The Preacher’s Son Ch.10


*Oghma here! Hope you’re all staying safe, it has been one hell of a turbulent year. But if nothing else, I was able to get this chapter done by the holidays. The Preacher’s Son still has quite a lot of story to cover before it’s all finished. Thank you all for your patience, and I hope to see you next time!*

*Disclaimer: Excessive sizes, unrealistic anatomy and proportions, and cheesy romance ahead. All characters depicted in sexual situations within are of 18 years or older.*


As soon as Marcus had put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher, he made his way over to the fridge to gather up two aluminum water bottles chilling inside. He and Matthew were going out for their morning jog in a few moments. Previously, it had been the closest thing to freedom, but now it was merely an indulgence. Keeping in shape had always been a habit of his, and now that he had the opportunity he was working on getting back to fighting fit. Of course, he still had to find a new gym nearby, which was a task easier said than done. Jiu Jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai gyms were a dime a dozen, and though quality wasn’t always guaranteed the law of averages meant that the good ones were common enough. But Catch? He’d grown quite fond of the style ever since he started learning as a kid, and it just felt wrong to abandon it. Well, he had plenty of time on his hands right now. If he didn’t find a Catch school, maybe he could find an open minded one that’d let him teach. As he shut the refrigerator, he started walking towards the front door.

“Oh, Marcus! Do you have a second?” Yukiko’s voice, drew his attention over to the kitchen table where she was still seated. She had placed a light brown paper folder on it, stuffed quite full of what looked to be legal papers.

“Sure, what’s up?” He asked, putting the water bottles down and taking a seat.

“Well Marcus…” She continued, her voice soothing and reassuring in that well-conditioned maternal way only years of experience could provide. “You’ve been a wonderful guest ever since you arrived. Daigo loves the wrestling lessons, and the help you’ve provided around the house has been amazing!”

“Hey, I’m happy to do it.” He replied with a soft smile. “You’ve been great to me. Just wish I could do more to thank ya. Soon as I find a job I’ll start payin’ you back for everything.”

“Oh, you know you don’t need to do that.” Yukiko responded. “I’d just be happy to see you get back on your feet. But as for the job search? I think you might want to have a look at that.” She pointed to the folder. “The IBE might have found a solution for you.”

“What’s this?” Marcus queried as he picked up the folder to look it over.

“The deed to an old warehouse, plus the shipment orders for gym mats, punching bags, kettlebells and all kinds of other exercise equipment.” Yukiko rattled off. “We paid for them, but everything’s in your name. Of course, we don’t have a name for this gym yet but we figured that was something you’d want to do.”

“…This is a joke right?” Marcus finally said. “You’re just giving me a gym? Come on.”

“It’s no joke Marcus. I figured after 2 years in that…place, you’d want to go back to your passion. I mean we’re still working out hiring you some staff, but what better way than to do this?”

“My…my own gym?” He sat back into the chair and slumped limply in surprise. “I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Thank you?” Yukiko said with a giggle.

“Yeah… yeah I guess thank you.” He replied with a nod. “But… I’ll never be able to repay you, you know that right?

“You think this is a loan?” Yukiko answered with a soft giggle. “This is a charitable donation from the Institute for Breeder Equality. We’re giving this to you as part of reparations for the trauma and suffering you went through.”

“I…thank you.” Marcus responded. “But that’s still gonna be a lot of money. Can you take a hit like this?”

“Oh… I don’t think we’re going to take any hits.” Yukiko said slyly. “Matter of fact, I think we’re going to come out of this on top.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re suing the Save the Family Initiative” replied Yukiko.


“Wow!” Ruth exclaimed as she ran towards the window. It was a fairly nice condo; two bedrooms, one with a set of two beds and another with a single. A single bathroom with a nice big tub and shower. A small kitchen with a gas stove, fridge and granite counter for preparation, as well as a small table just big enough for a family to have a meal together. And best of all, a balcony with a view overlooking Stearn’s Wharf.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” June said.

“Yeah!” Ruth replied. “Can we go there tomorrow mommy? Please?” her voice was in that special pleading tone all children eventually learned how to do when they really wanted something. June sighed, not out of frustration or disapproval, rather it was more of out of fatigue. It had been a long drive, and the drama she had gone through that day had been particularly güvenilir bahis draining on her. There was still a lot to do; She needed to call a lawyer, get the paperwork started, find herself a more permanent source of income that wasn’t a slowly drying up inheritance… but then again it could probably wait just one day. Perhaps a day of kayaking and dining out would be just what they all needed.

“Yes Ruth of course.” She reassured. “But right now it’s way past bedtime. Go wash up, brush your teeth and get your PJ’s on.” Ruth uttered a soft whine of protest, but it was quickly overtaken by a discrediting yawn.

“Okay mommy.” She mumbled, running over to the suitcase where her pajamas were. As she ran off to the bathroom, June looked over to Leah. All throughout the journey, she had been silent. Even when June had dropped the bombshell on her, she had said very little. This was very uncharacteristic of her. Unlike most 14 year olds, she wasn’t very standoffish or sullen. Rather, she was a bright and enthusiastic young woman. She sang for the church choir, organized the school Bible studies and prayer breakfasts… A perfect picture of a good Christian youth. Even a bad mother could tell something was weighing on her mind, and June was as far removed from that as could be.

“Is something the matter Leah?” she asked. Her daughter placed her bag down and let out a long sigh.

“I just…” she finally started to say. Her voice carried a fairly high pitch normally, a sort of bubbly voice that matched her personality. But right now it was low and sullen. “I guess I just don’t understand why?” she continued. “Why would you do such a thing mom?” now her voice was wavering, bordering on the edge of bursting out into tears. “Why…why break up our family like this?”

“Sweetie… ” June held her tongue back, trying her best to figure out how to put this into words. “I wasn’t trying to break up the family. If anything…” she paused again. Would this be considered coercing them to her side of the story? Still, she had to explain as best she could to the daughter that was old enough to possibly understand. “If anything, it was your father that did this.”

“What do you mean?” exclaimed Leah in bewilderment. “How…what?” she stammered, stumbling over the words.

“Your father, he…” approaching this subject delicately was proving to be a fairly herculean task for June. The best place to start would be with the undisputed facts. “It was his idea to send Matthew away you know. “

“Yes… but…” Leah was trying to figure out how to reply to that. “But Matthew is a…” she had trouble saying the word.

“A Breeder, yes.” June said with a small nod.

“Right. Isn’t it Dad’s obligation to the Lord to get him treated?”

“Treated for what?” Somehow, these counterpoints were now coming naturally to June.

“His urges of course!” the answer seemed so obvious to Leah. “He… slept with a loose woman! Isn’t that a sin?”

“Honestly? I don’t know anymore Leah.” Her poor daughter was struck dumb by that statement. “Why would god make a Preacher’s child a Breeder?”

“T-to test our faith?” A rehearsed answer, one that was lacking in conviction.

“Why?” A simple question, yet straight to the point. “God should know what’s in our hearts, and how strong our faith is. Matthew may have…may have had sex out of wedlock. But did that change his faith and piety at all?”

“It…” Leah had no answer for that.

“He still prayed with us, he still attended church, he even still helped your Bible study club.” Continued June. “I can’t say for sure what was in his heart Leah… but the only change I noticed was how much…happier he was when he was seeing her.” The feeling of guilt was flowing strongly through her. Tears even began to well up in her eyes as the weight of everything weighed upon her. Perhaps if she hadn’t noticed her mother’s tears, Leah might have protested to her words. Rather, she was silenced by the weeping remorse she was laying bare. Leah had never seen this side to June before, she had always been either warm and reassuring, or calm and tranquil when it came time for their father to discipline them. There was no way these weren’t feelings she had been nursing for a long time, nothing sudden could break her composure like this. “I never…I never wanted to send him away.” She sobbed. “I…I still see the face he had when I hugged him goodbye… It was like a condemned man being sent to the gallows.” At this point, June was practically bawling her eyes out. “The day he was born… I held him in my arms and promised to both him and the Lord that I would do anything to keep him safe. And I broke that oath when I sent him there.”

“Mom…” It was just about all Leah could manage to say at the moment. After a moment, June looked back up at her, tears still within her eyes.

“Leah. I’m a Breeder.” She confessed flatly. “Matthew’s one too, as are you and Ruth. I spent most of my life repressing the türkçe bahis very things Matthew felt, and if you are anything like us you will feel them too sooner or later. If being raised the way we have can’t eliminate that, then it simply cannot be changed.”

“A-are you saying we should turn our back on the word of God?” Leah asked softly. Her tone carried with it the air of defeat, as if she knew what her mother had said was true but not the extent to which this revelation carried.

“No… just on the word of your father.” The distinction was made clear to Leah in those words alone. With that, June gathered up some tissues from her pocket to clean up her eyes and blow her nose quickly. Right on cue, the door to the bathroom opened, and Ruth stepped out of it.

“Um…I’m all ready mommy!” She chirped. It was hard to tell if she had picked up on the unease in the room, or if she was just being her normal cheerful self. “Can you tuck me in?”

“Of course Ruth.” June replied, now back to full mom mode. She then stood up and took Ruth’s hand to lead her to the girls’ bedroom, leaving Leah behind to ponder the conversation they just had.


Matthew stepped into the bedroom. He and Marcus had just finished their daily jog, so he was all sweaty and he knew Himawari would want to help him get clean. As he walked in, he noticed his girlfriend at her computer, heavily invested in what she was reading. From this distance he couldn’t really see what she was reading, but whatever it was it had her seriously invested. So much so that she didn’t even turn to look at him. Now he was starting to worry a little. “What’s wrong?” he asked softly, doing his best to be sympathetic and soothing. Himawari slowly turned around. Her expression was really hard to gauge, it looked to be one of disbelief yet… not shocked and shaken. It took her quite a few minutes before she mustered up the courage to say something.

“It’s your dad he…” she paused, stumbling over the words.

“What?” Matthew interrupted frantically. Okay NOW he was worried. What had the pastor done? Knowing his father, he might have called for a boycott of the Institute, doubled down on the conversion therapy center or… maybe even disowned him. “What?” he repeated.

“He’s getting divorced.” Himawari said simply. She wasn’t entirely sure how best to phrase it, but he clearly needed to know. Matthew just stared at her dumbfounded for a solid minute or so.

“Huh?” of all the things she could have said, that was one of the last things he expected to hear. “He and mom are-what?” Even saying it out loud didn’t really help him process the information.

“Yeah… he just announced it on his Twitter, and from the looks of things it’s gotten pretty messy.” She scooted aside, and allowed Matthew to get closer to her computer and read the post. Sure enough, he was announcing his separation from his mom. Which naturally, he turned into a sermon about immorality and adultery in an attempt to paint her as some kind of modern Delilah. For a good long while he just stared at it. Not even reading, or rather re-reading it, just staring. “Matthew?” Himawari asked, placing her hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“I… Yeah, I think I am.” He replied softly. “I just… he always used to rant and rave about how perfect his family was. How we set an example for the ideal family unit…” He let loose a small chuckle. “Kind of ironic I guess.”

“Did you know your mom was…” Himawari struggled to put it delicately. “Unhappy in the marriage?” Matthew had to spend quite a great deal of time wracking his brain for an answer.

“…Yes and…no?” It was the only answer he had.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she never outright said anything like that.” Matthew elaborated, thinking back to everything that had gone on beforehand. “But he always… he always spoke for her. I don’t think she ever made a decision for herself. Come to think of it, the way he always talked to her was just,… What’s the word I’m looking for?”

“Condescending?”asked Himawari.

“I guess?” he shrugged. Silence passed over them once again, it seemed like he didn’t know what to say next. “Well…” he continued. “She took my sisters with her, so I guess they’re safe too.”

“So… what do you want to do about it?” Himawari asked.

“I dunno.” He shrugged again. “I guess I gotta find her and let her know I’m okay.”

“Do you know where she might be?” Yet again Matthew took a moment to ponder this.

“Well she grew up in Santa Barbara. I don’t think she ever said where she lived there. Maybe a hotel somewhere?”

“Do you have your mom’s cell?”

“I…did.” Matthew puffed his cheeks out with an exhalation. “But dad still has my phone. Can’t remember her number.” Right, of course. Memorizing her number was probably never really a priority for him given how easily he could access it.

“What do you want to do?” One more question from Himawari. The implications of the question güvenilir bahis siteleri were not lost on Matthew. Did he want to track her down and give her news that she was about to become a Grandmother? Would he dare draw her into the drama currently going on when she obviously wanted to be left alone? Ultimately, he did come to a decision;

“She needs to meet her grandson sooner or later.” He said with a melancholy sigh. Let’s try to find her before the birth.” Himawari’s expression turned into a smile. Without a word, she leaned over to plant a kiss on Matthew’s cheek. Even if he couldn’t see it, he could tell that she had left a lipstick mark on it, that lovely shade of teal green she favored so much.

“Okay…” She finally said. “I’ll ask my mom to see what she can do. Now, come on!” she giggled, taking his arm in her hands and leading him up to his feet. “I’ve sat next your sweaty body long enough, it’s time for a shower!” Matthew smiled up at her. After news like that, a shower sounded perfect.


Yukiko had 5 bathrooms in the house, 4 of which housed the necessary facilities for bathing. 2 large bathtubs, one in the matriarch’s room for a good relaxing soak and another for the younger kids. The other two housed showers, one only large enough for one person with the other big enough for several. Naturally, the latter one was more beloved by the much older offspring, and as luck would have it, this bathroom was right across the hall from where Himawari’s room was. This meant they didn’t have far to walk, and could get started undressing on the way. Himawari had removed her shirt before they had even left her room, and sensually sashayed her hips as they walked towards it. Of course, Himawari knew Matthew would be watching her ass, he always did and she enjoyed teasing him with it. But at the same time, Matthew couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else going on there. Admittedly, he only really payed attention to her stride when he was directly behind her, but he couldn’t recall ever seeing her walk “normally”. Was this some kind of quirk of her body type? Did her tremendously wide hips alter the way she needed to move, or did her butt perhaps weigh her down? He might have to make further observations somewhere along the line.

As they entered the bathroom, Himawari had already reached behind her back to unhook her bra. With well-practiced technique and skill she managed it in a split second with only one hand, letting it fall to the floor unceremoniously. As soon as Matthew shut the door behind him, he began taking off his own clothes. He managed to get about two steps inside before bumping into Himawari. It seemed that she had stopped in her tracks, causing her booty to collide with his groin. It didn’t hurt at all, she was more than amply padded there. His cock quickly started pumping with blood as she ground her hips against him. Yep, she had done that on purpose.

“Mmm… is that for me?” She purred, flexing her glutes a little to send her butt into a jiggling frenzy. “Gonna tear my poor little holes up with that big ‘ole monster?” she said coyly. Gripping the waistband of her maternity pants, Himawari slid them down, exaggerating her bent over posture to show off her thicc juicy peach. Matthew would normally be utterly entranced by the sight. But maybe because he had gotten slightly used to the spectacle there, he noticed one tiny detail:

“You got a new G-string!” He exclaimed in awe. Said underwear was about the only thing that still fit her these days. But by this point he was so familiar with the range she already owned that it was easy to spot the brand new burgundy red color.

“You noticed!” Himawari cooed as she kicked the pants aside. “You like?”

“Yeah!” Matthew responded with a nod, not that she could see it right now. “That’s my favorite color…it suits you!”

“Mmm… glad you think so.” She continued, gripping the sides of the panties. “I’d like to show them off to you a little more but… well, they’re brand new and I don’t want to get them wet!” With that, she slid them down her spacious hips and down onto the ground. This time however she carefully picked them up to place them neatly onto the sink, as she didn’t want to get them ruined by the incoming moisture of the shower. Of course, the fact that it allowed her to lean further into Matthew’s massive cock was just an added bonus.

Although he was momentarily entranced at first, Matthew was able to quickly recover while Himawari put her underwear away. He’d taken advantage of the opportunity to get his shorts and boxers off. As soon as he got it free, he gently brought his massive meat club down against Himawari’s backside. The sudden weight drew forth a coo of delight and a shiver of pleasure from Himawari.

“Oooohhhh” she moaned as she felt the first spurt of precum on her back. At this point she was completely aware at just how big Matthew was, she’d taken him in all three holes several times a day. But still, just feeling the weight and heft of it laid so far along her back gave her such a lewd reminder of just how truly HUGE he was. “Now what are you going to do with that?” She asked in a coy sing-song tone, twerking and grinding against him.

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