The Overdue Encounter Ch. 2


Gina woke up to the landing announcement by the pilot, they would be descending into her final destination. This would be her third stop along the journey, luckily there were no long lay overs along the way. She felt her heart jump, thinking about her first meeting with Bill. There was no going back now, she told herself, there’s no way she could invest most of the day flying to meet Bill to just turn around and take another plane out without calling him.

As the plane landed on the runway, she felt her heart still soaring up at the high altitude that the plane had come from. It seemed that there was no way she could turn back anyhow, no matter how nervous; she had wanted to meet Bill so much and was so determined to see his smile for real. No more webcam, no more emailed pictures, the living and breathing thing for her to hold and kiss. Gina’s thoughts now changed, she felt her nervousness melt away, replaced with determination. Now she could hardly wait for this plane to taxi up the runways get to the terminal and unload her and her dreams.

Finally the 747 pulled to a stop, the captain made his last announcements and the seatbelt signs unlit. Gina was up in a shot, retrieving her carry-on, she just had to get off this plane, get the rest of her luggage and get to a phone. Almost impatiently she waited for the passengers to file off the aircraft and followed them with forced patience, she wanted to budge through, run up that hallway and find the baggage belts.

Several minutes later, Gina had retrieved her other suitcase and now rolled it along behind her as she looked for a phone in the small airport terminal building. She found a phone near the departure area and quickly pounced on it as another lady was approaching. Her fingers dialed frantically. “He’s got to be home” she thought, “Come on Bill be home”. The line rang and rang and finally his machine picked up. Gina’s heart sank to the bottom of her stomach, he wasn’t home, perhaps he was just out briefly, she’d call back. Yes, maybe he went out for groceries or cigarettes. She worked hard at convincing herself as she paced around the terminal, her thoughts a blur of activity.

Then as she was brooding the worst, she heard her name called on the announcement. Walking hurriedly to the counter she asked the lady why she was paged. “You have a message” the clerk replied and passed Gina a bouquet of flowers and an envelope. “Thank you, ” Gina said and took her things and went to find a seat. She sat down and looked at the envelope. The outside of it read “To Gina: I’m very sorry” Her heart sank, she fought the tears as she opened the letter and began to read the contents inside through watering eyes.

“Dear Gina, I’m sorry… I’m sorry I had to ruin your surprise. I sensed something was happening and I convinced your friend Smiling Rose to give me a hint what was going on. I was shocked by your efforts and had to cut your surprise short and answer it with one of my own”

Just as she finished reading, she looked up to start pondering what the letter meant, when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned and there she saw Bill with a big smile on his face. His eyes were bright and shining with the happiness of seeing her. Her heart jumped back up into the clouds as she jumped up out of that chair and dashed around it and into his arms. She almost leaped at him and he caught her to hold her tightly kissing her lips as they embraced in happy meeting.

“I feared the worst,” she admitted “I thought you had decided you couldn’t meet me just yet.”

He smiled and looked into her eyes, “how could I decide that, you’ve inhabited my dreams since we met?” His voice was soft and uneven, she sensed that his emotions were as high as hers, she could see the glisten of his eyes, tears of joy welling up. “Come on now,” he said. “I think you’ve had enough of airports for one day.”

Bill helped Gina with her luggage and they got into his car. Immediately they embraced and kissed passionately. His hands moved softly over her back, holding her to him gently. Breaking the kiss, he looked into her beautiful eyes, almost mezmerized by the depth that he could only imagine, so much more powerful than that of any of her pictures she had sent to him over emails. “I guess I should take you to my place,” he said “you will need to get yourself a bit organized before we go have dinner.”

Gina smiled at him mysteriously, he had left her a surprise to reveal to him. “No, not your place,” she replied with a grin “I booked us a hotel room.” Bill smiled, his face showing his surprise.

“That’s something I hadn’t found out from your friend,” he admitted. “I’m sorry I had to ruin your first surprise.” He grinned, “although it was worth it, when I got to see your face. I hope I didnt’ disappoint you Gina.”

“No, not at all, that was very romantic Bill, I won’t even give Beverly heck for telling you what she did.” She smiled at him, showing her appreciation for his wanting to surprise her to.

They drove to the hotel and booked into their room after a brief stop at his place so that he could pack some things and a quick tour of his appartment. erotik hikaye oku After an hour they got ready for dinner, Bill had booked a table for them at a fine restaurant. But for that first hour together, Bill and Gina talked, kissed, cuddled, and held each other, neither of them able to believe how wonderful their meeting had started.

They had a wonderful dinner out, talking about all the things they said over the months they had talked online and on the phone. Their conversation seemed magical, their nervousness melting away quickly. They held hands across the table, bringing smiles from other restaurant patrons and their waiter. It was obvious how much in love these two people were.

After a long dinner, a few hours of catching up talking and joking, Gina and Bill returned to their hotel. Each of them took turns having a shower, Bill letting Gina go first.

Gina got out of the shower, feeling better, her jet lag improving some after a good meal and a long shower. She touched up her makeup, not that she wore much, but she wanted to look good for Bill. Secretly she had snuck a sexy teddie into the washroom with her, balled up in her robe. She put it on after drying herself off and then brushed her hair and put on some fresh perfume. Bill had marvelled at her fragrance earlier, he was so good at making her feel very sexy and attractive. His cologne had gotten to her as well, he smelled so good, and she couldn’t get enough of his kisses and enough of his strong arms around her.

Gina came out of the washroom wearing her robe, she smiled at Bill who was looking at her with a little bit of confusion on his face. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“There’s only one bed, I thought we agreed that if we met we’d give each other some time to decide if we wanted to sleep together.” He replied, his voice concerned and warm.

“That’s another surprise,” she said smiling. “I’ve already decided, I knew you had said that only in concern for me, but I know I want to sleep in your arms Bill. don’t worry about me, I’m sure.”

Bill smiled at her and walked up to her, taking her in his arms, “Only if you feel comfortable,” he said, “our first meeting should be very special and comfortable for the both of us. I must admit, I too have been dreaming of this night as well. But you know I’ve never wanted you to feel pressured.” With that he kissed her deeply and ran his tongue over her sweet lips, tracing them with the tip of it as his arms held her tight to him. They could still feel the warmth of each others’ bodies through their robes.

Breaking their passionate kiss Gina looked into Bill’s eyes, “Go have your shower sweetheart, I’ll wait for you in bed. I’ve had such a wonderful first night, the restaurant was wonderful, I think they thought we’d never leave,” she chuckled.

Bill went into the washroom and had a refreshing shower, afterwards he dried off and got into his boxers and his robe. He refreshed his cologne lightly and brushed his hair. Coming out of the washroom he saw Gina in bed, smiling at him. She opened the covers as if to coax him into bed, then pulled them off of her completely to reveal her sexy teddie. Bill gasped, his eyes moving over her body from bottom to top, his eyes stopping at her eyes, gazing into them deeply as he walked closer to the bed. He dropped his robe to the floor, revealing his boxers and her eyes dropped to his crotch, seeing that her teddie had had and effect on him. His manhood had risen, straining against his boxers a little. She smiled and knew her teddie had been a good purchase. Bill moved to her, and got into bed beside her, his hands moved over her body as soon as he rested beside her, moving over her curves, caressing her through the thin, silky material she wore.

He took her into his arms and held her, kissing her deeply, his tongue traced her full lips again and she opened her mouth to trap his tongue between her lips. Gina sucked on his tongue and ran her lips over it hungrily, she had dreamed of this moment and was happy it was finally here. They kissed deeply as Bill’s hands played in her long hair, he kissed her so deeply, the took turns sucking on each others’ tongues. Their tongues played sensually, dancing together as their kisses grew deeper and deeper. Bill’s hands caressed Gina’s face. He took her tongue into his mouth, sucking on it and running his lips over it as if Gina’s tongue were making love to his mouth. Gina felt her body begin to tingle, the room getting noticeably hotter, she reached down and found his boxers beside her, tracing her fingers over his growing manhood. He moaned into her mouth and kissed her more deeply, then broke the kiss, getting up out of bed. Gina looked at him questioningly as he moved around the bed. Then he got close to her, reaching down to help her out of her nightie, his eyes drinking in the beauty of his lady love.

Tossing her nightie onto a nearby chair, his hands then went to her body as he stood there beside her, his hands gliding over her curves, making Gina feel like a woman. She reached up and tugged at the waistband of his boxers, lowering them erotik hikaye in front of her, her eyes upon his hardening cock. She looked up into his eyes, seeing the tender passion in his eyes, the growing hunger for her evident.

Now they were both naked and he kneeled down over her, kissing her lips once more and then nibbled at each of her earlobes. She moaned softly feeling him upon her like he had described in their intimate conversations online. He kissed down over her chin, his hands caressing her face as his lips moved over her neck, tongue flicking over her skin as he nibbled and explored her neck erotically. His lips brushed over her neck thoroughly and she sighed in passion as he searched out her sensitive spots, his mouth working at them longer as she continued to moan and writhe under his touch. “Mmmmm” she moaned, “I’ve longed for you to explore me this way.”

His hands massaged and moved down her face, a finger tip tracing her soft, full lips, his teeth played gently over her neck biting playfully, making her moan a little more loudly as he continued to kiss over her neck, mouth moving to the base of her shoulders. Continually he repositioned himself, gently encouraging her to just lie back when she moved her hand to stroke his thighs. He kissed over her shoulders, one at a time, his head moving from one to the other. He kisses, nibbled and glided his tongue over her soft shoulders and down each arm not missing any of her skin along the way. Kissing lower and lower his mouth travelled her arms right down to her fingers. Looking up at her, he took one finger into his mouth at a time, sucked on it sensually, rolling each finger with his tongue as she moaned and looked at him with passion filled eyes. Gina had never felt like this, no man paid attention to her body like Bill seemed to want to. She could only imagine what he had in store for her, remembering the sexy encounters online which described how he’d do this to her. How he’d make sure she knew that all of her body would be his for the the appreciation. How he’d share tender foreplay, making her feel special and womanlike. His lips began to travel back up her arms one at a time until again he kissed over her shoulders. His mouth moving slowly yet steadily along her until his lips and tongue glided over her chest, mouth searching all around her breasts, moving in diminishing circles until at last his tongue flicked over her left and then right breasts. He kissed all along her cleavage, his tongue tracing the shape of her breasts, circling inward again, nearing her nipples.

Bill finally surrounded her left nipple, his hands moving all over her moist chest now, his lips covering her nipple taking it into sucking lips. He nibbled and sucked at her hardening nipple, sighing happily as it pressed out against his lips, hardening rapidly to his loving mouth’s encouragement. Taking her nipple between his teeth, he bit playfully and then tugged at her hardened nipple, stretching it out, nibbling gently with his teeth. Her moans continued getting louder as his mouth returned to sucking her nipple, tongue flicking all over it’s hardness. Bill then moved to the right nipple, sucking, nibbling, flicking his tongue the same way. Sighing happily again as her right nipple responded. His hands now cupped her breasts, kneading them lovingly, caressing her breasts as his mouth moved from nipple to nipple, hardening them to pebble hardness.

“Mmmm” he moaned, breaking his mouth from her luscious nipples for an instant, “You taste even better to me than I imagined, your moans even more musical in person.” He kissed below her breasts now, his tongue and lips gliding all over her tummy, moving lower as she writhed under his attentions. His hands continued to fondle and caress her lovely breasts, fingers teasing her hardened nipples as his tongue flicked in and out of her navel, making her moan in passionate excitement. Kissing lower and lower, his lips finally travelled over her hips and thighs, moving down her legs, from one to the other in equal hommage to her silky legs. Slowly his touch continued to make her desire burn hotter as he too felt the intense heat of his hunger growing. He kissed over her knees, nibbling at them, making her realize that this too was an erotic spot for her. His mouth paying equal attention to each leg, down her shins and ankles, tongue not missing one bit of skin in it’s gliding. Finally she moaned loud as his mouth tenderly teased her feet, his lips sucking on her toes, driving her wild with new sensations.

“Mmmm” she moaned, “I could only imagine before how your thoroughness would feel, now I know that it feels like paradise, your lips upon my skin, covering my entire body, MMMMMM”

He moaned in answer not able to take his mouth off of her, then finally he looked up and into her eyes. “honey I’ve dreamt about doing this to you, would you like to turn over onto your stomach?”

“Would I,” she exclaimed, remembering how he would want to treat her back like the front of her, she began to turn over as he made room for her to do so.

He lifted her hair from the back of her porno hikayeleri neck, kissing, nibbling and sucking at the back of her neck with the same care he did the front. She moaned loudly as he treated her to his kisses, down the back of her neck over the back of her shoulders, lips and tongue gliding over her silky skin. He continued down her upper back, moving from one side to another, finding every sensitive area she had, paying careful attention too each one as she continued to heat up under his hot lips. His hands would move caressingly just behind his kissing lips, covering her back as he explored his way down it. “MMMM Oh my god” she moaned as he teased and nibbled the small of her back, finding the nerve endings that made her shutter under his lips. He nibbled and ran his tongue over the small of her back for awhile until finally his lips moved on, caressing over the rest of her back, slowly downwards towards her soft silky buns. “Mmmmm yesssss,” he moaned as his mouth reached her behind, his tongue flicked over her soft cheeks exploring them thoroughly, his hands at the lower back just behind his trekking lips.

Gina moaned louder as he felt his mouth over her soft and shapely ass, she pushed her hips up off the bed into his caressing tongue as he licked and nibbled over her cheeks, then ran his tongue up over the part between her cheeks, his hands now caressing and kneading over her moist buns. Louder she moaned, hips moving upward more as his tongue travelled her shapely crack. Her thoughts wild with what she knew would happen next. His hands parted her cheeks and his tongue travelled inside, flicking over her inner buns like some sensual cartographer, mapping her body with his tongue. Inward he pressed, making her involuntarily push her ass into his face. Until at last she felt his tongue circle her tight opening. “MMMMMMM Oh my god,” she cried “mmm baby, suck my asshole, use your tongue over me… MMMMM!”

He swirled his tongue over her rim, and as the tip pointed and pushed inside her, she moaned loudly and thrust her ass upward into his face, her hands grabbing the sheets and tugging on them as his tongue entered her tight hole and circled her inner rim. He moaned over her asshole as his tongue moved in and out, her passionate moans driving him onward, making him hungrier for her pleasure. Her moans filled his ears like some musical masterpiece, and he began fucking her ass with his tongue, pushing in and out, flicking the tip of his tongue as her hips thrust in rythm to his tongue. He moaned into her, his moans sending vibrations through her, making Gina’s spine tingle and her hips move more. Moving one hand, Bill caressed her inner thighs, feeling Gina’s wetness drip over his stroking hand. He moved a finger over her wet pussy lips as his tongue moved in and out of her asshole, Gina responded with wild hip thrusts and louder moans as he touched her pussy. He could feel her wetness, sliding a finger inside her as his thumb manipulated her clit.

That was it for Gina, her hips bucked wildly as she felt the waves of her first orgasm, his teasings having her on the very brink already. She shuddered under him as her juices poured over his moving finger inside her pussy and out to soak his hand, his thumb still manipulating her throbbing clit as her hips rode over his hand and ass over his penetrating tongue.

“Oh mmmm,” she moaned, her orgasm causing her body to spasm, “I want to be on my back now, I want to feel what you will do next”

He complied by moving so that she could flip over onto her back, his eyes immediately travelled to her glistening pussy, seeing the wetness his attentions had caused. He repositioned and then kissed up her inner legs, from one to the other, higher and higher as he approached her sweet smelling kitty. He moaned in pleasure as her musky aromatic sex filled his senses, his tongue travelled over her inner thighs, tracing the outer shape of her, then moving inward until she shuddered at the feeling of his tongue tracing her wet pussy lips. He moaned and sighed over her hot pussy as he tasted her delicious nectar, she moaned in response feeling herself begin to build again as his tongue slipped inside of her.

She felt him lap up the juices from the inner walls of her wet canal, feeling his tongue flick and his lips drink her sweet wine. He moaned passionately, tasting her sweetness, enjoying the feel of her erotic heat over his tongue. Gina’s hips moved again, her thighs closing over his face, rubbing her wet pussy over him, feeling his tongue move inside her, fucking her dripping slit. His tongue moved in and out and inside her, over her inner wall, tasting and caressing her like she’d never felt before. She grinded her hips over his face, covering him in her honey, he moaned into her pussy, not able to get enough of her. Slowly his tongue travelled upwards inside her, nearing the front of her pussy, exploring her wet canal until it rose over the front of her and over her twitching, hot clit. He surrounded it with his lips, sucked hungrily, feeling her hips ride his face as she felt waves of her approaching orgasm build up inside her. Teasing her moist pussy lips with the tip of a finger he then slid it inside her heat working it in and out, his tongue flicking over her clit as her hips began to buck once again. And with her orgasm he ran his tongue all over her pussy all around his diving finger as her juices poured out over him.

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