The Network Boy (2)


THE NETWORK BOY (2). 2. INTRODUCED ….WITH A THREESOME. I got frustrated, I began to doubt Eddie’s claims after the third time ringing the number he had given me. There had been no answer as I’d let the phone ring for fully five minutes. Each time I’d tried to get in touch with him I’d had a delicious sexual tingle running through my body, thinking about what I had done with Eddie in the works hut, only to be disappointed at the unanswered call. I was going to give it one last shot, one more call before putting the whole thing down to experience and forgetting about it. I always used the telephone box at the end of the road that we lived on, I wasn’t taking any chances on my parents or sisters ear wigging in on me with this one. I was filled with a mixture of relief and nervous excitement when at last I heard the click at the other end of the line and the telephone was answered. Eddie was pleased to hear from me, it was a quick call, he said he was in a rush but that he would pick me up at ten that night, if that was OK with me. It was no problem, I was fascinated and intrigued by what he’d said about the people he knew and how they would like me. We arranged that I would wait for him at the telephone box that I was using. The last and indeed first time I’d seen Eddie he was driving a Land Rover and wearing working overalls, so it came a surprise when the blue Triumph Spitfire car pulled up in front of me at ten that night. Eddie got out of the Spitfire to call me over, he was wearing a smart black jumper and trousers combination. “You getting in or what?” he said to me over the top of the car. He had anticipated my reaction at seeing the casual, out of working hours version of him. “Yes, it’s really me, come on, get in.” He got back into the car and pushed open the passenger door for me. He looked ten years younger, his short dark hair was neatly brushed, he was still older than my Dad but it was a hugely different looking Eddie from our previous liaison. I gave him a rather nervous hello greeting and he started to drive. “Won’t be long, we’re going to this pub I know. Someone important that I want you to meet and who is looking forward to meeting you.” “I’m not quite old enough to get served in pubs yet, will it be OK?” I said to him, a little more innocently than I meant it to sound. “Well, the fella I’m taking you to meet is the landlord, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.” He laughed and looked at me. “You look older than eighteen anyway, and surely you aren’t trying to tell me you haven’t had a drink in a pub before. Or have young lads changed out of recognition since I was one?” He was right, of course I’d done the teenage being drunk stuff and been in pubs before. He told me we were heading for the George and Dragon on the outskirts of town, then started Karşıyaka escort bayan telling me a little about himself. His job at the park was only part time, he used to be the head keeper in charge of a team of five men. His wife had died in a road accident a few years previously and the various insurances and a passed on inheritance meant that he didn’t really need to work at all. They didn’t have children and he had more than enough money now to see him live well enough, but he liked the job and he hadn’t wanted to turn idle. So they’d offered him a part time post to patrol the park for two days a week for as long as he wanted it. “And, luckily you just happened to be running around the place bollock naked on one of my working days. That’s what I meant when I said it was fate, what do you reckon?” He laughed loudly then looked to me. “It was fate Pauly, no other explanation for it.” Eddie laughed a lot, I liked that, he had a kindly face that always seemed to be smiling, which made you smile with him. I had been a little puzzled by one thing he’d said though. “Wife? Eddie, you said you were married. But I thought….” I couldn’t really think what to say next so Eddie took over for me. “Pauly, Once you get on to the scene you’ll find out, quite a lot of the men are married, some because they swing both ways or some that are in marriages of convenience for money or respectable appearance…” “And what about you?” I interrupted him, he was turning left to drive onto the empty pub car park. “Me? I used to swing both ways, but I only go one way now. And I promise you Pauly, you will love the world I’m going to introduce you to.” Eddie put his hand on my thigh as he stopped the car and rubbed it up from my knee to my crotch. It was a nice night so I’d just put a polo shirt and jeans on, I had made a conscious decision to wear the pair that showed off my arse best. He moved his hand further over to my crotch and squeezed a little, feeling my dick through my jeans. “Nice, Pauly, I really do think you’ll like what I’m going to show you tonight. You excited?” “Yeah, I’m excited, I think,” I said, smiling. “Good, then let’s go, Jim should be shutting up shop in ten minutes or so.” **** The big guy behind the bar called time almost as soon as Eddie had ordered the drinks, he had a lager for himself and a coke with ice for me. We sat in an alcove with a small table, it was out of sight of the bar; a place where lovers would normally sit with their drinks to get some privacy . It was a midweek night and custom seemed very light. Eddie made sure nobody was within earshot and put me in the picture a little. Eddie was one of the main players and organizers involved in a sex network which he had help build up over a number of years. Escort bornova They organized parties and get togethers, they swapped contacts and information between each other to build the network up. All sorts of people were involved from all walks of life and from all over the country. Lads like myself provided the entertainment, they were known as “The Network Boys”. He said they even had a few nice policemen and a member of the local clergy on board. They used quite a few different venues for the group meet ups in every area where The Network was active and everyone was encouraged to share. Which meant that if someone in The Network needed a certain kind of entertainment there was always someone there to provide it, or a member who would know someone who could. “And that, Pauly, is how I spend my leisure time,“ Eddie said after the explanation. “Sound like something you could be interested in?” he asked as he sipped at his drink “WOW!” Was about as much as I could say in reply. “I’ll take that as a yes then shall I?” Eddie laughed again. A head and shoulders appeared around the corner of the alcove where we sat, it was the big guy from behind the bar. “Be with you in a minute once I‘ve locked up, the last two are just going out of the door.” He looked at me, then to Eddie before saying to him, “This the lad you were telling me about Ed?” “Yep, Jim meet Pauly, Pauly, this is Jim,” Eddie said, using his glass as a pointer to each of us. “Nice, very nice,” Jim said before winking at me and going over to usher the last two customers out and locking the front door. “OK chaps, the coast is clear,” Jim shouted across the pub to us. Eddie gestured for us to go into the main bar area where we sat at two high stools. The curtains had been closed and the big, empty main room of the pub with a pool table at it’s centre had been cleared of the customers glasses. Jim was now behind the bar and was pouring Eddie another drink, he took a whisky for himself and asked me if I wanted anything stronger than the coke I’d had before. “Nah, coke is fine thanks,” I definitely wanted to keep a totally clear head for this, whatever it was. I was a bit nervous now, locked in the pub in the company of a guy I’d only met once and another who I’d never seen before in my life. Nervous but excited and even more curious after what Eddie had just told me. Jim was a big man, tall and wide, he was overweight but not in an obese looking way. His shirt and trousers were well cut, he wore gold jewellery around his neck and a couple of rings. He looked about forty, his mousey hair was cropped close. Like with Eddie I used my Dad as a guide at guessing his age, about four or five years older than him I thought. Eddie took out a packet of cigarettes and offered üçyol escort them round, Jim refused and took a cigar from a box behind the bar. I did occasionally smoke at the time but didn’t take one, I just wanted to know more about this network. Jim came from behind the bar and sat with us, he took long drags on the large cigar, blowing the thick smoke upwards as he spoke to me. “So, Pauly, I take it Eddie has told you a few things about what we do? Well, we use this place quite a lot, after hours for parties. I’ll lock up, then about half an hour later people in the know will start to turn up. We usually get going properly about 11.30 and run for as long as those people want it to.” He paused and looked at Eddie. “But, I reckon the best thing would be to show Pauly here the little video from the last one to give him a better idea, what do you think, Ed?” “I think that’s a very good idea indeed. The stripper one is a good one,” Eddie said, smiling as always. Jim went back behind the bar and took out a box of video tapes, he looked at the spines of the video boxes until he got to the one he wanted. The video player was underneath the bar, he slipped the tape into the machine and pressed the button to play. He gestured for me to look at the television screen that sat on a stand on the wall above the bar. “Just watch, and enjoy,” Jim said as he pointed the remote control at the television. The film had been shot from the very bar we were sitting at, the camera was pointing towards the pool table. There were people milling around at the bar and a large group of men stood around the table, music was playing and a young guy was dancing on the pool table. He was wearing nothing but a pair of shiny red shorts, they were very tight fitting and looked fabulous on him, clothes lay on the pool table that he had obviously taken off and dropped there. He looked about twenty one years old with a good body, he was plainly enjoying himself on the table with the group of older guys stood around encouraging him. He was rubbing his crotch through the shorts and making thrusting movements with his hips. The camera moved in closer as he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of the shorts and ripped them away from his body in one movement. The shorts flew into the air and one of the audience members caught them, the men gathered around all started to clap and shout as the stripper danced naked on the table, his hard cock bouncing up and down as he danced. He took a bottle of baby oil from a pocket in the corner of the pool table and poured the oil onto his body, then jumped down from the table into the middle of the now very enthusiastic crowd. Lots of different hands rubbed the oil into his body and other people started to unzip their trousers or take their clothes off around him. The young guy started to suck one of the cocks that had been put into his direction, then he took one in each hand and started to wank them. There were people now stood around him in various states of undress, some just wanked themselves off as they watched him, others waited for their turn to be sucked.

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