The Night at the Internship


It was the last day of the semester.

A 20 year old Selina, stared out of her dimly lit bedroom’s window. Her face pretty and defined, with big eyes and a cute little upturned nose.

She sat there on her soft bed, her long shapely legs making an ‘A’ as she leant backwards on her palms, her long chestnut hair hanging, just touching the surface of the sheets behind her arched back.

Her mind was going over the bright new day, that would be tomorrow…

Selina had just been informed that Sutherland Inc is interested in taking her on as an intern for a period of 3 weeks. She was to begin tomorrow.

Selina gets up off of her bed and slowly dawdles to her closet. She opens it and stares intently at her collection. She needed her first day to be perfect. She goes through it all, back and forth, sideways and in and around, until finally she has settled on a perfect one.

Much content after trying it on, she goes through the pre-briefing email on her computer for tomorrow and settles down for a good night’s sleep before the eventful days that are to follow…


9:55 AM


Selina, walks toward the front desk and asks her to show her the way to HR.

The lady, points her in the right direction and smiles. Selina thanks her, smiles back and makes her way to the office.

Knock Knock

“Yes, come in…”

“My name is Selina Fernandez, we spoke on the phone…”

“Ah, yes, you’re interning here for the next couple of weeks, so uh let me see, ah, you have put down HR as your preferred field of experience… hmm… Unfortunately, we are a bit tied up with our restructuring process and so cannot currently accommodate you… However, if you were to ask dear Mrs. Irene at the front desk, she will show you to Mr. Rhodes’ office. He’s the guy heading up our overseas marketing and brand development sections, so until we can sort out restructuring, you will be working under his department.

Is that clear?”

“Oh, of course, it’s just that I don’t have much experience or familiarity with marketing, I specifically put down HR because I did in that.”

“Well, that’s alright, I’m sure Mr. Rhodes would be happy to help you out, seeing as you are the only person who seems to have passed our screening process, you won’t be disappointed with the experience. And besides, you will be integrated back into HR once we are done restructuring… Now, if you would you show yourself out, Mrs. Irene will give you the details. Thank you.”

What a rude little man, thought Selina.

Not only had he stuck her in a department that she didn’t want to be at, he didn’t even have the common courtesy of telling her that HR wasn’t available. She would be wasting both her time and energy if she were to stay on. She decided to walk off.

“Hi there, Mr.Walter told me that there was no opening at HR, so I was wondering…”

“Mrs. Irene, could you please send a copy of the media contacts in Beijing to my office as soon as possible? I have a call due any minute now. Thank you.”

She saw him now, walking as he breathed those words in a cool grainy voice.

He was tall, bronzed and ruggedly handsome with shoulders as wide as a barn door.

With a chiseled jawline, masked by his well-kept stubble; and long jet black hair, that was pushed up and back and tucked away behind his ears.

His stride was suave and posture upright, he wore a dark grey suit that fit him like it was stitched around his magnificent tapered body.

Selina’s interest was piqued.

“In a minute Mr.Rhodes, I’ll send them over right now…”

“Thank you Irene, you’re the man.”

He said, as he gave her a remote fist bump.

As she typed and shuffled güvenilir bahis around on her desktop, she asked

“So you were saying, Ms..uh?”

“Selina. I was wondering where I might find the Marketing department”

She said whilst grinning behind her face.


10:10 AM

Mr.Rhodes’ Office

Selina was now face to face with him, Mr.Rhodes’. He was polite and smiled as he helped ease her tension.

On the other hand, Selina was tense, and not because of the fact that she had virtually no experience in marketing, but because she would be working for ‘him’, a self declaratory alpha male god…

“So let’s get you started on creating different possible variants of our current brand portfolio. Think outside the box, but not too wild now…

I want to see at least 7 different on my desk by the end of the week, understood?”

Selina nodded, partially because she was staring at Mr.Rhodes too long and partly because the task sounded quite challenging.

“Right.” He said as he rose out of his chair. “And, uh, use your voice, it’s much cuter than seeing you shake your head up and down…” he said as he winked.

Selina was shocked, what a perve! She was offended instantly but discretely imagined other compromising scenarios and situations with Mr.Rhodes. She giggled, again, without a sound.


11:30 PM


Selina had just finished typing up the portfolios. Most of her final editing was complete, and she was heavily tired and running out of time.

She was to have them on his desk by 7 this evening, but she wasn’t able to finish them on time. So she had bribed the security guy to open the place for her, so that her boss doesn’t fire her.

He was reluctant, but agreed.

It was a huge security concern to keep the building open after 7, but also highly illegal to work after hours.

Company Policy.

Does Mr.Rhodes’ find out about her stretching her allotted time frame a little, he would be mad, in a lot of trouble and might even lend her a brutal insight on her deficiencies…

Last week at Sutherland was a roller coaster ride of seminars, work hour strain and inappropriate workplace humour.

Mr.Rhodes was not the person she expected at all. He was offensive, often rude, very inappropriate humor and language and very strict about punctuality and work ethic.

His glimmering eyes could either make your day, or make you want to cry. He had an air of earnestness about him, he would put down flaws like facts and suggest corrections, he was never out of line but would often demand results and would be assertive as and when it was required.

As far Selina considered, she had respect for him and as strange as that was, she thought; a part of her mind refused to admit it, and a crumb of fear hid in there…

She now had to go out onto the DTP place next door, cause their own copier machines broke down… It was pouring outside by then and she wasn’t, to sake of her life, able to find her umbrella upstairs, but since they were due already, she ran out anyway.

An hour later, Selina was back at the office. It was empty, silent and desolate… It was quite unlike her past 4 days.

Her body shivered as the cold air from the air vents bounced off her wet white blouse. Her whole body trembled and electric sensations went through her hard body, right into her tips.

She kept a pair of spare clothes in her bag, and knew that there was a bathroom in Mr.Rhodes’ office, so she placed the copies in the cubicle and rushed there.

Inside was dark, and the lights wouldn’t come on, probably a tripped breaker. She just had to go to the bathroom and change.

Selina didn’t know if there türkçe bahis were security systems in this room, and so quietly, tip toed across the room’s carpet…

As she did, she found that Mr.Rhodes’ computer was on, and all the documents on his desk had been disheveled.

She slowly moved toward the computer, but suddenly…


She did, and slowly turned around…

A man in a hoodie, stood in the shadows. He had a gun drawn on her. Selina was about to shriek…

“Don’t scream, this is a silenced pistol, I will, blow your brains out.”

Selina froze, she didn’t know what to say or do , but she decided to go ahead and try…

“Look, Mr, I don’t know why you were here or who you are, frankly don’t care, but please leave me alone, I just intern here… Do not shoot…”

At this moment, he turned the projector on her, plain white light, illuminating her drenched wet body…

She was aware about her pointy pointy outbits well in his display, but was now, also self conscious about her knee high hemmed skirt, clinging to her well endowed body…

“Drop everything.”

Selina put her tablet and spare clothes on the ground. She tried and hid her phone from him, behind her back.

“I said, everything”

She was afraid, as he sort of made out, what could have been the gun’s barrel waved in a downward direction. She dropped it as well.

“I said… Everything…”

Selina was scared, she didn’t know what to do.

“Take it all off. Now.”

Selina said or did nothing.


He said as he racked his gun.

The sound of it going click, popped her into action,

and she began taking off her blouse.

“Not that fast, slowly…”

She followed, and slowed down, and unbuttoned, One.



Her cold body was on display, like a mannequin at a store. But in the fight between her survival instinct/fear and pride, the former dominated.

Her perky breasts, were held in by a white lace brasserie, and her points showed through.

A drop of cold sweat ran down between them and down her bare taut stomach…

“Now the skirt…”

She slowly unzipped the side of the skirt, and began pulling it down…

“No. Pull it back up again, and turn around.”

She did, and waited.

“Now, slide it down. Slowly.”

She did, and as she did, she bent over forwards and over Mr.Rhodes’ desk. Even though she was held here and against her will, some part of her was terribly aroused by all this. Her inner exhibitionist was getting it’s heart’s fill of attention, and the mere thought of this made her even more provoked. She turned around, wearing nothing but a silver cross on a chain, and a pair of white lace bra and a thong.

She wanted, more… She took off her bra, and her beautifully splendid breasts came into full view, with lovely hard buds, pointing outwards.

She turned around again, reaching downwards and touching the floor in front of her, pulled her gorgeously well-curved derriere up in the air.

She was already a bit moist in her womanhood, hating herself for enjoying all this, this sadistic fuck’s threats.

Standing there, in the middle of her bosses office, now bare naked, wearing nothing but her heels, a thong and a chain… she was completely empty.

Her curvaceous body, now glazed in her own shimmering wetness, stood there, waiting…

“Turn around, and don’t move.”

She turned around, half expecting him to leave, half expecting everything else.

She heard the foot steps going away from her, slowly decaying into silence. She kept waiting for sometime, and then, suddenly, she felt a breath on her shoulder, and the scent of something or someone güvenilir bahis siteleri familiar.

He held, her from behind, and whispered…

“I told you they were due by tonight. You broke into my office, without informing me. Now I think that makes you a bad girl doesn’t it?

You have been very naughty, haven’t you?”

Her trembling gave way to shock, and then the realization… She quivered and now, almost giggling inside, fake pouting, replied

“I am so sorry sir, I didn’t know you’d mind… And yes, I have been a very naughty girl… I’ve been bad…very very bad”

He pulled off the hoodie and his dark face came to light… He just flipped her over onto the desk, flung everything on it to the ground and undresses himself.

His powerful, heavy set barrel chest that was pinned hard on his sides by rippling wings, tapering down to a V down his defined abdominals.

He looked her in the eye, with the same sternness that he gave his juniors as he was reprimanding them.

He pulled her close now, holding her weight, as he passionately kissed her… His warm tongue, heating her up, as he held her firmly in his embrace. He turned her around, and as and where they stood, she continues kissing his lips behind her. Both their bodies facing forward, her neck twisting backward, and her body still held in its place by his one hand over her breasts and the other between her thighs.

She moaned as he played with her, caressing her aching breasts, and her moist parting…

She was being toyed with, and she loved it, the soaking wet crotch of her discarded thong, a testament to that fact. She continued kissing him, when she felt her pleasure mounting… His fingers playing her body like a violin, the wetness around her swollen clitoris, just waiting to be…

The dam that contained her climax stood ready to burst, a little bit more, yes, a moment more…

And him knowing this, yanked her around, layed her out over his desk, and spanked her firm buttocks hard. She was denied her climax.

Selina yelped, and as he continued slapping her bubble shaped derriere, felt intense waves of pleasure, radiating through her bare nude body. Every contact made on her cheeks made sparks in her nerves, and made her shiver.

He then, just holds her face to face, with her head in his palms, slowly pulling his body toward his, until they could pass no light. He pulled her thigh upward as he pushes his manhood in gently, caringly, and begins.

He fondles her breasts, as lightning bolts of his passion pass through her. Every stroke, every thrust, making her smolder and consume herself in that carnal pleasure. He is smiling, in an aggressive yet, evil manner…

“You need to be taught a valuable lesson in company protocol and work ethic, you need to know who you report to and how, do you understand…


“I said, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir!”

“I can’t hear you, yes to what? What are you supposed to do?”

“Follow company protocol and heed its work ethic, Sir!”

“And who do you report to?”


“I said, who do you report to?”

“You Sir, You!!”

“Who owns this, your body?”

“You Sir!!”

“I said, who’s is it?”

“It’s Yours Sir’ IT’S ALL YOURS!! “

“Who’s is it?”

“Yours SIR!”

“Who’s is it?”

“Yours SIR!”

“Who’s is it?”

“Yours SIR!”

“Who’s is it?”

“Yours SIR!”

She was now so close to her climax, that the excitement of the longing, filled her with pleasure. She kept moaning and in a high pitched shriek screamed:


“WHO’s IS IT?!!”

he screamed…


She screams, as she climaxes in a tidal wave of orgasm that makes her eyes roll back and her body spasm like she was having a fit and was going to shatter.

He embraces her then, in a warmth of adoration and care, as she slowly manages to catch her breath.

To be continued…

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