The Neighbor


The NeighborMy last few years of high school my parents had a house with a really cool in ground swiming pool. My girlfriends and I would stay around that all the time sun tanning and swimming. Not long after we had moved in I noticed that the really old man that lived next door would always be peaking at me. I would leave my bedroom window open and give him a good show when ever I was dressing. He was always out side working in his yard. I was told that he and his wife were in their late seventies. At first he would try to be sneaky then when he knew that I knew he would just stand and watch, I would wave to him and blow kisses as I showed off my body. To tell you the truth, it really turned me on to know that he was watching and getting turned on. I knew this as I could see the tent in his pants. My girl friends and I would skinny dip and rub oil all over our naked bodys when we knew he was watching us. Then one day I was in my room and happened to look out my wI got to window and into the old man’s bedroom window. He was standing there stroking his cock looking right at me. I had never seen a man do this so I had to watch. Soon enough he shot a huge load and it was over. After that I think I was watching him tipobet365 yeni giriş as much as he was watching me. Then one day I caught him banging his old lady wife. I could not believe it, her old boobs were shaking and her old legs up in the air and he was really knocking it out. If I ever saw the old man outside we would always say hi to each other. I never thought of what we were doing as creepy or anything, it was alot of fun for me and I am sure for him also. One day I was out in the pool swiming alone, nobody would be home at my house for hours. I laid out on a lounge to sun my naked body and spied the old man in his yard peering thru the fence at me. Then I noticed that he had his cock stuck thru a knot hole in the fence. I walked over and played with it for a minute then put my mouth down and gave him a blow job, right thru the fence! I had given some boys a BJ before but never an old man. I did the best I could and that must have worked as he filled my mouth rather quickly with a warm sticky load. I gave him several more thru the fence BJs along with the strip shows and he always gave me shows also. Then one day I was out along the fence near the hole when I noticed him on the tipobet365 giriş other side. I figured he wanted another BJ and was prepared to give him one when he told me to put my pussy up to the fence. I did and he began to finger me, like I had never been fingered before. I came really hard in like two minutes. After that I could not get enough of the old man. My pussy would water at the thought of that old man. Then one day he started to finger me then he told me to back up to the fence and bend over with my pussy up tight against the hole as he was going to stick his cock in me. I did as I was told and then felt his large hard cock slid into me. It felt so good it took my breath away. He pounded me for a minute or two and then filled my cute little snatch full of his spunk, it ran down my leg when he pulled his cock out. His cock felt good but I could not get the full effect because of the fence. Another week by with us meeting at the hole in the fence to pleasure each other. Then one of my friends was over and we were teasing the old man when I told her about the hole and the things the old man and I had done. She could not believe it so I showed her the hole and the old man was there. We tipobet365 güvenilirmi asked to put his pecker thru the fence and he did. She played with it then she put her pussy up to the fence and the old man played with it, just when she was about to cum she pulled away and turned around and pushed her cunt up against the fence. The old man pushed his cock thru the fence and started to fuck her. This was making me so horny, i did not know what to do so I reached under her and played with clit, this sent her into space and she orgasimed so hard I thought she was going to pass out. The old man came at the same and filled her cunt to over flowing with his goo. Two days later I could not take it any more. I watched the old man’s wife leave the house and I went next door and knocked on the door. The old man opened the door and let me in. I told the old man I needed him to fuck me real good. He showed me to the bedroom and I took off my clothes and he was right behind me. His cock was much bigger up close and it felt much better without the fence between us. He fucked me good and hard thru several orgasims before he finally filled my womb full of his hot jizz. I could not stay away from the old man after that and I could not keep it a secret. I told a couple of my friends and soon enought they were going over to get some cock from the old man too. We continued to fuck the old man all the way thru college. His old lady even got involved a few times. She did not mind sharing his cock with us.

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