The Party chapter 1

The Party chapter 1So the day had come it was party day, i had been organising this for weeks with my friend daisy, me and daisy have been fuck buddies for 3 years now but i had known her all my life, she was my neighbour growing up but until that 1st time together we had never thought of each other like that. Daisy was a blonde with a flat, toned stomach, boobs that were perfect, her pussy was shaved and always wet.Anyway about 2 months ago we had just finished another fuck session, we were lay in bed chatting and i started telling her about my fantasy of having multiple women at the same time just me and my cock and numerous ladies enjoying myself and each other. Daisy was really getting off on this idea and decided that this must happen, she wanted to plan it so i let her, she started by making a list of suitable ladies she knew and i had to pick which ones i wanted, i scoured through their pics and came up with six who i wanted to play with.Daisy over the next few days proceeded to invite these ladies to what she said was going to be a themed lingerie party, the invites were with the clause that nobody else could know they had been invited, every lady would come at 10 minute intervals and if they were late there would be consquences. The 1st invite was to Sam, Sam was a leggy blonde, blue eyes, small tits but simply stunning, at the time of the invite she had been single for over 6 months but was never short of offers, next to be invited was Gemma, she had just turned 18 and was the innocent virgin of the group, never had a boyfriend, a brunette who wore glasses slightly plump with a fantastic ass and big boobs. alanya escort 3rd to be invited was Charlie, Charlie was an athtetic red head with long nipples and a freckly disposition. My favourite invite was next and it was Di, Di was Daisy’s mom and was the Milf everybody fantasised about growing up, she was now 48, a slim brunette who was as beautiful as model. The last two were twin sisters Jo and Julie, they were almost identical looking apart from Jo had bigger boobs and where Jo was a brunette, Julie had dyed her hair flame red. All replied to say they were coming and had no idea i would be there, Daisy was unsure about her mom being there but she knew that i had wanted her since i was a teenage boy and since this was my fantasy she went along with it.The day had come, I arrived early in the afternoon to Daisy’s house to help set up, the ladies knew that they could wear anything as long as they had Lingerie underneath their clothes, Daisy and I started to set up, the wine was chilling in the fridge and there was nibbles on the kitchen work top, in the lounge we cleared a huge space in the middle of the room and on the table there was a selection of dildos, vibrators and other sex toys, we were all set……Daisy summoned me to her bedroom, she told me how wet she was already, i reached up under her skirt and instantly got hard as i rubbed her pussy through her panties, she pushed me on the bed, unzipped my jeans and my cock sprung to attention, she moved her panties to one side and lowered onto me, she bounced up and down on my shaft and in what seemed like seconds she was moaning as her orgasm hit escort alanya her, her juices flowed over my cock, i told her i was about to cum and with that she got off me and whispered in my ear, you cant cum yetAs i lay there on the bed my balls wanting to explode, she laughed and said be patient its going to be a long night, she said you get to choose which lingerie she had to wear, I told her to model her selections, 1st was white lacey bra and panties, 2nd was a black latex corset with see through black panties, looking at her shaved pussy in that i knew that was the choice without seeing her last selection, I let her try on her last selection, a pink bra and panty combo but number 2 was the choice so she got dressed in it and i tightened the corset so her boobs were almost falling out of the top. As we finished she kissed me and gave a quick tug on my cock and told me to get ready as it was almost time.7.00 and a knock at the door. Daisy told me to stay upstairs until everybody arrived, she went down the stairs and answered the door, it was Julie, Daisy and Julie embraced and kissed, Daisy said to Julie once you enter tonight you abide by the rules and go along with everything, Julie agreed and stepped through the door, Daisy handed Julie a glass of wine and told her to down it, which she did and then told her to strip to her lingerie and leave her clothes by the door, as she started to strip, i peaked down the stairs, Julie was wearing electric blue satin bra and panties, i noticed that Julie had a chinese symbol tattoo by her belly button, it was the 1st time i had seen Julie like this and Wow what a alanya escort bayan sexy lady she was, Julie stood there in her lingerie and daisy took a pic on her phone then handed her a blindfold and sent her into the lounge and told her to wait until the other guests arrived.7.10 and Sam arrived, Daisy greeted her, gave her the rules of the night as she downed her glass of wine and stripped, she wore high heels, black stockings and a black teddy, Daisy once again took a pic and handed her her blindfold as she entered the lounge, 7.20 and nobody arrived, it was meant to be Jo, Daisy got a text to say she was running late, Jo was told to wait around the corner when she arrived and would be called to come in when it was time. 7.30 and Daisy’s mom Di was next to arrive, they embraced, Daisy gave her the rules and made sure she was ok to continue, Di said she was looking forward to tonight as it had been a long time since she was at a naughty party with that Daisy handed her the wine and told her to strip. Di was wearing a purple bra and panties.7.40 and it was the innocent Gemma who was next to arrive, she was told the rules, handed her wine and told to strip, her lingerie of choice was a cute cotton bra and panty set, she was handed her blindfold and ushered into the lounge. 7.50 and Charlie arrived, rules were discussed she stripped to reveal crotchless panties and her hard, long nipples poking through her lime green bra, she was now blindfolded and sent in with the others. Jo was told she could come now, she was told the rules and told to strip, Jo was wearing an all red lingerie set, she was then told by Daisy that as she was late she had a punishment, she was told to get on her knees and Daisy put a collar and chain on her and the blindfolded her and walked her into the loungeLet the Night commence………….Please like and comment if you want Part 2

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