The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 05


I’m running a little behind, the hurricane and floods slowed me down quite a bit. If you’ve not read the earlier chapters you may want to go back and catch-up with the story line. Thanks for your comments and good wishes; as always please vote!


At the Davis place Mary Ann’s twin brother Joe was cleaning horse stalls while his dad checked on feed stores and tested the automatic filler switches on a pesky water trough. Mary Ann walked through the barn to tell her dad she was leaving, on her mother’s orders. “Dad, I’m off with Monica to work on a paper for school and I’m staying over with her,” Mary Ann said.

Mr. Davis was on the best of days, impatient and suspicious. “Yeah, your mother told me. But there’s once condition.”

Mary Ann looked at her father, “Yes Dad, what?”

“Joe’s going with you, he can come back here tomorrow to help me work the farm,” his voice was flat and lacking any real energy, it was like a pronouncement from on high.

She squinted, turning her head slightly like a curious dog, “May I ask why?”

“You think I don’t hear about all the shenanigans going on at that school of yours, well I do. I don’t trust the Ortega’s or that school. I’m sending your brother along to keep you out of trouble. If you don’t like it you can just follow your brother Jimmy on out the door!” his voice remained oddly flat, it was as though he really didn’t care about the outcome.

Mary Ann sighed, “Whatever you say Dad.”

In the meantime her brother Joe listened and watched. He was genuinely surprised and a little nervous. One thing was for sure, he did not want his sister mad at him. They were very close until high school, then for some mysterious reason she became distant and cold toward him … it was a mystery he’d yet to understand.

Mary Ann looked at him with irritation, “Well come on Joe, Monica’s going to be here soon. You need to take a bath and put a bag together … Damn it, come on!”

Joe rushed into the house, showered and packed an overnight bag at top speed and ran to the front porch joining Mary Ann. “Hey, I’m ready,” he said breathlessly.

“I can see that,” she said with quiet sarcasm.

Suddenly Joe had had enough,”Fuck you Mary Ann. I didn’t ask to go with you, I didn’t do shit to you, most of the time I do my best to keep my distance. So if you want me to stay home just say the word. The idea of being around you and Monica and your uppity ways tires my ass …”

Mary Ann turned looking at her brother with wide eyes. She’d not heard him speak in with such conviction in years; she was a little shocked, the farmer boy spoke up for himself.

“No Joe, I don’t want you to stay. I guess I’m just tired of Dad. If I could afford it, I’d have beat Jimmy out the door. I’m just hanging on until I graduate and then I’m going to Sacramento and get my Bachelors Degree,” her quiet voice echoed sadness and resignation.

She signed to herself and said, “I don’t know why you piss me off so much, but you do. I guess it’s all my fault. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a bitchy old maid in a 20 year old body …”

Just then she saw Monica’s old Chevy turn into their driveway. “Come on little brother, time to go.”

Joe laughed, it was a common description when they were little, he’d been born 7 minutes and 28 seconds after her. It was the first time he’d heard her say that in years, it reminded him when they’d been happy to be with one another.

As they walked to the care, Monica got out and pointed at Joe and said, “What …?”

“Dad says he has to go or I can’t go,” Mary Ann said.

Monica leaned close to Mary Ann and said, “Does he know?”

“NO, I’ll tell him in the car; why is your mom with you?” said Mary Ann in a soft whisper.

Monica said, “She knows, Mrs. Campbell invited her; I’ll tell you more later.”

Tencia Ortega turned in her seat to welcome Joe with an inquiring look to which Mary Ann responded, “My dad said Joe has to go with me to keep me out of trouble. It’s not his idea.”

Tencia smiled knowingly, “Does he know?”

Joe couldn’t take it anymore, “OK, I heard Monica tell Mary Ann that she’d tell me in the car. That’s right, I can hear and now Mrs. Ortega wants to know if I know … What am I supposed to know?” his voice was impatient and irritated.

Everybody sat in silence as Tencia down drove the country road towards the Campbell place. Finally, Mary Ann said, “Alright, Joe it’s like this, David, Monica and I are in a Human Sexuality class at school. We have to finish it to graduate in December. We have an assignment to be naked all day tomorrow, at school and at home and write a paper about it.”

“No Shit …” Joe looked around the car with astonishment, “You’re really going to be naked in public …”

Monica twisted around in her seat looking at Joe, “There’s more. Apparently your dad would go nuts if he knew and my dad would shit a load of bricks. So we talked to Davey, his mom is extremely cool about it, and so we planned kartal escort to be at his house today to sort of practice and work on the first draft of our paper.”

Just then Mary Ann interrupted, “Here’s the deal, everybody at David’s house is going to be naked. Got it? Naked, David, his mom, his sister, me, Monica, Mrs. Ortega and YOU!”

Tim’s eyes were wide and his face pretty shocked when he said, “NO FUCKING WAY!” although not loud his words were said with firm conviction.

Tencia Ortega began to laugh loudly, “You guys are so funny; I swear, so funny. Joe honey, really just lighten up or you’ll end up a bitchy old man like my husband and your dad. What’s the problem with bouncing boobies and floppy dicks … really Joe honey, lighten up!”

Joe lapsed into an uncomfortable silence while the girls chatted about their day and their plans for the paper. No more than 25 minutes later, Tencia pulled into the long gravel drive back to the Campbell home. David and Leah were standing in the living room holding one another, upon hearing the crunch of tires on gravel Leah kissed his chest and they stepped to the front door.

“Isn’t that Monica’s car?” asked Leah.

David squinted his eyes against the afternoon sun, “I think so, wonder who’s with her, can you see, in the back seat, look carefully, I can’t make it out,” he said.

Leah squatted enough to get her eyes out of the sun and then said, “I think that’s Mary Ann’s brother Joe. Why would he be here?”

“Beats the fuck out of me,” David said with curiosity in his voice.

As the car came to a stop, parking next to the front door, Leah said, “Well big dick boy, let’s go say hello!”

David laughed slapping her softly on the bottom, “Wait till Joe sees your sweet ass baby sister, the boy will probably cum all over the place.”

As Leah opened the screen door, she punched his upper arm and said, “Fuckin’ pervert … actually I’d kinda’ like to see that …”

As she turned off the car, Tencia looked up to see Leah and David walking out onto the front porch. ‘Jeez, she thought to herself, Davey’s dick looks just like his Dad’s. I wonder if he is as good in the sack as Pete … Damn Tencia, you’re one horny old woman.’ She laughed at herself.

Monica looked at her mother laughing and said, “What’s funny Mom?”

“Oh sweetheart, I was thinking that you were exactly right. Davey sure has one big dick … you really like it huh?” said Tencia.

“Crap Mom, you don’t have to announce it …” said Monica blushing.

Mary Ann was opening the rear passenger door when she stopped, “MONICA, are you fucking David?”

Tencia laughed again, “Well kids the cat’s out of the bag now, let’s go in … come on, everybody, you too Joe.”

David stepped down from the porch stairs as Monica got out. She immediately stepped into his arms, softly grinding her hips against his bare cock and kissing him full on the lips, tongue and all.

David leaned back, breaking the kiss, “Well hello Miss Monica, it is sure nice to see you …”

Monica leaned her head against his chest and said in a soft voice, “I told Mom about us and then she told everybody else in the car. I’m so sorry.”

David reached out taking her face in his hands, leaned down and kissed her with real passion. After a moment he leaned back and looking her in the eye said, “Never be sorry, you are too special for such nonsense. You want to post a sign by the road, I’ll help!” and then he smiled and kissed her nose.

Tencia stepped up beside them, patting David on the chest she said,” Baby, just in case you didn’t get the message, that means he loves you” and then she went on into the house.

In the meantime Leah was helping Mary Ann and Joe with their overnight bags, “Come on in guys, I’ll get you squared away in a room.”

Joe’s eyes were glued to Leah’s tight little round ass and the amazing way it wobbled and moved as she led the way into the house … he thought, “She has beautiful tits, just a little more than a mouthful, oh God I’d love to suck those titties.’ While picturing her in his arms, his pants tented and his cockhead began to ooze sweet, clear fluid.

Next, he began to worry about measuring up against David’s big cock, to add to today’s confusion, he began to fantasize just a little about how David’s big red cockhead might taste – and then he shook his head to clear away the images.

Joe was a solid, hard working, nice guy and at 20, Joe was a virgin, horny all the time. At home he’d slip away 3 or 4 times a day to beat off and often in bed at night as he dreamed about Mary Ann’s pretty titties and the soft curve of her bottom he’d seen while she was in the shower. If horny could be turned into a scream, you could have heard him 75 miles away in Sacramento.

Placing the bags on the bed, Leah flopped down on the corner and said, “So, you guys want to take your clothes off and get comfortable?”

Mary Ann, who had been silent since their arrival, smiled and maltepe escort bayan said, “Would you mind giving us a little privacy?”

“Nope,” Leah said as she smiled and pulled the room door closed. All of the bedroom doors in the house had louvers top and bottom to assure good air flow, in the hot summer months they helped keep the place cool. Once in the hall she stopped and listened carefully.

“Joe, are you going to get undressed with us, or do you want to stay in the room?” said Mary Ann, her voice was soft and kind. Clearly she wanted him to join her.

“I don’t know Annie, I’m kinda scared about the whole thing … do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes I do. I haven’t been naked in front of anybody since we were little … well, except at the doctor’s office. I’m scared too. But I made a deal with Monica, so I’m getting undressed, if you’re not going to join me, would you mind turning around?” she asked.

Joe moved to the far side of the bed and faced the wall; however, in this position he could easily see her reflection in the dresser mirror in the window in front of him. The soft shade falling on the window from outside amplified her image, he could see her clearly.

Mary Ann opened the closet door and took out a few hangers, laying them on the bed. She carefully unbuttoned her blouse putting in on the bed, then her skirt. She stopped to push her flip-flops off with her toes and then leaned back unfastening her bra. Tim seemed to stop breathing as he waited for her full breasts to come into view.

Keeping her back to her brother, she pushed her panties to the ground then bent over picking them up. Joe quickly turned his head and got a full view of her spread butt cheeks, bright pink rectum and the back of her reddish blond bush. He would have seen more but he had to turn back around before she saw him. He watched her reflection in the window as she carefully hung her bra over the hanger hook and then her blouse. Next she hung her panties over another hanger hook and her skirt through the hanger support bar.

She stood quietly for a time, her heart was beating so loud and she was really nervous. She looked into the dresser mirror for a long time, at 5’5″ she was tall enough, maybe 135 pounds, certainly no more and then there were her breasts. She tried to be very careful about what she ate, she didn’t want to look like her mother and she was sure she had a good figure, narrow waist, nice hips, sort of a wide round bottom but not too big and nice thighs. Still, there were her breasts, large full breasts with big pink areolas featuring a prominent nipple bud in the middle … very white with scattered blue veins; the skin of her breasts reminded her of marble. They always looked much too big to her, she thought they were ugly.

She sighed with disappointment and suddenly saw Joe staring at her reflection in the window from the mirror, ‘Shit, Shit, Shit … he knows that my tits look ugly too, damn it!’

“Are you getting an eye full little brother … why not turn around and get a good look, you shit!” she was pissed, embarrassed and ashamed of her breasts.

Joe stood and turned around, there were tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry Annie, I just couldn’t look away, you are so beautiful, just beautiful,” there was awe and amazement in his voice.

Mary Ann was shocked, “What … beautiful, no you don’t mean that …” she sounded like a sad little girl.

Joe quickly walked around the bed and wrapped his arms around her, “You are beautiful, you have always been beautiful no matter how hard you try to cover it up. Your breasts are just amazing, God, I’d love to suck on ’em. Ah … I mean, ah, if you weren’t my sister that is …”

Leah stood in the hallway mesmerized by the conversation, wishing she could see inside, but she remained quiet. Just then Mrs. Ortega left her bedroom her large breasts swaying and bobbing in front of her and her bushy grey-black pussy proudly on display. Seeing her, Leah quickly raised her hand to her face and signaled for silence. Tencia stopped beside the pretty little girl and looked inquiringly – Leah place one hand behind her ear and leaned close to the door. Tencia quietly followed suit.

Mary Ann looked into Tim’s eyes and said, “You really mean it don’t you?” she sounded surprised and embarrassed.

“Yes I do, Annie you are really beautiful …” his eyes were fixed on her large breasts.

After what seemed like a long time, “Joey, do you want to touch them?” she asked quietly.

“Oh yes, please!?” he said.

She took his hands in hers and placed a hand on each breast. “Oh God Annie, they feel wonderful and they look like the ones on those Roman statues … wonderful!” and then he dropped his head to her breast taking one of her ruby nipples between his lips. He began to suckle like a newborn; the sensation nearly caused Mary Ann’s legs to buckle.

She pushed him away and quickly picked up her clothes and shoved them onto the closed rod. Then she sat escort pendik down on the bed pulling Tim down beside her. She pulled his head into her lap and leaned forward dropping a large breast and nipple to his mouth. He moaned softly and returned to suckling her breast. Mary Ann was nearly levitating from pleasure and her pussy began to weep, it seems that Mary Ann is a woman who can cum from having her breasts sucked. Quickly a small orgasm swept through her body and she cried out, “Oh Sweet Lord … Oh Joey … Ohhh …”

With no intent Mary Ann allowed her hand to settle on his crotch where she discovered a serious tent that seemed to pulse with a life of its own. She softly stroked the hard length and almost instantly Tim shuddered letting her nipple slip from his lips, “Oh Annie, I’m cumming … aaahhhh!!”

She felt his hot jizz squirt and begin to soak through his pants. She was excited by his sounds of pleasure. When he calmed, she lifted his head and kissed his lips, “I love you Joey, I’m sorry I’ve been a bitch.”

He smiled the most grateful smile and rested there with his head in her lap gazing up at her face and those alabaster breasts.

In the hall, Leah and Tencia looked at each other with nervous smiles. Tencia reached over and tweaked on of Leah’s nipples, she whispered, “So hard little girl, so hard. Better find you a man soon, huh!”

Leah grinned broadly and then placed a finger to her lips as she continued to listen.

Mary Ann leaned down again and kissed his lips lightly, “You better get your clothes off, your cum has probably soaked through everything.”

Looking abashed, Joe stood and stripped off his t-shirt, kicked off his tennis shoes, then loosened his jeans, carefully sliding them and his jockey shorts down. In so doing he revealed a long cock, perhaps 6 inches long and about an inch across with strings of cum tying it to his underwear. Mary Ann jumped up and slid her panties off the hanger, using them to wipe away most of the cum and folding the wet panties into his underwear.

Joe carefully removed the belt, wallet, handkerchief, keys and change, placing it all on the dresser. Mary Ann carefully lifted his cock and softly felt of it all over. “How big does it get Joey?”

“It almost never changes, just hangs there or gets hard and stiff, maybe a little thicker, a little longer and then goes soft after I cum,” he said.

“But in class they said that cocks get bigger and smaller?” she sounded puzzled.

“I don’t know Annie, my dick is the only one I’ve ever played with,” he said thoughtfully. “What are we going to do with my soaked clothes?”

“Don’t worry, Leah is really nice, I’m sure she’ll help me get them washed up without any trouble.”

“Yeah, Leah is really nice,” he said wistfully.

Mary Ann smiled, “Oh yeah, I saw how nice your dick thought she was, huh?” Joey could only grin in an embarrassed way. “I bet you’ve put your cock to good use with other girls …”

Joe frowned and said, “Annie, I’m a virgin. I have never seen a girl naked other than you and Leah today; not that I’m complaining. You are really spectacular.”

She quickly rolled up his underwear into his jeans, “Joey you have absolutely made my day; hell, you’ve made my year. Look here … I’m a virgin too. The only dicks I’ve seen were when I’ve been changing diapers and that’s not interesting at all. We better join the rest …”

Joe held up both hands and said, “Could I ask you for a favor?”

“What is it baby brother?” she asked playfully.

“Well … could I, maybe … could I look at your pussy, please?” he was hesitant but he did speak up, not like the normally shy Joe.

Mary Ann laughed a bright happy laugh and fell back on the bed spreading her legs bringing her knees up to her chest. “This is how I start when I want to masturbate; this position let’s me get my fingers right in there. Can you see OK?”

Joe nodded his head and knelt by the bedside staring at her reddish blond pussy and the large labial lips that spilled out from her hole. He started to touch her, but stopped and looked up. Annie nodded her head smiling softly. Very gently he slid a finger down her lips, parting them carefully and stared inside his sister. After a moment he slipped his finger up and began to softly caress her clitoral bud, Annie began to experience gentle electrical sensations.

“Joey, honey, put a finger inside and move it in and out …” he heard her breathlessness and quickly slid 2 fingers into her wet vault, sliding and tickling her insides and suddenly she clamped down on his fingers, shuddered softly and let out a long groan. “God, that was so good. You and I need to come to bed early tonight so we can do this again!”

A large grin split Joe’s face and Annie grinned right back.

Annie stood carefully and wiped her puss with the back of his jeans, “We really do need to wash these, they’re getting positively sticky,” and they laughed.

Leah and Tencia quickly and quietly walked away from the door, down the hall and into the kitchen. Seeing them, Monica looked up guiltily; her hand was under the table in David’s lap. David said with a grin, “Hey guys, we thought you’d gotten lost, everything OK?”

“I’ll tell you later,” said Leah.

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