The Pilgrims’ Progress


An erotic incest fantasy by Eroscott.

(Note: This is another long story, a novella rather than a short story.)


Tim Pilgrim was sitting by his bedroom window. His bedroom was on the second floor of the house, in the back. From his vantage point he could look directly down into the backyard . . . and directly down onto his mother, who was sunbathing in the nude.

Tim had the button and zipper to his jeans undone and pulled open. He also had his cock pulled out and was stroking it slowly. It wasn’t an unusually long cock when it was fully erect, which it was now, at six and a half inches, but it was probably thicker than average. He had once read in a men’s magazine that if you couldn’t slip your erect penis into the cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll, then you probably could have a career in porn movies. Tim, of course, had to find out. What he found out was that the only way he could get his erection into one of those tubes was by lubing his cock really well then twisting and twisting the tube hard down onto it. So he figured that his cock was thicker than average.

Tim knew that masturbating while watching his mother sunbathing nude was kind of sick. Still, she was a very attractive woman and he was an average horny 18 year old, which meant he could just about get a hard-on from a breeze.

Susan, his mother, stood five feet, five inches tall in her bare feet. She had a lean and toned body and very attractive tits. Tim didn’t know her measurements, but he thought of her breasts as being about the size of three-quarters of a medium-sized grapefruit. Her areolas were about two inches in diameter, maybe a little more. Her nipples seemed to be about the diameter of the end of his little finger and, when erect, which they were now—his mother had just given herself a cooling spray of water from a bottle, making her nipples stand up immediately—seemed to be as long as half the distance from the last joint of his little finger to its tip.

Tim picked up the binoculars beside the chair he was sitting on while still stroking himself. He was sitting to one side of the window and back from it a little. He was pretty sure that his mother wouldn’t be able to see him sitting here if she happened to look, not with the bright sunlight in her eyes. She might notice that his window was open, but that could easily be explained away.

Tim stopped stroking himself to hold the binoculars steady in both hands. He focused on his mother’s tits first, as if to verify his estimates, then he scanned over her creamy, golden tanned body from head to toe, pausing for a while at the “v” of her spread legs to note that his mother seemed to shave or wax or whatever it was that women did to get their whole pubic area hairless. She was lying on a large beach towel, sideways to him, in the middle of the back yard, which was a very well manicured grass lawn.

Susan turned over onto her belly, completely unaware that her son was watching her from his bedroom window. Tim now scanned his mother’s body again, from her head of very blonde hair—done in a short, spiky, but very becoming style—to her lean back, past her tiny waist, over the flair of her hips and firm buttocks, down over her shapely thighs and calves to her small, beautiful feet with their red painted toenails, same as her fingernails.

Tim set the binoculars down and continued stroking himself. His cock had lost some of its hardness while he was scoping out his mom. Now he closed his eyes for a moment, imagining his mother’s small, delicate hand with her long, well-manicured, red fingernails wrapping around his cock before slipping her mouth over it. That image got him fully hard again quickly.

Tim wondered if his mother liked having her toes sucked, something his last girlfriend had taught him to do. Hell, more than that. Tim felt so horny right now he figured he could have gone down to the yard and licked his mother from the bottoms of her feet to her butt crack and on up to her shoulders. Then he would have turned her over and kissed her hard on the mouth, after which he would have liked to suck on her tits for a while before he moved on down to bury his face between her legs and lick her to orgasm before he fucked her hard and came in her pussy . . . hot sweaty skin and all!

It was going to take a while getting used to living with his mother, Tim guessed. He laughed at himself, looking down at his hand moving faster on his hard cock now after his little fantasy about licking and sucking and fucking his mother.

Tim had only seen his mother—and his fraternal twin, Traci—for a couple of weeks a year since he was five. His mother and father, John Pilgrim, had a nasty divorce when Tim and Traci were only two years old. His father came from a wealthy and influential family and even though Susan was able to prove that John had been unfaithful to her on several occasions, he still was able to get the court to give him full custody of Tim. Then he left California and settled gaziantep bayan escort ilanları in Seattle.

His mother had kept the Pilgrim name as many divorced women with children do. Besides, her in-laws had been really sweet people who had doted over both of their grandchildren and who treated Susan like their own daughter.

However, as part of the court order, Tim’s dad was supposed to allow Susan to have Tim for two weeks every summer as well as Thanksgiving on the odd years and Christmas on the even years. John was get Traci on the same terms. John ignored the court order until Tim was five years old. By that time, with the help of John’s parents, who thought their son was acting very badly, Susan was able to get the authorities in Seattle to haul him into court and threaten him with fines and jail time for disobeying a valid child custody court order in California.

Now, Tim had been accepted at the California State University in River City, where his mother and sister still lived. Tim’s grandparents, on both sides, since deceased, had set up a trust fund for both his sister’s and his education. It was decided that Tim should live with his mother and sister while attending college. It would save money. The terms of the trust stated that any money left over after Tim and Traci earned their bachelors degrees would be split equally between them. Besides, having his own room, home-cooked meals, and the other amenities of living in his mother’s established household was enticing . . . as was being around two very attractive women that he still had a hard time emotionally accepting as his mother and sister.

It was now late September, both Tim and Traci had started classes together, although their schedules were different. It was still hot, which was usual for River City in September, much different from the Seattle weather that Tim was used to. Still, the bonus was that he could sit up here and lust after his mother, a woman who loved him but had not raised him, more of a stranger to him than a mom.

So, with that rationalization firmly planted in his mind, Tim told himself to not feel guilty and enjoy the view. He began stroking his cock a little faster, thinking about how it would actually be to go down to the yard and have his mother allow him to lick and suck and fuck her. Yes, he knew it was an impossible fantasy, but it was working for him right now. He was beginning to get that feeling in his erect penis and loins that would eventually build up to an orgasm.

Tim was supposed to have been in a lab from two until four, but when he got to the lab there was a note saying that the teacher wouldn’t be in today and the doors were locked. Tim had come straight home, only a twenty minute drive, and had gone upstairs to his bedroom to take a nap. He assumed his mother, a real estate agent, was off showing houses, or at the office doing paperwork. But there she was, lying naked as the day she was born, sunning herself in the back yard, and looking even more beautiful and sexy than Tim had thought she could.

Tim was so engrossed in spying on his mother and jerking off that he hadn’t heard Traci come in the front door, up the stairs, and into his room. He had left his bedroom door half open so Traci, once she saw Tim sitting by the open window, staring intently down into the back yard and stroking his cock, silently sidled through the door and just as silently crept up to within four feet of him.

She knew what he was looking at. Her mother and she didn’t like tan lines and sunbathed nude together fairly often . . . that is, before Tim showed up to live with them while going to college. That he was obviously sexually turned on by seeing their mother naked shocked her for a couple of seconds. But then she realized a couple of things. First, even though Susan was his mother, he had hardly spent any time with her and had no memory of her before he was five years old. Second, she had been thinking about her brother in exactly the same way he was now, obviously, thinking about their mother. She felt a twinge of jealousy.

Traci knew Tim was her brother, intellectually, but emotionally he still seemed like a very handsome stranger come to live with them and she was sexually attracted to him, even to the point of masturbating while fantasizing about fucking him. She wondered if Tim thought about her the same way. She hoped so. Traci figured this was just the result of being her father’s child. According to Susan, John had been over-sexed. Not that Susan, herself, was frigid, far from it, but she believed a wedding vow to be faithful was something to be followed strictly, not to be considered as optional.

Even though Traci knew she was a highly sexual girl, she had only had four lovers, but she masturbated nearly every day, sometimes, on weekends, if she didn’t have anything going, she would get herself off two or three times a day. It wasn’t as good as feeling gaziantep escort bayan ilanları a boy fucking her, feeling his body over her, kissing him, caressing his skin, feeling his hard cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, but is was a whole lot less complicated and absolutely safe from a pregnancy and disease point of view. Actually, the pregnancy part was now taken care of, as she was using the latest and, hopefully, best birth control she could get.

“Ahem!” Traci clear her throat.

“Jesus Christ!” Tim jumped up with the most shocked look on his face that Traci had ever seen. He had managed not to shout it out, but it had come out rather loudly. Traci covered her mouth with both of her hands to keep from laughing out loud.

Tim quickly looked out the window to see if their mother had heard him. All looked tranquil. He stepped back from the window and started to stuff his quickly evaporating erection back into his pants.

Traci stepped forward and grabbed Tim’s cock before he could hide the evidence. Looking down she noticed that he had closely cropped pubic hair. She then tugged on her brother’s cock, pulling him up close to her. She began stroking it hoping to get it up to its original hardness.

“Leching over Mom, eh?” She asked with a big grin on her face.

Tim wasn’t sure what was going on . . . or quite what to do. His sister’s hand, sliding up and down his dick felt really good. Was she teasing him, then going to tell Mom that he had been watching her and playing with himself.

“Can’t say I blame you,” Traci continued. “For a 38 year old woman she’s pretty hot.” Traci felt Tim’s penis regaining some of its firmness.

“I’m not going to rat you out Tim, if that’s what you are wondering.”

Tim nodded. He took in a shaky breath. His sister’s hand was beginning to feel really good on his cock. He couldn’t believe it. He had sexual fantasies about his sister and had jerked off many times while doing so, now here she was, in the flesh, stroking his cock, which was nearly fully erect again.

“You can speak, can’t you, Tim?” Traci’s faded blue eyes gleamed mischievously at him.

“Uh. Uh. Yes, of course I can talk. I’m still getting over being surprised by you. And, well, Traci, what are you doing?” Tim looked down at his hard cock which Traci’s hand was stroking more firmly.

“Do you think I’m as attractive as Mom?” Traci asked instead of answering Tim’s question.

“Jesus, Traci, you’re gorgeous. Not like Mom. Different. But no less attractive.” He was going to say more but his sister interrupted him.

“How long has Mom been out there,” she nodded towards the open window.

“I’m not sure. I got here fifteen to twenty minutes ago and she was already there. Why?”

“We don’t have much time then, but maybe enough. Keep an eye on her and tell me if she gets up or looks like she’s ready to come in.”

“What?” Tim asked. He was confused, but not for long, as he watched his sister drop to her knees and immediately slipped her mouth over his cock and begin sucking, bobbing her head up and down on it.

“Holy shit!” Tim exclaimed as his sister’s mouth enveloped his dick. It felt so good. Her mouth felt silky smooth soft, as well as being wet and warm.

Tim was so shocked at what his sister was doing—without him even asking her to—that for a few seconds his brain was frozen. But that was just for a few seconds. As the reality that his hot twin sister was really giving him a blow job, his brain became so overloaded with excitement that he almost felt dizzy.

Traci, with her mouth still working Tim’s cock, used her eyes to indicate that he should be watching their mother in the back yard and not watching her sucking him off.

Tim saw that their mother was now on her right side with her legs scissored open and her left arm up over her head to maximize the sun exposure to the left side of her body and legs.

Traci took her mouth off her brother’s cock, “She move yet?”

“She turned onto her right side just a few seconds ago.”

Traci nodded then continued sucking her brother’s cock. She thought it was a nice cock. It wasn’t too long, but long enough, and it had a nice thickness to it. It was straight and angled up just a bit from Tim’s body. And the glans, now fully engorged with blood, with its firm coronal ridge, was a well-shaped little helmet that wasn’t so little. She wondered how it would feel fucking her. That thought thrilled her because she knew, now, that she would find out before too long.

“Ahh! Traci! God I’m going to come,” Tim warned his sister in a hissing whisper.

Watching his nude mother in the back yard, taking sneak peeks at his sister’s lips stretched around his cock and sliding up and down on it, and the fact that it was his sister that was sucking his cock, brought Ted to the edge of orgasm very quickly.

Traci didn’t slow down and escort gaziantep ilanları Tim didn’t worry about it. He had warned her and if he came in her mouth and she didn’t like it—like his last girlfriend—that was on her. And then he was shooting his load into his sister’s mouth. Spasm after spasm rocked his body. His eyes lost focus temporarily and his eyelids fluttered as he gasped and grunted trying to keep quiet in the midst of intense pleasure.

When he had finished coming in his sister’s mouth and she had swallowed it, she all but jumped up off the floor. “Where’s mom?” she asked urgently.

Tim, shook his head. Wow what an orgasm he thought to himself. He looked out the window. “She’s sitting up . . . .”

Traci grabbed her brother by the ears and pulled him down for a quick, hard kiss, shoving her tongue deep into his surprised, open mouth.

“Let’s go. We don’t want her to know you were in the house. Come on!” She called over her shoulder as she was exiting his bedroom.

Tim was stuffing his wet and still mostly hard cock back into his jeans and zipping them up, trying not to catch his dick in the zipper as he followed his sister out the door, down the stairs, and out the front door, which Traci closed and locked quietly.

“Get in your car and drive down to the park. I’ll be right behind you in mine. And no squealing out, either.”

“For you, my love, anything,” Tim jested. But a part of his mind thought that maybe he wasn’t jesting.

Traci just grinned and headed for her car, parked at the curb.

The local park was three blocks away. It was just one city block in size with a few picnic tables, each with its own standing charcoal grill, a basketball court, a tennis court, and several large shade trees. There was no one in the park when Tim and Traci arrived. They found a picnic table shaded by a large maple tree and sat on the table top next to each other.

“Traci,” Tim began, then stopped.

“Yeah?” Traci prompted. She was wearing her long blonde hair in a ponytail and there was a sheen of perspiration on her forehead and upper lip.

Tim didn’t answer for a few seconds. He just took in the beautiful view that was his sister’s face. They definitely had similar facial features. Everyone who saw them together pegged them as brother and sister right away, but not always as twins.

Since both of their parents had blonde hair and blue eyes, it wasn’t any surprise that they both did too. The only difference was that Ted’s eyes were like their mothers, a rather bright blue, and Traci’s were like their father’s, a faded blue that in certain light looked gray.

“Yeah?” Traci prompted again.

Tim took a quick look around then pulled Traci to him and planted a kiss firmly on her lips. She hesitated for only a second then open her mouth to him and the kiss became wet and passionate. When they broke the kiss they both took in a big breath.

“Wow! I liked that,” Traci said.

“Yeah, me too. A lot. And I’d like to do it more with you . . . .”

” Okay,” agreed Traci. “But not here. This park’s too close to home. Someone could drive by that knows us, or Mom, and see us.”

“Right,” Tim nodded. “But listen, Traci, what you did back there at the house was fantastic! And I thought I was the only pervert in the family.”

“You calling me a pervert?” Traci challenged her brother with a mock seriousness.

“I’m calling us both perverts. Come on Traci, how many sons do you know spy on their naked mothers and masturbate and how many sisters do you know that will almost instantly drop to their knees and give their brother a blow job?

“You mean besides us?” Traci laughed then hugged her brother and kissed him on the cheek.

“Listen Tim, I’ve had a big crush on you for a few years now. . . .”

“God, Traci!” Ted interrupted, “that’s how I’ve felt about you too.”

“And, to tell the truth,” she went on, “I’ve had a crush on Dad too, like I guess you do on Mom, eh?”

Tim nodded, letting his sister continue.

“I thought I was a little sicko and I didn’t tell anyone. Then, a couple of years ago I was in the public library and started doing research on incest. I came across a book called Sex and Reason by some judge, Richard somebody. I can’t remember his name.

“Anyway, I found out that when siblings are not raised together, quite often there is a sexual attraction when they meet. It’s called genetic sexual attraction. I did more research and it’s a real condition. It can even include parents and children who have not known each other.”

“Yeah, but Traci, we’ve known each other for years,” Tim objected.

“Known each other, of course, but not raised together. It seems that being raised together, even for kids who aren’t brothers and sisters, produces a natural kind of sexual revulsion. How much time did we see each other each year? What, maybe three whole weeks? And that didn’t start until we were nearly six years old. Hell, Tim,” Traci continued, “I didn’t even like you at first because you took Mom’s attention away from me.”

“Yeah, Traci, and what you didn’t know, or Mom, was that when she was giving me all that attention I was, like, leave me alone, I want my daddy. But only in my mind. I never said that out loud. And don’t you tell Mom I said that, either.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Traci looked all around covertly, then leaned in for another sweet kiss.

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