The pastor


The pastorIm the one who started to confess i like to suck on cockI went in , detailing how we hide in the wood near my place and suck on a cock he ask me if i let the other boy fuck me”no no i dont want to , i dont know i just wanted to suck on his bigger cock””im so sorry , i shoudnt have””well , its normal for boys to discover , its forbidden to have sex tho””you like to suck on big cocks, it feels good when you do?””yes i like the feeling of it in my mouth””you ever sucked a black cock before?””no , he was my first””would you like to try a nice 8 big cock ”the confessional sliding flap open up morethe pastor big juicy black cock slide inquiet in the cabin, sucking on the pastor fat cock , licking it all around whispering i liked it”mmmmm you do feel good, you are good at this boy””come here anytime you need to suck ”my plan had worked, i only came here for thisi wanted to suck him so bad , i knew my story woud workslurping on the pastor cock ive been wondering güvenilir bahis about since i moved to the neighbornice big black cock full of juice for me to suck drypeople praying in the churchas i stay quiet mouth on his big cock , working for his cumhe came , shooting so much in my mouth , i swallowed it all , drinking cum from his fat cocki got out swearing i will never tell anyonethe next day i sat down, he was happy to ear my voice on the other side”you are back already””yes , i really like it yesterday””me too, i was hoping to see you again”sliding the little doorhis bbc into viewback at sucking the hot pastor black cock in secretmaking the nice big cock hard with my mouthtaking my time sucking on it, slurping on the big head , in and out , nice big lollypop for me to suck all i wantin silence mouth on his cock , taking my time , edging him when i feel he is closei coudnt restrain myself , i had way too much funi started to whisper”i love your big black cock, türkçe bahis it taste so good””all i want is to come here and suck on it mmmmm””you make me want to feel it in me ”sucking on his cock whispering i want to try it in me and he cum listening to me say i want to get fuck , him to be taking my virgin assno one at the church understood why he quit the profession one morningA month later i was waiting in his bed , sleeping when he got home after a night of feeding my mouthhe coudnt resist anymorehe lift up my legs and poke me until i awoke”ohhh ohhhh you said ahhhhhh””shhhhhhh baby boy , i quit so i could fuck you , your cute ass need daddy big cock , open up my cute white boy””mmmmm finally , yes take that cock in, you little tease made me want this so much im gonna fuck you up all day ”looking at him add lube and slide deeper and deeper taking time stretching with his fat cock headsmilling at the feeling of his warm big cock getting in , slow little pounding güvenilir bahis siteleri , getting me open , pouring more lube”mmmm daddy gonna take care of that cute hole now”diving deeper and deeper, until i moan of joylegs up in his hand bouncing on the bed on his fat cock”ahhhh ahhh yes yes daddy”taking away my virgin little pink hole , turning it into a gapping slut hoke for his big meaty cockmoving me around just to fuck me againgiving me what i needed so badhelping me on top of him riding it for himmoving my lil ass up and down , taking all of that nice cock in”god forgive me, i cant help it”looking at me jump on his black cockmaking little moans , up and down , dancing on himhe coudnt hold anymore he look at me laying down taking it all in and bouncing slowly, emptying it all moaning eyes wide open looking at daddy butting in me for the first time feeling it warm and wet my boy cunt so muchi stayed on his laying on his belly and he pump slowly in me, kissing me holding my ass sliding in the pool of cum he madei was only 19 , he was more than twice that age, making love to my small ass, sending me down the path of feeling empty and craving him in me way too muchbut daddy was here now to take care of it

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