The Preacher’s Wife is a Fallen Angel

Double Penetration

The Preacher’s Wife is a Fallen AngelThe idea of slutty supposedly “good girls” always gets my cock up. Julie is one of these women. She is married to my preacher. Looking at her the other day… well. Let’s just say I was inspired.This is not her, but it sure looks a lot like her… Hope you enjoy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I took off Monday to drive my wife to the airport. She and a group from church were flying down to Haiti to spend 10 days down there doing things like helping build some new homes, hand out food and clothing and…whatever else they do when they go down there. I figured after I dropped her off at security I would get a bite to eat, mess around a little in the city, maybe hit a strip club before heading back to our rural home.We were just getting in the car when Tina’s phone rang. The minister’s car would not start. Could we haul him and his wife up to the airport as well. She said sure, so I turned the car around, transferred her stuff into the van and we headed over the two blocks to where they lived.Dale is a nice guy. Young, long-winded and too much of a gotta have the last word on everything type of guy, but I guess that comes from being 27 and a preacher. His wife Julie was so quiet I barely knew her. She was short, light brown curly hair, nice body but always dressed real prim and proper and I would say she would not say shit if her mouth was full of it!We pulled into the drive and he threw a suitcase and book bag into the back of the van and they climbed in. I asked how he got Julie to pack so light and he smiled and said, “Oh, she isn’t going. She is just riding up to say goodbye. I hope you don’t mind.” Well, hell! There went my plans. I should have gone to work and just had Tina park her van in long-term parking!We got to the airport and found the right gate. There were four others from the church there and we all greeted each other and Dale said a prayer and they headed for security. “Well, we might as well head back to town.” I said to Julie as we parted ways with another woman that had dropped off her husband and daughter. Julie did not say anything, but she kept looking out at the planes. “Have you flown much?” I asked.“I love flying. My Dad had his pilot’s license and when I was growing up, we took trips in planes the way some families take car trips.” She stopped and looked out the window and watched as a big Southwest plane prepared to thunder down the runway. “Would you mind if we watched them take off for a bit?” She asked.To be honest, I would rather have just taken her back to her house and been done with it all, but I decided why not. Then I told her the best place to watch the planes was from a bar back on top of the hub of the terminal. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t think that through very well. You probably wouldn’t be real comfortable being in a bar.”She smiled and looked out of the corner of her eye at me and I saw a genuine smile light up her face. “Oh, I don’t know. I probably am a lot more comfortable in bars than you are in church!” she said with a laugh and I have to admit I stopped and stared at her as she took a couple of more steps and then turned and looked at me in mock innocence and said, “What?”I smiled at her and said, “I just didn’t expect to hear you say something like that!” I confessed “You may want to warn me before you spring any more surprises like that on me!” I laughed and started walking with her toward the escalators up to the level with the shops and the bar. As we walked along it dawned on me that she had not been born a preacher’s wife! I guess I had just assumed she had always been woman of virtue and she laughed and then really shocked me when she told me her first two years of college had been at a secular university and she had paid for her tuition serving drinks at a bar where she had told them she was three years older than she really was when she was hired!We ordered a couple drinks, (she had a strawberry daiquiri so I went ahead and ordered a couple of Heinekens) and ate some chips and salsa. “So how does an u******e bar girl wind up marrying a straight laced preacher?” I asked.“A couple of the girls that were rushing the sorority with me, the fall of my Junior year died in a car accident. I barely made it through that semester and did not go back after Christmas. My parents told me to get a job or finish my degree, so the next fall I enrolled in the local Christian College just to get my head screwed on straight and get my parents off of my back. I met Dale the first week there. He was a big shot senior and he kept asking me out. I finally said yes after a month of having everyone look at me like I was crazy for repeatedly turning him down. He proposed on Valentine’s Day. I finally accepted on St. Patrick’s Day..” She sat there staring out the window and she did not have to say what she was thinking. The regret showed way too plainly. “What about you? How did fate bring you to sitting today with a preacher’s wife in a bar?” she asked and then laughed before taking a sip of her drink.So I told her about getting Tina pregnant our senior year of high school, going to night school while we lived in her parent’s basement and working days in a food processing plant I told her we almost divorced when we were in our mid 20’s and her dad suggested we go talk to a minister friend of his. We started going to church and … twenty some years later she was still happy with church and I looked back at the wars of our youth and had decided long ago that I could endure just about anything other than going through all of that again.We both just sat there watching planes and people for a while. Then I paid the bar tab and we walked back out to the parking lot. To be honest, I was feeling the drinks more than I thought I would. I had not eaten breakfast and the serving of chips had been small. So I will blame that for being why I reached over and took Julie’s hand and held it as we walked along. She smiled up at me and gave me a wink and we walked on, each of us smiling stupidly.As we pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed her looking at a billboard for an adult store just a few blocks away. I was always pointing the signs out for it to my wife. She always replied with one word. “No” “So you want me to swing by that place for you?” I asked jokingly.The light changed and I pulled out onto the wide road and damn near wrecked when she said, “Okay, why not? I’ve never been to one before.” She looked over at me and I looked at her to see if she was yanking my chain, but she was looking at me with a smile that said she really was game for it. Then she added, “Unless you don’t want to take someone like me into someplace like that.”I stammered and tried to say something witty but instead wound up just mumbling and changing lanes so I was in the curb lane. Two minutes later we pulled into the drive and circled around behind the building to the private parking area. “You’re sure you are good with this?” I asked.“Look Bryan, Dale and I have sex. It isn’t great, but I am far from a virgin and since I am at home alone a lot, I probably watch more porn than most men! Of course Dale doesn’t know that, he just thinks I am always wanting him for who he is when he gets home!” She laughed and then put a hand over her mouth and looked at me and said, “Oops. Sorry. I should not have said that!” I laughed and we walked into the store.There was a fat guy sitting on a barstool behind the cash register as we walked in. Over near the back wall a guy was browsing through bundled collections of DVD’s and a couple was antalya escort off to the side looking at some lingerie. I looked at Julie and said, “So what do you want to look for?”She was surveying the inside of the building, trying to take in all of the displays, then she headed off to the right. And I followed. I figured she was going for the case of dildos vibrators and dongs that were just beyond the register, but while she did slow and look at the many sizes, shapes, colors and styles of insertable toys, she kept on going, stopping when she was in front of a display of handcuffs, hoods, blindfolds and riding crops! Had she turned and said boo to me, I probably would have died of shock, I was already so close!After quickly looking over all of the items that were available she turned and looked at me. “You probably think I am some kind of pervert, but I have dreamed for a long time now of being in control and being the bitch that I so badly want to be. Dale decides everything. When we will have sex, where we have sex what type of sex and how… I just want to be a bitch domme and make him or some other man do what I want just once!” She then turned and looked at the ball gags and nipple clamps, the strap on belts and the cock cages and chastity toys. ”Just once, I want to feel powerful!” she whispered.I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “I have $300 cash to put toward making your fantasies come true, as long as I get to be the man you dominate!” She turned and looked at me somewhat ashamed and started saying, “Oh no. I couldn’t ask you to….”I took her hand and pressed it against my hard cock in my pants “I have fantasies too.” I said. Then I leaned down into her face and we kissed. It was just a tender kiss. When we both opened our eyes, she looked up at me then she moved in for a much more aggressive kiss to seal the deal As I went to break the kiss, she bit my lower lip and held it for just a second before backing off.“There’s a Budget Inn two blocks down you two might want to invest in if you do any more of that!” the guy behind the counter said in a somewhat bored voice. We both jumped and then he added, “Is there something in these cases you are interested in?” Twenty minutes later we had our purchases in hand and were in the van. She asked me to swing by a Walmart store a few minutes later and told me to stay in the van while she went in and got a couple of things.By the time she came out, my buzz had definitely left and I was starting to think maybe this was stupid. She was probably going to regret this and was only doing it because she knew I was interested in it and…When she came out I could see a heavy duty dowel rod sticking out of one of the bags and she had a big smile on her face as she approached the driver’s side of the van. The window was down so as she got a few feet away before I heard her say, “Get out of the van.” I opened the door and looked at her and looked back at the store thinking she needed help with something. Instead, she put her purchases on the ground and when she stood up she had a thick dog collar in her hand! She did not ask, she did not look around. She simply reached up and wrapped the device around my neck and fastened it before stepping back and admiring her handiwork. “That’s better,” she said. Then smiling right into my eyes she said, “Now undo your belt and pants so that when you get back in you can shove your pants down and off. I want my slave being bare from the waist down!”I know my jaw dropped. I looked around the lot and saw that no one was paying any attention to the two of us and yet, there were people here and there. I could feel the color draining from my face and I started to protest, but Julie held up a finger to stop me.”Damn it, you said you would be my slave for the rest of the day. That means you WILL do whatever I tell you and you will do it now.” She looked sternly at me. Then her face softened just a little and she quietly added, “Please?”I looked around again, took a deep breath and undid my belt and pants, slid into the driver’s seat and shut the door before pushing my pants down to my ankles and pulling them off as she put her purchases in the side door of the van on her side with the things from the Sin Den.She got in and looked over at me. My manhood lay in a soft puddle of folds and flesh. I was hardly feeling sexy at the moment but she smiled and said, “I like this a lot. I am so wet I would not be surprised if I was leaking!” I looked at her and smiled. “Next stop, let’s go through the drive through over there and get some food, I’m starving!”My jaw dropped! She wanted me to drive through at a fast food restaurant with no pants on! She had to be k**ding! But as I started to protest, I saw her lean forward in her seat and reach behind herself and release the clasp on her bra. She sighed and then pulled the shoulder straps out first one arm hole and then the other before pulling the device out the bottom of her shirt and stuffing it in her purse. When she sat up, her nipples were poking very clearly out at the front of her shirt and they looked huge! “If you are good, you might get to suck on these girls but right now, I’m hungry so go get me some food!She told me what she wanted and when I pulled up to the speaker, a voice came on and asked us to wait a moment. At that moment, Julie reached her hand over into my lap, grabbed hold of my slumbering cock and squeezed it hard for a few seconds before proceeding to shake it side to side! I stifled a moan just as the voice said, “Go ahead with your order when you are ready.” I finally was able to finish the order as Julie giggled and played with my quickly lengthening and growing cock!She let go of me before we pulled around to pay, but I kept glancing at her as she smirked over at me and then blew a kiss to the boy taking the money! He damn near dropped my change, but at least he did not notice the lack of attire on my lower half. At the food window, they were in such a hurry that we both could have been naked and they would not have noticed! So I breathed a sigh of relief as we pulled out and headed onto the road to get to the freeway and home.“Pull in here,” Julie said as we approached a drive through Wine and Spirits store. Again, no one noticed how exposed I was as they got us some rum, diet coke and a cube of beer, but I found my cock hardening nearly to its full length as she kept reaching over and stroking it every time there was no one watching!Finally we were on the highway and on our way home. We ate our sandwiches and we discussed limits and safe words and things like that She also suggested we go to her house, but park in the garage. When their vehicle would not start, Dale had thought at first it was the battery, so he had rolled it out of the garage and steered in down the slight incline into their turnaround so he could have someone jump it. Only after he had done that did he realize the lights and all of the electronics worked, so it was not a battery. So as we approached her house, Julie punched the code for the garage door to open and before I had even killed the engine she had the door closing behind it.“Get naked and leave your clothes in the van.” Reaching behind her she grabbed the dowel and one of the bags. She retrieved a set of screw eye hardware pieces from the bag and handed them to me. “There’s a drill in the cabinet beneath that workbench. Drill a hole in each end of this and then thread these eyes into the end of the dowel before you come in the house. And once you do come in, go downstairs to akseki escort the living room and kneel and wait for me there. She then got out of the van and went into the house without even pausing to look back and see if I was doing what she asked.Fortunately, they had a vice to hold the dowel and I found the drill and a bit big enough for the pilot holes. Using a screw driver in the eye of the bolts, I easily ran them into the dowel and made what I knew would be used as a spreader bar in just a few minutes. I returned the tools to their places and cleaned up the saw dust then went to my assigned place in the basement.When I descended the last couple of steps into the basement, I could hear the sounds of a porn movie in the room to might right, so I followed them into the family room, where on a 60 inch TV a larger than life pussy was slowly sliding up and down on a man’s cock. It was the only part of the man visible, since he was otherwise wrapped in black plastic that held him to whatever it was he was lying on. I knelt down on the floor and watched. It was the only light in the room.The porn star was just climbing off of the guy and his cum was flowing out of her onto the black plastic when I heard her say, “Is that what you want to do to me, slave? Do you want to shoot your load from your cock deep in my hot wet pussy?”I turned and there in the doorway, silhouetted by the hall light was a form I knew had to be Julie, but looked nothing like the preacher’s wife I knew! This form was standing in tall platform shoes spread a little further apart than her hips. I could just make out black fishnet stockings encasing perfectly proportioned legs that flowed into sexy hips and a tight, thin waist. Her breasts seemed to jut out unnaturally and she had pulled her long hair back into a tight pony tail. She stood there, hands on her hips, a riding crop in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. My already stiff cock gave a slight jump as I took in the transformation!She walked over and hit a button on the computer and the feed to the television died and the room was lit in a strange blue light. She turned and looked at me and I could see now that she had on a red with black lace shelf bra with no cups and a matching set of panties. As she set her bag down in a chair and bent over to retrieve some different items, I realized that the panties were truly just a g-string and that she was virtually naked, and VERY fit!”Stand up and come here,” slave. She then fastened the wrist and ankle cuffs we had bought and had me sit down in the chair. She then pulled some soft cloth over my head which basically blindfolded me. “Those are the panties I was wearing this morning. You made me soak them, you filthy slave. I figured the best you deserved was to get to sniff them while I used you!” My heart pounded as In inhaled the fragrant aroma of her earlier arousal!She tied a rope around one leg, just above my knee and then she did the same around the other leg. Then I felt her slide the spreader bar behind my knees and I started to tell her it would work better if she fastened my ankles to it, but… Once she had my nuts in her fist and began to squeeze I agreed to keep my opinions to myself!!!She had me sit with my knees far apart and then she secured the ropes on my thighs to the spreader bar. At this point I started wondering what other tricks she had! She ran another length of rope through the right wrist cuff, then the left ankle cuff, then the right ankle cuff and finally the cuff on my left wrist. I was having a tough time imagining what she was doing until she started pulling on the rope and I realized she had a knot at the first wrist and was just drawing my hands and wrist back together behind the wood bar. Basically she had me hog tied before I even knew what was happening.Then she pulled the panties off of my head and told me to open my mouth and she stuffed them in, gusset first. She then pulled nipple clamps out and approached me. I thought at first they were going on my small hard nipples, but she took a knee in front of me and said, “I wonder how this will feel…. “ Then she hung both of them from my scrotum and tightened them down hard until I squirmed. “I like that!” she saidShe picked up her riding crop and began gently at first to slap my thighs out near the knees and then she worked her way up my thighs, higher and higher, increasing the intensity as she went. By the time she reached my hips, I was jumping with each blow. Then she started in slaps to the clamps and I was moaning within minutes!She giggled and walked across to get a chair from the card table in the corner. As she walked back toward me, bathed in the blue light of the screen she said, “Now that I have your attention, let’s see if I can hold it!” She picked up a vibrator from her bag, walked back to the chair and with her back to me pulled down her thong and pulled it out from between her lovely ass cheeks. Then moving with the grace of a ballerina, she folded herself forward, pushing the flimsy strings and cloth clear to the floor and giving to me an incredible vision of her ass and naked pussy. She looked back at me and said with a smile. “Boy is Dale going to be surprised when he comes home and sees that I shaved my pussy! Maybe I can turn him into my toy too!!!”Then she straightened up, turned around and sat down right in front of me. She put her ankles up on my thighs and she opened her wet pussy with her fingers and began feeding those hungry lower lips her new little friend as I watched helpless to respond! “You know how frustrating it is to always be frustrated sexually? To know how hot wet and wild it can be and yet never be able to have it? I’ve had other lovers before Dale. Some of them were worse than him. A couple of them were better. There was one guy, an older guy, he could make me cum a hundred times in a day or an hour or however much he wanted.” Julie’s left hand wandered languidly up her belly to over the band of her shelf bra and cupped her breasts, squeezing and pulling them and then releasing them in turn. With her right index finger she slowly opened her labia and ran the finger up and down the length of her sex. I watched enthralled by what she said and showed.”If it was just about the size of the cock, I guess Dale would be one of the best guys, but it is not. He just takes his thick cock and sometimes before I’m even excited enough to be wet, he just shoves it in and before I have even started breathing hard he is popping of inside of me and rolling off to wash off and go to sleep. One time, when he got up and went to the bathroom, I started touching myself like this.” She took two of her fingers on her right hand and slowly inserted them into her open and very wet pussy as I watched. “I was humping my hand when he came back in. He got mad and said I should be glad for what he gave me instead of acting like a whore. I told him to be a man and get down there and eat me. He walked out of the bedroom and slept on the couch. I went ahead and had one of the best orgasms since I got married before I cried myself to sleep.”I watched silently as she brought her the middle and ring fingers on her left hand up to her mouth and she put them in her mouth. They immerged a few seconds later covered in spittle to which she added some, I was certain just for my benefit, before she lowered the fingers to the top of her sex where she began to slowly work the natural lube into the flesh surrounding her clit. All the while she watched me. “You aren’t like Dale. When aksu escort I touch myself, it turns you on. You become the slut. You want to put your fingers where mine are, feel what my fingers feel. You wish that you could feel how tight I am down there, and I am tight. I know you do because your cock is starting to drip for me. That turns me on!”Sure enough, I was as hard as ever and pointing right at Julie. I could not see the dribble that she eyed so lustily, but I could see another building in the slit at the tip of my cock and it bobbed with every breath I took. I needed to rub myself and get some sort of friction, but the way I was seated and tied, there was simply no way to reach myself.Julie stood up and walked over to me and took the fingers that had been in her young pussy and ran them over my lips. I opened my mouth and she slid them in and slowly fucked my mouth the way she had been doing her pussy. The other hand was rubbing faster now as I sucked on her fingers and tasted the clean thick juices that I knew even now were building within her. “That’s it! Eat me! Taste my slutty slit! Suck it down! Use your tongue and clean me!” Then she pulled her fingers out and thrust her firm naked breast into my mouth and pulled my head forward to her chest. I had to fight to keep my balance and not tumble out of the chair. I could hear her fingers now working in a sopping wet pussy whose scent now filled my nose with the most hedonistic of aromas! “Suck my tits! Yes!! That’s it! Oh… Oh my God! Yes! Suck my nipples! I’m going to cum! I’m going to…..” And with that she threw herself into me and I felt her spray her juices out onto my belly and cock! I could feel it all running quickly down my body and over my testicles! I needed to cum so badly! Instead, she spasmed and jerked as the most base and primal of needs within her took control of all rational thought.After a few moments, her breathing began to return to normal and she pushed me back into the chair and herself upright as she looked at her juices glistening on me. She ran her down over my chest and belly and through the wetness that her body had deposited upon me. Then she held her hand up to my mouth and said, “Lick it!” She did not have to tell me twice. I greedily stuck out my tongue and sucked and licked and did my best to gather every drop. I could see in her face the amazement and awe of having a man once again that wanted to taste her.Then she kicked off her heels, put her hands on my shoulders and then stepped up on the tops of my thighs and using the wall behind me, stood up on my lap before lowering her dripping hot box directly onto my hungry mouth! I was so horny and I have always loved eating pussy, so I ignored the pain of having her feet seemingly cutting into my thighs and concentrated on using my tongue and lips to explore, reveal and pleasure all of her incredibly wet slit. I did not get to enjoy this phase long because it was only a few moments more before she grabbed my hair and started grinding and pounding her sex into my face. From my chin to the bridge of my nose, she ground herself up and back faster and faster. I could not really make out what she was saying but what I did hear was some of the most filthy language I have ever hear and it only served to make me harder and hotter.Julie cam in buckets. To be honest, I thought at first she was pissing on me because there was just so much stuff squirting all over my face, neck chest, the wall, the floor. She about ripped and handful of my hair out and I moaned. It would have taken less than five good strokes to my cock and I would have shot streams of cum flying to the ceiling but all I got was nose, mouth and eyes filled with thick juices that plugged my nostrils, burned my eyes and made me beg for more! She stumbled down off of my lap and stood there before me, bent over with the top of her head against my soaked chest, a hand steadying her shaky legs. Finally she took a deep breath and stood up right and when she saw me sitting there with my eyes clamped shut, she realized what was going on . “Oh shit, I’m sorry.” I heard her say as she lurched across the room, opened a door and was immediately back wiping my face with a towel. “I’m so sorry are you okay?” She asked as I looked up into her face, etched with concern. I replied with a smile, “Hell no I’m not alright. My nuts need relief or they are going to kill me!” I laughed.She reached down and grabbed the two clamps on my nuts and yanked them both off. I let out a yell and then glared at her with murder. She smiled and said, “Now fuck me!” She turned around and put her smooth perfect ass against my belly, grabbed my cock and aimed it into her pussy! I really could not move to fuck her, but I did not need to. She rode me in such a delicious way! Rocking back and forth and twisting her hips round and round while holding my cock deep inside her, I discovered she was telling the truth. She was one of the tightest, if not the tightest woman I have ever been in!Just before I was about to explode I announced my intention and she jumped off of me, dropped to her knees in front of me, and shoved my throbbing cock deep into her mouth as she jacked my shaft with her thumb and index finger. That was all I could take. My last cognitive thought was I was fucking the mouth of my preachers wife and she was using me to fill her most slutty dreams and then the universe exploded! Over and over I came and her mouth never left my head. Every drop that I released went into her mouth and throat! I have no idea how long she held me like that but when I next opened my eyes she was just releasing my softening cock from her lips and was sliding up my body. Her lips were on mine and then she made a big show of swallowing my load, just inches in front of my mouth before leaning in and kissing me savagely. I could taste my own saltiness and her sex juices that already coated my mouth. It was one of the most incredible mind blowing kisses I have ever enjoyed!When she finally stood up straight, she walked around to my side and gave a quick tug on a knot and a couple seconds later the slackened rope allowed my hands and feet to move and come alive. I had not realized how stiff I had become, but with their release I was made painfully aware of what it meant to be able to move again.”I think you need to stay here for a couple nights. Something bad might happen to me.” Julie said as she walked back around me, smiling as I pulled the rope through the attachment points on the cuffs. “But first, once you get out of those bonds, I think we both need a shower, and the one thing I like about this house is it has a shower big enough for two with three shower heads!” I unfastened one of the wrist cuffs and then another. “I think a shower sounds great, but if I am staying here with you, my cock is going to spend much more time inside of you than it has this afternoon!” Julie laughed, kissed me again and picked up some of the stuff we had thrown around the room. By the time I was completely free, she had a nice little bundle in her shopping bag and the towel. “Shall we go check out that shower?” she asked innocently. “Lead on,” was all I replied as I followed my fallen angel upstairs and into the Master Bedroom.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If good girls would understand that fucking older men is a good thing, more of them, like Julie, would realize it is not just about a big hard cock, but a talented experienced and appreciative partner that makes good sex become incredible!As always, my sole compensation for the hours I spend writing (and beating off) to create these stories is simply your clicks on the thumbs up and comments. I value both highly and I look forward to hearing from you. It makes me write faster and better!! LOLAnd ladies, I’d love to chat/hear what you have to say about loving an older man!

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