The Other Side of Miley Cyrus


The Other Side of Miley CyrusWonder how she went from a sweet, innocent girl to become the queen of twerking? Well, it might have something to do with her parents and Liam… but I have to admit that I was the other part of the reason.I was the enabler.Her accomplice.I first met her when she was an u******e teenager. I could tell that she had this crush on me, and while it boosted my ego just like with the other girls, I was not interested in her. Yes, I am more attracted to mature ladies, but I do have relationships with women in their 20s once in a while, but I’m no criminal. She is too young for me at that time.She went on to get her heart broken by one of the Jonas brothers, along with a string of other guys.And then, she met Liam. They dated, and she fell in love. I met him as well when we hang out, and I could tell her cares about her very much. I was happy for them.When they broke up in 2010, she appeared that very night outside my apartment, with tears flowing down her cheeks. She started blabbering about how she loved him, whether they are meant for each other, and a whole bunch of incomprehensible words. I am sincere when I said that at first, I just wanted to comfort her. No other thoughts.Then she decided to drink. I was against it of course. I know that she is no longer a minor, and that she had experience in drinking, but that doesn’t mean I would let her drown her sorrows with alcohol. It would not solve her problems.But one thing about Miley that you should know. She is stubborn, and really good at persuading people. If she can’t, she’ll simply force her way. No second option.I kept drinking as well, simply to lessen the amount of alcohol she would be consuming. But then she opened the second bottle. And then the third. And the fourth. And she was even mixing different alcohols together.I was drunk, but I could still control myself. Just barely… and only at first.”Have sex with me,” she told me.”What?””Make love to me…””Stop talking nonsense Miles, you’re drunk.””I’m serious, make love to me.””No.”But by then, she had sat right next to me on the sofa and crashed her lips onto mine.I could feel my inhibitions bursa escort lowering, and soon enough, my hands began roaming over her body, from her back, to her butt. I lifted her up, and sat her down on my thighs.I slid my tongue into her mouth, and she began to unbutton my shirt while we made out.I quickly took off her top, and being the expert at taking off women’s bras, I was clumsy this time due to my drunkenness. This had not taken me such effort for a long time, and I was frustrated. She giggled at my expression and took it off herself. Immediately, I grabbed her left tits with my hand and sucked on the right nipples, making her moan in delight.Even drunk, I could make women feel good.I reached and played with her wet folds, and within a few minutes, my experienced fingers made her climax.I slipped my hardness into her once we managed to get our bottoms off, and pounded her.”Ahhh… so good… oh… don’t stop don’t stop please…” she told me.I could care less that my neighbors could hear our loud voices. They should have gotten used to it by now, with the number of women I brought over.I was not sure how many times she had orgasms that night. I shot my seeds into her mouth soon after she had her last, and fell asleep, though I vaguely heard her say, “thank you”.The next morning, I woke up with a bad hangover, and the first word out of my mouth when I saw the naked girl next to me was, “shit.”She woke up within minutes after me, and to my surprise, she did not seem to think of it as a drunken mistake.In fact, she seemed to be just that bit happier than the previous night. Who knew sex could help her? I mean, everyone works differently, it’s human psychology, but I guess I should feel thankful at that moment that she was not as upset as before?She took care of me the whole day, and I only managed to feel better later that night.We sat down to talk. Apparently, she was not as drunk as me, and had made the decision to have sex the previous night because she felt unloved. She wondered if all the guys she met really loved her, and felt bad about herself.”Can we… can we make love again?” she asked in a low voice.”What bursa escort bayan do you mean?””You were drunk last night, I’m not sure if you think of it as a mistake… so, now that you’re clear-minded… are you still willing to do the same?”It took me a moment to decide, and her expression became sad again.”I’m sorry… I’ll just go…” she turned around to leave, but I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms.This time, I crashed my lips onto hers.Things heated up fairly quickly, and when I grabbed her butt, she wrapped her legs around my waist.I carried her to my bedroom and after we got undressed, I spread her legs open wide, and began to attack her folds with my tongue.”Oh for the love of… Ahhh…”Within minutes, she reached her first orgasm for the night.I entered her, and she gasped in delight.She tightened up soon after that, and I had to control myself, if not I would have came inside her.That night, she climaxed five times, and I, two times, before we slept.The next morning, she left with only a note thanking me.She did not tell me not to blab, and I would never either. She trusted in me, and I knew better than to hurt her. Miley got back with Liam soon after, and we still hang out as usual. I’m pretty sure Liam didn’t know, nor would she ever tell him.When they got engaged, I was excited for them, though I was worried… were they too young to take this seriously?Sure enough, they broke up once again. This time, not so briefly.Moreover, she had family problems as well. Her parents had a rough relationship and there were even talks of divorce. Not to mention that she was going through the craziness of Hollywood. Even though I worked in the same industry, I was not a celebrity, so I don’t get the same experience she does.She appeared at my door once more, this time, she wanted my help.She wanted to try a “therapy”, see if it helps her get over everything. I told her that it wouldn’t help, but like I said, she was stubborn.”If you don’t help me, what if I go outside to find other people?””Miles… don’t you dare.””I’m serious. I really want to try this. I trust you, please. I promise, if I hate it at any point, escort bursa I’ll tell you, and we’ll stop immediately.”And I was persuaded.We started her sex therapy.She came over to have sex with me often, whenever she felt unwanted, or hated by people.Since it seemed to help her, I was happy to do so. Well, that and the fact that I’m still a man.But did I tell you about her experimental and adventurous side?She wanted to try new things, as was usual in other aspects of her life.I could only find the people I trusted. My buddies who would die rather than reveal what I told them not to.My best friend came into the picture.”Damn. She’s hot.”I sat down on the sofa while the two of them had sex on the floor.She turned back to look at me, and gave a slight smile that I knew she meant “I’m fine. I’m happy with this.”After a few weeks of sleeping with my buddies, she felt bored of it.She wanted something different.She wanted to feel more people.So, I found her a group of people. It was difficult finding people who both could be trusted, and also wanted to have sex with her. But I managed to do it. Well, that and making them sign many non-disclosure contracts.She absolutely enjoyed herself that day. I was hoping she would stop, since as much as it was exciting, it was still troublesome for me. But no, she wanted to keep going.One day, she finally decided she wanted to try something new. And she began a fling with Stella, though I was not involved, neither did it last long.Her crazy side continued for more than a year, until I read an interview of Liam, and quickly contacted Miley.”What’s up?” she asked once I opened the door for her.”Miles, you said that no men loves you but…” I opened the magazine to the page where he had his interview.She laughed, “why’re you bringing him up now?””Read it,” I told her seriously.”He… he still loves me?” Miley was surprised, “even after everything I did?””I… I’ve got to go.” I could tell she was confused, and needed her space and time to think.That was the last time she brought up wanting to have sex therapy.Sure, she still goes wild for the public to see, but in private, she is never happier with the love of her life. Her parents have patched up as well, and she had gone back to being engaged with Liam.She might have that other side of her, but I’m glad that she is growing up and happy with her life right now.

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