The Nymph


In the Norse world, the deep and vast woods are home to many strange creatures. The most beautiful and wonderful of them all is the Hulder. There are numerous tales of her ability to lure men into peril and death. Even in modern times, she has been sighted on moonlit nights amongst the trees in her white dress, as quickly gone as she appears.  I was all alone in the wilderness. My plan had been to go fishing, and I was now on my way to the perfect little lake, deep in the mountains. This was my secret hideaway where I had caught numerous trout in bygone days. The walk was long, and I had begun a little late, so I decided to spend the night by a big pond in stead of arriving in the middle of the night. I had passed this pond dozens of times before, but never pitched my tent there. To be honest, I had always found the place somewhat eerie. The dark, dense trees reminded me of tall and lanky trolls leaning in over me as I craned my neck to study their imposing figures. The pitch black water seemed to stretch forever downwards into oblivion, and the shifting mist could hide all the horrible things in the world. This time, however, I was determined not to let childish superstition cloud my judgement. I suppose it comes with growing older. I was no school boy anymore. I was a man. I was educated. I was done with stupid, irrational fears. As any good university student, I had learned to rationalize everything I could not explain right away, thus stripping the World of its mystique and danger. Or so I tried to convince myself.The pond was almost a perfect circle, ringed by a dense, red-green mat of moss. Tufts of the crimson carpet had torn itself loose and was floating lazily along the edges of the water, looking like the filthy hair of whatever skulked beneath the surface. Sorry excuses for saplings tried to eek out a living amid the sparse tufts of grass, toppling over or drying out once they realized there was no firm ground to stand on. The nearest hard surface was the probing roots of tall fir trees standing by the edges of the mire. Their pointed spires just somewhat darker than the blue night sky beyond.When I arrived at the pond, the sun had already set, and the trees cast long, dark shadows over the swampy edges of the water. A slight breeze made them whisper to me like voices from ages past. The whispers avcılar escort bayan continued towards the water, stirring up tiny ripples of silver which reflected the full moon and made the light flicker across the surroundings. Above the sparkling surface, streams of mist began to search upwards, inches at a time, dancing like elves from a long forgotten fairy tale. I almost thought I could see the fragile creatures holding hands as they ran and jumped in circles and eventually drifted off to dissolve into thin air. They were immediately replaced by new brethren, continuing the eternal dance until they too vanished in the cooling night or amongst the dark stems of the fir trees.I sat down on a mossy stump, completely transfixed whilst watching the mist and feeling the heavy mood of the forest. An owl hooted in the distance, followed by the trollish drumming of the common snipe. Something small and frightened rustled amongst the foliage behind me. Small fish fed on the night’s last buzzing midges above the pond. I savoured all the familiar sounds around me, feeling at one with nature. I knew it was a bit of a cliché, but there was no other way to describe it.As soon as I stopped trying to identify all the different sources, the constant hum of the forest soothed my nerves, in opposition to its effect in my earlier days. Suddenly I noticed an unfamiliar noise amongst the others. The moment I noticed it, it seemed to spring to my attention like a soldier caught sleeping on guard, occupying all my curiosity and concentration. I had no idea when it had begun. It had probably gone on for a while, slowly increasing in volume until it became impossible not to notice. There was, amid the humming, a periodical rise and fall in pitch, like nothing I had ever heard here before. Almost as if the forest was singing to me. A beautiful song of no words. Telling myself how silly this was, I looked around for the source of the sweet voice, but it seemed to come from all directions at once.Suddenly my eye caught a glimmer of motion among the trees on the opposite side of the pond, but it was quickly lost amid the dark stems. The sight made my heart race. What was that? It almost looked like a person. But no person could move that quickly. I tried to stare at the same place until my eyes began to water beylikdüzü escort bayan and dark blotches obscured my view, focused on getting the most out of the next appearance. A white shape, definitely human, once again appeared in the corner of my eye. This time I could discern an unnaturally long river of golden hair trailing behind the figure, moving much the same way as the elven mist around it. A woman! Here, so deep into the wild? The song was still echoing in my mind, seeming to come from vibrations through my skull rather than sensed through my ears. I knew that I had to find the woman humming this wonderful song.Not realizing how strange all this was, I got to my feet and stumbled across the bog towards the trees where I had seen the figure, leaving all my gear behind by the stump. As I approached the other side, I saw her again, slipping behind a large boulder. This time I could clearly see her yellow, silky hair and a gossamer thin, white dress fluttering in the wind. Once again I marked the striking resemblance between her movements and that of the fog. A moment later the figure had vanished like before, but the voice continued her alluring tune, lulling me into an awakened sleep with nothing but her on my mind.When next she appeared for a fleeting moment, a beautifully shaped body was barely visible through the fabric of the dress, and my fascination for the song was accompanied by an erotic craving. I never got a real chance to study her features thoroughly, but from what I could see, she was absolutely stunning. The slender body moved quickly with a feline grace, and a sweet smell lingered everywhere she had swept her small feet. The hunt continued, her always slipping behind a tree just out of reach, and me stumbling clumsily behind, drunk with rising passion and lust. She always seemed to elude me by an inch, but still my hopes were steadily fueled as I could see more of her with every time she blessed the forest with her presence. My desire increased rapidly, and I felt an erection growing between my legs as I followed her deeper into the woods. I was panting heavily, but never noticed my exhaustion. I was so near that I could almost reach out and touch the soft, delicate skin on her arm. I felt a jolt of warmth and excitement as my finger tip grazed her hair. esenyurt escort The next moment she was gone, and did not reveal herself again. I was heartbroken beyond words.No subtle hint of her flight was visible, only the lingering smell of honey and flowers. Desperation filled my heart as I spun around looking for the girl. My throbbing cock had been aching for her, and I imagined how I would catch up to her and fuck her wildly. Now, both she and the song were gone, and I found myself standing in the middle of a marsh with murky puddles all around me. Trees close to me blocked out all moonlight, and everything was dark. Just a few lonely stars visible just above my head. I was unable to see where I had come from, and I had no idea where I was. I came to my senses and realized what a complete fool I had been. How could I be so stupid as to allow that creature to lead me into the woods. Centuries of stories about people led astray by the fairy-folk came to my recollection. All my hard gained, educated abilities vanished like dew before the sun. So it was true after all. And I had stumbled blindly into the trap, never caring for any of the old tales still resting somewhere in a dusty chest in the attic of my mind.As I stood there, desperation taking hold of me, I heard the wonderful voice again. In an instant, all my fears were gone, and I felt my urges reappear as if they had never diminished. I felt like a deaf man hearing his child’s laughter for the first time.“Who are you?” Her voice was even more worthy of remembrance than her song.As she appeared from behind a tree, only a few feet away from me, I could only stand and stare. Her incredible beauty seemed like an impossibility. This had to be a dream. Her golden yellow hair fell in thousands of tiny curls, nearly touching the ground and glowing with a cold sheen in the blue moonlight. The tufts seemed to float and move slightly as if they were alive. A short white dress clung to her body, hinting of the anatomically impossible, but still so incredibly arousing curves underneath. The dress was almost transparent, doing a poor job of hiding her dark and erect areolas. She stood barefoot in the soft moss, but it seemed as though she left no trace at all on the forest ground. I was already ankle deep in the mire, but she was barely bending the sparse grass leaves. The thing that struck me as most odd, although I somehow avoided contemplating the implications of it, was that between her legs, swaying slowly from side to side, was a long, curved tail. The golden-haired tip barely touched the berry-laden heather beside her feet.

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