The Nurse’s Uniform Pt. 18


It started last September, eight months and almost a hundred thousand words ago. It’s ending now.

Thanks for reading.



Mike was both excited and worried.

Although he still hadn’t agreed to work for Emma, he was resigned to the fact she had made him ‘an offer that was probably too good to refuse.’ She had bought him just, as he suspected, she had bought Sammi.

So, when Emma had called and invited him to dinner at the Hyde Park apartment with her and Sammi he was excited and worried. What was it all about? Had they ‘compared notes’? Was this a set up, a confrontation? Or was it a sexual opportunity? He had no idea.

But he knew that he had to go. He knew that he had to find out and he knew that he had to take the risk.

The girls prepared carefully for the evening. As usual, Emma would order the meal to be delivered; she never cooked, so most of the preparation was getting themselves ready.

Since that amazing time in San Diego their affair had blossomed. It had, as most affairs do, found its own level. It was not, as Emma had anticipated the first time she had shagged the younger woman, Sammi being totally submissive and becoming dependent on her. Just as it was not, as Emma had feared two days later when Sammi started playing an equal, and sometimes leading role, her falling for the blonde: that had scared Emma, she was so unused to feeling that way. She had, however, straightened herself out and got her act together. Ok, she had rationalised, I can’t make Sammi dependent on me, but I can still teach her, I can still educate her, I could, maybe, still turn her into the Al Khorensi family whore: after all the psychometric tests did indicate very strongly that she had low morals as far as sex was concerned.

As it happened, that became unnecessary due to the Sheikh’s death, but Emma didn’t know that at the time. So, in the weeks following the trip to San Diego, she worked hard on Sammi. They had frequent sex. Emma had her stay at the Hyde Park flat quite often and she made arrangements to take Sammi to Saudi. Her plan was to try to get Sammi to have sex with Ahmad and/or Sunni with or without her there. She took Sammi to some of London’s finest

restaurants and most exciting tecavüz hikayeleri clubs, mainly straight, but also to two very discrete upmarket bi, gay and lesbian joints. Sammi loved it all. She got caught up in the high roller way of life and was quite prepared to do the things that continuing such a life required, such as having frequent and more extreme sex with Emma and sleeping with others, if required. As it happened, she never made it to Saudi, Abdullah’s death sparing her being fucked by his two sons nor did she have to test her ‘limited morals’ the collapse of the new venture diverting her and Emma away from the ‘good life’ for a while.

Her ‘lesbian’ education, however, continued and she was an avid pupil and a quick learner.

The first time Emma ‘went down’ on Sammi was just after San Diego. Sammi felt she would faint, she became an instant oral addict and would have liked to have had her older lover’s face between her spreaded legs on a regular basis, well she had that, but more regular, like all day, every day!

It was the next day that she retuned the favour and licked a woman’s pussy for the first time. She found it amazing. The warmth on her tongue, the taste, the smell, the smoothness and the texture; everything was fantastic. But, the most sensational part of it was the reaction she got from Emma, and from a girl they had brought home from one of the clubs. The shuddering, the grunting, the pushing back against her mouth and the whole thing about giving another woman an orgasm. That felt incredible.

After one rather drunken and spliff filled evening they had got onto the net and had ordered a range of sex toys. Vibrators, pussy beads and balls, hand held and strap on dildos. Sammi had forgotten about them until a week or so later when Emma said.

“Have a look in that drawer,” pointing to her dressing table.

Sammi got up from the bed, totally naked and feeling warm, lovely and temporarily sated. When she saw what was inside she immediately forgot all about being sated, for, of course, their toys had arrived. They never did use the beads and balls, either the pussy or the anal ones, but they experimented with the others.

They both agreed that although the sensations gained from sex sex hikayeleri with women were wonderful, of course different to those from a man, being softer, gentler and more knowing, the feeling of being filled was missed. Mouths, tongues even fingers could not compensate for a hard, strong cock being shoved right up their cunts. The two hand held dildos they used on each other and the vibrators, though, did go a long way to make up for those feelings.

They tried using the strap on jobs Emma had bought, but overall that was a bit too contrived. Fiddling around with the straps and buckle and getting the bloody thing on to the right tightness took some time. When that was tried after extensive foreplay, it spoiled the mood and when they were strapped on prior to starting, it made them both giggle. So, in the main, they rejected the complicated and rather contrived use of such implements.

There was one aspect about one of the several that Emma bought that they both enjoyed and they did use that one several times.

Whilst the black latex and rubber, eight inch, sturdy imitation cock was as complicated as the others to get on and keep to the required amount of tightness, it had one little gimmick they both liked. Behind the base of the imitation phallus, there was an oval shaped plate. When the dildo was strapped on, that plate ran from about half way up the girl’s pubic mound, down and between her legs to end about a third of the way along her pussy lips. The clever feature about that particular dildo was the groove that ran along the back of that plate. That ran right across the wearer’s clit. Thus, as the girl thrust the simulated cock into her female, or male come to that, partner, her clit was stimulated at the same time. And that made, as Emma and Sammi found out, for extremely satisfying mutual orgasms. That is assuming neither got a fit of giggles at the sight of the other with the black cock strapped on them.

So, their relationship found its own level. They were sexually very active with each other, but it was no more than that. Neither wanted or expected faithfulness from their partner. But then, a high-class whore and her potential successor aren’t really into faithfulness are they? Hence, both fucked Mike with not sex hikaye the slightest degree of remorse or concern.

His cab ride across town increased Mike’s anticipation. He had fancied both of them so much and had known, deep down, that sooner or later his desire for both of them would outweigh his vow not to mix business with pleasure: but then his business, sexual therapist, was concerned with many peoples’ pleasure, sex!

He had no scruples at all about having had sex with both of them. It was not his concern or interest to be faithful to any woman and, in turn, he didn’t expect anything like that back from anyone he partnered with, for an hour, a night a short time or a relationship. Monogamy was unnatural, he believed.

As he rode up in the high-speed lift which just served Emma’s fifth floor apartment, he had the vague feeling that they might, they just might, there could just be the possibility, the slight likelihood that the two girls were going to fulfil his most desired fantasy; a threesome with them.

Mike requesting the lift alerted them to his arrival. They were ready, they had prepared fully, they had done exactly what they had said they would and precisely what they had agreed.

“Ready Sam?” Emma asked squeezing the blonde’s hand.

“Spot on,” She replied looking into Emma’s eyes and smiling as she ran her eyes over her lover. “You look lovely, Emma.”

“And I could fucking well eat you, you sexy little bitch,” the older woman replied staring at the delicious curves under Sammi’s outfit,

Holding hands they stood before the lift doors which, when opened, deposited the occupants into the entrance hall of the stunning apartment, which Emma had just had valued at six million pounds and upwards.

Mike was impressed with the high-speed, totally quiet lift. Just seconds after stepping into it and the lift doors shutting he was standing before them waiting for them to open. He had no idea where he would exit, where he would be in relation to Emma’s flat or what he would see.

So, as the doors whooshed open he was very pleasantly surprised to see that he was in Emma’s apartment, that Emma and Sammi were there, that they were waiting for him, that they were holding hands, that they were looking at him and that they looked so absolutely fucking sexy. Why?

Because of what they were wearing. And what was that? What do you think? Of course, there could only be one garment.

The Nurse’s Uniform.

The End

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