The Photo Session


Brian checked his watch, he was running late and hoped he didn’t cause Heather and his appointment to be canceled. He pulled into the parking space at the mall, quickly closed and locked his doors and jogged in through the glass door. After taking a quick right, he walked into the department store. Dodging an attractive woman trying to spray him with some odd aftershave, he got the attention of one of the clerks at the perfume counter and asked where was the photo studio?

The clerk pointed toward the back of the store and said it was near the optical department. Nodding, Brian walked quickly toward the back of the store. When he finally made it he spotted Heather who gave him a frightening look and then got up and walked up to the person at the counter. By the time Brian walked into the studio, they were quickly ushered into the back.

“I’m sorry Heather, I got caught in the holiday traffic.”

“You could have called, they almost cancelled this thing.”

Brian shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Well we’re okay now.”

“Look, I just want to get this done, it’s been years since Mom had a picture of the both of us.”

“Calm down, it’s okay now.”

They were led into a small area and asked if they needed to get changed. They both shook their heads so the receptionist said, “Okay, just have a seat here and the photographer will be with you shortly.”

In just a few minutes the photographer rushed in and said, “Okay, why don’t you stand before the blue screen?”

Brian and Heather stood up in front of the screen and before they knew it there was a bright flash. “Hey, we weren’t ready,” Heather complained.

“Just a quick natural shot. Now go ahead and stand next to each other, yes, you, ah…” the photographer looked at a card, “Heather, ataşehir escort bayan go ahead and step a bit in front of your husband.”

“Brother,” Heather replied.

“Okay, step a bit in front of your brother, yes, that’s good,” he said just before there was another bright flash. “Now, brother…”

“It’s Brian,” Heather interrupted.

“Okay, Brian, some sit over here and,” looking back at his card, “Heather, you stand here.”

She moved over and then blinked at the flash. As the spots slowly cleared from her eyes she noticed the photographer walking out of the room as he was speaking, “…will be ready is fifteen minutes. You can wait here.”

“He’s gone,” Heather said, exasperated. “What kind of photo session was that?”

“Look, you bought the cheapest package they had, what do you expect?”

“I don’t know, something a little bit more professional.”

“You’re in a department store studio after buying their cheapest package, what do you want, a Playboy layout?”

“Well it could have been something sexier,” Heather replied.

“Oh , you mean something like this?” he asked, reaching a hand around her an pretending to grab her breast.

“No, I think something more like this,” she replied, moving to face him and putting her foot up on the chair beside him.

“Or even this?” he asked, lifting his hand up under her skirt and pushing his palm up tight against her panties, “or this?” he continued, slipping his fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties.

Sitting down onto his lap, she reached down and ran both hands up his thighs until finding the growing bulge of his cock. Squeezing it she said, “I think like this.”

Brian reached down, unzipped his zipper and then leaned escort kadıöy back as his sister pulled his cock out of his pants. He watched as she began stroking it. Whispering, “Do we have time?” he slipped his hand into her panties and pushed two fingers into her pussy. He gasped slightly feeling how wet she was.

“I’m ready now,” she replied, “they said fifteen minutes, that means thirty.”

Pushing her up off his lap, Brian pulled her panties down and helped her work them over her shoes. He then stood up, and unfastened his pants. Letting his pants fall to the floor, he pushed down his underwear and then pushed his sister’s back down, guiding her to lean over the chair. He then moved in behind her and let his cock brush against her ass and thighs before sliding it down over her pussy.

Brian felt Heather reach up between her legs and grab his cock. She guided it between her lips and then leaned back toward him, letting the head of his cock slide into her wet opening. Brian grabbed her hips and thrust forward, shoving his cock deep inside his sister. Feeling the wet, softness envelop him, he held her tight against him for a moment, savoring the feeling of his sister’s pussy tight around his cock.

Slowly withdrawing, he backed up until his cock nearly slipped out of her before thrusting forward again. He heard her moan and could feel her fingers banging against his balls. “Damn, she’s playing with her clit,” he thought. The thought of his sister playing with her clit while he was fucking her turned him on even more and he desperately began plunging his cock in and out of her.

Just about the time he felt the pressure in his ball building and he knew he couldn’t hold out any more he heard Heather, moan, “Oh yes, yes, I’m coming.”

That maltepe escort was all he could take and he gave into the incredible sensations he was feeling, the warm wetness of his sister as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. He pulled back one final time and then shoved himself hard into her, his cock spurting cum deep inside her. Holding her hips he continued spurting while feeling her pussy convulsing over his cock.

Holding her tight, he kept his cock in her as long as he could, only pulling away when it shrank enough to slide out of her. He quickly pulled up his underwear and pants and was fastening them when Heather whispered , “Quick, help me. Hand me some of those tissues,” she said pointing. As Brian handed her several she said, “You must have come a gallon, look at this. Here, give me some more tissue.”

Brian handed her the tissue and then picked up her panties off the floor. Heather had thrown out the tissue and he was ready to help her get her shoes through the leg openings in the panties when they heard footsteps. Brian quickly shoved the panties into his pocket and the both sat down as the sales lady came into the room.

“We have your pictures ready if you’d like to come view them.”

In spite of the hurried poses and quick session the pictures were nice. Brian and Heather were able to fight off the hard sell and ended up buying the least expensive package, which included one large size photograph for their mother.

“She’ll like having something where we aren’t fighting,” Brian said.

“Yeah, we won’t tell her what we do instead of fighting now.”

“No I think she would prefer we fight,” Brian said. He gave his sister a kiss on the cheek and headed out to his car. It wasn’t until he was halfway home that he realized he still had his sister’s panties in his pocket. Well, he had a nice souvenir that just might come in handy, he thought, remembering how nice they felt when he slipped his hand under them. “Damn she was wet,” he said to himself as he pulled into the parking lot of his apartments.

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