The Night At Mount Mauna Kea


The Scene during Midnight at Mauna Kea Mountain

While on March Break with my friends, I met this girl named Oceania Chan in Hawaii during the 2010 World’s Surfers Competition. After the competition was over, she came over to congratulate me on my victory.

“Thanks — I’ll buy you a drink tonight – you look so beautiful like a model”. She’s like a world class model with her irresistible beautiful looks.

We decided to meet at a bar later to have a drink. As I was celebrating my victory with friends, Oceania came over and asked about having that drink. After introducing her around to all of the people, I excused myself so that we could be alone. As I led her away, I could tell that there was something wrong. As we sat down, I could see it in her eyes before she even said a word. Jealousy. I’ve seen it a million times before, and I knew just how to handle myself.

“Alex?” She asked, in a tone so sweet and innocent, but laced with hurt, “Who was that girl you were with just now?”

“Who? Momoko? We go a long ways back. We used to date, but that was a long time ago. We broke up and I returned to Mauna Kea mountain to continue training. We haven’t seen each other since we broke up a few years ago.”

“I see,” she said. “I was just wondering if you already had another woman in your life.”

“No,” I lied to her, “there is no one else.”

“Hmmm. . . .” She said as she raised her head to look me in the eyes. “That’s good news for me and bad news for her, because if you look this good now, I can only imagine . . . You looked so sexy this afternoon flexing your muscles for that photo shoot.”

“So it was you sitting at the back pretending not to look.” I replied.

After an hour of chatting and a couple of drinks, my friends called me over to go clubbing. Before I left she came over to hug me while saying, “Alex, nice to have met you- if anything happen between us — we will always love each other from our hearts even if distance separates us from being together. If we ever meet again, we are destined to be together. Our destiny wants us to be together. When we meet each other again, we will know when the time comes to decide our destiny — bye for now”.

Time had passed until we met again at the Hawaii Earth Day in April 2011. As the day progressed on, we chatted with each other catching up on the last year. Later on in the day, she showed me the best beach I have ever seen.

It was much later in the day, both of us were surfing in the Pacific Ocean and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Oceania was full of surprises. “Want to come to my place?” she asked.

I could tell she was irresistibly drawn to me. So much so, that she couldn’t be without me for the night. She said, “Can you stay overnight at my place tonight? We could do something together, since I just couldn’t bear being without you once you leave me.”

How could I resist such an offer from a beautiful woman like her? We walked the beach together until we reached the front of a mansion. The mansion was so majestic from the outside. It was the most futuristic building I have ever seen. It looked like a luxury multi story palace. I never would have expected her to have a mansion. It was her mansion. Inside, she took me through every room. Then we got to her bedroom. It made me feel like she loved me so much. So little time had passed since I met this beautiful woman. From the first time that I met her, all of a sudden I’m in her mansion and in her bedroom.

“Before we go to my bedroom, do you mind if you work with me on the 2011 World’s Surfers Competition in Honolulu, Hawaii?” She asked.

My reply to her was, “It will be so much fun working with you since I was the 2010 World’s Surfers Competition Champion.”

She said in a sexy voice, “Let’s get you into my bedroom champ to have some quality time alone before we go explore the City of Honolulu before tomorrow’s sunrise.”

As both of us were in her bedroom to have quality time together, she went to her bathroom to change into her lingerie. I waited patiently as she unveiled her sexy body in seconds. My heartbeat went faster and faster until she finally back out. While watching a late night romantic movie called “Titanic”, she went to the bathroom said “I’ll be back in just a few minutes to have some quality time with myself first”.

“Ok I will be waiting for u in the bed”. I replied.

A few minutes later, the commercial is over. She comes out right on time with a dirty look filled with lust that sexually arouses me. My body began shaking as my hormones began releasing themselves. As soon as we get to the sexual part of the movie, she starts to lie on my body, as I get hard watching the scene in the movie. She could feel my boner pressing against her chest.

She said in a sexy voice, “I’m feeling so horny tonight, and it looks like you’re horny too. Come on Alex I want you inside me.”

This relationship with Oceania was going way too fast.

“Oceania you’re going too fast in our relationship, let’s wait altyazılı porno for the right time until both of us are ready to make love.” I replied to her offer.

“You’re right, about everything Alex. I am sorry about tonight. When both of us are ready to make love, we’ll know when the time comes.” She said with some disappointment in her voice.

She finally knows that she was going too fast in our relationship. As the moments passes by, we fell asleep on her bed before tomorrow’s big day.

In the twilight hour of the morning, just before sunrise, both of us were awake, one after the other. In less than half an hour, we were both changed and ready to go explore the city. As we went to Port Marina Beach, the first thing we did together was to introduce me to her boss.

Oceania saw my ex-girlfriend coming while her boss was interviewing me. Luckily, the interview went well enough that I got the job as a national recruiting talent model supervisor. The job was for her boss’s company named “World Surfers Competition Recruiting Agency.” After a bit, my ex-girlfriend Momoko came up to chat with me. Oceania saw my ex-girlfriend turning me on with her actions. When she was chatting with me, she made a dirty pose that showed off her cleavage through her bikini top. She turned me on so much that it gave me a boner. She noticed my boner sticking up in my swim trucks.

“Hi it looks like you got a 6 inch boner going, can I see it when we go to the room behind us?” She asked me.

“I know you still love me Momoko. But, sorry I can’t since Oceania is love with me.” I told her.

“Come on Alex we both knew that we still have feelings for each other.” She pleaded with me.

“Like I said, I don’t want to hurt you. Oceania’s love is a true love that comes from her heart.” I explained.

“Sorry Alex. If you ever want me again, I’m always available just to let you know.” She said with lust in her eyes.

“My love with you is not the same as before. After the break up anyway, I have moved on, bye.” I told her.

“Your right, it’s time for me to move on too. I hope you have a good relationship with Oceania, bye.” She said as she turned to leave.

When Momoko left me to go to a model competition, Oceania was jealous when she saw Momoko and I talking so emotionally that it made her cry. She knew those words came from deep inside the heart. I ran as fast as I could back to her, to tell her what had happen between my ex-girlfriend and me. After explaining to her, she came and kissed me on the lips while we started making out inside the room. Both of us had felt the love for each other as our love felt closer than ever before.

The room was so beautiful and it was so perfect at the same time. Filled with incredible details almost out of this world, I could ever imagine. It was a romantic setting with every single detail in its place. It was so still that it made the moment that we were in last forever. It was so perfect that I did not want the moment to ever end. Seconds passed slowly as the room was in slow motion, as if it was motionless like right now. Energy had come alive as echoes of our voices began to bounce back to us.

As we unfolded our inner beauties while undressing each other’s clothing piece by piece, all that was left was the body wear to let each other see the body to satisfy the sexual desire before moving onto a more sexual act. The sexual desires ran high for both of us as we passionately made out while feeling our bodies. Sensitivity were between us when the touch of the movement made us lust through our bodies. Lust was the sexual driven force that made it more intense as we made out.

The sense of her body grew stronger as she felt her body filled with wonderful surprises waiting to happen. Inside of my body, the rush of adrenaline had pass through every part of me as it gave in to its desire. The movement felt as sensitive as it touched through our still fully clothed body waiting for a sexual relief.

Sexual pleasure intensified between us to become more sexually arousing as our bodies started releasing its sexual hormones. The feel of our bodies was as intimate as the feeling for each other. Intimacy had changed itself to a sexual driven force between our loves, by bringing us closer together. Through the feel of our bodies, it was sending shockwaves of sexual pleasure throughout us.

Oceania was getting so into it that it made her have an orgasm without ever touching her clit. As we approached each other’s genital areas, it hardened as it waited for a sexual relief to come in any second. The moaning between us drove us closer together while giving us the sexual pleasure that we were looking for. Sexual pleasure had filled the room in a flash knowing what happens next was what we were expecting. The time had come as she unveiled her lust filled beautiful model’s body.

She removed her lingerie and all it left was the beautiful naked body of hers to shower me with her love for me. As she came in to seduce me, mobil porno her body was touching my boner. She slowly unbuttoned my swim trucks as she was trying to please me as I started drooling pre-cum a lot. Finally as she saw my boner, her first impression was as excitement as if she saw one for the first time ever.

Feeling my boner in her mouth as she started to deep throat me, I started to cum a lot in her mouth but she did not seem to mind. My body was feeling as good as she was; obsessed with my orgasm like it was a love addiction to me. As I kept on cumming into her mouth, it flew out like a rushing river down her throat. Down her throat went my orgasm where she wanted more of my cum down her throat. When deep throating for her sexual desires, my body was ejecting lots of cum that she loved to taste. In the end, she needed a shot of cum, which I would have cum all over her face in the end.

In a matter of moments, it came as if it was a bolt of lightning flash. The intimate sexual act was passionate as it brought our relationship closer than ever before. Her love for me was as a love addiction to me as she became even more sexually attracted to me than ever before. The feelings that came after the sexual act were stronger than ever before as we felt the passion for each other in the next stage of our relationship. Which she would show her love for me in the conversations later as we talked about our future together. We were both a very young couple as we moved onto the next stage of our life together.

Our relationship bond grew stronger as each day passed by. A few days before the 2011 World’s Surfers Competition, all of the work was finally been completed. However, she and I decided to add some additional final touches. Laughter flew in the air as we walked on the footpath to the Pacific Ocean.

A few days after that Hawaii Earth Day in April 2011 was over, her personality changed the way that I view the Earth as a precious planet to live on. While both of us were cleaning the Hapuna Beach State Park, a bunch of large high waves came in onshore. It was just the beginning of a very lucky day for both of us. She told me excitedly saying, “Let’s have the best day of our lives here today since it’s just the two of us.”

My reply to her was, “Sure let’s live our life to the fullest each and every day of our lives together.”

In a matter of seconds, we were having the best time of our life together.

“I’m having the time of my life with you. When I met you, my whole life has changed into a good way. More than anything Alex, I have been given a chance at something I thought I had lost. You’re the right person that I want to spend my whole life with starting with this moment.” She said.

“From the moment I saw you, it was love at first sight. We were destined to be together from the first time that we saw each other. Those words came from deep inside my heart. I promised that I would not let anything happen to you because we are destined to be together as a couple. It is our destiny right now. Alex, a part of you has grown in me. Therefore, you see, it is you and I together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart. Our love truly comes from our heart when our love is meant to be together forever as destined from the start to everlasting love. Alex, so many times I thought I would never find someone to love me the way I needed to be loved. Then you came into my life and showed me what true love really is!” Oceania said as she threw her arms around me in passionate hug.

A few days have gone by; it is the day before the 2011 World’s Surfers Competition starting tomorrow. We are feeling the ocean breezes against our bodies while making an environmentally friendly tent to spent the rest of the night out together under the bright and numerous stars.

Today was the day for both of us at the 2011 World’s Surfers Competition. In the morning as we both awoke one after another, she was so excited about the day as if she was the happiest person in the world. There was an enclosed beachfront center not too far away from us. As we walked towards it, we had this conservation about winning all the awards at the 2011 World’s Surfer Competition. We knew that both of us were the best surfer’s in the whole world. The tone of her voice filled with excitement for us as she started talking about being famous worldwide.

She said, “We’re both doing our very best, when our results pay off in the end by winning all of the awards, we will be famous worldwide with the help of the media attention. No one has done it before, when we achieve this feature of the sport of surfing; it will be a life changing experience, as we become iconic famous celebrities worldwide. Since I met you, luck has been always on our side as we are living the dreams of our life in reality, together as a couple. Here’s my inspirational quote to you, ‘When you reach the top keep climbing.’ I have always believed in this quote as it works every time when I needed it. sex izle Time is a precious element that god gave to us. Like life is when you’re in the moment with your partner, make the most out of it while you’re still in the moment.”

The conservation leads into a more casual conversation on the beach as we continued walking toward the entrance of the enclosed beachfront center. There was only an all gender shower stall, where our first impression was that both of us were expecting what was to happen inside the open shower stall.

Inside the open-air exotic shower stall as we undressed ourselves, there was sunlight shining in where we were changing making it a beautiful scene. As she came in, unaware that I was naked, her instinct glided her to her senses to where she made another move to bring us closer together. The sexual desires for us were captive from the previous experience, as both of us wanted more as we began making out.

After we both rushed back to get to the contestant’s area of the Hapuna Beach State Park, there was lots of media attention centering around both of our futures together. Despite all the media attention focusing on us, we decided to do interviews with the media to talk about our future together. During an interview with Celebrities Media News, Momoko was there as a news reporter to ask us multiple questions. When Momoko asked this question about our relationship she said, “There’s a rumor about both of your futures together as a couple, do you think working on a job that you love doing with each other will have any effect on your relationship together or not?”

“Well, both of us wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t meet Alex last year. As you probably have heard, we were just doing what we love doing while having the partner to spend the rest of our future together.” Oceania replied to Momoko’s query.

“It’s all true what Oceania said about our future together on the job and as a couple. Both of us love each other as much as we love our job. We are together for a reason as you could tell from what Oceania said.” I added.

“Thank you so much for your time during the interview. Hope you have a great future together, goodluck.” Momoko said as she concluded the interview quickly.

Excitement filled up in the air, as we got ready for our first performance of the day. The announcer called us up to get ready for our performance. The waves were coming high, one after another setting up perfect conditions for us to have an epic duo performance. As we got ready for our duo performance together, her facial expression and voice tone were so determined. She had this conversation with me.

She said, “Alex, I’m so happy I can be with you for the duo performance. It’s our destiny when we win all the awards to show the world that we were the best surfers in the world.”

The crowd’s cheers were loud as we began our duo performance together. Huge waves were coming at us from one direction force us to merge with the waves into one enormous wave. Riding on top of the enormous wave until the shoreline, it was such a passionate experience performing with her. The shoreline was still a hundred feet away when the enormous wave picked up speed until it hit shoreline. The crowds were cheering louder than ever before as we pulled off an incredible epic performance.

The time had finally come for both of us to find out who will win the awards tonight. When the President from the World Surfers Competition Recruiting Agency was announcing all of the awards, it was a huge relief for both of us. As he announced from the dais at the 2011 World’s Surfers Competition Awards Ceremony that we won the duo performances competition, Oceania was so happy that it made her cry tears of joy as we congratulated each other. Walking together filled with happiness as the crowds cheered when we made our first speech for the first of the awards that we won.

After the 2011 World’s Surfers Competition Awards Ceremony ended, we went outside to celebrate our accomplishments together today. This was the next stage in our relationship. It was the beginning of a very special romantic night. We began our journey together by walking uphill towards the majestic summit of Mauna Kea. The sky filled with exotic tropical sunset rays as it scattered across the evening sky. Nightfall was starting to set in as the sky grew darker giving way for twilight to fill in the night sky. Darkness filled the night sky like the changing auroras.

Shooting stars fell across the night sky setting up beautiful scenery. Seeing the two shooting stars together flying across the night sky it meant a lot to both of us for our future together. The sounds of nature surrounded us as we appreciated what God had given us today. Nature was beside us as we walked towards the majestic summit of Mauna Kea.

The sky overflowed with over a trillion stars, as if God has given us the choice to choose. The stars were like people, to choose a partner for the true love of our life. God has given us the right opportunity to choose our partner in the beginning, when we met each other for the first time ever. God has helped our destiny every day from the love of our partner’s life together as a couple. It was destined from the very beginning.

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