The Neighbour Ch. 03


I returned home after a full day of work and almost ran into the house. I was greeted by my wife, Helen at the door. Beside her was her bags of luggage all packed and ready to go. I carried on with her as normal and we said our goodbye’s, she was heading out of town business. But as she walked out the door I felt as if she was hiding something. She almost seemed a little cold toward me. If anyone I should be the one acting funny with all the things that had been going on next door with Sara and Matt. But I shrugged it off and watched her leave. Immediately I text Sara to see what they were up to this weekend.

While I waited for her to get back to me I hopped in the shower and started at what seemed to be a usual thing. I began shaving my body from the neck down. And for what I couldn’t shave I put on the cream and watched as it ate it away and washed down the drain. I finished in no time and got out of the shower and applied some of my wife’s powder. After I was done in there I went right to the back corner or our closet and grabbed my special little box of treasures. I opened it up and pulled out a sexy pair of panties. I put them on and followed it up with a matching bra. I dropped the falsies in positioned them just right. I reached back into the box and searched around for what I was after. Once I found it I pulled out the schoolgirl outfit that Sara and Matt had left me. I slid the short plaid skirt up my legs, followed by some sexy thigh highs and then finally the white shirt.

Once I was dressed I checked my phone again for a reply, but nothing yet. I carried on to getting together something to eat for supper. As I did I turned on the TV and searched through for good movie. I found some about some crossdressers and trannies and read no more, I just hit order. I watched the movie out of the corner of my eye as I finished up with supper and sat down to eat. I cleaned up when I was done and moved to a better chair. I was really starting to get turned on now. So I ran back to the box and pulled out a couple more things. I returned to the movie and sat back in the chair. I moved my ass so it was just hanging off the edge of the seat before sliding my panties to the side and applying some of the lube, that I had just got from the box, to my hole. I then reached with my other hand over to the dildo that was like a real cock and raised it to my mouth. In no time I at all I had to have that thing in me. So I lowered it down to my waiting hole. I first slid it around in the lube to coat the head before finally putting it at the hole and applying pressure. My hole opened to accept it, as I gave somewhat of a sigh/moan. But shortly after getting it in I looked back to the screen to see the ending credits.

I turned off the TV and went to the bedroom, leaving the rubber cock bobbing out of my ass as I did. I got onto the bed and grabbed another dildo out of the box and put it in my mouth. I dropped my face into the pillows and reached back to work the other in my ass. I was really liking this and started working it a little faster. I kept on getting quicker and quicker, and I knew that I couldn’t take much more. As I slid the cock in, right to the balls, my climax started and I started shooting stream after stream into my panties. I stayed like this for a couple minutes just enjoying the excitement I had just been through when my phone gave a beep. There was a reply from Sara.

‘Not tonight, but definitely tomorrow night. And besides it looks like your already taken care of…’ said the text.

I looked up to the window, and there she was looking out her own window over at me. She must have seen the show. She just smiled and walked away with a little wave.

The next morning I woke and went straight to the box again. This time I dressed in a black pair of panties and a black satin bustier. I followed it up with the french maid outfit that Sara and Matt had also left. I went to work cleaning the house. I turned on some music and almost danced around as I cleaned and tidied. The day was really starting to fly by when the doorbell rang. A little scared because of what I had on I hid by the door and looked out to see who was there. But as I did, there was not a soul around. So I went out the first entrance door and looked some more. Still no one around. So I slowly opened the door and peeked out the little slit. And still no one, I thought to myself that I must have been hearing things. But as my eyes trailed down as I was going to close the door I seen it. There in front of the door was two big shopping bags with the most feminine print on them. Also there was a note attached to the top. ‘Here’s for you to get ready. See you around 7.’ I reached out and grabbed the two bags and returned inside.

I immediately went to the bedroom to look through the bags. I reached into the one and began to pull out a huge almost renaissance type dress. It was huge, the entire bottom was filled with petticoats and crinoline. I admired the extremely feminine dress before laying on the bed. I reached back into porno the back to find a little eye piece that was from a masquerade. These brought a smile to my face, as my anticipation for the night went wild. I reached into the other bag to empty out it’s contents. First was some rather large falsies and glue. Next was a white almost bridal corset with two big cups for the forms I figured, and next was somewhat of a matching panty, again with the zipper in the front and a hole in the rear. Next where some white thigh highs and some white lace elbow length gloves.

With what was in front of me I knew I was in for a good night. So I stripped down and got into the shower to begin my routine. I got out and went to my wifes makeup table and began to go to work. I then reached into the bag and grabbed the supplied wig and began to fasten it on. After a short time the conversion of my entire head was finished and now on to the rest of me. I went to the bed and first grabbed the panties and slid them on. Next I took the corset and began to fasten it around me. As I finished with it I reached back down and began to apply some adhesive to the falsies. I gently dropped them into place and moved them around a little to give me the most realistic looking chest. Next was the thigh highs that I rolled up my legs and attached to the dangling garters from the corset. Once I finished all this I turned to admire the beautiful woman that was looking back at me in the mirror. I looked over to intimidating dress as it laid there on the bed. I went over and picked it up and slid the zipper down. I then began to neatly place it on the ground leaving the hole in the centre open for me to step into. I gingerly stepped into the dress and began to slid it up my chest. I reached around and pulled up the zipper and adjusted the dress into place. Next I reached back in the bag and grabbed the sexy white 5″ heels and slid them on my feet. Next was the satin gloves, and finally followed with the mask as the last piece.

I turned again to face myself in the mirror. I was amazed. I couldn’t even tell myself that I was actually under there. I figured I didn’t have much time to ogle myself so I went to the kitchen and got some wine chilling for my soon arriving guests. I went to the rec room figuring there was the most room in the house for manoeuvring this dress and began to light some candles. Just as I got the last of them lit I heard the door close and I knew they were here. I called to them and they came right down.

They both entered and I was blown away. Matt had on the same type outfit as my own, and did he ever look good. He looked even more convincing than I thought I did when I checked myself in the mirror. Sara was dressed in almost like a tuxedo with a matching hat and a black masquerade mask covering just down to her upper lip. And although in dress clothes they were tight in just the right places to show off her sexy body underneath, as well as the tent in her pants from the rubber cock you could tell she had on underneath.

“You look amazing,” Sara said, as she came over to me and circled.

I muttered out a thanks almost like a shy girl. Sara kept circling me, checking me out from top to bottom, and rubbing her hands all over my chest and tits as she did.

“Why don’t you give me a hand and get some wine poured,” Matt said.

“Sounds good,” I replied as I followed him to the kitchen.

As Matt and I got to the kitchen he grabbed the glasses and I grabbed the wine. I turned to pour the wine and noticed he had got five glasses out. Without questioning him I just poured the wine. As I was putting the wine back in the fridge I could hear the door shut again and Sara talking to someone. Tingles went through my body as I was anticipating what was in store. Matt and I grab the glasses and head for the rec room. As we enter into it I see two more people there. Talking to Sara was the lady from her party that had both sets of tools. I just smiled to her as she looked over to us and handed her some wine.

“Hey there, your looking damn sexy tonight,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said.

I looked over to the other guest that was dressed exactly the same as Sara, right down to the hard rubber cock pressed against their pants. Although I knew her from somewhere, from having the mask on I couldn’t tell how. It was almost a eerie feeling I was having that the person under the mask was so familiar. I again looked back to the ‘guest of honour’ from the other night to examine her costume a little more. She was dressed in some sort of sexy naughty priest costume. All black shoes and stockings to the tight black skirt type dress right up to the white choker around her neck. Although no hard rubber cock on under her costume I could still just make out the tip of her cock hanging out below the skirt.

“I’m Steph, by the way, don’t think we’ve ever really talked,” she said with a coy smile and a wink.

But from all the costumes in the room I couldn’t figure out the whole priest thing. All japon porno with the renaissance masquerade theme the priest just didn’t make sense in my head. As I went to open my mouth and ask why the priest costume Sara reached over to me and spun me around.

“Here let me help you with this dress, it will help you put things together,” Sara said, as if she almost reading my mind.

Still somewhat confused about it I turned and let her do whatever she was going to do. She reached behind me and began to undo a zipper. But I still couldn’t quite figure out what she was up to. She undid a zipper down my back and began to go around my front and back up the other side. As she did this it was almost as if she was undoing a gown that was zipped onto this one. I looked over to Matt and the other girl was helping him to do the same. I looked back down to see what was in store. It took my breath away, I was here dressed as a bride. And Matt too was dressed the same, and then with Sara and the other guest dressed the way they were the priest made much more sense.

“Well now that we’re all ready, let’s get things started,” Steph said with a smile.

As she said this Sara took Matt’s arm and stood before Steph with a smile. The other guest took my arm and did the same.

“We are gathered here today…,” Steph started.

She carried on the whole time with a sense of some satire humour.

“Repeat after me,” Steph started, as I repeated her words.

“I vow, to pleasure and please, to sometimes put my own needs aside, and honour my partners wishes. I vow to full fill their needs whenever, where ever and however him or her would like. And from this day forward I will dress and surcome to them however they wish.”

I repeated the vows back word for word following her lead. Matt standing beside me was doing the same.

“Well now that we have the formalities out of the way, I say we get down to business and yous two live up to your word,” Steph said in a stern voice.

Although still smiling while she said it I knew she business. So I turned to face my newly appointed partner she looked back to me with a smile. She reached down and began to undo the front of her pants, just enough for the heavy cock to fall free. Without being told what I was to do I already began to drop to my knees. My partner leaned back and dropped onto the couch. I made my way down in front of her and began to take the tip of the cock into my mouth. I could see from the corner of my eye that Matt and Sara were doing the same. I began to take more and more of the cock into my mouth. While I was doing this I moved my hands up to their chest and began to massage their breasts.

While we were all doing this on the couch Steph decided to crawl up on the couch over my partners face. She slowly hiked up her skirt enough for them to take her cock into their mouth. I could see this going on right above me but I kept on with the task at hand. My hands on my partners chest kept coming into contact with Steph’s ass, as she worked her cock in their mouth. But soon her ass was to the point of grinding on my hands. I knew what she was after and moved my fingers up to her waiting wet slit. Her wet pussy let my fingers slide right in. She gave a moan as I entered her. She really started rocking now.

It was almost hard for me to concentrate on what I was doing with all this going on above. But as Steph’s moans began to change to almost screams, I knew she was going to cum. I concentrated on working my fingers inside her as I heard her final grunt as she began to pump her hot load into my partner’s mouth. Steph kept pumping her mouth until her orgasm subsided. And as quick as she moved onto my partner, she removed herself and headed to Matt and Sara. My partner looked to me with a smile and motioned me up with her finger. I moved up her body as she lowered her head for a kiss. As we kissed she used her tongue to push the hot goo she was holding in her mouth, into mine. I took it all in. She broke the kiss and looked at me with a smile as I swallowed it down.

She then got back up onto her feet and helped me to do the same. Once we were both standing she reached down to my still huge dress and began to work in the crinolines. She slowly made her way around me and took the lower half of them off. So now the wedding dress was almost turned to a ballerina type dress. She still just looked to me with a smile while she led me over to Matt and Sara. When we got to them Matt turned, and put his back against the couch. Sara shifted around to straddle his face, much the same as Steph had just done with my partner. Steph then lowered herself down in front of Sara’s face. My partner then guided me to my in front of Matt. He helped to lift his still huge dress as my partner lead my face into his waiting cock. I was on my hand and knees completely buried in this dress with a hard cock in my mouth. From the slurping noises above me they were not wasting any time. I went to work on Matt’s cock. It lezbiyen porno felt to good to have a warm real cock in my mouth.

Forgetting all about my partner I began to feel some hands exploring my totally exposed ass. I could feel the coolness of the lube they were applying to my bud. And without any wasted time I soon felt the tip of their rubber cock at my opening. They slowly inched it in. Gently moving a little more and a little more they soon had their rubber balls against my ass cheeks and their thighs right against my own. They paused only a short time before slowly beginning to pump in and out of me. We were all in a train of filthy dirty sex, and I loved it. I could hear Sara’s muffled panting above me as she was bobbing on Steph’s hard cock. As well as I could feel Matt beginning to thrust his hips a little. I took one of my hands and began to massage Matt’s balls. Knowing how much he loved it I knew he couldn’t take it for to long. I was right, it was driving him nuts and his thrusts got harder and harder. I kept up and really started speeding up on his cock. He gave one last thrust with a grunt and jammed his dick into my mouth. I felt the first shot hit the back of my mouth. Followed with the second, third and so on. I kept on bobbing on his cock and taking all his juices in. At the same time, my partner behind me gave a grunt too and I could feel her reach down to the ball sack and squeeze her hot load into me. I was like a pig on a spit getting filled with juices at both ends.

We soon broke from our sex train and I made my way out from under the dress. As I was doing this My partner had already undone my dress at the back and it fell off me to the floor. I turned around to face my partner. I got the shock of my life! My partner had removed her mask and was looking back at me with a smile. IT WAS MY WIFE.

“Helen it was you?” I asked, with the obvious right in front of me.

“Yup,” she replied. “Sara and Matt thought this might be a way to introduce me to the other side of you. I’ve heard all about the fun you’ve been having with them this last couple weeks. And after finding that box of yours in the closet, I was a little interested about just how far you would go.”

“I… I..,” I tried to speak but I was still in shock.

She knew everything, and now after this knew exactly how far I would go. She just looked at me still smiling.

“You mean your not mad?” I asked.

“No of course not, how do you think Sara and Matt and I got onto this topic? I was obviously close to them too. And I mean in somewhat of the same way you were,” Helen continued.

Almost a embarrassed or shy I looked to the ground. I didn’t know what to say. Here I was in some sexy bridal lingerie in front of my own wife after sucking her and a guy off, while she pumped her strap on into my ass. There was nothing I could say. There was a small silence.

“Well since we’re all here and all have the same things on our minds, we might as well make the best of it,” Sara broke the silence.

“Yah for sure,” Steph agreed.

“Of course, I wanna see this sexy little slut in action,” Helen said.

Matt just sat there nodding in agreement, as my embarrassment somewhat passed as I heard those words come from my wife’s mouth. With this all being said we all stood and Sara then helped Matt in removing his dress. Steph peeled her own dress off and Helen and Sara then stripped out of their suits. Matt and I stood in the centre of attention still in our full lingerie and masks.

“I knew you said he looked good, but I didn’t think he could look this good,” Helen said as she eyed me up and down. “I can barely tell it’s my husband under there. It just looks like a sexy bitch wanting to get fucked.”

“And trust me when I said he was good at that, I wasn’t kidding,” Sara added.

“Yah Matt and I vouch for that,” Steph agreed.

With this being said Helen began to circle around me. As she did this she rubbed her hands all over my body. She ran them from my thighs right over my covered raging hard on, right up my stomach and around my back, as she circled around. Her hands then found their way up to my massive tits. She pawed away at them almost in amazement. I could feel the weight of them being lifted and dropped as she did this.

I could feel another set of hands starting to run themselves over me as well. I turned to face Steph as she followed Helen’s actions and began to run them all over me. Helen’s attention turned a little to Steph, as she took one of her hands and began to do the same to her body. Steph did the same and the three of us stood rubbing our hands all over each other. I could hear Sara and Matt behind us as they were into some heavy kissing. Steph and Helen began to kiss as well. I leaned in and began to kiss them both as well. We were slowly making our way to the couch again. Steph sat down on it and Helen and I both lowered down to her. We both took a nipple into our mouths. We both kissed and caressed her beautiful tits. Helen then moved to the centre and began to lower her head down to Stephs hard on. Helen took it in her mouth as I continued on with what I was doing, still watching my wife beginning to suck on this throbbing cock. I watched for a little while before moving behind my wife.

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