The new BBC in the neighborhood part 2


The new BBC in the neighborhood part 2My night with my honorary wife Barbara was probably the best night I have ever spent with a woman. It was wild, hot but also very sensual. We woke up around 11 am, she laid in my arms talking about our wild night and how much fun it was. She was stroking my dick getting it hard, I guess she didn’t get enough last night. She gave it a big squeeze and said she was in love with my cock and then she worked her way down and gave a mind shattering blowjob and she swallowed every drop.She said lets shower together, I have a showing at four and then I have to see how things are going on at our house. I know she said that to keep the show going on, but I can see us both living in the house. I start washing her back spending extra attention to her beautiful ass, I could play with it all day. She turns around an I try to take my time covering every inch of her perfect body.Then it’s her turn. Back first and then front. She pays special attention to my dick and ball getting it hard as a rock. We hug and my dick slides between her legs getting her hot and wet, She whispers in my ear that she need to fucked in her ass again but we need to do it fast. She has a way of turning me on such that I am filling her ass in no time at all causing her to have an orgasm of her own. We quickly dry off and she gets dressed which is as much fun as watching her undress. She kisses me and say bye hubby and runs for the door.As I lay there, I can’t believe that woman, so sexy and erotic. I get dressed and decide to go walk the town and find some place for breakfast. I find a little mom and pop place, they are only open for breakfast and lunch. I prefer eating in places like that. The food is really homemade. The owners are great people. George and Gina. Loved chatting with them. Gina kept giving me a special look, I think she may have a bit of jungle bahis şirketleri fever. Not a bad looking lady in her 60’s. I bet she gives George a run for his money. George said it will be good to have an African American in the area, they are far and few in between. Because of his age I didn’t take offence, Gina wasn’t happy and mouthed sorry. I and I told them thanks for the great meal I will back, with that Gina said that we will make a delivery to your hotel.As I was walking back I got a call from my honorary. I asked ho was it going, and she said not great, I need my hubby to fuck the stress out of me. We can Make that happen, she gave me the address to her home and asked me to be there around nine, OK see you then. I stopped at the bar for a quick drink before heading up.I went into my suite through the bedroom, as I walked in, there on my bed naked was the two room service girls from yesterday. The one I fucked yesterday, who’s name I found out is Sara and the other ones name is Jane. Sara said that we have been waiting for you for hours. I told her sorry but I had something to do, sorry I didn’t check with you first, also you’re getting comfortable letting yourself in here. Sara said we thought you would mind coming in knowing you can have all this. I guess she was right. Between the the two of them they had tits that would give five women big tits and they both had huge nipples, big asses and shaved cuntsBoth ladies came over to and took off my clothes leaving me naked, then Jane pushed back onto the bed and said I heard you have a tasty dick and when walk out on me yesterday i wanted to fuck you then. When it came to pick up your tray I couldn’t so I told Sara about you and she could’t get up here fast enough. I said I was glad she did, because when she walked though my door and I saw those big tits I knew I had to have her and i did and now bahis firmaları I am going to both of you. Sara asked if I was sure I could handing both of them.I assured her that by the time they left here they are going to have my big black cock buried in all of their holes. With that Sara told Jane to go first since she already had me.Jane laid on the bed and spread her legs so wide her pussy was ready for the taking. I climbed between her legs and shoved my dick balls deep in her, she screamed out oh fuck baby you huge black is filling me, fuck me till I beg you to stop but keep going. I was loving watching he big tits wobble as I jammed my cock into her wet pussy, I took a nipple in my mouth and suck it hard, she begged to suck it harder, bit it. I did it and she went wild on my and then started squirted all over my dick and balls. I looked at Sara and she had a black dildo in her ass and was fucking herself hard. She saw me looking and said that she was getting ready for me. I climbed off Jane to give her a break, but she straddles my hips and said that she wasn’t done with , put my cock at her ass and slowly slid down it moaning loud about how my dick was splitting her fat ass in two. When she bottomed out she started rocking her ass me at the same time put her tits in my mouth and I used them as I pleased. When she got use to my monster dick, she began bouncing on it hard begging for more. Her ass was so fucking tight. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I asked her where did she want my cum, she begged me to fuck her tits and cum on her face. She laid on her back and i did as she asked, fucked her tits like I fucked you cunt. My cock is almost 10″ long and it still got lost in her big, fat fucking tits. When me head poke out she lick it. I felt my nuts getting tight and I could feel my load flowing up my dick. The first few shot hit kaçak bahis siteleri her in the chin and the rest I aimed over tits painting her fat nipples. My hot load made her cum for the second time. As soon as I moved away Sara with the dildo still in her licked and sucked the last bit of cum off my dick and did the same to Jane’s tits and face and the shared it with her.We all laid on the bed with me in the middle and Sara was playing with my cock to get it hard for her turn. I t was Sara’s turn, I fucked her just as hard as I fucked Jane and ended up shooting another big load deep in her ass. Jane was under me licking and sucking on my big low hanging balls while I fucked Sara so when I pulled out of ass my dick fell in to Jane’s mouth where she sucked it clean. Then she was catching the cum flowing out of Sara’s gaping ass. Over the next four hours I used both of their asses cunts and mouths give them two more loads of my cum.After we rested a while while I told the girls they were going to have to go, I have something to do tonight so I am going to have to clean up and rest a while. They offered to help but I passed I would get any rest with their help. As they were leaving I asked them to call me the next time they want to come by and play.After a hot shower I took a nap when I was woken by the wife, she asked what I was doing and I told her I was laying in bed with a hard cock thinking about her. She said MMMMM I bet it looks good and would taste so good. She said baby I am not feeling well can we cancel tonight, I am not use being married and getting the hell fucked out of me all night on my honeymoon. I said sure and asked if she wanted me to bring her some chicken soup and give her a massage. Barbara said the idea was for me to rest, we both laughed. She said she had a early morning, so why don’t me meet at the house so I can see the progress. Then we can go back to her house so we can play husband and wife some and continue our honeymoon. She said she has the next day off so she is mine for as long as I want her, which we both know we won’t be apart from each other the whole time.

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