The Mirror :Part 7


The Mirror :Part 7The Mirror: Part 7I looked at the text for several minutes trying to work out who had sent it and what it meant.It simple said. “I Know”It rattled me the more I thought about it. Know What?Did someone know about Mika & Rena? Or was it something completely different.There are only 3 windows in the laneway. Mine, Mika`s and another small one about ten feet along from mine that lets light into and old upstairs storeroom for the shop behind ours. That shop fronts on to the street behind us. No one lives in that building. Only Mika`s parents and mine live above their shops in this lane way so WHO WAS IT?The second text arrived as I was waiting for the bus to take me to school. Ready to talk? Was all it said. Who R U? I sent backStoreroom widow 6 am came the reply.It was a long day.It took me hours to go to sleep and when I did it was only for short amounts of time. The truck arrived as usual and I looked across that Mika`s window. The blind was down. Summer was over and the days were growing shorter. Daylight was just beginning to break. That suited me. I always felt exposed in the morning light crossing over the lane.It was 5 .59 am. by the bedside clock. I swung down on to the truck and made my way to the storeroom window. It was open. I could just reach it from the top of the truck. I swung up as I do to get into my room and scrambled over the sill into the room. The smell of dust and stale air was all that greeted me. There was very little light in the room and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I didn’t see anyone. The soft woman’s voice startled me.Your punctual I’ll give you that. Still I couldn’t see her.I’ve watched you every morning for the past few weeks crossing over to the young girls room and now I see she has a friend. Do you enjoy both of them?The voice was light with a hint of laughter in it.I think you and I should come to an arrangement.I wont tell her father if you do what I ask. Is that a deal?What do you want.? I stammered.Why, just the same thing as you are giving those two young women over there. After all, it would be very selfish of you to keep that lovely cock of yours just for them.,It was a mocking tone that was hard to take offence to, even though it was blackmailTake sarıyer escort off you clothes she said quietlyI was sacred, but curious. Who are you? I said with more confidence than I felt.Does it matter? She replied.Yes it does. What’s this all about? At least come out where I can see you. I answeredShe stepped out from behind a pile of large cartons into the partial light that the room offered. Her movements were slow and graceful. She was totally in control of her every move and used to being in control I suspected. She was very tall, almost 6 foot, at least 30 and to me at nearly 17, looked like someone’s mother, which she probably was. Her silver blonde hair was shoulder length and parted in the center. She wasn’t really beautiful but she had an air of mystique about her that I found an immediate attraction for. She wore large black-rimmed glasses and her body was partially hidden behind a Pale gray Poncho type garment. Her shoes were simple slip on brown leather clogsTake off you clothes please, she said quietly.Somehow I felt comfortable around her, there was nothing really threatening or demanding, just a nice feeling of being around a confident, attractive woman who was pushing all the right buttons. Yes, I was wondered what this was all about but I thought, what the hell, this might be fun.I stood there naked while she slowly walked around me as if appraising a stud slave on a market block. Stopping in front of me, she reached down and lifted up my cock.Your not putting on as good a show as usual she said and laughed.I know I blushed but it’s true, my cock wasn’t much more that semi erect and I’m not sure why it was even that. Slowly she slid her hand down my shaft and looking me straight in the eye. Her eyes were the most unusual shade of dark blue I had ever seen. Her glasses seemed to make them look even bigger than they actually were. Very slowly, but firmly started to stroke me. My cock responded quickly and it was fully erect in a few seconds. Hmmm she said, quick on the rise too I see.You’d like me to suck you wouldn’t you? She asked.All I could do was nod. She went down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. esenyurt escort Both Mika and Rena were good but they were nothing compared to this woman’s abilities. With one hand on my cock she gently twisted it as she sucked deep back into her throat. I had never been that far into a woman’s mouth before. I was overwhelmed by the sensation of being deep throated. Quickly and expertly she sucked my cock and ran her tongue up and down my shaft. All over my balls and sucked both of them as she slid her finger into my arse.I want you to cum in my mouth she said in a husky voice, cum for me now, cum for me. She sucked and stroked steadily and my balls contracted ready. It took only a few more strokes, my cum shot out of my cock into her open mouth and she swallowed and sucked every last drop. I was still standing in the same spot as I had stepped into the room but my knees weren’t going to hold me up much longer. She sat back on the dusty floor and looked up at me smiling. With her eyes roaming all over my cock and naked body,Turn around, she said still smiling.I turned slowly and behind me was a large full-length mirror. It was set at the perfect angle. I could see Mika and Rena watching me through the angels of the two mirrors. They were only about 20 feet away.I was totally gob smacked! What the fuck? I mumbled as she laughed, waved at the girls who waved back. I looked like a stunned Mullet not knowing what to do or where to look.Now she said, Lets have some fun Her smile was infectious. It was a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth, set in a wide mouth surrounded by full natural red lips.She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her cloths came off in a quick fluid motion revealing a stunning body, small firm tits, pale olive flawless skin and small erect nipples. A completely shaven cunt and nice shaped legs. Throwing her clothes on the floor, she lay on her back on top of them and opened her legs. Holding her arms up to me she smiled and whispered, come and fuck my cunt, the girls want to watch.Her cunt was the first one I had ever put my cock into. I was so used to fucking Mika and now Rena in the arse, fucking a cunt was a completely new and welcome experience. It was hot, avrupa yakası escort wet and soft. As I pushed into her wetness I felt the heat on the tip of my cock. It was a completely different sensation from fucking an arse. I loved it. She drove her hips up to meet me as I rode her and the harder I drove the more she responded. It was soon like what I imagined riding a bucking horse or bull would be like.She growled and raked my back with her nails. Fuck Me You Bastard. Fuck My Dirty Cunt. She repeated over and over. I did as hard as I could but it was soon obvious that I was going to cum before she did. Quickly she pushed me off her and took my cock in her hand. Bending it down, the climax I had almost reached, rapidly disappeared.There, she said. That will keep you going a bit longerLet me help you back up. Her mouth was hot and wet like her cunt. I was soon fully erect. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mika and Rena lying side by side playing with each others nipples as they smiled at me. I smiled back and put my cock back into the hot beautiful cunt in front of me. This time she wasn’t going to let me cum first. Using her fingers, she rubbed her clit as I fucked her and as she climaxed, the feel of her body’s reaction sent me over the top and I shot into her with a deep guttural moan, my cock spewing forth its load of hot cum into her rapidly opening and contraction wet cunt.Lying on top of her I was completely spent. Nuzzling my ear she murmured sweet sound that made no sense but I enjoyed hearing them anyway. They were sound of contentment, to me at least. I was no longer a virgin. I had enjoyed a proper cunt fuck I was smiling to myself. I’ve got to have more of this I told my spinning head. It took a couple of minutes for me to get my breath back.Once again I almost missed the truck. Who are you? I asked as I scrambled into my clothes. Dana will do for now she said quietly, slipping her garment over her headWho are you Dana? I askedMy husband owns this building, and after a short pause…. I’m also Mika & Rena’s Aunty; now go before you miss your truck she said with a laugh. I almost collapsed in shock. If Dana hadn’t shoved me I’d still be standing there with my Jaw on the floor!Who set this up, I asked as I climbed out the window.Dana kissed me on the cheek and ruffed my hair as I left. Mika she whispered. Mika set it up.Arrived back in my room totally confused, I looked across the laneway. The blind in Mika`s room was pulled down.What the hell am I involved in? I thought. Who know? Who cares? Shit this is fun…but, what happens next???

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