The Office cleaning Man


The Office cleaning ManThe Office cleaning ManBy Dina PetroMy Boss told me there was an opportunity for an ‘on job’ training for a couple of weeks at the offices of our Mother Company in Europe, it would be my chance to train and at the same time enjoy the site seeing of that natural small town the company main plant was located on.The right time came, I prepared myself for traveling and I did, upon arriving I was picked up at the airport and it was a long drive to a suburb area, real beautiful of natural scenes of greens and trees and so on, the public relation officer received me, greeted me and told me everything I needed to know.She said I have a small studio apartment to stay at during my stay which was attached to the office building at the premises, saying it would make me more comfortable avoiding the traffic and long drive daily to and from the hotel, which was a little far from the premises, which sounded super fine with me.I started training the next morning at the office, everything went fine, except for one major thing, which was my freedom to move, being a young woman of late twenties, a real good looking one, and I happen to be a big flirt and to be more frank and honest, I am a sex loving woman who likes company of people men or women to have fun.A couple of days passed, that day I had lots of things to do and tried to feed them to the computer as data entry, closing time was very close, I asked the boss if I could stay longer, as I did not have much to do at home anyway, and I wanted to voluntarily work further on that project.He said it was totally fine with him, he called the public relation officer and told her to make the needed arrangements with me, she told me there was nothing much to do, except when everybody leaves I needed to look the main door of the company management offices, even while being inside.She had also warned me that later on the cleaning contractor staff, mostly one person who already has the keys to the office building, would come in using his or her keys to enter, and they would lock it after themselves, all I have to do is ignore their presence till they were done with their job and leave the premises.She said, there was a contract with the cleaning contractor who does not send the same cleaner always, so they get different people with different faces, but it did not matter to them as long as the job was done safely under the contractors’ supervision and responsibilities.I was wearing a white button up shirt, a black skirt, I had my hair tied up in a ponytail and had a pair of glasses on, as I sometimes take my contact lenses off to relax my eyes and use my glasses instead, I was feeling kind of board, and same time I really felt like I missed the sex and flirting, not much was going on in that old fashion, very formal company, or at pendik escort least that was how it looked to me so far.I heard the door crack open then closed and locked using a key, which was something I had expected without knowing who the comer was, but I knew it must have been the cleaning contractor staff, I was working on the PC when I noticed an older black man of late forties cleaning the outer glass of the office I was in, I looked with the corner of my eyes, he was all eyes on me.Although not much of my body was showing, may be the skirt rose up a little while I was sitting down, showing some thighs or so, only one top button of my shirt was undone showing some cleavage, but I guess being very beautiful woman, with a curvy body, a pair of tits on the larger size than normal would definitely attract the eye sight of a lonely older man, especially a cleaner.Something as of a sudden had electrified my body, thinking about it deeply, here I was all alone being the sight attraction of a pussy hungry older man, and I was in bad need for some male attention anyway, his eyeing me was turning me on, one way or another, I looked him straight in the eyes with a little smile, he smiled back, but he did not take his eyes off of my body, he seemed to have lost control or something that made him determined to enjoy the scene no matter what, I also remembered the public relation girl saying there was a different cleaner coming every day, so who knows who anyway?The naughty ideas were all set and drawn on my head to seduce that man and may be fuck him if it was as easy as it looked to me, he took his water bucket and disappeared, and I decided to use the bathroom and same time may be get rid of my panties for some naughty flashing.I got up, walked to the bathroom, the man was in there getting some water or I did not know what he was doing, the place was small and tight outside the toilets cabinet, there was a counter with sinks and wash basins, he wanted to leave when I told him it was ok to stay I only needed a minute inside, he backed up glued himself to the wall, I passed in front of him with my back to his crotch, we touched literally as it was tight, but I went inside quick and he continued washing whatever he was.I took my panties off and hid them, got out, he backed up again and I wanted to wash my hands so I was standing right in front of him, my ass rubbing to his crotch, as of a sudden I felt something getting hard, it was a clear ‘hard on’ from the older man, he must have been huge, as I clearly felt it rubbing to my ass.I finished without any naughty acts, walked back to my office, he went back to washing the huge glass wall of the office facing me, when I sat down on the chair this time, I purposely allowed my skirt to rise higher showing at least two thirds of my thighs to escort pendik his hungry eye sight.I was looking him straight in the eyes with naughty smiles, rewarded with smiles back from him, then as of a sudden, I got rid of the rubber band holding my hair, shook my head right and left allowing my silky soft long hair, to fall down over my shoulders.I was still staring at his eyes which were totally mesmerized over my thighs and cleavage, I let my hand rise a little undoing my shirt buttons one after the other until it was lose revealing my push up bra which covered part of my tits, barely covering my nipples, part of my areolas were out.I swiveled my chair facing him partially and started acting as if looking at my PC screen, but allowing my legs to part very slowly revealing more and more of my inner thighs till I made sure I rewarded him with a small flash of my silky soft, fully waxed pussy, then I joined my legs together so fast, same time looked up at him to check his reaction.He was fixing his eye sight right in between my legs, he was wearing the cleaners gray overalls, which were loose over his body, although he was very big in size, over 6 feet tall and big, but my shock came when I felt something was rising at his crotch, pushing the overalls outward, building a very obviously showing big tent.He surely was embarrassed for it to show that obvious, he was trying to push it down with his hand, but same time he would not give up a single second of looking up my skirt right in between my legs, trying to see more of what he was rewarded with a few seconds ago.He was almost sweating, nervous, not knowing what to do, but still fixing his eyes between my legs, not even bothering with looking me in the eyes, I went further with my naughty acts, instead of straightening up or hiding, I leaned back on the swivel chair, allowing my back to go further down, my ass to go further up, I lifted one leg up resting it on the edge of my desk, spreading the other one wide placing my bare pussy right into his eye sight, looking him in the eyes and smiling almost giggling.He was almost trembling, instead of trying to hide his hard cock; he started rubbing it and massaging it up and down over his coveralls, I seem to have been enjoying torturing the poor village guy, and by then I could clearly see the outline of his cock under his overalls, which looked at least a foot long and very think to me.Being a fan and a lover of huge black cocks, I was going nuts myself, I felt I was torturing myself along with him, I had to put an end to it right away, if he could handle it any longer, I could not in fact, I did one more thing further, I put my hand behind and UN-clipped my bra allowing it to fall revealing my lovely pair of tits, my nipples were rock hard by then.I stood up, pulled my skirt up pendik escort bayan to my waist, showed him my assets frontal very clear, turned around, bent over showing him my beautiful, fully round, stuck out ass, I just wanted him more than ready for me, then I leaned on the desk, looked him in the eyes with a wide smile signaling him, with my finger, to come to me.He got off the step ladder without any second thoughts, went around to the office door, walked till he was standing right in front of me, I sat back at the chair, unzipped his overalls all the way down, pushed his boxers down till his cock sprung out to my face, which was much bigger than I had expected or speculated, a real monstrous black cock sprung out, I held it in hand, looked him in the eyes with a smile and started massaging it.I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it, it was a very hard process in the beginning, due to the super-size it had, but I managed one way or another, being an experienced girl with big cocks, the man seemed to be very pleased enjoying the super blow job he was getting.He held my hand, helped me up, kissed me on the lips while holding and rubbing my bare ass cheeks from behind, he felt my body all over, and then he got on his knees and started licking my pussy till I literally came, he bent me over the desk while standing up, started teasing my pussy by rubbing his red shiny cock head to its outer pussy lips, then he was pushing it in between my pussy lips right into my cock hungry, swelled pussy.As his dick was gliding into my pussy, I felt as if my pussy was being split into two halves, he was stretching my pussy inner walls to the utmost they could, but it sure felt filling and great, I wanted him in me so bad, I was in a situation of feeling cock hungry by all means and his cock came to fill me up to satisfy my hunger.He started pumping his cock into me inch after another in and out, balls deep in, then out till only the head was in my pussy and back in again, I was screaming loud of joy of course much more than any pain, I came one more time during that lovely fucking process, till I finally heard him breathing harder, he pulled all the way out of me, I turned around got on my knees and started sucking on his monstrous cock and he started pumping his white thick cock cream, load after another, I tried to take it all in my mouth, but failed, it was seeping from the sides of my mouth and some of it was splashed all over my face, eyes, hair and tits.I sucked him dry clean again, then he went to wash up, I washed up and got dressed again, he went back to doing his job while I was relaxing in my office, trying to recall and remember every inch of his cock in my pussy which felt swelled, filled and sore all same time.After he left, I locked up and walked to my studio apartment, tried to sleep but spent most of the night recalling that sudden non planned black cock fuck that really satisfied all my body and pussy needs for a while.THE ENDWishing you all the bestDina

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