The Player Ch. 01


The steady thump of the music reverberated through the club, offering its pulse and tempo up for the patrons to shake their bodies in time with. Flashing, colored lights splashed across the dance floor, bathing the writhing bodies in a myriad of tones and shadows. Marcus stood to the side, watching intently, scouting for his next target.

A player of many years on the bar scene, Marcus could pick out quickly what girls in the club were likely to be looking for fun and what ones were forward enough to respond to his advances. His eyes sparkled as they settled on a slim redhead on the near side of the dance floor.

Long, shimmering locks draped from her head to the middle of her back, swaying as she weaved in time with the music. The tight leather skirt she wore barely covered her ass cheeks and the tight shirt seemed near bursting as her ample breasts jiggled within. Putting a hand in his pocket to adjust his member, Marcus smiled to himself and stepped forward.

Coming up behind her, he fell into rhythm with her, moving slowly closer as they swayed to the beat of the pounding music. She spun around abruptly, arms high and hips jutting as the tempo changed slightly with the newest song. Her mound bumped hard into Marcus’ groin and she stopped suddenly, her eyes wide and her mouth a pretty, round “O” of surprise.

“Oh, my god, I’m sorry,” she said, leaning over closer so she could be heard over the music. “I didn’t see you there.”

Marcus smiled and spread his arms to indicate there was no problem. Gazing into her emerald green eyes, he could almost read the sexual energy she held. Her makeup was sparse, allowing the natural beauty to show through. A subtle red tinted her full lips and a soft blue tone graced her eyes, fading to the gentle blush on her cheeks.

“Maybe I can buy you a drink,” he replied, leaning over so his lips brushed her ear as he spoke. “As an apology for getting in your way.”

She flushed heavily as she leaned back, her eyes twinkling. Nodding vigorously, she grabbed his arm and they made for the bar together. Once there, she pulled Marcus in behind her and leaned against him, rubbing her soft bottom against his groin as they placed their orders. Marcus smiled again, knowing he’d picked well.

The drinks went down with haste, as the tension grew with their proximity. The girl introduced herself as Amber, which Marcus was fairly certain wasn’t her real name. Away from the dance floor, they were able to speak without shouting and she asked when he was planning to leave. Marcus shrugged, casting a glance about the bar, to indicate he didn’t see much reason to subject his ears to the thumping bass much longer and Amber’s smile widened.

“Maybe it’s time to leave now,” she said, reaching down and grabbing his bulge gently as she leaned close. Gently squeezing his package, she licked his ear and whispered, “We can head back to my place, where it’s a little more quiet.”

15 güvenilir bahis minutes later, they were settled on her sofa, her legs draped across his lap as they sipped another drink. Amber smiled, her full, red lips splitting to reveal her pearly white teeth. As Marcus slipped his hand up and down her thigh slowly, she moved her hand to his abdomen and rubbed his stomach through his shirt.

Sitting up and changing position, Amber put her head on his chest, with her ass in the air. Marcus reached around her hips to stroke her soft cheeks, slipping the skirt up for easier access to her supple flesh. Amber moaned as his fingers slipped along her ass crack, squeezing one cheek gently. Moving her roving hand lower, she unbuttoned his jeans, tugged his zipper down and slipped her hand inside his shorts.

She cooed softly as her fingers wrapped about his member, feeling it’s girth. Marcus slipped his hand under her, pulling her thong aside and massaging her clean shaved mound. His middle finger snaked between her puffy labia, seeking her button. Swirling his finger on the nub of flesh, he drew a deeper moan from Amber as she licked around his exposed navel, her hand now pumping his hard cock steadily.

Marcus drew a sharp breath as she lowered her head and licked the head of his throbbing tool. He brought his own hand to his mouth and dropped a glob of spittle on his fingers before returning them to her hot gash. As his lubricated fingers danced around her slit, stroking her swollen clitoris with vigor, Amber moaned again and pressed her lips over the crown of his cock. Pumping his organ, she swirled her tongue around, bathing his knob in her saliva, before dropping her head suddenly, forcing his cock deep into her throat.

Marcus gasped again as his cock slid all the way into her mouth, arching his hips in response. Amber cupped his balls in her hand, darting her tongue out to lick at his sack. His fingers danced faster on her button, twirling as fast as he was able, about the nub. Amber’s juices were flowing freely, beginning to seep from her gash, further lubricating his working hand. Marcus extended one finger, probing into her hot, wet hole and drawing a throaty groan of passion from his partner.

Amber began to move her head slowly, dragging her lips up the length of his throbbing shaft until only the head remained in her mouth. Her hand continued to fondle his sack, gently squeezing his balls occasionally. Her head took up a steady rhythm, moving up and down, each time almost releasing his cock from her lip lock, before plunging down again, taking him all the way into her throat. Marcus groaned himself, truly in the throes of passion under her expert work on his tool.

Amber kicked her leg up and over, twisting her body to position her now dripping slit above his face. Setting her knees on the back of the sofa, she continued to work on his cock as she lowered her mound to his türkçe bahis face.

Marcus moaned as he leaned up, pressing his face into her soft slit, snaking his tongue out to slide over her clit. Amber jolted, driving her face hard into his groin and moaning hard. Bringing his hand up, he grabbed her ass, allowing his index finger to slip into her crack and gently probe at her puckered hole, only inches from his tongue. Pulling her down farther, he slid his tongue deep between her puffed labia, flattening it against her button again and writhing it about.

“Ohh, god,” she moaned, allowing his cock to escape her lips. “Your tongue is magic, you’re going to make me come if you don’t stop.”

Marcus redoubled his efforts, slipping 2 fingers into her pussy as his tongue continued it’s assault on her clitoris. As the juices flowed, soaking his fingers, he slid them back out and spread the musky liquid around her rosebud anus, lubing it well. Amber, in turn, picked up the pace of her cocksucking as his fingers touched her asshole, slurping, smacking sounds coming from her lips as her head flew up and down.

Having gotten a response, Marcus again dipped his fingers deep into her pussy, wiggling them about and soaking up as much of her juices as he could before pulling them free again. He pressed them against her anus, moaning as Amber swallowed the length of his cock and kept her head pressed hard against him as she thrust her hips back. His fingers popped suddenly past her tight ring, slipping fully into her anus.

Amber’s response was immediate. Her hips bucked wildly and she tore her mouth from his shaft as she cried out in the throes of her orgasm. Her tight hole spasmed around his probing fingers as her pussy gushed it’s juices down over his face. Her cries and thrashing lasted for almost 5 minutes and Marcus dutifully stayed at it, lashing his tongue against her clitoris as he worked to make her orgasm as intense as he could. Finally, she shuddered once more and collapsed on top of him.

“That went well,” he remarked, kissing the inside of her thigh.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she replied, pushing herself up and turning around. “Now it’s time for you to enjoy. I want you to fuck my face, baby, hard and fast. Feed me your cock, the way I know you want to!”

Marcus’ eyes widened as she spoke. He didn’t expect her to be quite as wild as she was, but without question, he wasn’t about to complain. Amber knelt by the couch, grabbing his cock and pulling gently to get him to stand before her. Guiding his tool to her lips, she licked the head lovingly, then danced her tongue along the shaft.

“You want to fuck my face, don’t you?” she asked, looking up at him as she stroked his glistening cock. “You’re thinking of how nice it will be to pump my mouth full of your cum, aren’t you?”

Marcus nodded, unable to do much else. He’d been the player for long enough to know he was being played. The idea was güvenilir bahis siteleri thrilling, as he’d never been on the other side of this game. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he grinned wickedly. “You want to feel my cum in your mouth, baby, then you’ve got to earn it, first.”

Amber’s eyes took on a wicked glint and her smile grew. She looked at his rod, then spit on it, using her hand to spread the slimy liquid along it’s length. Parting her lips, she slid the head of his knob into her mouth once again, swirling her rough tongue around the crown, drawing a hiss of passion from him. Marcus grabbed her head in both hands and pulled her to him, feeling his cock nudge the back of her throat before slipping deeper. With her nose buried against his abdomen, Amber cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them softly.

Marcus pulled her head back, watching and feeling his shaft slide along her talented lips. Before he could do anything else, Amber grabbed his hips with both hands and slammed her face down again, deep throating his length with ease. Marcus stared in awe as this red-headed dream began to fuck her face on his cock. Her hair bounced in his hands as he struggled to hold on to her head and he could hear the faint smacks and slurps of her lips sliding wetly along his shaft.

Amber’s head moved faster and faster, while her hand returned to gently massage his balls, coaxing his orgasm closer and closer. Marcus felt his orgasm boiling in his balls and apparently Amber felt them twitch as well. She drew her lips back so only the head of his cock remained trapped and began pumping his shaft with her free hand. Marcus threw his head back and groaned.

“Oooooooh, I’m coming, baby, suck that load out of me!”

Amber moaned passionately as Marcus exploded into her mouth. Jets of boiling semen erupted from his shaft, splashing the back of her throat and filling her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but the orgasm was too intense, the load to much and the spillage streamed from the sides of her mouth to run down her neck and onto her chest. As his orgasm ebbed, Amber pumped her face on his cock, swallowing his entire length again, trying to draw every last drop from his rod.

Spent, Marcus’ legs wobbled slightly as he sat on the sofa. He’d been a player for some time now, but never before had he met a woman who treated his cock like that. Amber’s determination and skill were something truly amazing to this player and he smiled weakly at her.

“You’re quite a catch,” he said, gently touching the side of her face. “I don’t imagine too many guys can keep up with your appetite.”

“That’s why I look for the players,” she said, taking a seat next to him. “Usually you guys can at least hold your own. You’ve got quite the talented tongue yourself.”

Marcus cocked an eyebrow at the girl, a smile creeping across his face. “So the player just got played,” he said, chuckling softly.

“No,” she replied, moving toward him again. “The player is still being played, if he’s up for it.”

Marcus again smiled. He knew the night was just beginning and was starting to wonder if perhaps the night was only the beginning.

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