The Prisoner Pt. 05


Martin has been stripped naked, photographed nude, electro-shocked, bound to a table, had his cock and balls shaved smooth and has been now placed into chastity. A woman, known only to Martin as Warden, was now heading his way with a leash!

It became clear to Martin that Warden was attaching this leash to his chastity device. She was going to lead him outside and over to her playroom by his cock and balls. It was in that moment that Martin realised that she was right in what she had said earlier, when he had begged her to let him go – she had indeed, ‘barely started’ with what was to come.

“Ok, Martin, I think we are ready to go,” Warden said, clearly enjoying the predicament she now had Martin in.

She gave a tug on the leash and Martin had no choice but to follow. His cock and balls protruding upwards in front of him as she pulled him out of the door, where he then stood, naked and exposed in the light, bare for all to see.

“Open your mouth, Martin,” she said, holding up the end of the leash.

She wanted Martin to hold onto it while she locked the door behind them. Martin did so as Warden stepped back behind him to lock the door. With no handcuffs, Martin had thoughts of running. He had better odds than last time, when he was handcuffed behind his back. But his previous experience did not end well. He knew that he would not be able to get beyond the sensors that activate his shock collar. And even if they did not exist, then Warden has the controller and she was not afraid to use it. He could expect a more severe punishment, for sure. And Martin did not want to experience that sort of pain ever again. So he did as was expected of him and stood there quietly, awaiting her next instruction.

Warden finished locking the door and then walked back and approached Martin.

“Open!” she commanded. He opened his mouth and she retrieved the end of the leash. Martin let out a slight sigh at his predicament.

“Oh Martin,” Warden said, slightly shaking her head from side to side. “Are you not enjoying being here yet?”

Martin was unsure how to answer the question, or if it indeed was one meant to be answered.

“Well, I am certainly enjoying having you here so far,” she continued. “I mean look at you, with your dick dangling there between your legs, exposed for all to see. You do look silly and I do enjoy the sight of you Martin, on display like this. No need for you men to wear clothes at all, I think. I have often found that such exposure tends to make you easier to control.”

She then glanced down at the chastity device on Martin’s penis.

“Well, I guess, you are ‘sort of’ exposed,” she chuckled. “I mean you penis is locked in chastity. So, I guess you ‘technically’ are not fully naked now.”

Warden chucked again at her own observation.

“The thing is Martin; it is such a turn on for me knowing that by locking you in that thing that you can no longer get hard. After a while, who knows what you might do for me in order to have some release and be able to come?

“Please, Warden,” Martin started, “I don’t deserve this. I have never met you before. At least, I don’t think I have. If I have and I offended you someway then I am really, really, sorry. Please let me go! I won’t tell anyone.”

Warden looked at Martin directly in the eyes and paused for a moment.

“Ouch!” Martin yelped, as he felt a tug on his balls.

Warden had pulled on the leash, turning around and starting to walk away. Martin was clearly going to get nowhere by trying to elicit sympathy. What had she said earlier – that she had ‘shaved a man all over’, his entire body completely smooth, even shaving off his eyebrows, just because she felt like it? She was a sadist and Martin feared what was coming next.

Martin was pulled across the yard by his manhood. He did his best to stay close to avoid the painful tugs on his cock and balls. But she kept shortening the rope when he got closer just to ensure that he would still be made to feel led around in this humiliating manner.

They continued around to where the building that Martin exited earlier was standing. But instead of going back in, Warden instead pulled Martin in a direction adjacent to that building. There was a red door which they approached and stopped in front of. Warden pulled on the handle and opened it. Martin was relieved to see that it was not locked. Martin immediately thought to himself that all he had to do was somehow get this collar off and then if he could escape this building though this unlocked door, then he would be able to run past those sensor posts, no problem. However, Martin hadn’t realised why this door was left unlocked. In truth, there was simply no need to lock it.

“Inside,” Warden said, letting go of the leash.

Martin stepped inside and Warden followed, closing the door behind her. Martin was then pulled along by his cock and balls once more with Warden leading the way. They headed down a corridor, turned left, went straight along and up some stairs and then Martin Escort bayan was led along a passageway until they reached their destination. They stood outside of a door labelled as ‘Training Room 2’.

“Here we are,” Warden said, as she reached for the door and swung it open.

Inside, Martin could see a few pieces of assorted exercise equipment. A treadmill and some dumbbells, various other weights, a skipping rope and an exercise bike. There was also a shower in the far corner, with some towels on the far bench and some basic gym clothes hanging up on a hanger.

Warden turned to Martin and looked him straight in the eye and smiled.

“Please Warden,” Martin began once again when seeing her sadistic expression, “I need to know how I got here and why? It’s killing me not knowing what is going on.”

Warden continued to look at him in the eye. Martin’s expression was one of waiting helplessly and desperately for any slip of information he could get. Warden had been here many times before though, with other men. She purposely would not give them what they were after because she knew that the suspense itself was an effective method of control. He would find out soon enough – but in her own good time! But for now, anyway, she was happy to at least throw him a bone. Perhaps Martin was due some info given what he had endured thus far. But she wanted to at least make it fun.

“Ok, Martin, ask your questions,” she said.

Martin couldn’t believe it. She was allowing him to ask questions. Where does he start? He thought frantically for his first question.

“How did I get here?” he asked.

“You were drugged, Martin,” she replied.

“Drugged?” Martin repeated inquisitively, trying to remember how this could have happened.

“Are there other people here?” he asked.

“Yes, Martin, there are several men and officers,” she replied.

‘Officers,’ Martin thought to himself. So she is the Warden and there are likely female officers in control of the other men. Martin felt a bit special in that he was dealing with the leader. It also made him a bit more nervous.

“Where is everyone?” Martin asked

“They are out at … well,… at a show, of sorts. They will be returning soon,” she replied.

Martin was curious what she meant by that, but he didn’t want to drift off topic. He wanted to know about what was happening in relation to himself.

“How was I drugged?” he asked. “I mean, I don’t remember what happened.”

“That is not surprising, Martin,” she replied. “Sometimes the drugs we use can affect short term memory. I have seen it with others. But you were also taken out of your bed when you were asleep. So, it’s not a shock to me that you don’t remember a significant daily event regarding your abduction. Martin, there simply wasn’t one!”

Martin realised she was right. He started to recall a few details. He was at home watching the football and had then gone to bed. He couldn’t remember the result. But he does remember lying on top of the covers for a while reading some emails and sending some texts on his phone. Although, again, he can’t quite remember what he was sending, or to whom he was sending them. He must have just drifted off to sleep lying on top of the covers because he was still in his regular clothes when he arrived here. The next thing he remembers was waking up here with Warden giving him orders to remove his clothes.

“Who nominated me to be here?” he then asked.

With that question, Warden paused for a second and then smiled. She had been waiting for this one. Now it was time to have her fun.

“I can answer that question, Martin, but only if you agree to a deal,” she said looking him straight in the eye.

“Please, Warden, I will do whatever you ask. Please just tell me who nominated me and why you are doing this?”

“I’ll tell you what… if you can get through dealing with my playroom,” she said looking into the open room full of gym equipment, “then I will answer all of those questions.”

Martin was slightly hesitant. But he also felt that because he was about to be taken into the room anyway, then what does he really have to lose by agreeing? She was clearly going to make him perform a workout for her using and likely test his strength, or something. So, at least this way, he can also gain answers to his questions.

“Ok, yes Warden” Martin replied. “It’s a deal.”

“Excellent,” she replied. “You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that, Martin!”

Warden pulled the leash attached to Martin’s cock and balls and they started off down the corridor.

“Wait! What’s happening? Are we not going inside your playroom, Warden?” Martin asked, confused, as he continued to be led away from the room they were once standing outside of.

“Yes, we are heading there now,” Warden replied.

“But I thought that…?” Martin started, before being cut off by Warden.

“No, Martin. That was just a Training Room,” she replied.

Martin was starting to feel Bayan escort like he had been tricked – again!

“That is where you boys exercise to ensure you keep your fitness up. Did you notice the clothes by the shower? We allow you to wear clothes when exercising. Don’t want to risk getting any of your … delicate parts … caught in anything, do we?” she giggled.

Martin felt deflated about the fact that he could have had a chance to wear clothes, if even for a little while. Warden continued walking Martin along by his cock as they turned a corner.

“I was going to allow you to have a workout and a quick shower,” she continued. “But you said you are happy to try to try and beat my playroom, so we are going there now.”

Martin felt uneasy in his stomach. He had indeed been tricked. She knew he was thinking of the that room as ‘the playroom’ when she posed that question. He felt so stupid – and again she had manipulated him. Ok, she could have put him through what was to come anyway – but this way he knew that she was being manipulative and pushing across the idea that he AGREED to it.

“Here we are,” she said, as they stopped in front of another door. This time the sign on the door read: ‘Playroom 4.’

She swung the door open and to Martin’s horror he saw what was laid before him.

Inside the large room was an assortment of BDSM related equipment. Everything you can imagine seemed to be in there. Hanging on the wall were multiple whips, cuffs, floggers, and various strap-on related equipment. Deeper inside the room were cages, whipping benches and other fetish related equipment. There was even a strap cage hanging from the ceiling and a St Andrew’s Cross attached to the wall.

Warden unhooked the leash from Martin’s cock and balls.

“Inside,” she commanded, pushing Martin with her hand on his bare back to make him move forward and enter the room. She then followed herself and closed the door.

“What is this place?” Martin asked, instinctively, although he likely knew the answer.

“Get over by the cross, place your bottom up against it and stand outward, raise your arms upwards and spread your legs,” she commanded.

Martin had no choice but to obey. He moved over to the cross. Warden dropped the leash off at the side of the room and then approached the awaiting Martin. She first strapped his hands, left, then right. She then moved down to his legs and buckled each of them into the straps. Once completed, Martin was secure. Spread out, naked and helpless again, but this time standing up, he feared what was to come next.

After finishing buckling in his last leg, Warden stood up, noticing Martin’s cock inside his chastity device as she did so.

“How’s you cock doing in there, Martin?” she asked, almost as if to draw his attention to his predicament and find cause to embarrass him.

“Erm,” he replied, not knowing what to answer.

“I think you boys look so funny with your dicks locked up. It must be utterly humiliating for you. Being paraded naked is embarrassing enough, right? But then to have your manhood locked away like that, under the control of a woman and the whole contraption dangling heavy between your legs like that. Oh yes, I think I would be constantly red-faced if I were in your position, Martin.”

She started laughing aloud and Martin felt himself starting to blush, due to her words.

“Is it tight in there, Martin?” she teased, realising that her words were having an effect on him.

“Yes, Warden,” Martin replied meekly.

“Maybe I will take it off then. Would you like that, Martin?” she asked. “Your hands are restrained, so you cannot touch your cock anyway, so I could let it spring free. What do you think?” she asked, already knowing his answer.

“Yes, please, Warden. Thank you, Warden,” Martin hurriedly replied, eager to get the chastity device removed.

Warden got the key to the device and inserted it. The lock sprang open and she was able to easily remove the top of the chastity cage. She then removed the part around Martin’s balls so that he was now completely free between his legs, once again. He felt himself starting to get hard.

“And how about that shock collar on your neck, Martin? I need to remove that for some activities I have planned in here. I trust you will be good. Or you know the punishment will be severe.”

Martin was thrilled to have some escape from this device – even if for a short time. At least it meant he knew he would not be getting shocked in the near future.

“Ok, here we go, Martin,” Warden said, as she placed the key into the lock to remove the collar from around Martin’s neck.

It opened with a click and Warden took it off carefully and placed it on the bench to the side of the room. Martin was now, ‘fully’ naked.

Warden walked over to the wall as Martin watched on. His cock further stiffened, with the sudden freedom from the chastity device playing its part. Martin was certainly in no way excited about what was Escort to come next. He was trapped, with his arms and legs spread wide, standing up attached to this cross, unable to protect himself. He watched as she considered what implement to pick out, walking back and forth alongside the numerous whips and toys. She made her decision and took a leather flogger down from the wall. With a menacing look in her eye, she turned and approached Martin.

“I think this will warm you up! But, my oh my, it looks to me like you are maybe hot enough already, Martin” she said, taking her flogger and using it to give Martin’s hard penis a swift smack as if to make her point.

“Ouch!” yelped Martin, at the sudden burst of pain.

“You know what, Martin…?” Warden said, as she now smacked the flogger against Martin’s bare exposed chest. “I think you like being here.”

“No, Warden, I don’t” Martin was quick to reply, as she continued with the flogger, now smacking him back and forth multiple times across his body.

“No?” she asked. “But your cock down there would seem to disagree with you. You are rock hard again, I can see very clearly,” she said gesturing downwards.

Smack! She wacked him on his penis again with the flogger as if to make her point.

“Ouch!” cried Martin, knowing that there was nothing he could do to stop this.

She carried on, back and forth with the flogger on Martin’s chest until Martin was starting to go red and she herself was starting to get out of breath. She then stopped, to the relief of Martin.

“Phew, that was quite a workout,” she said wiping her forehead. “You have gone a nice shade of red, Martin.”

She walked back over to the wall and hung the flogger up. She then took down a whip and headed back over to Martin.

“Now, I’m warning you in advance, Martin – This WILL hurt.”

Thwack! She thrust the whip across Martin’s exposed chest.

“Agghhhhhhhhh,” cried Martin.

“Well, you said you could beat my playroom, Martin.”


“Agghhhhhhhhh,” he cried out again.

“We’ll see,” she said coldly, barely reacting to Martin’s screams of pain.

Martin hated the whip instantly. It was much more painful than the flogger.

“Just three more,” she said. “I’ll go easy on you … this being your first time and all”

Martin certainly didn’t want to be around to experience the next time!

Thwack! Thwack! She hit Martin right across his left leg and then his right in quick succession. The stinging pain from two strikes in succession was almost unbearable.

“Agghhhhhhhhh! Nooooo!” Martin screamed.

“And now here comes the last one,” she said. “Do you know where this strike is going?”

“No, no,” begged Martin, realising she means to whip his cock with this stinging whip. “Please no, you can’t, no, please.”

Warden raised the whip up slowly, taking aim at Martin’s penis.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeee,” Martin struggled back and forth against the cross, but it was no good, his arms and legs were strapped tightly.

And then it happened. Thwack! She brought the whip down sharply and caught Martin’s rock-hard penis right across the top.

“Aghhhh! Oh God. Aghhhhhhhhhhh!” Martin cried out as it stung like crazy. He moved about, but the bonds held him firmly to the cross, unable to even touch his penis to try and numb the pain. He was going nowhere unless Warden allowed it.

Warden walked over to the wall to put away the whip, leaving Martin to slowly recover from the ordeal. After hanging up the whip she turned around and looked back at a helpless Martin. She couldn’t help but think that she had really enjoyed that. Watching this man in pain had given her such pleasure. She wanted to do more with Martin. A lot more.

Warden walked back over to Martin. His head was down, but she gestured for him to lift it up. Martin did so slowly, and she looked at him in his helpless state.

“Right, time for the next activity,” she said, as she bent down to unstrap Martin’s left leg.

Martin was scared to ask what was coming next as Warden unstrapped his right leg and then stood up and moved to unstrap his first arm, his right one.

Warden was thinking of what she had planned next and was delighted at the prospect of what she was knew she was going to put Martin through. She unstrapped Martin’s right arm and then moved across to his left. She especially loved this next activity. If they weren’t broken in already, then the boys are certainly going to feel broken in shortly, she thought to herself and chuckled inside, as she unstrapped Martin’s left arm and released it.

But… wait a minute… she had become so lost in thought that she had forgotten something. She had forgotten to reattach the electric shock collar before releasing Martin from the cross!

Martin hadn’t forgotten. He had realised when she was unstrapping his right arm that she was unstrapping all of his bonds without first replacing the collar. This is what he had been waiting for. An opportunity. A real opportunity. And when she moved onto removing the straps from his left arm, he knew it was only a matter of seconds before he would be free. He kept his cool and let her unstrap his arm on autopilot, as she was busy drifting off into her own thoughts.

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