The obedient girl and the old man


The obedient girl and the old manThe final production, when viewed, leaves people asking, ‘Did they actually do it’?It’s an industry conundrum, where most of us know the answer, but never admit to it, it’s silence ensuring the next young bright light on the horizon, accepts and submits, thereby ensuring its continence, so both male and female aging stars, can dabble and savor explicit scenes of debauchery and full on sex.When I was asked to do a feature the director just came right out with it, and why not, I just had to look over my shoulder and see a thousand beautiful young women banging on his door to be given the opportunity to sample fame and fortune.I had always thought I would be different or at the very least, make a difference, how that notion disappears when you are asked to take your knickers off in front of a group of strangers, and do things, you once only thought were private.I read the script, and as I read, my stomach churned, I was nervous at the thought, but strangely excited by it, I wondered about others more famous than I, Brooke Shields, who was used as an example, very young and extremely beautiful, pushed more for her looks and age, than her acting ability, but Brooke did as she was told, or I should say suggested, and she became an overnight hit with a big controversial label of ‘u******e sex’, attached to her, ‘Maybe’, I pondered, ‘All I needed to do, was relax, and just show these guys what I do, when I do it’.I was f******n and being pushed by my mother, my next birthday was still eleven months away, and my mothers enthusiasm for me to ‘Make it’, before then, bordered on fanaticism, she was a bit time actress, and was determined to relive her failures of making it, through me, so she pushed me, and used her contacts, looking for that opportunity, and that one movie, from specific directors of young girls, and this was one of those men, who had admired me the night he was invited to dinner at my mothers house, the night my contract was signed deep inside her, his cock substituting the pen, his semen signature in lieu of ink.The next morning I awoke to their lovemaking, my mother was always noisy when doing it, but as I found out later, he was always keen to hear the female mouthing, during their primeval acts of copulation, he was a big believer in the female being the aggressor in lovemaking, her need to be fertilized as the overriding factor, during sex, and now his theory was to be put to the test, with a girl just starting out on her periods, my first adiosbet yeni giriş drop of blood, making me a vampire of lust, and as such, my mother paraded me in front of him, in my knickers and t-shirt, sleep still in my eyes, I can remember looking at him and thinking, ‘Is he wearing anything under my fathers dressing gown’, I was aware he was lovemaking a short time ago, and I was curious if his penis was still sheathed with my mother’s wetness, I laugh now as I think back to what ran through my girlish mind back then.As I stood before him, like a girl in the headmasters study, expecting a good caning across my bared buttocks for smoking, I saw the thin line of perspiration across his upper lip, then across the balding pate behind his thin hairline, he was feeling the heat about something, I wondered if it was the young body clad in two articles of clothing standing before him, ‘You do as your asked’, my mothers interjection jolted me from my train of thought, my dreamily unreality shifted from him to her, she was dressed and obviously going out, leaving me here alone with him, ‘Be a good girl’, she continued as she hurriedly made to leave, obviously keen for me to ensure her lover was not going to be disappointed once she left us alone, ‘Just answer his questions honestly, and you will be a star’, she concluded, and then we were alone, the door banged, and she was gone, suddenly I felt my lack of clothing, knickers and an ill-fitting t-shirt, made for too little protection, suddenly I instinctively knew, his interest in me, was more physical than social, I felt warm between my thighs, I had released some pee, I was urinating and could feel my pee run down my inner thigh, not much, just a trickle, just enough for him to notice.’I need to go’, I blurted out, but not to be robbed of such a sight he barked loudly for me to stand still, then rather grandfatherly, he spoke quietly, trying to calm my nerves, his eyes concentrating on the golden puddle of urine gathering around my bare feet.’Holy Smoke’, a huge smile broke on his lips, ‘Just like Kate all over again’, he was referring to the movie where Kate Winslet’s pee scene and full on sex with Harvey Keitel,(Another did they or did they not do it), according to him, they did and Harvey could not contain himself as he accidently went inside her, she was so open and wet, he moaned, as he came within minutes and Kate had to leave the set to flush herself out.I stood rigid and let it flow unabated, my cotton adiosbet giriş knickers no longer a barrier as they soaked fully and concentrated my pee down my inner thigh.I felt relief and more than a warmth from my release, I was peeing in front of my mothers lover, my eyes were closed tight and I never felt mt t-shirt raise to expose my pees point of origin, he was holding it up and my knickers had become translucent, he watched fascinated, I guess in many ways like Kate, though she was nude, but my knickers appeared somewhat similar, with an added bonus of hairless and younger, I laugh at that, touting my cunt as a younger alternative to Kate’s cunt, I guess Harvey would have pre-ejaculated onto mine as he pushed in, but somehow I think cumming inside Kate sounds more appealing the the reader.I was awoken from my steamy train of thoughts with the realization of his finger running up my inner thigh, I neither jumped or reacted, I just looked down on him as his finger traced the outline of my pussy, my swelling lips giving me the outline of the perfect ‘Camel Toe’, ‘How often do you masturbate’, he asked me as his finger poked my lips, his pushing causing my panties to work into me, I groaned and lent onto him for support, ‘Open your legs’, and I slid one foot out of my pee onto drier carpet, as he pushed in further, my panties straining as no more material was available to go in.I lent on his shoulders as he knelt before me, fingering as far as my knickers submitted, ‘Like a cotton hymen’, he murmured and then he licked my bared pubis, I was beyond caring, like Kate’s rejection for the false rubber bladder in her scene with Harvey, she peed au-natural, and in return, it increased her libido to the point of confusion with Harvey, the cameramen, and the director, opting to be fucked on-sett, and take Harvey’s pent-up load (Just listen to his groans, as he shoots and Kate’s also, as she cums)’You like that, dont you’, I nodded feverously, I could feel myself cumming and I was, like my mother, very vocal, his finger having penetrated the thin cotton, was exploring the inner depths of my once virginal orifice, my pee now being replaced by a more suitable lubrication, for the fleshy friction, as each fold and ridge inside my vagina was caressed and awoken from their f******n year slumber, all combining in the culmination of my teenage orgasm, the body convulsions, and vaginal spasms, the noises of submission and surrender, my vocal acknowledgement of his administrations adiosbet güvenilirmi between my legs, my first public finger fucking, ended with my admission of willingness.I stood gasping for air, my legs shaking as he rose and sat back down on the leather chair in front of me, I could not help but notice his knees were wet from kneeling in my piss, or his chin was also wet, In some perverted way I admired his drinking my piss as some kind of honer, and as he looked at me in my post orgasmic state, I blurted out, ‘Shall I suck your cock’, he smiled before carefully answering, ‘would you like to ring me’, I thought for a moment, not sure what he really meant, so I just nodded OK.He stood up again and dropped his robe, for a small man he stood proud and large, I had never seen one so big in real life, and as I went to reach out and touch him he turned away and knelt on the chair, his ass raising high, ‘Go on girl’, he moaned loudly, as he started to masturbate, ‘Lick daddies ass’, now I knew what he meant, and I administered my pink tongue where he wanted me to, starting at the base of his ball sack and up into the crack of his ass, forcing the tip into his anus, his groaning louder by the millimeter pushed inside his ass, I could taste his dinner, but the power I was exerting by each forceful push gave me an exhilaration I had never known, so I pushed deeper with a youthful vigor, that went beyond what an adult female might consider sufficient.He was wanking himself furiously and I found my own hand encircling his, I wanted to milk him for myself, and eventually with my own hand covering his I soon got to appreciate his rhythm, and as his hand dropped I held him tightly and continued until I felt him course through his long cock and shoot onto the leather, as his sphincter muscle crushed my embedded tongue, halfway up his ass.He rolled away from his particular sexual turn-on to reveal his splattering of seed on mothers best leather, ‘Be a darling and lick daddies cum’, why not I thought, thinking it to be sweet offerings, its bitter and acrid salinity surprising my delicate palate, as my tongue rasped the leather surface, licking his offerings until they were nourishing my digestive system.When mother came back later I was alone, ‘Did you get the part’, she badgered me, and when I acknowledged that I did, she knew her f******n year old daughter had submitted to him, ‘Trust me honey’, she said, ‘They all fuck for their living’, meaning the best actresses, they beg for the young actors and fuck them, they are whores hiding behind role, and what is not on film can be found in the hotels with the room service, and the extras, who are dismissed as fantasists, it would be my cunt has a busy life ahead of it, well now I have a taste for cock, why not.

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