it. She was sucking on it. And it seemed like she was really enjoying it. Scotty closed his eyes and luxuriated in the feeling Mrs. Anderson’s mouth gave to his penis. It made Scotty feel really special.

Mrs. Anderson moaned with pleasure through Scotty’s dick. She couldn’t believe another woman had never had the chance to taste it before her. Was she really his first? She bobbed her head back and forth, slobbering all over his johnson. She brought a hand to the base of his shaft and began to pump while she sucked the head. Her jaw began to ache from his unbelievable girth, but she didn’t waver, she delighted in pleasuring the cute, bashful young man.

To give her jaw a rest, Mrs. Anderson pulled Scotty’s dick from her mouth and began to trace her tongue up and down and all along the sides of his shaft. She looked up at him as she licked. His eyes were closed and his head was back, he was indulging in the satisfaction her mouth provided. She could see his brawny chest heaving, pushing though his white uniform shirt. She wanted to see more.

Mrs. Anderson got up from the floor and began to unbutton his shirt. “Oh, Scotty, you were always such a good boy.”

“Mrs. Anderson,” Scotty sighed. “That felt really good. Will you — will you do it again?”

His innocence turned Mrs. Anderson on. “Of course I will, my darling,” she replied. “But first I want to get you out of these clothes.”

Scotty nodded. He usually did everything he could to prevent anyone from seeing him naked, but this was different. Mrs. Anderson had already seen his large penis. He pulled himself out of his pants and tossed them to the side. Mrs. Anderson had already opened his shirt and was busy tonguing his nipple. She brought a hand to his shaft and began to stroke gently. Her hand was small but felt soft and comforting wrapped around his thick flesh.

“I want to see your tits, Mrs. Anderson.” His face flushed as soon as he said it. He couldn’t believe the words he just spoke. It had just come out, instinctually. Scotty bit his lips, ready for Mrs. Anderson to become upset and tell him to leave. But she didn’t.

Mrs. Anderson pulled away from his chest, smiling at him, the twinkle in her eye. She reached both arms behind her and slowly began to unzip her dress. She pulled the top of her dress down and out bounced two gorgeous melons, soft and tender.

Scotty was hypnotized by their massive beauty. Not since he was an infant had he longed to suck on such a breast. He leaned over and placed his mouth on her tit and began to suck on the nipple. Mrs. Anderson placed a hand on the back of his head and cradled him as he sucked, her hand still softly stroking his throbbing hard-on.

After he had his fill, Scotty looked at Mrs. Anderson. “Mrs. Anderson? Will you put your mouth on my penis again?”

Mrs. Anderson smiled. güvenilir bahis siteleri “I’d love to, Scotty.”

Scotty, feeling bold and empowered by having the courage to ask Mrs. Anderson to keep sucking on him, sat down on the kitchen table, his arms propping himself up behind him. He was surprised at how free and comfortable he felt being naked with her; how uninhibited he now felt with his large penis. He stared at Mrs. Anderson’s creamy jugs, noticing her soft, smooth, perfect skin. How he loved seeing it, all of it, uncovered and exposed. It felt natural, right somehow, to be naked with her, to have his dick swinging freely, hard, primed and ready. To feel soft hands wrap around it, to stroke it, to have a mouth suck on it. Mrs. Anderson lowered herself down on her knees again and took him back into her mouth.

Scotty’s head swam as she sucked on his dick. He never knew such a feeling, such an incredible sensation could come from a girl’s mouth on his penis. There had been mornings when he’d wake in his bed, his penis hard as a ramrod, bulging from his boxer shorts. There had been an uncomfortable feeling from within, something he couldn’t satisfy, like an itch he couldn’t scratch. Who would have known that relief could have been found by simply asking a girl to suck on it.

Mrs. Anderson had moved herself down lower and had begun to lick his balls. Scotty let out a long, loud sigh. Mrs. Anderson was incredible. Scotty wet his lips. He curled his toes as he felt her warm, soft tongue drag over his large, heavy balls.

“Oh, Scotty,” Mrs. Anderson whispered. “These balls are so big. Do you have a big treat for me?”

Scotty was silent. He didn’t know what she was talking about. He hadn’t brought anything.

Mrs. Anderson laughed. “Wow,” she said. “You really don’t know, do you?”

Scotty sat there quietly, not knowing what to say. He just wanted to sit there and enjoy Mrs. Anderson lap up his genitals.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” Mrs. Anderson said. “You’ll see. Now, watch what I can do.”

And with that Mrs. Anderson was off to the races. She plunged her head down and began to suck Scotty with everything she had. She’d never in her life had a dick as big as Scotty’s and it was definitely putting her to work. But she was a trooper, all her life she prided herself on her ability to give great head; back in her days at Madison High she spent nearly every afternoon working a dick with her mouth. The entire male student body had ranked her the best in their class. But married life slowed her down a bit; she loved her husband, she loved sucking his dick, but she missed the variety, the different sizes, the different lengths, the different smells. But now she had something new, something exciting. Here she had yet another chance, an opportunity to relive her youth, to show the world she still had it; she was determined to give Scotty an unforgettable blowjob.

“Oh my…” Scotty let out. He grasped the tabletop. Mrs. Anderson’s mouth was really working overtime now. He could feel her tongue swirling around his pole as her mouth sucked harder. She brought both hands to his shaft and began to pump feverishly. Hands, lips, tongue, all of these reserved solely for Scotty’s dick, concentrating on only him, working in a perfect pleasurable unison. Scotty didn’t want it to end.

But suddenly, something erupted inside his balls. An explosion that he couldn’t contain. He gripped the table tighter.

“Oh! Oh!” he cried. “Mrs. Anderson! Mrs. Anderson!” His dick was engorging. She moaned with pleasure as she sucked, her mouth and hands flying up and down his fuck pole. Mrs. Anderson was sucking the boyhood right out of him.

And right then and there, something happened, Scotty changed. With no thought at all, out of sheer instinct, Scotty grabbed Mrs. Anderson’s head and shoved it down, thrusting his dick down her throat. “Yeah! Suck it, bitch. Suck it!” His dick spasmed against Mrs. Anderson’s tongue and unleashed a tidal wave of cum into her hungry mouth. Scotty, clutching Mrs. Anderson’s head, holding it down on his cock, dominated her. Scotty Stephens was now a man.

The hot gunk geysered out of him, coating Mrs. Anderson’s tongue with a thick, sour sauce. Her mouth flooded with Scotty’s aged, pent-up reserves of adolescence. She swallowed. Scotty shot another warm wad, this time it was fresh, crisp, buttery and delicious. She savored it. Her eyes began to water as she tried to keep up with Scotty. She swallowed his batch, and before she could even catch a quick breath he had blasted another round and filled her mouth to the brim.

For sixteen years Mrs. Anderson had been sucking her husband’s dick every evening when he returned home from work. She would greet him at the door with his drink, usher him to his favorite chair, light his cigarette, and while he reclined with his drink she would do her wifely duty and swallow it all up when he had finished. Then she would return to the kitchen to get dinner prepared. She enjoyed cum, she delighted in it’s warmth, how it rushed into her mouth, and the aftertaste that lingered long after the seed was swallowed. But nothing could have prepared her for what young Scotty Stephens was unloading inside her gullet.

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