The Outdoor Life Szn. 02 Pt. 01



I was really looking forward to a new season at the outdoor centre, Christmas of course had been great with my family, but, I really wanted to get back to the life I really enjoyed.

However, things didn’t start as well as I hoped they would.

When I arrived back at that big old manor house in the countryside, I discovered Heidi, the girl I was dating at the centre, wasn’t returning.

She had gone back home to Sweden over the holiday, and had decided to remain there, so she could go back to university to finish her degree.

I was gutted she wasn’t coming back, and annoyed she hadn’t called me to tell me this to my face, but, it did mean I was single again!

Yeah baby, yeah!

Anyway, after dumping my things in my little wooden hut accommodation, I made my way to the staff room, to find out what I was doing tomorrow, and as I walked in, I Immediately saw Erica stood by the rota, with a few new instructors.

Now, Erica was a senior instructor, basically a supervisor, who had a lot of experience and a lot of qualifications.

She was also tall, skinny, with long red hair that she kept pulled back in a ponytail.

Oh, and last year, I had a secret affair with her.

I say secret, because she was actually seeing her long-time boyfriend Terry, another senior instructor and assistant manager at the centre, but, he didn’t like doing Anal with her, so she turned to me for some of that instead.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen her since the end of year party, last season, and now there she was, standing there in front of me again.

Erica then finished showing the newbies everything she needed to show them, and then turned towards me.

Now, I don’t think she had seen me come into the room, because, as soon as she saw me, she stopped, and just stared at me.

I then smiled back at her, before she smiled, and then introduced me to the new instructors.

Anyway, after saying hello to them, she then said to me “Steve, can you make sure the laundry room is clean, and ready for use?”

“Now?!” I asked back, because I had even unpacked yet, and technically didn’t start work until tomorrow.

“Yes. Now please!” She replied back firmly.

“Okay.” I replied with a sigh, before she then led the new staff out of the room.

Now, the reason I didn’t argue with her was the first thing everyone learns at the centre is not to mess with Erica, because she would happily tear you a new one if she felt you deserved it, so, despite the fact I wasn’t supposed to be working yet, I reluctantly made my way to the laundry room, to check if it was clean.

Now the laundry room was a small brick room, built on the back of the main house, and across from the staff accommodation, because it was mainly there for our use, as we lived on site, and didn’t have access to anything else.

Anyway, I opened the little wooden door and strolled in, only to discover the room was already fairly clean and tidy, and there was just one machine going, washing someone’s clothes already.

So, after looking around for a moment, just so I could say I had definitely checked it, I turned to walk out again, when I saw Erica marching swiftly towards me.

“It’s all clean!” I said cheerily, gesturing inside the room.

“Are you sure?” that tall, red headed vixen replied back.

So, I turned back around, and as I glanced around again, my senior instructor stepped in, and closed the door behind her.

“Yeah, it’s all clean! There’s nothing I can do!” I said again.

Erica then placed her hands on my shoulders, turned me around to face her, and then said sarcastically “God, you’re dumb!”

She then pressed her lips again mine, and started to kiss me, and eagerly, I quickly began kissing her back.

Our lips locked together, as our tongues eagerly began exploring each other’s mouths, and as we kissed passionately her bony white hands moved down to my blue cargo trousers.

Quickly she popped the top button, and then unzipped them, before pushing them down, and releasing my cock.

It was already beginning to wake up, and in seconds, her warm soft hands took hold of it, and began fondling it, and stroking it excitedly.

I let out a happy moan of pleasure as she did this, and then more as she continued.

For a good minute, we passionately kissed, while she jerked my dick, and I happily fondled her little skinny arse, through her trousers.

Then, finally, she pulled her lips from mine, and with a grin said “Good job you’ve got a big dick, to make up for it!”

Erica then crouched down in front of me, held my now hard member towards her face, opened her mouth, and then sunk it onto my length.

I instantly moaned in pleasure, as her sweet wet mouth engulfed my cock, and quickly, her lovely little lips slid down my pole, and then back up again.

She then continued to do it, and eagerly began sucking on my dick, as her hungry wet mouth slid back and forth along it.

I groaned some more in pleasure, loving what she was doing, and happily Trabzon Escort stood over her, watching her little red lips move up and down my length.

For several fantastic minutes, Erica sucked and slurped on my hard cock, eager to taste as much of it as she could.

Then, after giving my length a good going over, she lifted her lips off my dick and then began sucking on my hairy young balls instead.

Erica happily sucked on one of my hanging nuts, and then the other, while her skinny white hand continued to jerk my length, until finally she let go of my balls completely, and then grinned up at me.

“Let’s get this thing in my arse! God, I’ve missed it!” she then said lustfully.

My hot skinny red headed senior instructor, then stood up, moved towards one of the dryers, before she then began undoing her cargo trousers.

She quickly popped the button on it, unzipped them, and then turning to face away from me, slowly slid them down.

Her blue trousers slid down, over her lovely little pale arse cheeks, and my cock twitched excitedly on seeing them, before her cargo trousers then dropped down her skinny legs, and hit the floor.

“Now, come on Steve! Fuck my arse, like you do so well!” she then said eagerly, as she placed her thin fingers on her cheeks, and eased them open for me.

Erica then bent slightly forwards, holding her butt open fully, and in that position, I could see her little pink bud perfectly.

It looked so good and inviting, so quickly, I took off my trainers, stepped out of my cargo trousers, and then moved towards her.

I then crouched down behind her, placed my hands on her hips, before I stuck out my tongue, and then leaned into her arse.

My pink wet mouth meat slid into her little warm rear, and my hot horny supervisor instantly moaned in delight.

“Oh yes!” she moaned happily, as she felt my tongue in her little back passage.

I then started to swirl it around, licking her little bud eagerly, and making it nice and wet, and as I did, she moaned even more in delight.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh god! Oh god, I’ve missed this! Oh god, I’ve missed it so much!” she moaned in pleasure, as I happily continued to lick her arse.

I had too admit, I really enjoyed licking Erica’s little pink bud, and hearing her moan in pleasure because of it.

I also liked how she let only me fuck it, so eagerly, I continued to probe her skinny butt with my big wet tongue.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned again, as my tongue ran around and around in her little arsehole.

For a good couple of minutes, I happily licked her little pink bud, making sure I got her nice and wet, and ready for my cock.

Then, after a while, I couldn’t wait any longer, and eagerly, I pulled my tongue from her arse, stood up, and then took hold of my big thick length, and placed it up against her skinny rear.

As soon as she felt my cockhead touching her little bud, Erica moaned softly, before she turned her head to look back at me, and lustfully said “Do it Steve! Do it! Put it in me! I want to feel you in me again!”

Well, I didn’t need any more instructing than that, and happily began to push it into her, and as I did, her little sphincter began to ease open, and then, I slid in.

“Oh… fuck yeah!” she exclaimed in delight, as my cock filled her arsehole.

It felt good to be in her little butt again, and as I slid in deeper, Erica leant forward over the big white drying machine, and then groaned happily.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned, clearly loving the feeling of my member in her tight skinny rear again, as much as I enjoyed it.

Then, once I was fully inside of her, I placed my hands on her skinny waist, eased back and then slid again.

“Oh yes!” she moaned again in pleasure, so I did it again, and again, and steadily, I started to fuck her little bottom.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck my arse Steve! Fuck my arse!” my red headed supervisor then moaned excitedly, as I did just that.

I firmly held onto her, as I pumped back and forth inside of her, and as my hard length slid in and out of her back passage, she moaned some more, clearly enjoying it.

For a good couple of minutes I eagerly fucked her from behind, thrusting back and forth in her skinny butt, before Erica, then turned her head towards me, and said “Harder Steve! Fuck my arse harder! I want to feel you pounding my little hole!”

Well, I couldn’t say no to that, so, I quickly began thrusting harder and faster into her, and my hot skinny senior instructor cried out louder in delight, as I did.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she groaned excitedly, over and over, as I pounded her just the way she wanted it.

My hard cock slid rapidly in and out of her wet little rear, fucking her hard and fast, and as I pumped her arsehole, Erica continued to lean over the dryer, and moan loudly in pleasure

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh Steve, you’re going to make me cum! You’re going to make me cum!” she then groaned excitedly.

“Yeah?” I Trabzon Escort Bayan replied eagerly back, before adding “Then cum on my dick, Erica! Cum on my dick! You know you want to? You know you want to?” I cried back, still humping her arse repeatedly.

“I do! I do! I do!” she groaned eagerly back, as I hammered her little rear hole.

Then she turned her head slightly towards me, and groaned “Make me cum Steve! Make me cum! Make me cum!”

So, I kept going, pounding her lovely wet arsehole with my big thick length, and as I slid in and out of her again and again, her head started to tilt back, her back began to arch, and then she rose up onto her tip toes.

“Oh! Oh! Oh….” She then said excitedly.

Then I sunk in again, and as my cock went fully into her rear hole, and my balls slapped against her smooth soft pussy, she cried out “OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Erica then began to cum hard, trembling wildly on my cock, as her skinny white body bucked and twitched in front of me.

“OH… GOD!” she then groaned loudly, as her orgasmed continued, and she shook some.

For several glorious seconds, Erica came excitedly on my cock, twitching her lovely tight rear uncontrollably on my length, as her orgasm raced through her, until, with a big happy sigh, she finally stopped cumming and relaxed again, before leaning back over the dryer, to catch her breath.

“Oh god.” She then muttered again, as she rested on the machine, catching her breath.

For a moment we both didn’t move, as we took some time to recover, before gently, I started to rock back and forth, moving my big dick slowly in and out of her wet arse again.

“Oh yeah.” She then moaned softly, as she felt me moving again.

“You want some more?” I asked playfully, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Hell yeah!” she happily replied back.

Then Erica lifted herself up onto the dryer, before lying sideways on it, with her pert little arse pushed out towards me, and with my hard cock still buried in her arsehole, I placed my hands on her upper hip, and started moving my hard dick back and forth inside of again.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” she happily moaned, as I fucked her steadily, with long deep strokes again.

My ginger headed senior instructor, then turned her head towards me, and said “Oh god, Steve. Your cock fits my arse so perfectly! It was like it was meant for It!”

“I think it was!” I replied back with a grin, before I leant towards her, and we kissed again.

For a good couple of minutes, Erica lay on her side, with her pale little rear pointed towards me, as I happily plugged it with my big thick member, and as I fucked her, we continued to kiss.

Then, after a while longer, she pulled her lips from mine, and said eagerly “I want to ride your cock! Get on the floor!”

So, I stopped fucking her, and then eased my dick out of her arsehole, before I happily lay down on the cold white tiled floor.

Erica quickly climbed down off the drying machine, and then stepped over me, before straddling my waist, facing me.

She then slowly lowered herself down towards my upright cock, before her wet little back passage touched down, and then sunk onto my member.

We both immediately moaned in pleasure, as her little rear slid down my hard erect member, and then, crouching over me, with her hands on my chest for balance, she lifted her skinny butt up again, before plunging back down again.

“Oh yes!” she moaned excitedly.

So, she did it again, and then some more, and happily, started to ride my length.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” my supervisor moaned in delight, as her little wet arsehole slid up and down my member.

Her skinny pale body rose and fell on top of me, and as I stared up at her, I could see her big round D-cup boobs, under her company t-shirt, bouncing up and down, as she did.

So, eagerly, I slid my hands under her top, before cupping her lovely big breasts, and then began fondling them, as she continued to ride my cock.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned in delight, clearly enjoying what I was doing.

Then, as Erica continued to ride my dick, she took hold of her white company polo t-shirt, and pulled it up over her head, and once that was off, she then took hold of her big white bra, and pulled that up and off too.

Her lovely big, saggy white boobs then tumbled free, and quickly I took hold of them, and began caressing her soft warm flesh.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned in delight, clearly enjoying me touching her boobs.

Erica then leant forwards more, until her big round white globes were in my face, and then she said “Suck them Steve! Suck them! Suck my boobs!”

So, happy to oblige, I clamped my wet mouth around one of her big hard pink nipples, and began greedily sucking on it, and instantly she moaned louder.

For the next couple of minutes, Erica continued to ride my hard cock, sliding her little wet arsehole up and down it eagerly, while I excitedly fondled and sucked her Escort Trabzon lovely big tits, and as we fucked, her moans of pleasure got louder and louder again.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she groaned repeatedly, before adding “Oh god! I’m going to cum again! Oh god! Oh god! I’m going to cum again!”

So, eager to make that happen, we kept fucking, and as we did, that hot skinny red head got louder and more excited.

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she then groaned excitedly, as her little butt continued to slide up and down my stiff member.

Our hot sweaty naked bodies slapped together, as her little arsehole repeatedly plunged down onto my hard erection, and then, as she moved back and forth my length again, and I was still happily sucking on her lovely pillowy tits, her head tilted up wards again, her back arched once more, and then she sunk hard onto my cock.

“Oh yes…. FUCK!” she then cried out, and began bucking and twitching wildly on top of me again.

Erica’s whole naked skinny body trembled wildly, as she sat fully impaled on my hard length, and her groans rang out, as she orgasmed for a second time.

“OH GOD!” she groaned in pleasure again.

As she came for second time, on my hard cock, I continued to suck eagerly on her right nipple, and this seem to make her moan even more in delight.

“OH… Steve!” she then groaned, as she continued to orgasm.

Then after several wonderful seconds of her cumming hard on my member again, Erica finally took a deep breath, and then sighed happily, as she relaxed again.

I then pulled my mouth from her lovely wet hard nip, before she leant forwards on my chest, and took another minute to recover and catch her breath again. “Oh god. I could ride your big cock all day!” she then muttered happily.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t say no to that!” I replied back with a smile.

Erica then sat up, and with a grin replied “I bet you wouldn’t!”

She then leant towards me again, and happily, we kissed once more.

For a while, our lips remained clamped together, as our wet tongues wrestled, and we just stayed like that, happily enjoying the moment.

Then my ginger senior instructor, pulled her mouth from mine, and then said eagerly “Now, let’s make you cum! I want to feel your cream in my arse again!”

“Okay!” I replied back, liking the sound of that.

Erica then leant back, placing her hands behind her on the floor, and now in a crab position as they call it, she started to move her skinny arse back and forth along my length again.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned eagerly, as her butt slid up and down my firm thick member.

“Oh god. I want this cock to blow! I want it to blow so much cream in my arse, it’ll feel like a river pouring into me!” she then said eagerly, as her arsehole continued to slide along my dick.

I groaned excitedly, firstly because her little butt always felt good moving up and down on my hard cock, and secondly, her dirty talk always got me a little excited.

Keenly, Erica with her skinny pale body, and her lovely big D-cup tits, then rocked quicker on my cock, sliding her little rear up and down my thick member faster and harder, and as she did, I started to feel my excitement grow.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” I exclaimed, loving what she was doing.

“Is that doing it Steve? You going to cum for me? You going to fill me up, like I want it?” she then asked eagerly.

“Yeah! Yeah!” I groaned back, eager to please her.

Erica rammed her little wet arsehole onto my length, eagerly sliding along my whole hard dick before sliding back up again, and every time I felt her tight wet smooth hole move along my shaft, I felt my excitement grow and grow.

“Oh yes! Oh shit!” I then groaned excitedly, as I felt my excitement increase, and my balls tightening.

“Yes Steve! Yes! Cum for me! Cum in my arse! I want it! I want it! I want it!” Erica then cried excitedly, as she kept pounding my hard cock with her tight little arsehole.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned, as I rapidly grew closer and closer to the point, I would give her what she wanted.

“Come on Steve! Cum for me! Cum for me!” she then cried out again.

As her pale skinny rear continued to plunge repeatedly onto my length, as hard and as fast as she could, I felt I just needed a little more, and eagerly, I moved my hands around, onto her soft little cheeks, and then began pulling her arse onto my cock as hard as I could.

Erica instantly cried out in pleasure, as I did this, and in seconds, as our two naked bodies slapped together, I felt my excitement peak.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit… OH FUCK YEAH!” I then cried out, as I exploded in her little arsehole, and began pumping my sticky wet load into her.

“OH YEAH!” groaned Erica, as she felt my warm man goo filling her arse.

We both moaned loudly in pleasure, as I came deep in her rear, and as I held her soft slim cheeks tight against my body, I spurted dollop after dollop of white warm cream, straight into her lovely back passage.

For another few glorious seconds, I happily filled Erica’s arsehole with my sticky white load, spurting what felt like a gallon or more of cum in her little rear, until finally, I couldn’t spurt out any more, and then with a sigh, I stopped cumming and relaxed.

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