Subject: The Peach-Pounding Peters of Peterson Hall 7 ===*=== The Peach-Pounding Peters of Peterson Hall Chapter 7: A Taste of Forbidden Fruit ===*=== Buff and I were in his sporty-themed room with the door closed, and we lay on his big bed. His upper half met my lower half, his head was near my dick, and a horny expression spread across his hot face. “I thought about it more,” he said, “and I decided to start saving your load tomorrow. You deserve a reward for what you did tonight, especially after a bad night.” I was horny too, so I didn’t care which Peter I ended up with since they were all hot. I climbed the bed and lay on my back, ready for action. He gave it a few strokes and formed a crooked smirk. “Damn, what a big cock. It still amazes me. I bet you’re going to have a huge load tonight too. And it’s all mine. Every fucking drop.” “You like cum?” “Love it.” He leaned toward my dick and wrapped his lips around the head, sucking off the copious amount of precum. A part of me had started hating this sadistic prick for the shit I suspected him to be behind, yet a bigger part of me suddenly needed his warm mouth. Every reasonable explanation I could come up with not to do this with him didn’t make sense anymore. I’d probably end up regretting it later, but I struggled to care at the moment. There was a knock on the door, startling us. “Yeah?” Buff mumbled with my dick still in his mouth, definitely annoyed. “What are you guys doing in there?” Was that Twunky? I could feel the hope strengthening. I wanted him so badly. Buff pulled my dick out of his mouth. “None of your business, Twunky. Go back to bed. Goodnight.” If this was going to turn into a jealousy drama, then I wanted no part of it. At the same time, I really wanted Twunky to join us. I’d much rather be with him. I smiled at Buff. “Let him in, it’s okay.” “You sure?” “Yeah. I’m really horny for you both. Maybe the three of us can have some fun like you said earlier. I want to see your power, make both of us want you.” I winked. Why not fluff it up to boost his ego? Buff smirked crookedly and jolted out of bed, and he opened the door with anticipation. “Horny?” Twunky remained silent, looking so delicious with his brownish-reddish crewcut and blue-gray eyes. But his reddening face told me what I needed to know, softening with some kind of emotion. Though, given that his dick was rising to the occasion, maybe he wasn’t so much as jealous as he was horny. “Join us,” I said. Why make him feel left out? Besides, I had no ill feelings toward him, and when it came to the Peters, three was never a crowd. Plus, I suddenly needed him badly. My dick ached for every part of him. He stepped inside, and Buff closed the door. He studied my whole body, his eyeballs just moving around as if in discovery mode. “You guys fucking now?” He wasn’t mean about it, though. Maybe he really was jealous. Maybe he felt left out. Maybe he just couldn’t sleep because he was horny as fuck. “Aw,” Buff said in a mocking coo. “There’s room for you too, baby.” Baby? So, they were dating, after all. Great. Just what I needed. More drama. To help alleviate the situation, I held out my hand for Twunky and took it, pulling him toward me to get him to climb the bed. I scooted over to let him lie beside me, and I kissed his lips while Buff continued sucking me and alternating between Twunky’s dick and mine. Twunky returned the kiss as if halfheartedly, slow and seemingly not in the mood. Maybe he was pensive. I stopped and pressed my lips against his ear. “I didn’t know you were together, I swear. I don’t want any trouble.” He gave Buff a brief glimpse who was busy blowing us, and he whispered back, “We’re not boyfriends. He just owns me, but I get annoyed that he gets to fuck around without my permission and I can’t. I’m not jealous at all. He’s the one who gets jealous. Insanely jealous.” “Ah. Well, let’s enjoy ourselves tonight, okay? If he wants me all to himself one day, then you should get to have me all to yourself one day too.” Twunky stared at me as if confused, but then, he kissed me back with more passion. Lost in his kisses, I rubbed his nipples while he gave Buff’s mouth repeated thrusts. I had to fight the painful urge to release, my blue balls aching from the need to be drained. “Who’s getting my cum, Buff?” He stopped and eyed me with anticipation. “You’re ready to come now?” “No, no, just asking. Maybe Twunky can have a taste?” I’d love to nut inside his mouth instead of Buff’s. “Nope, I’m the leader, so I get everything. Including your cum.” That crooked smirk never lied, and he continued sucking me and Twunky with so much devotion. I kissed Twunky some more, loving the sweet taste of his mouth. I moved my lips in a trail of kisses along his cheek and to his ear. I licked it and nibbled his earlobe. Watching his horny reaction as if in the depths of heaven made me so hot and bothered. I really needed to control myself. I played with his nipples some more and smiled at him. “Like that?” He nodded with a drowsy face, but then, his stomach growled loudly. He swallowed, trying to mask an expression. It wasn’t the first time tonight that he sounded hungry, and I immediately remembered mezitli escort the diet he’d been forced to go on. I briefly glanced at Buff who was still invested in pleasuring our dicks, truly a big cocksucker. I looked back at Twunky. “Hungry?” His eyes glistened. “Starving, actually.” His face went from horny to pained in just seconds, but then, he seemed like he was trying to mask the pain. Another stomach growl, and another. Buff stopped, giving Twunky a warning stare. “Fucking hold it.” I scoffed. “I’m sure he can have a little something to eat.” “Nope. He was getting filled out after pigging out on junk like a little fatty ass, so I put my foot down.” “Not even a banana or something?” “Nothing after six in the evening. Just water.” “Dude, come on, he’s fucking hungry.” “He’ll live. He’s already losing a lot of weight and looking hotter than ever.” Buff winked at Twunky who only gave him a weak smile in return. Then, Buff got back to our dicks, slurping hungrily. I whispered back into Twunky’s ear, “Don’t ever lose weight if you don’t want to. I bet you still looked hot with a bigger body, which means a bigger ass, right?” I smirked. He bit his lower lip and gave me a coy expression. “No need to respond. Just telling you the truth. And Buff’s right about one thing. You’re beautiful, and you won’t lose that beauty over a few extra pounds. Not in my eyes.” That must’ve touched him, his smile growing. There was even a sparkle of emotion in his eyes. “I look forward to getting to know you better, Twunky.” He whispered back, “Same.” This time, he kissed me back instead of the other way around. I managed to slide my hand under his backside to grope his ass, struggling a bit since he lay on it. I caressed his smooth cheek, observing his sun-kissed tone that was a good color on him. But his ass. Damn. So hot. I couldn’t wait to try it out. After fucking Lincoln, my first guy, I wanted more man butt. I couldn’t get enough of it. I smiled and gave Twunky a tender kiss on the cheek. “I’d love to sniff and taste your ass. Maybe fuck you too, but only if you want me to, of course. No rush.” I reached for his hole. Buff stopped sucking and quickly yanked my hand away with a possessive stare. “Hey, that’s off limits, Chosen One. You can have any part of his body but that.” Shit, what the fuck was his problem now? It was an ass, not a fucking pot of gold. “I can’t sniff it at least?” I asked, clinging onto extra hope. “Nope. Nothing. I own that ass. Bad enough you touched it already, so you’d better not do that again.” “But Himbo got to rim him earlier. I saw him behind Twunky and Fabio.” “He didn’t get to rim me,” Twunky said. “He tried, but I told him he couldn’t, so he just rimmed Fabio instead.” “Believe me, I saw that and got pissed,” Buff said. “I gave him a warning, so he knows better now.” I blew a big breath and nodded. “I get it.” What a bummer. I’d seen Twunky’s hot ass enough times to know how badly I suddenly wanted it, especially after getting to touch it. Not even a little taste? A little whiff? Buff hovered over me on all fours, his legs on either side of mine while his face was right above mine as if towering over me. Smiling crookedly, he said, “But you can have mine, butt sniffer. I’m always clean too, so sniff away and smell and lick all you want.” He was lucky he had a nice ass too. All the Peters did. And while Lincoln had the best ass of them all, Twunky’s captured my attention the most. Small, but round with enough perkiness to move like jello without being extra jiggly. But it was forbidden fruit. “Fun fact,” Buff added. “Twunky here originally joined as the virgin sacrifice for Hush, back when Hush had the biggest cock. Had I not changed my mind, you would’ve gotten to fuck Twunky’s hot little butt. But I had to have all to myself, so in turn, you get to deflower the replacement. He should be here soon.” Fuck, what a tease. I wasn’t obsessed with virginity, more like I couldn’t even have a turn. I didn’t care about being the first or not. I just wanted that hot boy band butt. I nodded. “Is Twunky a virgin?” “Oh, yeah. He almost wasn’t just recently until I decided to have a double ritual for it. Two virgin sacrifices, mine and yours. Same night, same time. Maybe make out with you while we’re claiming these asses. Hot idea, huh?” That actually was pretty hot the more I thought about it. But to allow an ass guy like me to mess around with Twunky, to have fun with him and enjoy his kisses, only for Buff to decide his hot ass with a nice roundness was off limits? Not even to sniff? So unfair. Oh, well. “So, two virgin sacrifices now, huh?” “Not technically, no,” Buff said. “There can only be one, and the rules state that he must be a twink or a twunk, not a jock. But if we can’t find either, then the leanest jock gets chosen, which would’ve been Lincoln had there been no other choice.” “Ah.” What a weird tradition. I much preferred jocks myself, but Twunky was a beautiful exception. I hoped the new virgin sacrifice would be too.” “You see, Chosen One, the virgin sacrifice gets reduced to the lowest member, a true sub. A slave, practically. pozcu escort He’s here to serve all our needs, and he’s not allowed to have a romantic relationship either. His membership is purely sexual, nothing more. It’s why ideally he’s supposed to be a twink because twinks are below jocks and twunks, and twunks are below jocks.” I wasn’t worried about falling for a twink. There was no fucking way I’d fall in love with one. It was impossible, and even if I could, I’d fight it anyway. But that wouldn’t happen. Never. And I’d make sure of it. “So you can now see why I changed my mind about Twunky,” Buff added. “Because you don’t want to share him.” “Exactly.” I stroked Buff’s cheek and grinned. “How about you take his virginity, and then I get to fuck him too, just the two of us. Maybe even double-dick him one day.” Buff chuckled. “Nice try, Chosen One. Not going to happen, so get that pipe dream out of your horny head.” I reached for his hole while he was still over me, and I managed a little smile. “What about you, then? You’ve deprived me of Twunky’s hot butt. Do I at least get to fuck you?” I knew there’d be a crooked smirk on his face. “Only if you let me fuck you first. I’m a virgin back there too, after all.” Somehow, I wasn’t entirely surprised. The three of us were. “What about the other Peters?” “Nope. I took them all.” I chuckled. “Not a shock.” “Hey, I’m the leader, right? But don’t bring it up to Hush. I think he’s still a little traumatized, but whatever. He’ll get over it.” I didn’t say another word. I kissed Twunky some more while rubbing Buff’s tight anus. I fought the desire to rim Twunky, and I rammed it into my head that it would never happen. “I want you to eat my ass,” Buff said in a horny tone. I broke the kiss with Twunky and shot Buff an anticipated expression. “Give it to me, then.” “Suck his big cock, Twunky. But save his load for me.” Buff shifted around until his big and beefy butt was right near my face, and in just moments, Twunky’s hot mouth threatened to make me come. Fuck Buff. He was an entitled brat who demanded that everything go his way. He had to have everything all to himself, and I was sick of it. Instead of giving him my pent-up load, I’d give it to Twunky without a warning. I pressed my nose against Buff’s crack and inhaled as if getting high. Since he had less hair there than Lincoln, he was less musky, but his scent was still manly enough to drive me crazy. Definitely showered, though. I could smell a hint of soap. Another whiff, and another, bringing me to heaven. “Damn, you love this, don’t you?” But Buff sounded like he did too. He jerked himself off while I enjoyed him. I fucked Twunky’s mouth, and I was stunned to learn that he was attempting to deepthroat me without gagging. It was deeper than anyone had ever done to me. Buff gave awesome blowjobs, but Twunky was suddenly the best. I moaned from such a powerful mouth, and after sniffing Buff’s butt some more, I finally dined on it and worked my tongue. I circled his tight pucker, sucked the anus, and buried my face in there. “Wow, you’re really good at this, Chosen One.” Buff stroked himself faster. “All the Peters have eaten my ass, but you? Damn. You can easily make me come. I think you being an ass guy is the reason. You have way more dedication to this.” Buff could make me nut easily too, especially Twunky with his vacuum of a mouth. He went really deep to get me to hit his throat, my dick ready to burst. I stopped for a moment. “Where did he learn how to suck like that?” “He sucks all the Peters and makes me proud every time. Practice makes perfect.” It sure did, and Twunky was more skilled than I’d imagined. He’d make the perfect friend with benefits. I’d have so much fun with him. If only I could sneak him with me somewhere to have our private time together. But Buff probably kept an eye on him. I was already getting close, and because I didn’t want to give him a warning and risk having Buff put a stop to it, I controlled my breathing. I let out a muffled moan through Buff’s ass, devouring his virgin hole while occasionally sucking and biting his cheeks. After a moment of doing this, I couldn’t hold in the urge anymore. I needed to release fast. “Nut for me, Buff. Shoot it all over me and Twunky. Please? I need it.” In reality, I wanted to distract him while I shot my load so that he wouldn’t notice. Buff motioned his hand even quicker, his breathing intensifying. I gripped tightly onto his waist and used his ass like a pillow as I was right there. Closer. Closer. Closer. Fuck, I was going to shoot. I bit into Buff’s butt to stifle every sound and movement as possible, squeezing my eyes shut, while my dick erupted into Twunky’s slurping mouth. The ecstasy whacked me upside my head, sending my mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. “Fuck, I’m coming!” Buff said after a moment, groaning. Good. He was distracted, and Twunky had just finished swallowing my epic load. Buff lifted his ass and scooted closer to Twunky. “Take this cock and swallow me.” He unloaded all his offering, filling Twunky’s mouth the way I’d just done. I was proud of Twunky for swallowing two different loads. escort bayan Buff got off me and crashed right beside me. “I’ll get you off tomorrow, so save your load for me. I’m too fucking tired right now.” Twunky remained in front of me by the foot of the bed, and his stomach growled. I didn’t like this at all. Buff could fuck right off with that weight shit. If he wasn’t taking good care of a really special guy with beautiful looks, then I’d take over behind his back. Buff let out a few snores, and I got up from the bed. I sneaked toward Twunky and leaned into his ear. “You should eat something.” “I can’t. Buff will know.” “How? He’s knocked out. Unless he wakes up easily?” “No, he’s a heavy sleeper, so that’s not the issue. He counts everything in the fridge and has a great memory. I won’t be able to get away with it.” I frowned and stroked his cheek. “I don’t want to see you like this. Let me take you out somewhere, then. A diner? I don’t even know what’s around here that’s still open.” He managed a little smile. “Don’t worry about it. Like he said, I’ll live. I’ll just drink loads of water. Besides, I practically had milk. Yours and Buff’s. And very tasty.” Mmm, I loved a little naughtiness. “Thanks for being so kind to me, Chosen One. You don’t even have to be.” “Just being me.” Twunky smiled once more, gave me a little kiss on the lips, and sighed. “I should get back to bed. See you tomorrow?” I gave him a nod. “Have a good night and sleep well.” “You too.” Twunky got up, still with an erection. He headed toward the door, unintentionally teasing me with his dick-hardening butt. What a tasty-looking ass. I lowered my eyebrows as I realized something. I rushed to go follow him out of Buff’s room while Buff snored away. I could also hear snores from the other room, so the two of us were the only ones awake. Twunky stopped as he noticed me, and I looked at his erection. “You didn’t nut, did you?” He shrugged. “I’ll take care of it in bed.” “No. Take care of it with me.” He paused, but his face did show interest. “How?” “Well? I know your ass if off limits, but would there really be proof if I gave you a rimjob?” He quietly chuckled. “You really want my ass, huh?” “I’d do anything to have it.” Fuck, I was acting like a desperate fool now, all for a taste of forbidden fruit. “But I get it if you don’t want me to.” “I want you to. Especially because I know how bad you want it. I saw how disappointed you were when you thought you were going to get it.” “Yeah, sucks.” “But you have it now, Chosen One. Plus, I can come real fast that way, so that helps.” “Nice. Then give it here.” I squatted with more anticipation than I’d felt in hours. Oddly enough, more so than taking Lincoln’s virginity. Twunky stepped closer, turned around, gave me his hot butt, and started masturbating his dick. I only sniffed his ass a few times because it was getting late. Lightly musky from dried-up sweat, not very much funk at all because of his hole being hairless. I loved his scent of man, though. Finally, I brought my tongue up to his virgin pucker and kissed it a few times, then licking it and giving it some sucks. I kneaded his cheeks, biting and sucking them too, and I sucked his tight anus. I sucked it harder than I’d ever done to anyone. God, I was in love with this small butt. I didn’t want to part ways with it, but I hoped I’d get more of it in the future. “I’m already going to come from all that edging earlier.” As much as I still wanted to keep rimming Twunky, I turned him around and opened my mouth near the head as he furiously beat off. Seconds later, he grunted and shot thick wads into my mouth and some on my face, making wrap my lips around the head to collect every drop of his cum I could. As with most flavors of cum, it was an acquired taste, but somehow, the idea that it was from this beautiful forbidden fruit right in front of me made me swallow all of him with more devotion than normal. Twunky squeezed the last bit from his dick and pulled out. He smiled. “Thanks. And by the way, you’re right about one thing.” “What’s that?” “There’s no proof that you gave me a rimjob, so anytime you want my butt, we can sneak around like this, and it’s all yours.” Just what I’d needed to hear. Deprivation no more. “Wish I could fuck you too, but I know I can’t.” “Well, Pete? Now that I know you a bit more, especially in a sexual sense, I’m starting to think there’s no proof of getting fucked after Buff takes my virginity. It might just have to happen after he does it.” The hope. Oh, the strong hope that wouldn’t stop waving at me. “Are you implying you’re willing to let me have at it too?” “No. I’m telling you that you can. I want you to fuck me, Chosen One. We’ll find a way. In due time, okay?” I gave him a nod, and I was horny all over again. But that was okay. I’d gotten what I’d needed for the night, and I’d get even more soon enough. I’d finally pound that cute little peach. ===*=== To be continued… ===*=== AUTHOR’S NOTE Thanks for reading. Want more free stories, published books, and the latest news by Marco May? Visit: ess Please show your support and help Nifty out by donating whatever you can so that these free stories can continue to stick around for a long time. Copyright � 2021, Marco May. All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER: All character names/details in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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