The Perfect Jerk Ch. 01


I’d been lonely for some time, having just had major surgery I’d just not been on the hunt, but my sex drive was killing me and my best friend, who I’ll call ER short for Ex-Roomate, said that his new girlfriend’s brother was also looking to get laid. ER suggested that we hook-up on the way to his girlfriend’s house, and said when he went in he’d ask PJ (perfect jerk) to go home with me so I didn’t “have to be alone.” I sat in the drive in my car waiting for what seemed an eternity and ER never came out, so I called PJ’s cell phone (ER had given me his number some time back) and PJ answered and I asked him if he’d like to come spend the night with me. “I can’t make any promises but I can tell you I’m pretty much a sure thing.” He agreed immediately and was out the door not more than five minutes later.

We made the 20 minute drive back to my place in relative silence, because we both only barely knew each other, having met only once before when he’d come to a party at my house and walked in on me showing a female friend a pair of thigh high stripper boots I own. He’d left the room in a hurry that night and I got the impression he was more than just embarrassed, but didn’t say anything. When we arrived at my house, I poured PJ a glass of Hpnotiq and then poured myself one as well. We sat in the living room for a short time before I finally broke the ice by saying, “Would you like to see those gaziantep bayan escort boots on me again?”

PJ replied, “Hell yes!”

I stepped into my bedroom and closed the door and opened my trunk of treats and got out my entire outfit. I started by pulling on fishnet stockings and a black lace garter with no panties underneath, rather I pulled them on over the top so that they could be easily removed. They were bright red. I pulled on my “lucky bra” and then over it a tight black tank top and on the bottom a very short black mini-skirt. Then I removed my boots lovingly from the trunk where they were folded neatly and pulled on first the left one, being careful not to tear my fishnets as I zipped up because they’re tight on my calf muscles. I walked back into the living room and observed that his cock got hard as soon as he saw me and it was definitely NOT a disappointment, straining against his jeans. “You wanna go back to your room?” he asked, not an ounce of shyness in his voice. “Yeah,” I said, standing over him and looking down, “I think I do.”

When we got in the bedroom he stretched out on the bed fully clothed and lay looking up at me. “I’m not gonna take it any further,” I said to him, “This is as far as I’ll chase you, if you want to go any further, you bring it to me.” I laid down on the bed then and began grinding my hips in rhythm to the music coming from my stereo. I had my back to him but I could feel his eyes on me and after a moment he said, “Damn you can work it, girl.”

His hand was pleasantly cool when he touched my arm and pulled me toward him, his lips playing gently down my neck, his breath hot on my skin as he kissed me from behind. He didn’t force me onto my back, but rather gently suggested he wanted me to roll over with light pressure from his right hand, which had now warmed up nicely. I rolled onto my back and he kissed down my chest to my tits, which were straining under the tight material of the tank-top I was wearing. He mounted me, still fully clothed and let his cock, still straining beneath his blue jeans, slide slowly up my thigh with a deliberate thrust. It’s thick head pressed insistently against my clit through my own clothing as PJ kissed and bit at my now exposed nipples. He continued this erotic dry hump for some time until I finally gasped, my tone full of lustful begging, “I want it.” He stopped and looked down at me and said, “You want it?” in a soft voice and I managed a nod but no words found their way out.

He slipped his hand up my skirt and hooked his fingers in my panties and slid them down and off of me. I pulled his shirt off of him, dragging my fingernails up his back gently as I did so and loving the feeling of the goosebumps that this caused.

I didn’t look at his cock before he mounted me, I just opened up to allow him to enter, and I was glad that I did. He slid in easily, not rough at all, and went all the way to the end of my tunnel, pushing delightfully against my cervix, bringing that twinge of pleasant pain every woman should be so lucky to experience with her partner. For twenty long minutes he worked his magic on me, continuing to kiss me everywhere his lips and tongue could reach until he finally exploded. He noted aloud that he’d not given me an orgasm and I asked him, laughing, how many times he could go in a night. Without cracking a smile, his expression dead-serious he replied, “As long as it comes up.”

We lay in perfect silence, each on separate sides of the bed until we’d finished smoking, and then he was on me again without warning, catching me in a spoon, he sank his cock into me, I was surprised as how fast he was able to recover from the first fuck. He went into me a lot harder this time, and I begged him to pull my hair from the back. He grabbed it gently, putting very little pressure on it at all and I said, “NO, I MEAN PULL MY FUCKING HAIR!” he grabbed all of my hair up and jerked back on my head sending me into a terrific orgasm just as he orgasmed himself with a whispered, “Yessss…” that just intensified my own pleasure. The next day PJ left, without warning, without telling me he was going to leave. For this reason I know I could never have an emotional relationship with him, rather I could just fuck him and leave him hanging. But that’s for part 2…

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