The Newsstand owner


The Newsstand ownerI was young and an avid reader; I read anything that I would get on my hands. There was a particularly hamburger stand store that sold magazines as well. It was very small and family owned. I used to stop by almost on a daily basis since it was forbidden to read the magazines but the owner, Don Pedro, Mr. Pedro would never really enforce the rule with me as I normally would buy one magazine albeit I would read anything that was on the shelf. Don Pedro was a man in his mid forties, about 5’10” and must have weighed about 250 pounds with a big belly. He had a full beard and very dark skin. He had very thick legs, big buns and a big bulge in the crotch.One night I stopped by his lunch stand and proceeded to look through his magazines. His wife, who was the cook, and two small daughters were there. At some point she said she was going home; it was about midnight and they didn’t have any customers. She thought it was a good hour to close the kitchen. He used to spend the night in a small room he had on the back as he had had a break in the previous month. After his wife left, he looked at me and asked me if I would stay. Honestly, I had no idea what he was asking, but since I was in the middle of reading an article in Reader’s Digest, I said yes. I figure if he would give me a chance I would just finish the article and then leave. He got up, went to the front door, locked it and turned off the lights. I was confused! You could barely see inside as the only light available was that which came in through the large front windows from the street. He came back and he said that he would be right back because he was going to take a quick shower. He disappeared into the back room that served as his bedroom, and asked me to sit quietly and wait for him.I was confused! My heart was pounding. I knew about sex, as some nights I would hear my Mom and stepfather have sex and I had accidentally seen them in action. I also knew I liked to see naked men. Some of my favorite magazines were those of wrestlers. I would look at their photos eagerly searching to see their bulges, but I have never had the possibility of seeing a naked man before and that intrigued me. But at that moment, I had no idea of what was happening or what to think. I heard the water running and imagine him taking a shower. After maybe sinop escort five or ten minutes later the water stopped flowing and he came out.My eyes had grown used to the dark and I could see that he had a towel and proceeded to dry himself. Soon I was able to tell that he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, bigger than my stepdad, and was fully erect. He knew I was looking at him, although I tried not to be too obvious or make him think I was interested. My pulse was racing as he took the towel and dried his groin. He looked at me and grabbing his enormous cock, he told me, “Ven y dame una mamadita,or Come here and suck on it”. I did not know what to do or say, but suddenly, my chance of touching a man’s cock was here. After hesitating for a moment, I did as he asked.I approached him and knelt before him. I was hesitating about touching him or grabbing his cock. All those years of catholic school and knowing about touching the private parts came to my mind. But the experience to have a real mans privates so close to my face made me forget. I took his cock in my hand and kneeling in front of him I put his enormous tool in my mouth. It was the very first time I had had a cock in my mouth. I grabbed his balls; he was so hairy and his crotch still had a hint of sweat, a very manly smell. The head of his cock was so large I could barely fit it in my wide open mouth. I could taste the salty precum. I just started to move my head back and forth with my mouth wide open while also jerking his cock as I moved my head back and forth. He heard a noise outside, in the street and went to see through the window. He came back to where I was kneeling, like a good obedient boy and put his cock back in my mouth. He then asked me to use my tongue more, on the tip and all over it. I had no idea how to do that as I had never had had that experience; I had never seen this done and, of course, no one had done this to me. I told him I didn’t know what he meant and that this was the first time I was doing this. “Have you been fucked before?” he asked, to which I replied “no”. He asked me to get up and took me into his bedroom, to his bed. He asked me to undress. He lay on the bed and asked me to straddle him with my legs open, and suck his dick. Later on I would learn that we were in a “69” position şırnak escort with me on top of him. He also told me to do everything that he was going to do to me.He took my hard dick in his mouth and began to suck on it and play with my foreskin. The feel of his moustache felt incredible and I began to do the same to him. He licked my balls and I did his. The musky smell of his manhood was incredibly erotic. His balls were big and hairy. He licked my groin on both sides and I did the same to him. His skin was smooth, fleshy and had a slight salty taste. He then licked right below my balls and started to caress the area between my balls and asshole with his tongue and moustache. The pleasure I was experiencing was incredible! I had never experienced anything like that. I tried to do the same but I could not fully reach. He asked me to sit up straight with my hole close to his mouth and proceeded to work on my ass. I could feel his tongue going around my hole and his thick moustache felt like a brush caressing the entrance to my body. He put a lot of saliva in my ass and then started to insert a finger in my ass. I leaned my body down to suck and his cock and allow him to stick a finger in. He stopped momentarily and started to stick his tongue in my hole. My cock was so hard and I felt an urge to cum. He then stuck two fingers and opened my ass wider only to follow this by sticking more of his tongue inside me.He motioned for me to get off and got me doggy style. He was kneeling behind me and kept on working on my ass with his fingers and tongue. I told him that it hurt a little and he said that I was too tight. He asked me to relax. He reached over the night table and took some hair pomade, Brylcreem in his fingers and applied it liberally in my ass. He then put a finger, then two and began to stretch my hole. It was slightly painful but the pleasure it gave me was unbelievable. He then got closer to me and inserted his big tool in my ass. I felt, as he struggled a bit, how he came in so gently. I felt the head of his cock come in and I could feel how my ass was being expanded from the inside. He moved slightly in and out with the tip of his cock. Soon he was moving that big knob, the head of his cock, in an out my ass. I could feel each time he would go deeper in me until he was escort bayan totally inside me. I was dripping with precum and he started grabbing my cock. His movement became more intense. He would almost come out of my ass, the full length of his cock only to ram it back inside. He gyrated his hips and I could feel my ass expanding more and more. The pain, the pleasure was all new to me. I could feel him grabbing my tits and strongly holding my body against his. I would feel his heavy breathing on the back of my neck. He then pulled out gently. My ass was sore and felt so loose; wide open. He put me on my back and raised my legs up and put them on his shoulders. He spread my cheeks with both hands and got his cock inside. He came in slowly, carefully sliding that big piece of meat inside me. This was the position I saw my Mom and stepdad use. I imagine how mother must have felt. Pedro kept going in and out of my ass. In this position, his big belly was stimulating my cock was now dripping more precum; his big belly was stimulating me more and more. His hairy belly was also wet from my secretions. He asked me to play with his nipples. They were large and hard. He had me wide open for he was holding my ankles opening my legs as far as he could. I reached from below and caressed his balls. With my fingers I could feel his cock sliding in an out. He then allowed one of my legs to drop and he straddle me on my resting leg while he held the other one up in the air. He was sweating and his breathing was labored. I reached and started to jerk my cock. He kept his rhythm sliding in an out, while I played with myself. The movements became faster. “I am coming he said!” and then suddenly I felt him cum inside me. His cum felt so warm and I could feel his cock throbbing, pulsing, and filling my ass with that thick warm milk! He asked me to squeeze my ass; relax it and tense it, he said. And I could feel how I was milking that huge cock inside me, and as I did I shot my load all over his belly. He fell exhausted beside me and kept his still pulsing cock inside me. He then pulled out and lay beside me. As I lay there, I could feel his cum dripping out of my sore ass. I stuck my fingers inside and I was amazed as to how wide it had gotten.Eventually he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. He asked me to the same. I got dress and as we walked to the front of the store, he asked me to keep this secret and never to tell anyone of what had happened. That was my first experience with a man. It has affected me tremendously as to this day, my men have to be robust, dark and hairy.

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