The New Maid



By samsin

I would like to thank 19kitten19 for her time and editing skills.


It was Friday and I couldn’t wait any longer to get back home.

The past couple of weeks had been particularly more hectic than the others, since it was the end of the first financial quarter after the merger. Everyone in the office had been busy throughout, preparing financial statements and various reports necessary for compliance. As the head of the department, it had been nothing short of a nightmare for me. I was making a few rectifications to the quarterly financial report when my cell phone suddenly rang; I looked at the LED screen of the phone and saw it was my wife.

“I’m almost done darling, I’ll be home in another hour.” I said typing with renewed vigor.

“I didn’t call to remind you to come home early Stanley, I’m afraid I have some bad news. Mother is ill and I’m going to the hospital to check on her, I may not come back tonight.” She said with a tone of disappointment.

I couldn’t believe my luck! ‘Couldn’t your mother choose a better time to fall sick?’ I wanted to ask her. Instead I said in to the mouthpiece, “that’s terrible dear, do you want me to come to the hospital?”

“That’s so very nice of you Stanley, but no you don’t have to come to the hospital. Not now at least. You have been working so hard for the last few weeks. I want you to take some much-needed rest, besides I know how much you hate my mother. You are going to make her sicker. If some emergency pops up, I’ll give you a call.”

“Ok. As you wish sweetheart.”

“Stanley, one more thing; do you remember I was talking about hiring a maid?”

“Umm…yeah sure! What about her?”

“Well, I hired one today.”

“What? What did you say Alice?”

“I said, I hired a maid today.”

“What? You got to be fucking kidding me Alice! You hired a maid! Do you even know what that means financially, in this recession? What were you thinking? You said it yourself a few days back that you want a baby and for that, we should start saving instead of spending. How could you hire a maid even after saying all of that?”

“Relax Stan, her wage isn’t that high. She just came to the city and was looking for some work. I think you’ll like her; she is young and quite a looker. I’m sure once you see her you’ll change your mind.”

“For fucks’ sake Alice stop speaking such non-sense, are you high?”

“No Stan, I’m not high. Look, if you don’t like her or her services we can fire her next month, ok? Just relax!”

“Whatever Alice, I still don’t think that is such a good idea.”

“Stan, look it’s getting late. I would love to talk with you about this but I really don’t have the time right now. We will talk about this later all right. In the meantime, promise me you will behave properly with her tonight. She is quite attractive and fun and I’m sure we can persuade you to keep her.”

“What does that mean? What are you trying to say Alice?”

“Nothing! Look I need to get going. Have a good time. I’ll talk to you later.”

Before I could utter another word, she disconnected the phone. To say I was pissed off would be an understatement. I was mad at her for a variety of reasons. First, her mother had to fall ill at this precise moment and ruin my plan of screwing my wife for the weekend. Above all, she had to hire a maid knowing full well about our financial capabilities. I was sure that old hag must have something to do about this maid-business. If I ever get the chance, I am going to strangle that old-bitch, I thought.

I finished my work, shut down the pc and headed towards home. Halfway there, I wanted to head towards a pub and drown myself in alcohol, but I was feeling dead tired already so I kept heading towards home. I didn’t want to be on the morning paper if I was not alive to read it. Part of me was also curious about the maid. Alice sure got my attention when she said the maid was young and beautiful and they will find a way to persuade me to keep her. I was wondering over and over what she meant by that.

I was sure Alice would fuck me to persuade me to keep her, but the point was why had she said “they” will find a way to persuade me to keep her? Did she mean the maid will also fuck me? No! No! What was I thinking? It would be impossible even for someone as kinky as Alice, to let the maid fuck her husband to persuade him to keep her. The more I thought about it, the more I started to get hard.

Alice has never missed a single chance to tease me, always wearing very revealing clothes in the house. She is also very experimental. We have had sex in all possible positions and locations. For example, one day Alice made me fuck her in the parking lot of a super-market. Then sometimes she’s dressed up and we’ve role-played. She would play doctor and I would be her patient, she would be the sexy white teacher and I would be her gangsta’ student. I know role-playing is her favorite by the number of orgasms she gets while we’re at it.

Alice güvenilir bahis is a nympho and a total pervert. In fact, she is the most perverted woman I have ever met and I have always been somewhat happy for that, since I’m a bummer in bed. Although, I cannot boast that I have been with a lot of woman to come to that conclusion! The truth is that Alice is the only woman I have ever been with.

You see, I was a total nerd before I met my wife. I was an average Joe, whose main aim in life was to get good marks and secure a good job so that I could look after my poor old mother, who was suffering from cancer. My father had left us for another woman when I was nine. My mother worked hard her whole life to provide for us. Although she dated a few men, she never married again.

My social life was next to non-existent and my course-books were my best friends, and the only place where I used visit in the evening was the library. Unfortunately, my mother died a year before my graduation. I don’t know what would have happened to me if Alice would have not been with me at that time. She supported me throughout the whole ordeal.

I met Alice, when I was in college. She used to work in a coffee shop near the library. She was everything that nerds like me imagine a girl to be. She had long blonde hair with an angelic face and a killer body. To this day, I have no idea what a girl like her saw in me that she decided to marry me. I thank God everyday in my prayers for Alice and I love her with all I have, but at this point, I was terribly angry with her.

While I was thinking all this, I reached the familiar roundabout near my home. I took the road that would take me home and pressed on the pedal, soon I could see my house in the distance. The place where I live is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, all the residents here are honest and hardworking people who retired to their homes early. My house is last in the row and my neighbor is old Mrs. McDonald, who has a hearing problem.

I drove in, opened the garage doors, and parked my car inside. The door to the house from the garage was locked. I thought the maid must have locked the doors since she was alone in the house. I went to the front door and rang the bell. There was no answer so I rang it again. This time I heard footsteps and the peephole darkened, shortly thereafter the door opened.

The view almost made me cum in my pants.

“Welcome home sir.” The maid greeted me wearing a bright smile and a revealing black and white maid dress with lace trimmings. The dress was a size smaller than she would actually need, her breasts overflowing from the top and it was cut so low you could even see the top of her light pink aureoles. The skirt ended abruptly, barely making it to her thighs. There were lace trimmings on the skirt, on her sleeves and the area near her voluptuous bosom.

“Alice wh-” I tried to say.

“She went to see her mother Sir.” She cut in, moving aside to allow me to come inside the house.

“Hmm… I believe you are the new maid, so what’s your name?” I asked giving her an once-over.

“You can call me Jenny, Sir.” She replied. “Ma’am has given me strict orders to take care of you in her absence so please feel free to order me to do anything you want.”

I walked to the sofa in the dining room and crashed. Jenny in her cleavage revealing dress came and asked, “Would you like some tea Sir?”

“Umm… Yes, that would be great.”

She turned to leave and I noticed her extremely short skirt, which was unable to cover her ample ass. As she sauntered towards the kitchen, I couldn’t peel my eyes off her long athletic legs encased in lace-top sheer seamed stockings.

When she returned with the tea and bent to put the tray on the table, I was rewarded with the view of her overflowing cleavage. She had brought the cup set that we don’t use. It was Alice’s favorite and most valued item, which her mother gifted her as a wedding gift. She caught me looking at her cleavage but didn’t try to straighten or cover up. Instead, she gave me a very seductive smile and continued pouring tea in the cup from the pot.

“How much sugar, Sir?”

My inspection of her boobs was interrupted by her sudden question. I replied somewhat embarrassed, “One teaspoon please.”

Jenny poured a teaspoon of sugar in the tea with her perfectly manicured fingers, her nails nicely painted pink with glitter. She stirred the tea a bit longer than necessary giving me ample time to finish inspecting her boobs.

“Here’s your tea Sir.” Jenny handed me the cup with a sly grin and took the tray to the kitchen.

As I sipped the hot tea, beads of perspiration formed on my forehead, more from excitement than heat and I felt a little giddy. My heart began to race and I felt a little out of breath, blood coursed to the wrong part of my body. I looked at the tea with suspicion and smelled it, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. My aroused state also didn’t help matters. The blatant türkçe bahis exhibitionism by Jenny had made me hard and extremely horny. I wanted to maul her ample boobs and ass until she screamed in pain and then I wanted to pull her on my lap, hike her filthy skirt up, and spank her bottom until it was glowing red. These extremely dirty thoughts caused a noticeable bulge in my pants. I adjusted my cock so that it was not facing upwards.

I must have been lost in my dirty thoughts when Jenny entered the room. So when she touched my forehead and asked, “Are you all right Sir, you look flushed?” I dropped the cup of tea on my shirt. I sprang straight up as a knee jerk reaction and the bulge in my pant was pointing straight at Jenny, as if trying to accuse her of this sudden intrusion of my privacy by touching me, but I knew it was more than that.

“OH MY GOD! I am sorry! Did I startle you Sir? I’m so sorry, It’s just that when I came in I saw you looking flushed and I wanted to see whether you were feeling alright. Please don’t fire me! I will clean this mess up in no time and make up for it, I promise.

We were lucky that the cup didn’t break in all this commotion as it fell on the sofa after bouncing of off me, otherwise we would all have been in trouble.

Jenny took the clean towel hanging from the belt in her dress and started to wipe the stains of tea from my shirt. I stood there with my dick pointing straight at her. Jenny was quite shorter than me in height but she was wearing black stilettos which put her to my level. I was concentrating hard not to think about… well, about things I would like to do to her, so that my cock would soften down but her perfume was making the job harder. I tried to remember about the quarterly report, my schedule for Monday, but I failed miserably with her boobs were so close to my body. I… I wanted to grope them; I wanted to lift her skirt and fondle her ass-cheeks while nibbling on her ear lobe, making her moan. I was surely not going to lose that boner with these thoughts. I closed my eyes and tried to push her away from me but she had other plans.

At first, I thought I was imagining things but slowly I noticed she was coming closer and closer to me while wiping the stains. Seconds turned to minutes but she kept on wiping, inching slowly towards me until her luscious breasts with significantly long and erect nipples brushed my chest. My cock twitched at this and her hands slid lower than necessary until they brushed ever so lightly on my cock. I thrust into her hands instinctively. “Feeling good Sir?” she asked me in hushed tone. I could only moan in reply.

She was a wily seductress who was trapping me with her charms like a spider traps its prey with its thread. I lost my resistance to this teasing, planted a wet kiss on the nape of her neck, and firmly mauled her ample boobs.

“Do you like them Sir?” she asked a little breathlessly.

“Mmmhmm… very much.” I replied kissing her.

She fondled my cock through my pants and asked, “Is that for me Sir, are you all hard because of me?”

“Oh yes darling it’s all for you. Your hot body and your skimpy dress have made me all hard and horny.”

“So what are going to do with it?”

“I was going to screw my wife tonight you know? Since she is not here tonight, I don’t know what to do. Didn’t your ma’am leave you any instruction about this situation?”

“Ma’am is a long-term thinker. She anticipated that you would be very horny tonight but she also said that you are very introverted and wouldn’t do what you need to do. Therefore, she brought me this dress and told me to tease you incessantly until the point you are unable to tolerate it.”

“So all this teasing was pre-planned?”

“Yes. I hope you are not angry with me?”

“Just a little bit.”

“Then let me fix that for you.”

As soon as she finished the sentence, she pressed her lips firmly against mine. We nibbled each other’s lips a little and then I thrust my tongue inside her mouth to explore, she tasted wonderful. My hands roamed all over her body caressing every inch of her feminine curves.

Jenny expertly undid my pants and pulled my shaft out of my underwear without removing her lips from mine. She eagerly sucked my tongue and shagged my prick both at the same time. I was nearing the edge at a very rapid pace when she suddenly broke the kiss; with a naughty smile on her lips, she pushed me backwards. It was all so sudden and unexpected I didn’t even get the chance to realize what happened. Luckily, I crashed on the sofa.

Jenny waved her dainty finger at me and said,” Not so fast mister, I’ve got some things to show ya.” She walked towards the music player swaying her broad hips sinfully; she picked up a CD from the rack and inserted it into the player. “This is how I keep the house tidy,” she said.

Soft and sensuous stripper music began to play on the device. Jenny picked up a small feather duster and started dusting the table while shaking her hips to the güvenilir bahis siteleri beat of the music. After being satisfied with her handiwork, she tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and advanced towards me like a tigress towards her prey. She stopped in front of the glass top table in front of me and stooped to clean the already shining surface of the coffee table. Jenny dusted the top while swaying her body and exposing her luscious breasts to me. After an eternity of teasing me, she asked, “Isn’t it clean and shiny sir?”

“I think you missed a spot there.” I replied.

“Then you were not really looking at the table Sir.”

She pirouetted and proceeded to clean the furniture. She dropped the duster purposefully, spreading her legs shoulder width apart she bent at her waist to pick the duster up, fully exposing her thong clad smooth ass to my view. She picked up the duster but pretended to notice some dirt on the carpet and began to clean the imaginary filth, shaking her ass lewdly to the music.

I was hypnotized with this erotic display as I sat stroking my cock slowly. Jenny must have been practicing for a long time to be such an expert in this. She straightened up after she was satisfied that there was no more dirt on the floor. Dropping the duster on the floor, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Uff… it’s so hot in here and after all these chores I am feeling so stuffy! Do you mind if I get a little comfortable Sir?”

“Not at all, even I feel a little stuffy. Go ahead and get comfortable.” I encouraged her.

Jenny came closer to me. Turning back, and looking behind her shoulder she asked in hushed tones, “Could you please unzip my dress sir?”

I pulled the zip on her dress lower with trembling hands. Jenny’s fair smooth back came in to view slowly as the zipper descended. When I reached bottom she moved away with a word of gratitude, turning to face me. She stood at the same place where she had earlier dropped the duster holding her dress. She slipped the dress lower slowly, being a size smaller she had to literally peel it off her amazing gravity-defying breasts. As soon as the dress slipped off her tits, they jiggled with the joy of freedom. Her large nipples were hard and staring at me like a couple of lust-filled eyes. The dress was a tight fit on her waist and it stuck to her broad hips she wormed out of it in the most erotic way. When her dress finally reached her ankles, the sight in front of me mesmerized me, like always.

Jenny was standing in front of me wearing a lascivious smile. Her thong was so wet you can see the outlines of her swollen pussy lips; her legs appeared more long and attractive in the stockings and high heels. “Do you like what you see Sir?” she asked.

I was speechless, but in order to express my appreciation I got up, wrapped her up with my arms and kissed her on the lips. Jenny moaned in my mouth while I caressed her back and butt cheeks. She gasped when I picked her up then I carried her to the bedroom where I laid her down on the bed. I placed a pillow under her lush buttocks and proceeded to peel off her damp thong. As soon as I removed the thong from her pussy, her scent hit my nostrils like a freight train. Her crotch was cleanly shaven and her pink outer lips were swollen with anticipation.

After I’ve removed her thong, I kissed her stocking encased feet. She giggled like a schoolgirl and said in between peals of laughter, “God Sir, it tickles!”

Her daintily painted toes were looking beautiful in her stockings. I kissed my way towards her womanhood, which was looking very inviting, by the way. Jenny was squirming on the bed from my little kisses on her stocking clad legs and thighs, with the intention of teasing her a little more I blew on her cunt but kept caressing her creamy thighs just below her cunt with my lips. She grabbed my hair and dragged my face to her cunt, but I caught her wrists and kept licking near the stocking tops. I wanted her to beg.

Finally unable to take any more she said, “Oh please Sir, please lick my pussy. I beg of you.”

I drove my tongue into her dripping cunt and bit her clit with my teeth. She must have been really turned on because as soon as I bit her clit, Jenny came with a loud grunt. A torrent of pussy juices bathed my mouth. I drank her sweet nectar as much as I could. When I got up my face was drenched with Jenny’s cream.

Jenny saw me and said in her sweet voice, “I am so sorry Sir I made a mess on your face please let me clean it for you.” She laid me down on the bed and lying on top of me, she licked her juices from my chin. After cleaning it, she sat on top of me and rubbed her slick cunt up and down the length of my shaft, driving me crazy.

“You made me feel so good Sir, let me repay you.” Jenny slid down lower on my body until her face was level with my erect cock. She took my cock in her hands and peeled back the foreskin with her teeth; it was such a painful pleasure!

“Umm… I see why your wife married you even when you were such a dork.” She teased.

“Any woman would kill to have this thing buried deep inside her pussy, but women like me would want to get a taste first.” Jenny said licking my entire length. “Umm… you taste delicious.”

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