The New Man


I had just moved to Florida from Virginia. I was looking forward to the warmer weather for winter. Winters in Virginia are hell, especially if you have no body to get warm with. I was staying with my aunt and one night she came into the house and said, “Hey, there are some guys on the way over.”

Well now what was I going to do….I really wasn’t ready to meet anyone or looking for anything. I had just moved here and was trying to get my bearings on what I wanted out of life. The house was crazy and a lot of people were staying there so the stress level was off the hook. Oh well, I thought, what’s the harm in making some new friends. So when the guys showed up I walked outside to find out what was up.

Everybody was standing around talking and drinking and looking at the engine of my cousin’s car. It had been having problems for a little while now. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed. The guys were discussing what could be the problem and my aunt jumped in with “This is my niece, Kate. Let’s see…Kate you know Nick (that was her man of the moment) and this is R.J.” I didn’t catch the other guy’s name as I was totally focused on R.J. It was dark but I could tell this was a one of a kind guy.

He had big strong hands…hands that spoke of his character and life. Big, hard-working hands turn me on. And as we talked and joked all I could think of was his hands on my skin. I knew it was time for me to go in before I got into trouble. As I said goodnight, R.J. turned to me and said “You can’t go in…you’re involved.” So he was as interested as I was…uuummm the possibilities that ran through my mind.

“No,” I replied “not yet.” And I went in for the evening.

My aunt brought them all in so they could wash their hands and we all started talking again. The talk turned to the trip that my aunt had taken to the keys a few weekends before and a couple of cross dressers that she met and we started talking about how you can tell if it’s really a guy and I said “You can always tell because of the indention that men have in their ass cheeks.” Well, no name guy tried to show me his ass and I turned away and said “I don’t need to see your ass dude.”

A few days later the brakes on my truck were making an horrific noise and I tried calling R.J. to see if he would take a look at them. I never got a call back from him. And so I just put the brakes on the back burner since the noise just stopped as quickly as it started. And gave up hopes porno izle of having those wonderful hands on my body.

A few days later my aunt was out partying with Nick. He sometimes has bon fires and everyone goes out to his place and hangs out. Well, I got this call and she asked me if R.J. had left his phone outside. I went out and looked but couldn’t find it. She handed him the phone and we tried to talk but the phone he was on was breaking up so we said good-bye. When she came home the next morning I was informed that I was now to be known as Strawberry Shortcake. And his phone was never left outside.

I didn’t know weather to be offended or flattered. I mean I am not a cartoon character and I don’t taste or smell like strawberries. My grandmother thought this was the funniest thing and she even took to calling me Shortcake. Well, I had a birthday coming up and wanted to go party. After all it was going to be my 34th. So I began to decide what to do for it.

On my birthday my aunt was going over to Nick’s to hang out. I asked if I could follow her so I could say I at least got out on my birthday. When we pulled up at Nick’s he came out and said “Go over there and knock on the door. That’s R.J.’s place.” Both my aunt and I started smiling and off I went.

I knocked on the door and heard someone yell “Come in.”

Then a female voice… “Wait. See who it is.”

Oh fuck, did R.J. have a girl friend?! Then “Come in!” in the voice of a man.

So I opened the door to a guy and a girl sitting on the couch and another guy (R.J.) sitting there talking to them. When he saw me, he just looked at me for a minute and then got this huge shit-eating grin on his face. “Hey…it’s my red-head!!” he said. So we started talking and the fact came out it was my birthday.

“We need to go get a couple drinks if it’s your birthday.” R.J. said

“No, we don’t…I have a whole bottle of tequila with me.” I smiled.

We walked over to Nick’s and hung out for a while and then moved into my truck for some private time so we could get to know each other better. We talked and talked and laughed and as I was going to leave he asked me to hang on a minute. He got out of the truck to piss and as he got back in he leaned over and kissed me gently and said “I’d like to take you out sometime.” Another few kisses and I had agreed.

The following Friday I called him and said “Let’s go do something.” My mind was already set on what we porno were going to do he just didn’t know it yet. I drove over to his house and picked him up. He showed me around the area and decided where to go and we had a great time. We were both pretty buzzed when we got back to his place and sat in the truck talking.

This man was driving me crazy. All the little touches and kisses and smiles and God…I felt like I was losing it. I hadn’t wanted somebody like this in my life. Now, I am pretty out-going and can be aggressive when it comes to what I want but for some reason I was a little bit shy. Except for on the picnic table at the bar. I had him laid back and was sucking on his stomach and licking his neck and ears and now I was paying the price. SEVERE FRUSTRATION!!!

As we sat talking, we couldn’t keep from touching each other and kissing and smiling. Soon the kisses got deeper and longer and I couldn’t help it…in the middle of one of those hot, hot kisses I moaned. He pulled back and looked at me…smiled…started kissing me again as we climbed into the back seat. My truck is actually an SUV so there was plenty of room.

It didn’t take long and we were both naked. As I saw his cock for the first time I almost died. How in God’s creation was I going to take all of that huge cock. I also knew that I was dying to suck it and see if it tasted as good as it looked.

As I wrapped my lips around it and licked and suckled on it he sighed “Oh babydoll…” I pushed as much of it into my mouth as I could hold. He tasted like sugar. So sweet and hot…

I stopped long enough to lick his balls and take them both in my mouth and suck on them. The hair tickled my tongue. God nobody ever tasted so good. I worked my way back up his shaft and to the massive head, stuck out my tongue and licked the precum from the slit. I couldn’t stand it…I was going to cum just from sucking his dick!! As my pussy started throbbing I began moaning…

He pushed me back onto the seat and without so much as a word lowered his head between my thighs. He had a magic mouth…this man knew where the target was!! He zeroed in on my clit and showed no mercy. In little circles and up and down my slit his tongue went. It didn’t take long at all….

“Oh God R.J….yes, right there….make me cum….” and my world exploded into a million stars. I was flying and thrashing around and moaning as he left me. I felt so empty…I needed more…much more!

He rokettube slid up my body and wedged himself between my open legs as he gripped that massive cock. “You are loud babydoll…” he smiled as he tried to push his way into my pussy. I felt myself being stretched and so full…never before had this happened to me. He was going to tear me apart with his cock. It took a little bit but…thank you God…I was able to take it all. Every sweet inch that he had slid higher and higher into me until he was stroking places even I didn’t know I had.

Slowly at first he pumped into me and as I started moaning and fucking back he picked up his tempo until he was pounding me. I felt his dick pounding against my insides like it was on an exploration trying to get in deeper. Oh so deep…nothing like this ever before and as that thought ran through my mind I again shattered into a million pieces.

As I slowly came back to reality he smiled and said “Turn over…”

Oh…this was the man of my dreams. He hasn’t cum yet I thought. And he knows how to fuck like a demon. God was smiling down on me tonight…

I got onto my hands and knees and looked over my shoulder at him. He was an awesome sight to behold. Big brown eyes smiling at me and his hand wrapped around his cock. He was looking at me like he was in heaven…how could that be when I was the one receiving all the pleasure??

I braced myself for what I knew was coming…he rammed that wonderful dick into me in one deep drive that reached my soul. He began to fuck me like a wild beast, his hands holding my hips to receive each thrust of cock. Faster and faster and harder and harder then all of a sudden he pulled out….I felt him place the head of his dick against my tight asshole.

“No, no, no….you are entirely to big to be there.” I said

He laughed and slid all of it back into my pussy. “We got all the time in the world babydoll.” Then he continued to pump his cock into me all the way to the hilt. As I started coming again I felt his body tensing and straining against mine. He was going to cum deep inside me. I looked back at him and watched his head fall back and his hips pistoning into me. His hands clenched my hips and pulled me back for each of those mighty thrusts that I was receiving.

“Fuck me R.J….I’m cumming again…all over every inch of you. More darlin…more…yes oh yes…”

He slumped over me and kissed my neck as his cock spilled it creamy contents into my pussy…some of it even ran out around us. He had shot a huge load into me. He flipped me around and kissed me again and said “All the time in the world babydoll…” just before he fell asleep.

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