The Old Fort


The Old FortAnother story told by a friend.This happened in the early eighties. My friend and I would go for walks thru the woods. It was nice to get away from the k**s and husbands. We did this once a week. One day on our walk we got off the path and found a small shallow pool, the water was like bathwater and it was very secluded. We took our clothes off and sat in the water. It was no more than a foot deep but it felt so good. A week later we went back to this pool and this time we had brought some wine. We drank the bottle and got a buzz. That is when we noticed the old fort that we had some how missed the last time we were there. It was covered by brush. No doubt built by k**s. We went inside, it was bright and well appointed. A small bed, a couch and some stuff. We found a stash of porn mags and started to look thru them. I had to admit I was pretty horny from the water and wine and the talking with my friend. Two boys walked in. “Hey what are you doing?” One said startling us. We were both still naked. The young men were in their mid teens and I am sure they were surprised to find naked mid thirty year old ladies in their fort going thru pendik escort their porn. “Well we just found this place of yours, it is very nice.” Claire said. Both young men looked us up and down. “Well you can hang out if you like.” One of the guys said. I at on the couch and Claire sat on the floor. One man sat with me and the other with her. Now at this point I must admit that I had a secret fantasy to have sex with a young man for the first time. His first time. I would be his first taste of sex and women, the one he always remembers. So when this man starts to kiss me that is going thru my mind. As Claire and her guy make out I make out with mine. I had thought that we would kiss some and let him finger me and that would be it. But some how I got a little more turned on and started to stroke his rod and was thinking about giving him a blow job. That is when I noticed Claire had already started doing that. So I followed suit. Then next thing I know I look up and Claire is on top of this young man and mounting him. “Claire! what are you doing?” I exclaimed. “Relax Liz, just having a little fun.” Claire said as she lowered herself down on the young escort pendik man’s pole. I watched for a minute and got even more turned on. So I decided to do the same. I looked at my young man, pulled his pants off. Had him lay on the couch and got top. I slowly lowered myself down onto his hard rod. I could not believe what I was doing. His cock was so hard and I was so wet. Once he was all the way inside me I looked him the eye. “Is this your first time?” “Yes” he whispered. I started to ride him just as Claire was doing. I thought this man had to be half my age. It only took about a minute, I felt his cock swell and then it exploded with alot of force. I felt the first two spurts hit my cervex and I started to cum with him. I guess Claire and her man had just finished. When I felt he was done I sat still letting him deflate inside me then I lifted up slowly. His limp cock popped from my cunt along with a glob of spunk. We both smiled at each other. “How was it?” I asked. “It was the greatest. Can we do it again?” he exclaimed. “Sure we can but give us a minute.” Claire replied. “Claire, we have to get back. We don’t have time. My husband will pendik escort bayan start to worry.” I pleaded. “Liz, Lighten up. We just made these to boys into men and made their whole day. We should let them have one more poke. Look they already have hard ons again.” Claire said as she took my guy and pulled him on op of her. The guy that just fucked her was looking at me ready to fuck me. I had never had two different guys in the such a short time period. I took him, and as he fucked me I felt so slutty. He came quickly and inside me, which I was not going to do either but for some reason I did and it felt really good. I now had two men’s sperm swimming thru my womb. I did not even know these guys name. Claire and I went and cleaned up in the water dressed and left. We were both in really good spirits on the walk back home. I felt so good about taking a young man’s virginity. I felt good about the second guy too. We would stop the old fort every week we took a walk. And we would fuck those two young men too. They had some friends which we fucked also. Ends up about six young men hung out at the fort and we would fuck them every week. When it got cold we did not walk any more and thus never saw those young men again. I wonder what happened to them. I get a tingle thinking that they may think back to their first time and me being the lady that took their virginity.

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