The Neighborhood Party

Big Tits

Each summer, our neighborhood has a party. There is usually one block of a street blocked off where the group places picnic tables and some of the neighborhood people organize games for the kids.

I like walking around and checking out the guys and sometimes do a little teasing. My husband, Gene is not happy about this but I’m not so obvious about it that he sees what I’m doing.

As darkness fell, “Can Candace spend the night?” our seven year old daughter, Amber ran to me, begging.

“If it’s okay with her mom and dad,” I conditioned my answer.

“It’s all right with us,” Her father, Stan smiled.

“I’ll need to go get some things for her,” Her mother Sheryl, added, getting up from the picnic table and walking away.

Stan is a hunk! He’s a little younger that Gene or me and quite handsome. His wife is no slouch and her talking to my husband enabled me precious moments gazing at him.

Gene and I took the girls to our house and tried to get them settled in. They were quite playful and I was horny. “I wish they’d go to sleep soon,” I rubbed up against Gene, “I’m really in need!”

A little after ten, Candace announced, “I lost my doll,” there was a doll she’d had earlier and she and Amber thought they might have left it at the school playground, at the end of our street.

I volunteered to go out and look for it.

I noticed just a few die hard party people left as I walked towards the playground. I didn’t see Stan or Sheryl.

Clouds had moved in and in the distance, I saw lightening flashing. I arrived at the school yard and heard voices in the shadows as I neared the playground.

I stopped and tried porno 64 to identify the voices and exactly where they were coming from. I slowly moved closer and could see and hear a man and a woman, talking like lovers of course, what else at this time of night? They hadn’t seen me so I just stayed still and quiet, thinking I may get a show, being a voyeur as well as a exhibitionist, I never turned down an opportunity to see a little action.

They were at the playground equipment locked in an embrace. I held my breath and slipped in behind part of a four sided slide that had an elevated room in the middle. They moved towards me and I recognized Stan and Sheryl groping each other. I thought for sure they would see me as they reached the side with the arched monkey bars of it.

They barely made it to that side when Stan pushed Sheryl back against the bars and pulled down her shorts! Even in the dark, I could still make out that she either had to be wearing a g-string or no panties at all. I couldn’t wait to find out. Kissing each other deeply, she reached for his shorts and was trying to get them down over his ass without letting his tongue from her mouth. When she did, she took his cock in her hand and stroked him until he was a steel rod, didn’t take long.

She took his cock and mounted herself on it! I mean she took the entire thing and fucked loud enough for me to her it clearly! I was freaking soaked, I had to do something or I would explode.

I quickly shoved a finger up my shorts and past my silky bikini panties and went to work on my pussy. I nearly came the first time I touched my clit! I couldn’t stand it, I was wishing porno izle I had something more than my fingers to stick in my puss or even my ass for that matter!

She was working him hard and fast now, his hands in her hair, and he was pumping it into her like it was the very last time he was ever going to get it.

“Fuck me, good” was all she said.

Holding on to her hips, he pounded and pounded, he grunted she moaned, I tried to keep my own moans at bay by biting my lower lip, damn it was a sight!

I wanted him now. I just couldn’t go up and say “hey, give me some of that” could I. I just went back to fingering myself. It took all I had not to scream out. I dropped to my knees to keep from falling on my face and nearly fell backwards right into plain sight. God I needed some cock!

Then he clinched up and rammed in deep, held it there and shot off in her, I could see his tight ass squeezing off a load. I love that. The lightening was moving closer and added to the show. After a few moments he pulled out and glanced around as he pulled up his shorts.

“Who’s watching us?” Stan stepped around to where I was frozen.

Fuck it, I was busted and horny! I was caught!

“Did you like what you saw?” Stan lifted me and sat me on the steps leading up the slide.

“Yes,” I whimpered, staring into his eyes and thinking how much I wanted him.

“Oh, look,” Sheryl pulled up her shorts and had something in her hand, “I’ll bet Candace will be looking for this.”

“That’s why I’m here,” I couldn’t move from the steps, “She wanted it before she went to sleep.”

“I’ll just run it to her,” she vanished into the darkness.

Stan sex izle slipped a finger up the leg of my shorts and discovered my wet pussy, “You must have liked what you saw,” he shoved it in hard.

I was loving it! I didn’t know what was going to happen and didn’t care! I wanted him so bad!

Then Stan took me by the arms and directed me to turn around, he pulled down my shorts and pushed me so I was leaning away from him, my hands bracing myself on the steps.

“My God,” Stan shoved his finger in my pussy and leaned forward to lick me, “You are so hot!”

I started pushing back against him, “Harder!” I gasped, “Harder!”

He sucked and fingered me and I was ready to cum, then he stood up and I felt his prick on the lips of my pussy. I was sopping wet so they spread easy for him.

He just shoved his cock inside me like I wanted, “Fuck me!” my trembling voice quivered, “Fuck me!”

“You are one hot fuck!” Stan worked back and forth moving inside me, “Does you husband have to tie you down at night?”

“We’ll come back her another time and you can tie me up here and fuck me again!” I groaned, “Would you like that?”

“Oh, God yes!” I struck another nerve and he rammed even harder, “I’ll fuck you tied to the bars!”

I had a climax coming on fast, but he caught me off guard by shooting a huge load into me which sent me into mine. Not meaning to, I found myself nearly screaming it felt so good!

Wave after wave hit us, we must have been a sight. Two grown people just convulsing around the playground equipment! We were stuck together because no one could move. It was great!

It started to rain and we ducked under the platform.

He kissed me hard and then lifted my sleeveless top. In a second he was sucking my hard nipples and I was stroking his sticky cock into another erection.

“Fuck me again!”

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