The Phallic Purple People Pleaser


Eric knows he shouldn’t want him this badly. They live and work together, and one false move could fuck all that up for him. Still, he watches him, and he wants him. He tries desperately to keep it hidden, but it seems obvious to everyone else but the object of his affections. Eric feels naked beneath the heat of a spotlight in his presence, but Yeon is none the wiser.

Eric finds himself seated in front of his computer most nights, staying up late and sleeping in short spurts during the day. He looks at pornography, because it’s the next best thing when the one he wants to touch is untouchable. He browses a few websites and orders something he thinks he shouldn’t. It arrives the next day, and he quickly hides in his room to open it.

Phallic and purple in color, it feels like gelatin to the touch. Eric marvels at its many functions and watches with wide eyes as it swivels and swirls in different directions with just a push of a button. He wants to test it while his housemates are away, and he quickly jumps up to close the door in case poker oyna someone returned. He removes his pants and underwear before stretching out on his bed once more. He shoves the box and torn open packaging to the ground and makes himself comfortable.

Eric chews his lip thoughtfully as he tries to decide on the best position to try his new toy. He shyly draws his knees up to his chest and spreads his legs. He reaches between to part the supple cheeks of his ass. He hooks his longest finger to gently prod at the ring of his opening. His fingers had been the only invaders until now. He inserts one now and licks his lips as he moves it around slowly. He’s a novice, but he’s learned some movements make him feel it more than others.

An idea strikes his genius as he takes hold of the toy and utilizes its vibration. He starts on its lowest setting and presses the tip of the purple device against his sphincter. He can feel it from back to front, and his hips start to rise in anticipation. His body craves more, and he ups the vibration. Eric grits canlı poker oyna his teeth to bear sensations that are overwhelming compared to his previous method of getting himself off. It’s almost too much already, and he touches the tip against his skin in short intervals. He can feel his entrance pucker against it, begging to take on its new acquaintance.

He’s unsure if he can handle it, but his curiosity wins as he turns down the vibration and very slowly inserts the head of dildo into his anus. Eric can’t find words as his mouth hangs open slightly. His tongue licks the inside of his cheek, and his eyes are wide. He can feel the stretching. He wonders how far he can go, if it will tear him apart. His shallow breaths fill the room as he waits to adjust to something so new. He grunts as he starts to pull it out, whispering swears in more than one language.

“Yeon,” he moans as his eyes slip closed. Eric imagines the cock inside him belongs to him as he speaks his name. He uses on hand to manipulate the cock inside him. His other internet casino hand pulls at the shirt that remains on his person. He grips the fabric tightly, pulling it away from his body. He feels so hot, but he doesn’t want to move from here. He doesn’t want to stop.

Eric releases the hold on his shirt and moves his hand down to his erection. His hips raise from the bed as he bucks into his hand. He falls back down as his legs become too weak to keep him up. “Shit. Oh yea. Fuck me, Yeon. Fuck me with your big cock. It feels so good.” He practically purrs out the words as the sore feelings are outweighed by the pleasurable ones. He can’t believe he hadn’t thought of this sooner. “Oh shit I’m gonna…!”

Before the warning could spill out of him, hot fluid shot out of the mouth of his arousal and spilled over the mushroom tip and onto his hand. His body goes limp, the vibrator still whirring inside of him as his grip on it loosens. His breathing is labored, and he slowly opens his eyes.

Eric is flush with indecency and standing at the door is the source of it all. Surprised, stunned, or shocked—Eric isn’t sure what to make of the expression on Yeon’s face, but the blush on the male’s face only shows that his secret crush isn’t much of a secret anymore.

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