The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 06


We’re back, the house is restored, the electricity is on and our story is closing in on the finish. Thanks to all our kind readers and their good thoughts. Anna recommended that that I do a brief recap since it’s been a while since our story began. So here goes: Our story begins with David, Monica, Jack and Mary Ann learning that they must participate in a Nude Day Assignment or drop out of their required class.

David’s mother agrees to let them gather at the family ranch for a day of nudity as a way of preparing for the next day’s required Nude Day Class on campus. In addition to the four students, David’s younger sister Leah, mother Linda, Monica’s mother Hortencia, Mary Ann’s twin brother Joe and the new pastor of the local ecumenical church show up for the day and the night before.

This chapter of our story begins with David’s mother Linda naked on the front porch with Pastor Tim while the others — David, Monica, Mary Ann, Jack, David’s sister Leah, Mary Ann’s brother Joe and Monica’s mother Hortencia are inside the large home naked, excited and ready for fun.

Yes, everyone is of legal age, all names and places are fictitious. You may want to start at the beginning and read all of the chapters, just click on Dragonwriter above and the link will take you to my story page – thanks again for reading.

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When Linda and Pastor Tim reached the porch he said, “Would you mind if we stayed on the porch and talked before going inside?” Linda sensing his discomfort said gently, “Of course, let’s sit in the swing,” gesturing toward the large wooden porch swing to the left of the front door.

As he moved to the swing she stopped in front of the screen door and looking in at David and Hortencia said in a soft voice, “Scat, go on now, I want to talk to the pastor.”

The crowd at the door moved away quietly.

Linda stood in front of Pastor Tim and said, “Alright now, go on, take a real good look, stare away. I promise I won’t bite; I’m just an old woman who enjoys being naked,” there was real warmth in her voice.

He allowed his eyes to look from her long muscular legs up to their apex, then up to her full breasts, jutting brown nipples and up to her bright blue eyes. “Linda, you are a lovely woman,” he said with a soft smile.

“Thank you,” she said and then, “you do remember the rules for this visit don’t you?”

He looked at her uncomfortably, shifting in his seat, “Why don’t we talk a while first?”

“Pastor that wasn’t the deal; time to go or stay, for my part, I’d like you to stay. But, it’s up to you; afterwards we can sit here and talk …”

He sighed with quiet resignation, “Alright then, please, call me Tim, I don’t feel very much like a pastor right now,” he stood and carefully placed his sunglasses on the porch rail. He dropped his shorts and briefs, pulled his shirt off, folding everything neatly and turning to Linda said, “I guess it’s your turn to take a good look.”

Linda stepped back a couple of feet, looked him up and down very carefully and said, “6 foot …”

He interrupted quickly saying, “5’11” ma’am, 165 pounds this morning, in good health, I jog 5 miles every day but I could be exaggerating just a little about that …”

“As I was saying,” Linda said, “nice body, good arms and legs, blue eyes, good face, nice smile, clean finger nails …. nice looking genitals … ” she suddenly laughed out loud, “OK Buster, how big is your dick?”

He blushed, “I don’t know.”

“Bullshit, every man knows how big his dick is … so stop it, how big, or should I get a ruler?” she said there was laughter in her voice as she smiled brightly.

“OK, OK … perhaps I did measure it once … hard or soft?”

“Oh you are so full of shit, both ways smartass,” she said laughing.

His eyes glowed with mischief as he said “4” or 5″ soft depends on the weather and never longer than 7″ when it’s really hard,” he waggled his hips causing his growing cock to rock back and forth.

“So,” he said, “how big are your tits?” there was relief, warmth and laughter in his voice.

“Touché,” Linda said laughing, “38 C is what my bras say, now back to you Sir. In summary I’m looking at a good looking man, healthy and trim sporting a lovely dick and a handful of balls,” she said with a grin.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said, “and thanks for your kindness.”

“So,” she said, “we should be past the shy part; would you like to sit and talk now?”

He returned to the swing and sat down turning so that his right leg was folded up on the seat allowing his cock and balls to rest on the wooden slats placing his right arm on the swing back.

“Maybe I have a few more questions for you Miss Linda,” he said with a smile.

She sat turning herself so that she mirrored his sitting position with her body facing his, “Fire away Tim.” Her seated position canlı bahis gave him a clear view of her bushy pussy and full breasts.

“Why not tell me about you?” he asked.

Linda quietly told him her story from the commune to the ranch, he listened without interruption. When she finished he said, “Now I think I can understand why you’re so comfortable with nudity.”


Meanwhile in the house things were happening. After Linda shooed them away from the door David, Monica, Mary Ann and Jack headed to the kitchen table to finish the initial draft of their joint paper. Leah followed them closely; she was fascinated looking at Jack Kessler and Joe Davis. She didn’t know exactly why but she found herself attracted to both of them. Probably because they were the only men she’d seen naked other than her brother and it was exciting. Looking at them she got a warm tingle between her legs.

As they gathered around the table Monica was elected to record their thoughts and help fashion them into a working draft. Monica seated herself behind her laptop computer and began working with the preliminary outline David had put together earlier.

Leah seated herself on a side chair near the back porch and watched them work. She took particular interest in the boy’s bodies and how they moved. She didn’t really know either one of them, only having seen them at church and at the occasional community center dance. Something down deep in her core was drawing her to them. Just then David went into the store room and brought out a rolling marker board they sometimes used to layout pasture strategies.

Leah really liked watching all of them move naked, she was fascinated by the way their muscles flexed and moved and her eyes were drawn to their cocks and balls as they wobbled and wiggled. To her, it was amazing and exciting; a joy to watch. Jack stood and joined David at the board. She found herself fixated on Jack’s nice cock, its smooth shaft and the bell shaped head hanging easily down his thigh.

Thinking to herself, ‘I bet his cock wouldn’t hurt like David’s; maybe he might like me, maybe,’ then she sighed and watched some more.

Joe came over and pulled a chair next to Leah, “Is it alright if I set by you Leah? I don’t want to be in the way.”

Leah smiled and said, “Sure, I’d like that,” she stopped and carefully looked him over from top to bottom. He was a nice looking fellow, just a couple of years older than her. His skin was white everywhere his shirts didn’t cover him and there his skin was red from exposure. “Looks like you’re kinda’ sun sensitive Tim …”

“Yeah, all I have to do is go out without a shirt and I’m red as a beet in seconds. Annie has the same problem; we’re just not sun people like you and David. You guys always look so nice and tanned.”

His pleasant banter was comforting in this super charged, sex laden air, Leah found him very appealing. “We don’t really tan Joe; it’s our Mexican heritage from our grandmother that makes Davey and me brown. The good part is that it mostly keeps us out of the sunburn zone.”

And then she placed her hand on his thigh near his slumbering cock, “Look at the difference, I’m brown as a nut and you’re a real white boy …” as she spoke she saw his cock begin to grow and the soft, small foreskin slipped back from his cockhead. In just a few seconds it was standing tall with a glowing red head.

Tim began to blush and stir when Leah leaned next to him speaking very quietly, “Wow Tim, you have a really nice dick.”

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, “I can’t seem to control it” as he continued to blush.

Leah looked into his eyes and asked in a soft voice, “May I?”

Looking confused he said, “Sure, I guess so …”

Glancing at the others working on their paper, she quickly reached over and took his hard cock in her little hand, “It’s so cool to touch … so hot and so hard and yet soft, I really like how it feels.”

“Honestly, I mean … just look at David, his is so big …” Joe was nervous.

“Oh hush,” she said, “would you like to come play with me?” Her voice was soft and inviting.

Joe nodded his head eagerly and Leah took his hand walking them both past the others who paid them no attention. Down the hall to her room they went where Leah pulled the door closed behind them.

“Joey, I don’t have any real experience, do you mind?” she said.

“Mind … Shoot no; but, um … I’m actually a virgin …” he was very nervous.

“I am too … well, almost anyway, what would like to do first?”

Joe was quiet, and then said, “I honestly don’t know where to start …”

Leah sat on the bed saying, “OK then, come over here and let me look you over, would that be OK?”

Joe immediately moved to her, his stiff cock bobbing; Leah wrapped her hand around it at the base and pulled him to her mouth. He felt her hot wet mouth sucking and licking his cockhead; and he began to tremble, “Oh Leah, I’m sorry, I’m gonna’ cum …”

Remembering bahis siteleri what David told her, she kept just his cockhead in her mouth, stroking him with her little hand as she sucked harder doing her very best to draw every drop of cum from his body. Joey rocked back and forth and began to gush until her mouth was full to the brim. She pulled back and opened her mouth wide so that Joe could see the cum puddle, his eyes were wide with excitement.

“Are you going to swallow it?” he asked in a hot voice.

She closed her mouth and gulped it down, “So tasty,” she said with a smile. And she realized it was pretty tasty, not as thick as Davey’s and a little sweeter. She was feeling devilish and an idea struck her so she turned him around saying, “Bend over and spread those cheeks Joey.”

Although he wasn’t sure what she had in mind, he turned quickly and reached back spreading his cheeks wide. Leah was fascinated by his smooth white skin and there it was a large, winkled red rectum. She licked her fingers and began to work 2 fingers into his bottom. Tim gasped and stood very still as she worked her fingers all the way in.

Two years ago Joe took extra fine grit sandpaper to the upstairs bathroom, secretly sanding the shaft of the toilet plunger until it was as smooth as glass including the round end. Then he took a little saddle wax and worked it into the handle. It was his custom before he showered to lightly lube his asshole and ease the first 8 to 10 inches of the plunger handle into his rectum. He loved the feeling as he jacked off spurting ropes of hot cum into his hand.

At first he was sure he was a real pervert or that he’d lost his mind, but it felt so good; and then he tasted his load, just a little at first until now he’d collect his cum and lick up most of it using the rest to lubricate his cock as he continued to stroke enjoying the extended glow of satisfaction. It was his deepest darkest secret.

Once she was in, Leah could feel the fleshy lump of the prostate which she gently massaged with her fingers. She hoped Joe’s cock would become hard again. He liked it so much he backed up and began to work his bottom against her hand. “You could put in another finger, it feels so good,” he whispered.

Working 3 small fingers in and out of his bottom she heard him begin to breathe heavily, looking between his legs she could see that he was beginning to drip pre-cum. She twisted her fingers and began increasing the pressure as she rubbed his prostate. Suddenly, “Oh shit Leah I’m cuming again!”

And cum he did. 4 large squirts of cum exploded from his cock and spattered on the dark wood floor. Leah continued to work his prostate until he said, “Oh please stop …” Leah slowed and then withdrew her fingers. Holding his cheeks wide she pulled him back and kissed his bright red rectum and then he fell forward on the bed.

She slid up on the bed and kissed his shoulder, “Are you OK Joey?”

He rolled over on his side drawing his arm up to support his head, “Oh Leah I have never felt better in my life …” and he reached out pulling her down beside him. He leaned to her and gently kissed her lips. It was so sweet it brought a tear to her eye.

“Leah, what can I do to help you feel like I do now?”

Leah kissed him again and said, “You just rest a bit and I’ll think of something,” then she grinned at him in a happy way. In her heart she realized that she loved making a man cum, there was power and satisfaction hearing their pleasure and watching them squirt.


“That’s it guys, I have the draft ready for your review,” said Monica with satisfaction. “We made pretty good time, just over an hour and a half.”

“Great,” said Jack, “we have plenty of time to go swimming.” You could tell he was pleased by the warm lilt of his voice.

“First, everybody must look the draft over and then I’ll print it out for their approval tomorrow, so get over here and do you part!” said Monica with authority.

Jack, Mary Ann and David crowded around Monica and carefully review each page. After a few changes the draft was declared ready.

“Let’s get to the creek,” said David.

Mary Ann looked around and said, “Where’s my brother?”

Monica broke into a soft laugh, “I think Leah took him to her room over an hour ago.”

David and Mary Ann looked at each other and then went down the hall. Outside Leah’s room David said, “Let’s be quiet, OK?” Mary Ann nodded her agreement.

David softly turned the knob and opened the door very slowly. Inside they saw two naked bodies wound together on the bed. Joe appeared to be sleeping; Leah opened her eyes and looked at them then pursed her lips saying, “Shhhhh …” David quietly pulled the door shut.

“Do you think they were doing it?” Mary Ann asked David.

“Probably, is that a problem Mary Ann?” he asked.

She was still and then smiled, “No, no, I’m happy for him, he’s very sweet.”

David reached out gently rubbing the back of his hand over her large, bahis şirketleri hard nipple and then cupped her breasts with both hands, “You’re pretty sweet yourself Mary Ann.” His voice was warm and seductive.

Mary Ann smiled brightly and shivered as she reached down taking his slumbering cock in her hand, “Do you think you could share this with me?” she asked quietly.

“I think I could manage that,” he said with a quite smile, “but we better get back.”

They walked back up the hall running into Jack, Monica and Hortencia. Jack smiled at Mary Ann and said, “Come on Mary Ann let’s go swimming and enjoy a little sun.” Mary Ann nodded, smiled and took his hand. “Hey guys,” said Monica, “we’ll catch up in a little while.”

They watched Mary Ann and Jack go out the back door and head for the creek. “Davey, I need a favor,” said Monica.

“What sweetheart? Anything you need …” he said with a smile.

Monica hesitated and frowned, just them Tencia took his arm saying, “David it’s like this, my husband hasn’t paid attention to me for a while … so, um … I asked Monica if she would sort of … ah, lend you to me for a little while,” she was filled with nervous excitement.

David took Monica’s chin in his hand turning her face to his, “Does this mean you want … or should I say, give your mom and me permission to have sex?” He was puzzled but not put off.

“OK, it’s like this, my dad is being a shit and not paying attention to my mom and she needs some relief and you … well, you are really good at helping with that … actually you’re great,” she said blushing.

He stepped back a little and looked Tencia over carefully. She stood nervously, at barely 5’4″ her rubenesque figure was appealing, he’d often fantasized about her large slightly pendulous breasts, each breast requiring two hands to hold with their large chocolate brown areolas and pointy nipples. She had a small tummy and wide hips, ‘she looks like a sweet ride, soft and easy’ he thought.

She had Monica’s soft brown eyes and a nice face, ‘what the hell’ he thought ‘why not’ turning back to Monica, “Are you sure you won’t be mad at me baby?”

“No honey, I won’t be mad, I promise,” she said.

He smiled broadly at Tencia and took Monica’s hand, “Come on before Mom comes in.” Down the hall they went to his room, once inside he closed the door and took Tencia in his arms kissing her cheeks, nose and lips. Her breathing increased as he took her nipples in his fingers and gently pinched and pulled them. “Now I know why Monica has such nice nipples,” he said.

He looked around and saw that Monica was sitting in the side chair on the far side of the bed, her eyes were bright and her nipples very hard. Just then Tencia sat on the bed and pulled him to her. She took his growing cock in both hands sucking his growing red cockhead in her mouth. Her experienced tongue went to work licking his helmet and teasing his frenulum. David spread his legs for better balance and looked at Monica who smiled broadly as she spread her legs, reached down and pulled her pussy open so that he could see her swollen wet red hole.

As Tencia’s attentions increased, he took her head in his hands and began to fuck her mouth, slowly and then more rapidly. She locked her hands around the base of his cock so that he wouldn’t choke her remembering his father and his mighty meat.

The burn started deep, he felt his rectum begin to clench … “Tencia, I’m cuming …” she said not a word simply sucked harder and licked with more intensity. In seconds the first of 3 long bursts of cum blasted into her mouth, but she did not stop sucking and she continued to suck as he softened. Finally she pulled her mouth away and swallowed his offering with satisfaction.

“David, that was wonderful, I haven’t had a mouthful of cum in a longtime, thank you!”

“Trust me, it was my pleasure,” he said breathlessly, “now may I have some pussy please?”

“Honey we should talk about that, see my pussy is reserved for my husband; but my ass is open for fun. Is that OK with you?” she asked with a smile.

David looked at Monica whose face expressed her surprise but she smiled and shrugged her shoulders before saying, “Don’t look at me big boy. Mom you better be serious because my man can tear an asshole up!”

Tencia laughed out loud and said, “Lordy, I am so hoping!” She fell back onto the bed and pulled her legs up opening her wide bottom and exposing her large brown rectum. “Monica baby, give Davey that little bottle of hand lotion in my purse.”

Monica quickly retrieved the lotion and moved beside him. She squirted a good amount into her hand and reached in lubing his swollen cock. She loved the look and feel of his cock, the large veins that ran up and down his swollen shaft and the plum sized head. Davey moaned his appreciation. Then she squirted a gob on her mother’s large rectum.

“Fuck her brains out baby,” Monica whispered in his ear, “make her pay for stealing you away from me.”

David kissed Monica hungrily as he plunged his cock into Tencia asshole. It was rough and tight and she loved it, crying out with the initial pain and then wrapped her legs around his back as he began to pound her muscular hole over and over.

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