The Pool Hall


You call me and tell me where to meet you the following evening, that we’re going out. You tell me to dress casually, jeans, low cut shirt, dress boots. We’ll meet at a parking lot and then you’ll drive.

I’ve been careful to keep my pussy properly trimmed, but i make sure its perfect so you won’t be displeased with me. I make sure I am already at the parking lot when you pull in because I don’t want to make you wait. Its been longer than usual since our last meeting and I know you’ll be impatient. As I get into your car I immediately reach for your belt buckle, undo your zipper, and pull your cock and balls out into the open. My tongue starts with your balls and lovingly tastes them both before moving up your hard cock. My right hand is reaching for your ass as I take your cock in my mouth. My fingers tease your ass while my tongue circles your head and tastes your pre-cum. I start stroking your cock with my hand, first slowly, then faster and faster, but never letting canlı bahis you out of my mouth. I’m sucking you hard now while you release your cum, and I hear you tell me what a good cocksucker I am.

You reach over to reward me by pushing your fingers in my pussy, and you are pleased that I am not wearing underwear. But you just want a taste, and you tell me its time to go.

You drive us to a seedy part of town, to a local pool hall. The parking lot is dark and has only a few cars in it. We go in and get a table and start to play. You face me when I take my first shot, and I see you looking at my cleavage. My look tells you, these tits are yours and yours alone. As I walk around the table to take my second shot, your hand runs down my ass. I lick your ear before taking my shot. I take longer than usual to line up the shot, so you can see me bent over the table, my ass just a few inches from you.

After missing the shot, I come to you and whisper in your ear, “Please bahis siteleri fuck my ass tonight, lover.”

And so the night goes. Each shot I ask you, beg you, plead with you to fuck me, and each time you tell me not yet slut. If you notice another man looking at me, you kiss me full on the lips and pinch my nipple, just so he knows I’m your slut.

Suddenly, you decide its time to leave. You’ve waited until we’re the only ones left in the bar so you know the parking lot is empty. When we reach the car, you pull my jeans down around my knees and push me over the hood of your car. You spread my cheeks and push the head of your hard cock into my ass. I groan from the beautiful feeling of the heat from the first thrust and whisper your name.

“Yes, lover, fuck me, I am your slut, fuck me,” I beg as you push your cock in the rest of the way.

I hear you groan, “You are my sexy slut,” as you cum in waves.

I’m savoring the feeling, the pleasure of your cum bahis şirketleri in my ass, when I look over to the door of the pool hall and see the bartender watching us. You stop me when I try to pull away, try to pull my pants back up.

“He saw me pull your pants down, he watched as I ran my hand across your dripping pussy and wiped it on my cock and then slammed deep in your ass. You know he jerked off watching me pinch your nipples. When I screamed out in pleasure, you know he came, too. You did that, you sexy slut… Your ass was fucked and someone watched as you did what I needed you to do. How naughty do you feel now? He is still there watching, let’s show him what a true whore you are.”

You shove your fingers in my pussy, making me cry your name out loud.

“That’s it, let him hear you cry out,” you whisper in my ear. “Now suck my fingers clean, my sexy slut.”

You put one finger at a time in my mouth, making a good show for the bartender. My pants are still down around my feet as I lick my juices off of your fingers. Finally you’re satisfied and let me get dressed.

The last thing you tell me as we leave the parking lot is, “I think we’ll come back to show him more.”

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